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propose that

to the 'Treasurer, Mr. James BLAKE, 21, Aldgate, High Street. In the course of the evening, some old hard working labourers in the vineyard addressed the meeting, and the following resolution unanimously adopted ;

Taking into consideration the distressed circumstances in which Faithful Ministers of the Gospel are often placed : and moreover, that no fund doth exist, out of which their needs can be supplied, it is agreed that circular letters and copies of the Rules of this Society be forwarded to all such ministers and christian friends as are known to hold, love, and live the truth as it is in Christ, leaving it with the Lord and their own consciences to act in the matter as they may be directed.”

Mr. ALLNUTT, Baptist Minister of Ripley, then came forward, and addressed the meeting; and in the course of his address, he produced a silver watch, which he said, a widow woman in his congregation had compelled him to take, and to dispose of it, giving the proceeds to the funds of the Society. The exhibition of the watch, and the interesting particulars connected with its gift, made a deep impression on the minds of all who were present. Mr. ALLNUTT used his endeavours to prevail on the widow still to retain it in her possession, but his entreaties were useless. Mr. ALLNUTT also brought subscriptions from friends at Hartly Row, and Ripley; and concluded by moving the following

As our brethren EDWARD WARREN, and HENRY WATMUFF have been kindly disposed to favour this Society in its infant state, I this meeting do elect them, and beseech them to act on the Committee, and also to inquire into the merits of such appeals as shall be made to the funds of this Society—and that they be empowered to act on behalf of the Society in making every inquiry so as to prevent fraud and deception."

This proposition was unanimously agreed to ; and the friends of the Society in general have expressed much gratitude to the dear Lord for that he has provided and appointed two men of sound judgment, intregrity, and christian charity, to act both as guardians to the Society's funds, and as men that can truly sympathise with poor ministers in their afflictions.

C. W. BANKS stated that it was the desire of the best friends of the Society that all ministers be exempted from having anything to do with the management of the Society's secular affairs; and that the Committee be formed of God-fearing men, in whom the strictest confidence might be placed. He therefore proposed that the following brethren be elected to serve on the Committee:Mr. JAMES BLAKE,








Which proposition was unanimously agreed to.


Mr. BENJAMIN FLORY concluded a long and pleasing address, by proposing

“ That respectful letters be addressed to Mr. John FOREMAN--to Mr. JAMES WELLS—to Mr. Moody, and to other acknowledged Ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ, beseeching them to come over to the help of this Society."

Mr. ALLNUTT then expressed a wish that the letters referred to, be sent (without distinction) to all known and acknowledged Ministers of the truth as it is in Christ ; which was agreed upon ; but, as it is impossible to reach all whom the Society would desire to address ; the Secretary would esteem it a favour if Ministers and friends generally would forward him the names and addresses of such other Ministers of the Gospel as may be known to them.

Mr. CHAMBERLAYNE, Minister of Providence Chapel, Jubilee Place, Mile End, addressed the meeting in a mostkind, savoury, faithful, yet humble spirit. He spoke of his former prejudices, and how they had been removed : he referred to his recent deep affliction, and testified how kindly the Lord had talked with him, instructed him, and blessed him in and by that affliction. Much union of soul was felt towards him, and the meeting was much encouraged to persevere by the powerful effect which his remarks had upon them. Mr. CHAMBERLAYNE proposed

“That such friends as will take Collecting Cards do send their names and addresses to C. W. Banks, 6, Pagoda Terrace, Bermondsey New Road, who will supply them with Cards——the amount of their Collections to be forwarded Quarterly to our brother JAMES BLAKE, the Treasurer.”

C. W. BANKS read some interesting letters which Mr. GARRARD of Leicester, Mr. Skelton of Aldringham, and Mr. WILLIAM DAY, of Tunstall, had addressed to the meeting. From Mr. GARRARD's letter wé make the following extracts :

“One circumstance, that is pleasing and encouraging, I can inform you of, is this, a person who enquired of me concerning the particulars of the Society, has I believe left a certain sum in her will, for the benefit of the Society. Allow me to offer one suggestion; I think it would be advisable to hold Quarterly Meetings in certain districts at a distance from London, wherever pulpits are opened for the purpose; and that the Society send two ministers, to preach on the occasion, for the benefit of the Society on an appointed day; holding a public meeting for preaching all the day. I make no doubt but if it is advertised there will be pulpits open in different parts of the country.

“ And Jesus sent out the seventy, two by two, and the spirits were subject unto theni ;” and who can tell but such travellers might be made the means of bringing out some from dark haunts and pharisees' workhouses, persons whose names are written in heaven ? "

In accordance with this proposition, Mr. JAMES RAYNSFORD, Baptist Minister of Horsham, Sussex, rose and addressed the meeting, at very great 4

length, detailing a variety of circumstances, illustrative of the severe poverty, and heavy trials to which faithful ministers in country places are often subjected; and concluded by proposing, “that Advertisements be given in the Earthen Vessel, Gospel Ambassador, Gospel Herald, and other religious publications,—begging for the use of pulpits and chapels where sermons may be preached, and meetings held for the furtherance and benefit of this Society.”—This proposition was unanimously adopted.

The meeting afterwards agreed, “that brother John BUNYAN M'CURE be earnestly requested in his various travels in preaching the gospel, to endeavour to make known, and to further the interests of this Society.”

The meeting also agreed to beg of our brother GARRARD, of Leicester; brother SKELTON, of Aldringham ; brother RAYNSFORD, of Horsham ; brother JAMES Mason, of Harleston ; brother Coles of Reading; brother Wm. Day of Tunstall; and other gospel ministers, to preach for and to plead the cause of the Society, in their different churches.

There were other resolutions to be moved; and several brethren in the ministry who would gladly have advocated the claims of this Society; but the evening was too far advanced. Therefore, after singing and prayer it was adjourned.

The general impression was, that the Lord had been pleased to countenance the feeble effort made to afford relief to His dear servants in the hour of need, and the Committee do earnestly entreat such friends in the different churches as are favourably disposed to the Society to use their endeavours in obtaining the use of pulpits, where sermons may be preached and collections made for the benefit of the same.

In conclusion, we may observe that some poor ministers have been visited and relieved by some of the friends of the Society, but no part of the Society's funds will be disbursed but by the full consent of the committee.

The Rules of the Society, and every necessary information may be obtained by addressing the Treasurer, Mr. JAMES BLAKE, 21, Aldgate, High street, City; or the Secretary, Mr. WILLIAM FENNER, 11, Patriot Square, Cambridge Heath Road, near Hackney.

JAMES BLAKE, Treasurer.

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to appear

Children of the heavenly King, and La- very desolate state ; and so for the most

bourers in the vineyard of our Lurd part is our professing Zion, in these Jesus Christ.

days in which we live. GRACE and peace be multiplied unto The first thing in the circumstances is you, through the knowledge of God, and the coming in of the heathen. of Jesus our Lord, according as his divine “O God, the heathen are come into power hath given unto us all things that thine inheritance.” This is the beginning, pertain unto life and godliness, through this is the cause of all Zion's troubies, the knowledge of him that hath called us God's inheritance is, his Church ; the unto glory and virtue.

opel ministry; and the hearts of his Being spared and permitted once more own elect: and into each of these places,

before you, having much peace it is most true the heathen are come, in our souls, and a good hope through Unregenerate men have crept into the grace of immortal glory, we desire to stir church; they are her disturbers: unholy up your pure minds to a remembrance of men have thrust themselves into the the position we are called to occupy—the ministry; they are her deceivers : abominprivileges which we enjoy---and the glo- able lusts are forced by Satan in the rious prospect which layeth before usm hearts of God's dear children, and these "an inheritance that is incorruptible, un- lusts are their most dreadful plagues, defiled and that fadeth notaway; reserved Brethren! beware of these things : it in heaven for you who are kept by the pow. was “while men slept, the enemy camem er of God, through faith unto salvation.” sowed tares among the wheat; and went

Reflecting, beloved, upon the present his way.” Ah, is not this sleepy, lazy, position of our professing Zion, our minds drowsy state of things, the


bane of have been forcibly arrested with that most the church, in this day? The churches seasonable and beautiful prayer, recorded are dropping into a slumber; they have in the 79th Psalm, “O remember not not spiriiuas discernment, and heavenly against us former iniquities; let thy ten- zeal, consequently, ungodly men getinto der mercies speedily prevent us; for we the pulpit; unregenerate men get into are brought very low. Help us, o God, office; and unbroken-hearted sinners are of our salvation, for the glory of thy dragged into the church. “O God, the name, and deliver us, and purge away heathen are come into thine inheritance.our sins, for thy name's sake.''

Thy holy temple have they defiled. Surely nothing can possible be found, The true church-the true gospel, and that shall more fully express the desires of the regenerate heart—all are defiled by our hearts, than do these excellent breath- the coming in of the heathen. ings of Asaph of old. Notice,

Jerusalem is laid in heaps." The 1. The circumstances which gave rise church is scattered and divided : there to this petition.

are scarcely two ministers who are really II. The five things sought for in the in heart and soul united: there are scarcely petition.

two churches working together for the III. The strong hold which faith here glory of God and the good of souls : ritakes upon a triune God.

valry, jealously, and suspicion, are the IV. The two-fold argament with which seeds of discord and disunion. For the a living faith urges her plea.

most part, the ministry is corrupt, and First-we look at the circumstances the hearts of God's people are made sad.

gave rise to the petition, Jeru- May the Lord give strength unto his salem is here described as being in a Zion, that she may rise, and shake her

VOL. III. JANUÁRY,1847.-PART xxiv.



self from the dust; that she become not electing love draw forth the soul; let the a reproach, a scorn, and derision to them living word come with almighty power. that are round about her.

“Help” us to pray, and to prevail ; “De. II. Notice briefly the five different liver us” from snares, and sin's tremenbranches of this petition.

dous woes; and, thoroughly purge away 1. “O remember not against us former that prayer, which the Holy Ghost in

our dross. Here is a perfect model of iniquities.When darkness and distress invade the soul, satan is sure to set in dites. Under the power of his teaching, with a catalogue of all our former sins. the sinner cries for the blotting out of What the pharisee said of poor Magda- sin; the revelation of grace; for divine lene when she was at the Saviour's feet, power in the soul; for entire deliverance is what the enemy keeps throwing in the for the feet; and for the cleansing of teeth of poor seeking sinners, Oh, look the conscience. Oh, surely, it shall be at the pride and ignorance of this self- well for every poor sinner in whose heart righteous pharisee. " If,” (says he)"this this prayer is ever found.

III. Notice—the hold which a living man were a prophet, he would have known who and what manner of woman

faith takes—"O God of our salvation.'

She views, she flies to, and takes hold of a this is, for she is a sinner.

This is the bitter language of all evil triune God. The Father in his everlasting spirits, (whether in men or devils,) to the love, and sovereign choice; the Son, in present time. “Oh, do ye know, what his redemption by blood and justification manner of man this is ? He is a sinner!" through righteousness, the resurrection Yes, Simon; she is a sinner ; but that is power and sanctifying grace of God the

There, Jehovah, in his only part of the truth; she is a repenting Holy Ghost, sinner; she is a returning sinner, she is trinity of Persons, and in his manifold a believing sinner; she is a Christ-lov- acts, is alone the God of our salvation.

Lastly-look at the ground on which ing sinner ; she is a Christ-accepted sin

faith urges its plea. First—" for the ner; she is a justified and saved sinner: therefore, Simon, it is true, that“ harlots glory of thy name.” What constitutes go into the

kingdom of God;" while self- the glory of his name? Why the glorighteous pharisees, like you, shall be rious perfection and everlasting security

of the Redeemer's work.

The Holy thrust down into hell.

Ghost shews me not only that the Father So, with the woman taken in adultery. loved, and elected the sinner, and charged Oh, what a scene was that! A true pic- his sins upon the head of Christ; but He ture of that court of justice which is set also shews me, Christ took them, bore up in a sinner's conscience when he is them, suffered for them, and in the founbrought in guilty before God. There tain of his blood for ever washed them was, first, a righteous Saviour; secondly, away. This was---this is---" the glory of a poor guilty sinner; and, thirdly, a his name”---this is the glory which Christ crowd of accusers, calling for vengeance will have his disciples behold: it was this on her head. Just so it is in the sinner's glory of His name, that David saw, when conscience; all his accusers say he ought he said, “ Have mercy upon me, O God.” to dic.

But Christ sends away her accu- This was what the leper saw, when he sers, acquits the sinner, and bids her sin said---“ Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst

Here, indeed, is law and make me clean." Faith also pleads his grace.

name's sake---which has reference to the In Asaph's prayer, then, you have the great and gracious promises which the first and most important branch of a Lord Jehovah has made concerning the poor sinner's cry—“0, remember, not ingathering, acceptance, and eternal gloagainst us, former iniquities.” While rification of the whole élection of

grace. these lay upon the conscience, while Faithful ministers---Gospel churches these former iniquities stand between ---and private christians !---you have here, God and our souls, no peace, no access, much that calls for your most prayerful no mercy can be found. We want sin consideration. The Lord help us, like removed out of the way.

Asaph of old, to cry out---“ O God, the Upon this follows the other consecu- heathen are come into thine inheritance;" tive parts of a sinner's cry.

“ Let thy and may we never cease, until tender mercies speedily prevent us:" let ---we see his face; heavenly light shine into the mind; let And never, never sin.”

no more.

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