Imatges de pÓgina

plain as it was. Well, my brother, I be-tribe of false professors are fighting, either gan to think I must go out dark and openly or in disguise, against the real heavendestitute as I was, leaving myself in the born and heaven-bound saints of the living Lord's hands for him do with me as seem- God.

God. But, in the circumstances, you see eth him good. I rose up once more, and | Abijah comes up with an army of valiant took up the word of God. I was led to

| men also against Jeroboam. A bijah's comthink about the shewbread, and turned

I pany is but just half the number of Jero

| boam's; 'four hundred thousand chosen to 2 Chronicles, xiii. and read the 10th, men. But the margin says Abijah' bound 11th, and 12th verses

them together ;' and he stood up upon mount “But as for us, the Lord is our God, and we have Zemaraim, which is in mount Ephraim ; and not forsaken him; and the priests, which minister there he challenged, and warned, and reunto the Lord, are the sons of Aaron, and the Le

I proved his adversaries in a most powerful vites wait upon their business; and they burn unto the Lord every morning and every evening burnt sa.

manner. crifices and sweet incense; the shewbread also set they Abijah boldly affirms that the Lord God in order upon the pure table; and the candlestick

of Israel gave the kingdom to David for. of gold with the lamps thereof, to burn every evening; for we keep the charge of the Lord our God :

ever, and to his sons, by a covenant of salt. but ye hare sorsaken him. And, behold, God himself He charges him with having risen up and is with us for our captain, and his priests with sound-rebelled against the Lord, (as satan and the ing trumpets to crv alarm against you, O children

whore of Babylon have done ;) he acknowof Israel, fight ye not against the Lord of your fathers, for ye shall not prosper.'

ledges that Jeroboam's was a very formidable

army ; that he had cast out the priests of This word by degrees stole upon my mind : the Lord, the true sons of Aaron, and had and it seemed to branch out into such glo made himself priests after the manner of rious things, that my poor frame almost sunk other nations : as all the enemies of God down under the heavy and ponderous weight and truth are still doing. with which this word laid on my soul. I Now, Abijah, whose name signifieth the walked away to the place, crawled up into will of the Lord ;' and 'the Lord is my the pulpit, and secretly besought the Lord father,' stands here as a most wonderful type to bless me with his presence. But before I of the person and work of the Lord Jesus got up to preach, my mind was filled with Christ, who is the revealer and accomplisher feelings of enmity to the place and people. of the Father's will, and his well-beloved I thought to myself 'I will soon run away Son. from all this, for death and misery seem to be Abijah stood up upon mount Zemaraim here,' They finished their second singing ; which is in mount Ephraim. This Zemaand up I was obliged to get.

raim, (signifying the pith of trees,) is like I said, whether I shall be able to preach unto the heart of an elect sinner, broken or not, the Lord only knows. However, I down under convictions of sin, and the terread the above text out of Chronicles ; and rors of the law. How sweet to my soul is such soft, but certain gales of the blessed this, that this mount Zemaraim was IN Spirit blew upon my soul, that I felt great mount Ephraim; that is the true church of boldness and freedom; and I spoke of the Christ; and, depend upon it, every poor words something after the following manner. broken and convinced sinner, is a member I said, I will endeavour to notice

of the mystical body of Christ; as Hannah I. The circumstances connected with, and preached of old : "The Lord killeth and the speaker of these words.

maketh alive ; he bringeth down to the grave, II. The two-fold declaration herein made: and he bringeth up.' • The Lord is OUR GOD: and we have not Well-it is here in this broken heart, forsaken hini.'

that Christ takes his stand. It is here he III. The four-fold typical description here | defies Satan; charges the kingdom of darkgiven of the Old Testament saints.

ness with all their wickedness; and makes IV. The relation of their business. known the adulterous and rebellious acts of

Lastly. The assurance they had of the the Babylonish whore, the Arminian, Unipower and presence of God: “Behold God tarian, and infidel crew. himself is with us for our captain.'

Reader! Has King Jesus entered into I. In the circumstances we have Jeroboam thine heart? Has he there proclaimed war with an army of eight hundred thousand against thy sins and deadly foes? If so ; chosen men of valour, set in battle array it is well for thee. Think over these things ; against Abijah, the king of Judah. This and examine thyself. Jeroboam is a type of the devil, and of the II. Come to the declaration : here is a false professing church; both of which are declaration of divine relationship, and of in league against our glorious Christ, and faithful allegiance unto the true and living his redeemed flock. Jeroboam meaneth one God. This is the substance of all that Christ that increaseth the people and fighteth a- says and does in the hearts of his own elect. gainst.' Satan, the world, and the whole - As for us '--Christ and his church are

one-both he that sanctifieth, and they that | First : it is evident they are the subjects of are sanctified, are all of one ; for which cause fervent prayer unto God : 'they burn unto he is not ashamed to call them brethren. the Lord every morning and evening burnt • As for us the Lord is our God, and we have sacrifices and sweet incense.' Reader ! this not forsaken him.' Every act of divine grace is a true feature of divine life, but I leave it in the heart of a regenerate sinner declares, with the Lord and your own soul. Secondly, and is a proof of these two things :-first, they "SET THE SHEWBREAD IN ORDER UPON that the Lord is your covenant God; secondly THE PURE TABLE. This is, from first to that by virtue of the eternal hold which last the work of the Holy Ghost, in the conChrist has of you, and the vital union you science of the sinner; and I know of nohave to him, it is impossible that there ever thing that seems, in a figurative manner, can be any final departure from the Lord more clearly and blessedly to define his work, your God.

than doth this sentence—they set the shewHas Christ come in? Has he enlightened bread in order upon the pure table. The your understanding-quickened and made table must be made pure; that is the heart spiritually alive your soul? Has he enlarged must be changed by sovereign grace, and your heart, cleansed your conscience, com-made clean, honest, upright and sincere beforted and revived your spirit? By all these fore God. This being done, the Holy Ghost acts of sovereign grace, he says. The Lord will, in the sinner, set this shew-bread in the is your God,' your covenant God-your sin- right order. pardoning God; your faithful God; and Now we read, (Lev. xxiv. 5, 6,) that the neither things present nor things to come, shew-bread consisted of twelve cakes, which neither life nor death shall ever be able to were made of fine flour, and set in two rows, separate you from him. Oh, surely this is six on a row. I believe there are twelve esa glorious mercy for the church of God; In sential doctrines, every one of which must his everlasting love, in his covenant of grace, be received by the election of grace. There and in redemption's work, he is a wall of fire are instances where these are not really reround about her and the glory in the midst ceived into the judgment and understanding; of her. See how all the persons in the Trinity such as in infants, and persons who may be agree in this one glorious point. The Father quickly taken hoine to glory, as the thief on says of the covenant made with the Son: the cross; but the virtue of them are im

My covenant shall STAND FAST WITH HIM. planted in their souls. So there may be inMy covenant will I not break, nor alter the stances where these glorious truths are rething that is gone out of my mouth. So the ceived into the judgment, while the virtue of Son says of himself and of the church in them is not found in the soul, consequently him, (when speaking of the heavy sufferings no real union to Christ can be there : but in he endured for her,) · All this is come upon those who grow up into Christ these blessed us ; YET HAVE WE NOT FORGOTTEN THEE; truths are received and fed upon. What are neither have we dealt falsely in thy covethey? There are three in God the Father ; nant. This can only be said by Christ for his everlasting and electing love: his prethe church; but, this is said, and it is true. destinating purpose ; and his putting the So also speaketh the Holy Ghost. Read it in sinner's iniquities upon Christ, imputing his Jer. xxxi. 33, 34: and Ezekiel xxxvii. 26-28. righteousness to them, and thereby joining Oh, glorious testimony! May the eternal Christ and the church together in one bond God thus be our refuge ; and then under- of union that can never be dissolved. There neath will be the everlasting arms, and neither can be no salvation without them. earth nor hell shall wrest us from his love There are also three essential doctrines in and power,

the Son. His taking our nature into union III. Here are four terms-Old Testament with his own. His fulfilling and magnifying terms, by which God's elect are set forth, as the law for us : and his making that one regards their spiritual character : they are offering for sin, by which all the Father gave priests, they offer up spiritual sacrifices unto him, were perfected for ever. What a solemn God, and by faith, they present and plead weighty scripture is that, Heb. x. 14, 15; the precious blood of the Lamb, as the onlyBy one offering HE HATH PERFECTED FOR ground of their acceptance before him : they EVER them that are sanctified. Whereof the are the sons of Aaron, real, living branches Holy Ghost also is a witness to us.' Who of Christ the living vine ; they are fruit-bear- are sanctified ? Them that from everlasting ing branches: they are not Nadabs and were set apart in Christ. What of them? Abihus, but Eleazars, and Ithamars. They Why, they ARE PERFECTED FOR EVER! are also Levites, being joined unto Lord in How? By Christ's one offering; by his heart and soul: and they are waiters upon finished work on the cross. Oh, glorious their business. Each of these are full of news! Perfected for ever! matter, descriptive of the real children of

Let men and angels join, God; but I must not enlarge. Come

This wond'rous theme to tell ;' IV. To notice the nature of their business. I

Christ, by His blood divine,

Has ransomed us from hell.

There are three essential doctrines in the inuch so, that at times he labored for breath Holy Ghost: regeneration, or the new in the most distressing manner, making it birth: effectual calling, or an inwrought exceedingly painful for him to speak. So sanctification: and preservation unto the favored, however, was he with the presence heavenly kingdom. So are there three distinct of God, and so unwavering was his faith, essential doctrines in the living sinner. He throughout his illness, that the blessed must have faith in God: he must have things, which he was enabled to speak, will pardon by atoning blood : and he must have be remembered many days to come. love to Christ by the Holy Ghost which is “He mentioned to his wife that on the given unto him; for if any man love not 11th June, in a bower in his friend's garden, our Lord Jesus Christ let him be accursed. he had a very gracious manifestation of the Reader! have these twelve loaves been set Divine presence, and a sweet foretaste of upon the table of thy heart ? If so, you will that heaven to which he was soon going; for take the candlestick and the lamps; by two hours was he thus engaged with God, grace divine you will keep the charge of the and from that time his heavenly-mindedness, Lord : and God himself will be with you for peace, and joy in God were great. In relayour captain. 2 Chron. xiii. 12. Thus, ting the circumstance to her, he said, “My Brother Skelton, I have laid this matter meditation in that bower was chiefly on the before you. Weigh it, if you can, in the glories and joys of heaven, with an assurance balance of God's word, and in your own that I should soon enjoy its blessedness for soul, and see where it comes from. Grace myself, accompanied with a very good time in be with you, prays your brother in the peace prayer for you and my children, I saw many of the gospel.

roses in that garden full of bloom and beauty, CHARLES WATERS Banks. but none equal to the Rose of Sharon, whom 6, Pagoda Terrace,

I saw at that time for myself, blooming in Bermondsey New Road.

the beauties of his love, and condescension, pity, grace, and faithfulness to my soul ; and

round about that garden I saw many a tree THE DEATH-BED EXPERIENCE OF stately and fruit-bearing, but none equal to The late ISAAC BRIDGMA N,

| Him who is the Tree of Life, which is planted

on both sides of the river of God's city, here When it was announced that Isaac BRIDG

for the life of believers, and there for their

full enjoyment.' MAN was dead, an old disciple stepped for

“Seeing his wife in tears, he said, 'I may ward, and in a most impressive manner, asked “How DID HE die?

be better to-morrow, and that will be well: I No one

may be worse to-morrow, and that will be present could answer. MR. BRIDGMAN

well; the hand of God is on me, the love had stood many years as an acknowledged

of God is in me, and the heaven of God is minister of the truth as it is in Christ : and

before me. What a mercy to have true reit is beyond dispute that many souls had

ligion; without it I should be like a wild been called in, and many who stand as be

bull in a net, struggling to be free. What lievers in the Lord Jesus, had been blessed and comforted by his ministry ; but there had

| a picture is that of my corrupt nature, (withbeen a declension, if not a mixing up of error

out grace) how rebellious would it be; but with truth; and some that had heard him to

thanks be to God who has given me the profit, declared his ministry had become

victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.'

| “Mrs. B. asked him if he had any anxiety useless to them. These things are common enough, even where the ministry wears well ;

of any kind on his mind, he replied, “Not a especially in London, where new chapels and

morsel, for temporal things to me are nofresh ministers are ever rising up; and after in the hands of my heavenly Father.

thing: and as to you, my dear wife, you are whom many will run.

I long • Under all circumstances we were glad to

to be in heaven, but do not wish to make find that “The Dying Experience of Mr.

haste, I would neither linger nor leap, God's

time is the best.' BRIDGMAN” was published, and from which

On one occasion he said, “If Satan were we make an extract or two. To us, as far as a dying testimony is concerned, it is

to-day to tell me, that I never loved Jesus abundantly evident that he has left the

| Christ, I would tell him, that he is a liar !' troubles of the church militant below, for the

for I have loved him, I have believed in him, glories of the church triumphant above.

and built on him, and clung to, and hid myself

in him : and now my life is hid with Christ in “ The late ISAAC BRIDGMAN, seventeen God, and when he shall appear again, I shall years Minister of St. John's Chapel, West be with him in glory, no more to see him as Street, Walworth, Surrey, departed this life through a glass darkly, but face to face. I 5th July, 1846, in the 57th year of his age. wish I could say a thousand things to his His complaint was a disease of the heart. glory. I want to magnify Christ by my His sufferings were frequently very great, so death if I die, or by my life if I live.'

“His complaint not allowing him to rest, received and walked in his spirit, and now he said, 'I want rest, but I have rest in humbly ask admission into heaven, through Christ, and medicine in Christ. I should the blood of Christ. like to bathe my body in water, and my soul “On a friend remarking, 'I hope you in the ocean of Christ's love; my week's have had the Lord's presence?' he replied, work is done, and I must go home and rest: I have had it most powerfully and pleasI must go up higher, and as to-morrow is the antly. He has given me patience to wait his longest day in the year, so shall I go to a time. When I was first laid by, the Lord long rest. I have no trouble ; none at all but spoke to my soul most powerfully; 'Servant, my affliction. Oh! for the wings of a dove to thy work is done.' I find that the same hope, flee away and be at rest; but I am willing to and way, and end, I have preached to the stay, only let me have grace equal to my people, I can live and die by now. Grace day.'

and peace have followed me.' "He began to take leave of his friends, as “He said, "My final testimony was dehe could bear to see them, and to each he livered on the last day of May, 1846. 1 gave a word of advice and consolation, very preached in the morning from the 48th touching to the hearts of those who were Psalm, 12th and 13th verses, Walk about addressed, and not soon to be forgotten. Zion, and go round about her: tell the

“He asked his wife to read to him the towers thereof,' &c. In the evening I hymn that begins, 'Oh! sovereign love that preached from 28th Genesis, 20th and 21st first began,' &c., when he said, 'I thank God verses, “And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, if I can go through all that hymn, and praise God will be with me, and will give me bread the riches of his divine grace for what he has to eat, and raiment to put on, so that I come done for me.

again to my father's house in peace then shall "To a friend he said, 'Here we are on this the Lord be my God.' Remarking, I am side Jordan; how soon we shall be on the not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; with its other side we cannot tell-as it regards my light I am going through the valley, and I entrance into another and better world, I hope the light will shine more and more; and have a good hope, and look for that far more the enemy has not attacked me yet.' exceeding and eternal weight of glory; I am "Referring to the vicissitudes of his life, a lost sinner in myself, but saved in Christ: he said, 'I have had a stormy voyage, but it the Gospel I have preached to others is my will be a safe one-we are to fill up our solace now. When we have delivered all the measure of the sufferings of Christ in our messages God has given us to deliver, he flesh-he was made perfect through sufferings will say, 'Come up higher;' adding, 'I stand and he knoweth how to deliver-Jesus can on the borders of the heavenly land, and deliver me; satan is not permitted to trouble have done with earth ; waiting must be my me at all. 'Go to that fountain, and see if posture; I want to see more of God's salva our sins are not all washed away; they are tion, I have had strength equal to my day, all wiped out.' and I trust I shall to the last.'

“ Approaching nearer to his dissolution, “Referring to the manifestations of God and his weakness greatly increasing, he said, to his soul, when a young man, he said, 'I want a guide now to lead me in my * The light of God then shone upon me, and thoughts-to guide me in my affections, to he was to me a glorious Sun of righteousness ; | keep them where they ought to be.' 'Have every day I used then to ride to Hackney you been enabled to realize the beauty of Wick, to bathe, of which I was very fond, Christ ?' He replied, 'I have, in measure, and often I meditated upon those words: by the power of faith, which God has given • There is a river, the streams whereof make me; as he is my life, I breathe in him ; as he glad the city of God.' I preached a sermon is my light, I walk in him; as he is my from them once. Those where what the Saviour, I shall live with him. poet calls 'Halcyon days ;' for in his light “ July 5th.—The morning of his departure, daily I walked—a child of light. Afterwards he addressed those of the family who were he said, ' Lord, get me quite ready, and take present and said, 'I commend you all to the me to thyself.'

tender mercies of our God and Saviour. At "On a friend asking him how he was, he two o'clock, he raised his head from the replied : 'If it is well to be looking to Jesus; pillow, and reached towards his wife, gave her if it is well to have him in our hearts; to be | three kisses and said, 'God bless you. These abiding with him ; and to be hastening to his were the last words he uttered audibly, and at home, as I trust I am, “it is well.' I shall three o'clock his happy spirit winged its way not go to Heaven's gates demanding en-to realms of everlasting day-not a sigh or trance by right (as in my natural state), but groan escaped his lips-his end was peace.” present myself there in the name of Jesus, The work from whence these quotations are humbly acknowledging my fallen state, but shewing my credentials ; that I had believed |

made, is beautifully printed ; and is pub

lished by Jackson & Walfourd. The price in Jesus, worn his robe of righteousness,

his robe of righteousness, I too high.]


The 34th chapter of Ezekiel is entitled “ A / fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to reproof of the shepherds,” and begins thus : depart from evil is understanding.” Is there “ And the word of the Lord came unto me not a cold setting down in Gospel doctrines, saying, Son of man prophesy against the and the name of Christ, without the mind, shepherds of Israel, prophesy and say unto likeness, and image of Christ, awfully manithem, Thus saith the Lord God unto the fested ? Satan can shift his quarters. If shepherds: Wce be to the shepherds of Popery won't do, Puseyism shall; and if Israel, that do feed themselves, should not Arminianism won't, Calvinism must. But the shepherds feed the flock? Ye eat the it inust be in name only, not in power, And fat, and ye clothe you with the wool; ye kill what does it all signify, if nothing but worldly them that are fed ; but ye feed not the flock.mindedness is seen ? So there is a false The diseased have ye not strengthened, spirituality as well as true. 1 John iv, i, neither have ye healed that which was sick, 1 Cor. xiii. 1, 2. 2 Cor. xi. 13, 14, 15. neither have ye bound up that which was Oh, that the Lord wouid lay the interests broken, neither have ye brought again that of Zion indelibly upon the hearts of his which was driven away, neither have ye people “ TO PRAY for the PEACE of Jerusa. sought that which was lost; but with force lem.” “They shall prosper that love thee." and with cruelty have ye ruled them," &c. REAL VITAL PRAYER; How LACKING IN And the Lord goes on charging upon the NEARLY ALL THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST! shepherds the scattering of his sheep, who Oh, that the blessed power of the Spirit were “scattered because there was no shep- might come among us, and help our inherd." These shepherds loved ease and firmities! The church is far from healthy; fleshly gratification; they understood not many are weak, feeble, and sickly, and have the nature of their office, but acted like hire- no ear for the practical truths as set forth in lings, who care not for the sheep ; (John the Gospels, and the Epistle to James. It x. 12, 13. ;) eating the fat from them ; cloth-was a weighty sentence to my soul, I once ing themselves with their wool which was heard from Mr. BANKS, referring to the forbidden in God's house; indulged them-character of many resting in mere doctrinal selves in what they pleased, and by their con- light, unaccompanied with humility of soul, duct fouled with their feet, or perverse walk- " Take heed that the doctrines of the gospel ing, the clear waters of the sanctuary, and are not thunderbolts to you : instead of being this muddy drink they gave the sheep—“As chariots of mercy to take you home in.” for my flock they eat that which ye have But, I wish to come to a point without trodden with your feet, and they drink that being thought abusive; I intend these rewhich ye have fouled with your feet.” It is marks, rather as warnings, and that to time for the sheep to cry out against such those whom I believe are of the church milishepherds, when this ruling“ with force and tant. The warnings, reproofs, and rebukes with cruelty” is apparent.

of the Bible, refer to the Israel of God more How gloomy is this picture! but who dare than others. The Bible is church property, deny that this is not true now; and is a belonging to those whom the Holy Ghost description to the life of very many who are teaches. Reports have been plentifully cir. in office? Do we not witness a trampling culated of late respecting ZION CHAPEL, under foot the holy and sacred injunctions of | WATERLOO ROAD, now occupied by Mr. the Bible ? Are not the precepts of the word | TRIGGS, I shall therefore endeavour to conesteemed a very light thing by the conduct of fine my remarks on the present state of the many who should be ensamples to the flock, ministry in London to this spot. ZION and explained away by others? Do we not CHAPEL, about twenty-five years ago, was witness a violation of what is spoken by God; built by Mr. HASLEM, who for two or three at the same time shielding themselves under years in it, (in most melodious tones, and the bulwarks of promise for defence, as a with no ordinary talent,) held “forth the sort of palliation; promises for the poor and good word of life," to crowds that thronged needy? Where is that meek and lowly | its walls. But, alas! in the years 1826, and spirit gone? Where must we look for the 1827, the pages of the Gospel Magazine “sons of Zadok," who keep in violate the sounded ihe alarm," against him. “The charge of God, when professing Israel in / battering rams of truthlaid seige against streims go away in “ the hour of temptation, it," and her "battlements were taken away, which shall come upon all the world, to try for they were not the Lord's." And what them that dwell upon the earth ?” We ask, must we say now? This once highly favoured " Where shall wisdom be found ? and where man, whose light in doctrine shone forth is the place of understanding ?” For “ the with peculiar brilliancy, is a desolation. He


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