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if a man saw the agonies of the damned, and his Deity neither sorrow nor the sword. The heard the awful wailings of all the infernal Godhead was in the person pained, yet not host, and the law rattled through his con- in the pain." . science, like thunder in the azure vaults of We purpose to ransack this little volume heaven, it would never bring him to loathe of Adams's Sermons, and next month give himself, and repent in dust and ashes. No! our readers some savoury meat from it: but nothing but a solemn inlet of love and blood can only now add the following few words on into the conscience by the power of the

TRUE GOSPEL REPENTANCE. Spirit, will ever effect this; as the poet sings, and I am witness to the fact:-that

“Of Repentance, (he says), this is a true * Law and terrors do but harden,

picture, ' Which I desire not to be set up in All the while they work alone ;

your houses, but to be laid up in your hearts.' But a sense of blood-bought pardon,

It is in fact the same picture, with a few Soon dissolves a heart of stone."

additional touches, such as these: “You “I believe there are thousands of eagle shall even see her sitting in the dust, her eyed professors that know this theoretically, | knees bowing, her hands wringing, her eyes as well as I do, but have never had the soul weeping, her lips praying, her heart beating, travail of it experimentally; and therefore all her lungs panting * * She is not gortheir speculation will only tend to augment geously attired: sackcloth is her garment. their misery in the world to come.”

She hangs the word of God as a jewel at her To be continued,

ear, and ties the yoke of Christ as her charm

about her neck. The ground is her bed. Sermons, by Thomas Adams. London :

She'eats the bread of affliction, and drinks Thomas Nelson, Paternoster-row.

the waters of anguish. The windows of all We have a nice little volume of this old

her senses are shut against vanity. She bids Puritan's discourses. We are in too great a

Charity stand the porter at her gates, and hurry now to speak of it as we wish and intend. We only catch a bit here and there.

she gives the poor bread, even while herself

is fasting. She would wash Christ's feet Read them, my reader, you will find them

with more tears than Mary Magdalene ; and sweet morsels. Thomas Adams knew what he was about. Speaking of what Christ gave,

if her estate could reach it, give him a

costlier unction. * * Lastly, she is lifted he says: " Whom gave he then? Himself, who

to heaven, where angels and cherubim sing

her tunes of immortal joy, and God bids was both God and man; that so participa

Immortality set her on a throne of glory!”. ting of both natures, our mortality and God's immortality, he might be a perfect mediator. The Messenger of Peace. The fourth and He came between mortal men and immortal | fifth numbers of this little periodical are now God, mortal with men and just with God.

published. It is printed on a larger scale, As man he suffered, as God he satisfied; as

and improves in matter as it goes along. If God and man he saved. He gave himself,

the friends of divine truth are constrained to himself, wholly, only.

assist in promoting its circulation, we have “All himself, his whole person, soul and

no doubt it will be a very useful work. There body, Godhead and manhood. Though the lis a large company of true believers in the Deity could not suffer, yet in regard of the Church of Christ in our day, who stand in personal union of these two natures in one need of comfort and encouragement: and Christ, his very passion is attributed in some who can tell

who can tell, but the “MESSENGER OF

but 1 sort to the Godhead. So Acts xx. 28, it is Peace” may be an instrument in the hands called the blood of God ;' and 1 Cor. ii. 8, I of God, of doing good to many souls ? • The Lord of glory' is said to be crucified.' | The school's distinction here makes all | " A Letter written to a Friend, in reference to plain. He gave all Christ, though not all of a Dream ; or, a remarkable Answer to Christ; as God alone, he would not, as man Prayer." By WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN alone, he could not, make this satisfaction for Pastor of the Baptist Church, Providenc. us. The Deity is impassible; yet was it Chapel, Jubilee-street, Mile-end. Lon impossible, without this Deity, for the great don: Published by Paul. Price ld, work of our salvation to be wrought. If any WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN is, perhaps, br ask, how the manhood could suffer without little known as yet, to the Church of Christ violence to the Godhead, being united in one but the remarkable circumstances recorde person, let him understand by a familiar in this tract, of divine revelations not onl comparison. The sunbeams shine on a tree, made to him, but, happily fulfilled in his ex the axe cuts down this tree, yet can it not perience, confirm the impression some tim hurt the beams of the sun. So the Godhead since made upon our minds, that the Lord de still remains unarmed, though the axe of signs to make much use of him, as a ministe death did for a while fell down the man- and pastor in Zion. We feel persuaded thi hood. His body suffered both sorrow and “ Letter" will obtain a most extensive cirthe sword; his soul sorrow, not the sword; I culation.


"I will also leave in the midst of thee an, felt, and mercy is earnestly craved; and afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust after that the Holy Ghost hath given the in the name of the Lord.” Zeph iii. 17. spirit of adoption, and sealed home par

"I WILL.' God's wills and shalls, and don, sprinkling the conscience with the Christ's verilies are breasts full of the milk blood of the Lamb, and bringing Christ's of comfort, wombs pregnant with the salvation into the heart, so that the soul richest blessings— I will leave in the can triumph in redeeming love and covemidst of thee. God has never been nant mercy, sin's afflicting power is not without \a seed to serve him, a genera- extinct. It is true that in the day of tion to call him blessed. In that day espousals, when the soul is ravished with when gross darkness appeared to cover its Love's delights, for the first time emthe face of the earth, and the spirit of braced in the arms of a loving Jesus, the persecution raged, we find Elijah, the principle of sin appears to receive a stunservant of the Lord, saying—İ, even I ing blow, and the young convert, standonly, am left, and they seek my life ; but ing (like Israel of old at the Red Sea,) God saith, I have left me seven thousand on the brink of the sea of love and blood, in Israel, all the knees which have not lost in wonder, love and praise, at God's bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which delivering mercy, thinks, because in that hath not kissed him.' And in our day, sea, he sees drowned those sins, the sense when profession abounds, and thousands of which did so afflict him, that sin will are crying, the temple of the Lord are no more be a burden to his soul; but we,' there are but few who know the after awhile they feel what the apostle plague of their own hearts, and are found records as his experience, who saithlike polished diamonds, reflecting the Sin revived, and I died.' The first afimage, light, and glory of a precious fliction of the soul on account of sin, Christ. The righteous are like a handful arises from a knowledge given of actual of corn upon the tops of the mountains; guilt and transgresssion ; and the babe it is but a remnant left, which shall be in Christ is in a great measure a stranger saved according to the election of grace. to his natural depravity, to his inbred The professing church is now large; in corruptions ; so when he feels sin to rethe midst of her is the seed royal; the vive, and still to live in him, and the Lord's spiritual family; this family is the great deeps are broken up, he is horror true church; and it may be said to be a struck, discovering his nature to be like church within a church; a people within a running ulcer, ever gathering, and ever a people. God hath been pleased to give discharging corruption. These discoveries us their character: they are afflicted and are afflicting indeed to the soul, yet poor, but yet a blessed people; for, they endear a precious Christ; for while • blessed are the poor in spirit, for their's it strips, empties, wounds, kills, and is the kingdom of heaven;' and it is spi- slaughters righteous self, it is the means ritual poverty, and spiritual affliction, whereby God teaches, experimentally, which is spoken of in the text: blessed the value of interest in the love, blood, they are, for they shall trust in the name grace, work, righteousness, life, power, of the Lord, and they that trust in the and salvation of the dear Redeemer. Lord shall be as mount Zion, which can- ! The very motions of sin afflict that not be removed, but which abideth for soul whose conscience is made tender by ever. But what are the spiritual af- the grace of God; and who can describe flictions of God's family? They are af- the anguish, bitterness of spirit, and flicted in a three-fold way—by a body of poignant distress felt, when, through sin-by a tempting devil-by the hidings grace, we would do good, but feel evil of God's face. And every regenerate soul present! so that how to do the good that hath more or less to experience affliction we would, we know not: the cry gushes from these sources, from the moment of forth from a broken heart, “Oh, wretched his new birth, to his entrance into eternal man that I am, who shall deliver me ? glory, then God, who caused light to shine. The temptations and assaults of Satan out of darkness, shines into the sinner's cause spiritual affliction. We know but heart, sin is laid in the conscience and be little of ourselves, of the power of satan, comes a heavy burden ; travailing pains are of the unquenchable love, and eternal Part XXVI. VOL. III.-MARCH,


faithfulness of our God, but as we learn | burden, when my soul has realised Jesu's it in the furnace of affliction, and in the love, and the sweet smiles of his face ; fire of temptation. Sinful self, righteous for then all my burdens roll from my self, and the devil, are the three worst back. What had appeared mountains, foes a christian has: they are his com- become mole hills; my fetters fall off, panions all the days of his pilgrimage; the chains that held me snap like rotten they lodge in his house, and though the cords; the devil flies; and the ravening master, the new man of grace, finding beasts crawl into their dens : but when them bad tenants, has once and again he hides his face, and I have no access to given them notice to quit, and tried by the mercy seat, my experience is the very force to eject them, they still abide, to reverse; in anguish of soul, with Job I annoy, afflict, and distress. To attempt cry—Oh, that I knew where I might to point out the diversity of ways by find him, that I may approach his seat ; which satan afflicts Zion's children, I would order my cause before him, and would fill a volume: he lays traps with fill my mouth with arguments. There all craft, and if the unwary pilgrim gets are times in the christian's experience caught, as he is sure to be, in some of (are they not often?) when the channel them, he then turns accuser in the court of communion appears stopped ; no of conscience. Who can portray the af- sweet access, with boldness, to the throne fliction of soul felt by those overcome by of grace-no hallowed feelings, or sacred temptation ? It is love that breaks the meltings—no pouring out of the heart, heart, and makes it susceptible of pain and the very breath of prayer seemingly and emotion; but where there is sus-gone. We remember the time when the ceptibility and life, sin will pierce like dew of the Lord rested on our branch; double-barbed arrows. Satan is ever when, by his light, we walked through tempting the saint either to presumption darkness, and the candle of the Lord or despair; to question God's love, his shined on our heads, and we cry— Oh, mercy, and his faithfulness. At times he that I were as in months past.' But some will overwhelm the soul with hard may say — Is not God always to be thoughts of God; with blasphemous found ? Is he not to be found by prayer? thoughts, with infidel notions : and then -By reading the Bible ?-By attending turn accuser : so that poor christian from a gospel ministry; and in the ordinances his assaults reels to and fro, and staggers of his house?" I answer, not always; like a drunken man, and is at his wits for it is only by the Spirit's revelation, end: then, again, he'll tempt to lust, to and in the Spirit's light, that we find him idolatry, to despair; he will question, to cur soul's satisfaction. God certainly and dispute with the saint his right to doth bless when he hides his face, and every smile — every promise — every communicates grace in the darkest nights crumb of mercy-every blessing a cove- of the soul's experience; but with the nant God bestows; and was it not that blessing he does not always give the JOY these blessings were dropped into the of the blessing. Vegetation is nourished heart with blood and love, savor, unction by the dew, which in the night impercepand almighty power, each would be by tibly falls ; so God secretly sustains, and him, wrested out of his hands; there- renews the tender plants of grace. He fore, Oh! thou afflicted! tossed with rides upon his red horse amongst the tempest, and not comforted,' think it not myrtle trees that are in the bottom.' strange concerning the fiery trial, which (Zech. i. 8.) We learn good lessons is to try your faith, as though some while walking in darkness. Job had to strange thing had happened unto you, endure much to bring him to the confesbut remember that the like afflictions are sion of 'I am vile.' Jonah went to the accomplished in your brethren that are bottom of the sea to learn 'Salvation is in the flesh.

of the Lord. Whosoever is mourning The hidings of God's face is another an absent God, complaining of darkness cause of spiritual affliction, which only in the soul, of the want of access to the Zion's children know. Sometimes, when mercy seat, the sweet visits of love shall the inward motions of sin are most felt, in the end realise that precious promise ontward afflictions abound; satan is very in their souls' experience. I will see busy; and God makes darkness his ha- you again, and your hearts shall rejoice, bitation; such was Job's case. For my and your joy no man shall take from own part, I have never groaned under a you.'

These spiritual afflictions teach us our religion. In a short time Jesus gave poverty, crucify self, and drive us from me such a view of his sympathy and love creature cisterns, to draw supplies of to me, that satan was hid from me for a comfort from the redundant fountain of season. One Monday morning I was covenant love and eternal faithfulness. walking up St. Stephen's, my soul was None so poor as God's poor: they are drawn out in prayer and praise, for joys brought feelingly to lie in the dust, and excited the preceding day; mine eyes on the dunghill, never any cash in hand, being lifted up towards heaven, I saw in and ofttimes without a promissory bill in vision, distinctly, the Glory-man, between their possession; hungry and thirsty, their the clouds, as Stephen did on the right souls faint within them, then, they cry hand of God, my eye-lids being closed. unto the Lord in their trouble, and he One Sabbath, about this time, I retired delivers them out of all their distresses.' up stairs, and poured out my soul unto

They shall trust in the name of the the Lord, and then again I had another Lord : this is the very end for which sweet token of love, or rather, as the they have to suffer affliction, and are so apostle says, the Spirit helping my inpainfully taught their poverty. No trust- firmities.' I saw, as it were, a hand let ing in the Lord till all other refuges fail. down lifting up my poor prayers unto God in Christ is the last shift of a poor God. But ah! not long after this, I was sinner, but the Lord's poor shall trust in sorely beset indeed : and one ordinance the Lord for all the blessings temporally, day, the enemy was very quick upon they need; for all the blessings spiritu- me in the morning with this suggestion, ally they require ; pardon, salvation, he that eateth the bread and drinketh righteousness, justification, and eternal this cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be glory; for love shall draw them, and the guilty of the body and blood of the Lord, power of omnipotence constrains them. for he eateth and drinketh damnation to Leicester.

EBENEZER. himself.' Go to the table I dare not; after

dinner I left the house without saying a The Enemy coming in: the Standard word to any one ; I went into the fields, lifted up.

and laid upon the grass in great distress; three times that afternoon I was strongly

tempted to put an end to my existence; TO MARTHA FENNER.

if an invisible hand had not preserved I was lately reading this passage — me, I should have committed the deed : (Heb. x. 32.) * Call to remembrance the for faith at that time, I had none; my former days, in which, after ye were il dear partner she went to the table, exluminated, ye endured a great fight of pecting to meet me there; I returned afflictions. Here mark, after regenera- about half-past five o'clock, when tea was tion this combat takes place between waiting ; my partner said to me as I went flesh and spirit, the devil and Christ; I in Father, where have you been, you thought this might be worth your perusal. was not at the table ?' I made a slight About thirty-five or six years ago, I was reply ; was very dull; we went to chapel sorely thrust at by the devil; this was the together in the evening, while I was there, first attack; after I had much enjoyment | I began to have a little light beam upon of Christ, and much of his love mani- me, and ease to my mind. Ah! I fested to my soul, satan endeavoured to might say, the Lord lit my candle for me, persuade me mine was not real religion, for it was become wholly dark ; when we but heated imagination, but then, as returned home, and after supper, we had ever since, I have always found the pro. prayer; I think I never witnessed more mise sufficient~ When the enemy comes liberty than at that time. You will perin like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will cieve that this was a deep impression as lift up a standard against him.' From well as lasting. I never mentioned it to this suggestion I was put to a stand, but any one, but to Mrs. REAKS in part, and blessed be God, who always makes use that a long time since; the scene is quite of his own word, to support his own fresh to me now. children, brought this passage to my In spite of all malice and rage of the mind- Then shall ye know, if ye follow devil, he that hath begun the good work on to know the Lord;" this put strength will carry it on; yes, says that mighty in me for a short season ; still, he would deliverer, Upon this rock,' meaning be throwing his dart at me, .This is not himself, • I will build my church, and the

gates of hell shall not prevail against it.', sermon from-whether it was from God's He being the head of the church, he must mouth, or whether you borrowed it from be destroyed, before the church can books! I am fearful, my brother, that perish; oh, how secure his church ! this there are many who look large enough, has been a bulwark to my soul; for, preach well enough, and seem to stand sometimes this, with many other attri-fair enough in the pulpit, but could you butes and perfections of Jehovah, doth get behind the scenes with them ; could make my mountain to stand strong; but you really become acquainted with their I know and feel my weakness; if Jesus maneuvres in the study, you would sewas to withdraw his strength, and the riously question the divinity of their comlight of his countenance from me, my mission to preach. It is evident there is joys would soon be turned into mourn such a thing as declaring God's statutes, ing; but though he may hide his face, and a taking of his covenant into :he he will never withdraw his love; no, mouth,' by the wicked. Satan himself blessed be his dear name, that began in is transformed into an angel of light : eternity: yes, and the church has had and the priest's office is sought and obproof of it through all the period of time, tained, for a morsel of bread. The Lord and she will solace herself in that to all of his infinite mercy, keep us from such eternity. Yes, a view of this unchangea- an awful predicament as this! ble love, made Paul exclaim—Who shall I feel, my brother a sincere desire that separate us from this love?' I speak it to you should weigh well the circumstances the honour of Jehovah's name, he can which I am about to lay before you; and not, if he did, he would forfeit his word, examine them closely in order to ascerbut that is for ever settled in heaven, tain, whether or not these things are the it cannot be revoked.

result of the sovereign dispensations of I have had some comfort in writing, the good Spirit of God toward me or though you may not in reading, for I not. Not that I dare much to question generally find the truth of that passage them : but, both from without and • He that honoureth me I will honour.' within, I am frequently severely tried. Canterbury.

R. RAZELL. But to the point. It was the first

| Lord's-day in February. I had been The Shew-bread set in Order enabled to preach in the morning with

some holy confidence, and a small deUPON THE PURE TABLE.

gree of liberty in my soul. After this I To William Skelton, a Servant of

retired to my room, and waited in silence Jesus Christ.

upon the Lord, beseeching him to drop Woulene

into my soul a living word, a special DEAR BROTHER WILLIAM--You was led message, with which to go forth in the in your last letter to put some close ques evening of the day. But a dark, dead, tions to me, respecting the inward work contracted spirit seized me. Something of the Spirit of God upon my soul, in seemed to say, I should get nothing from preparing me for, and carrying me forth the Lord. I remembered I had to adinto the ministry. I will, therefore, by minister the Lord's Supper as well as the help of the Lord, give you a brief preach-and my poor soul did inwardly account of the exercises, troubles, and yearn for a solemn manifestation of my deliverances, which I am made the sub Master's love to my soul. But nothing ject of, in connection with the proclama of the sort could I get. This feeling of tion of the everlasting gospel.

nakedness in my soul increased. If I It would occupy too much time and bent my knees, I could not pray-if I space to enter upon these things gene-turned to the Bible, I could not read rally; I shall confine myself to one in- if I attempted to look up to the Lord, stance : and say, in the circumstances of I could not feel any warm emotions that one instance, you have a fair sample of soul towards him. I sat down pen. of the Lord's dealings with my soul in sive. Hours passed away like this. I general.

groaned and grieved, but no relief could I have often thought of the solemn | I find. The time for going up to the question which an old deacon recently sanctuary drew near. I here was this put to a minister immediately after word laying upon my mind—'He that preaching. He said, I ask you, sir, as eateth of this bread shall live for ever.' in the sight of God, where you got that But I had no light into it, simple and

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