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is now a private gentleman, Alas! alas ! | sins. No separation from him ; no condemhow have the mighty fallen! The Holy nation in him; she being always viewed with Spirit was dishonoured in this ministry ; and him. Jesus the life of the living, and the pride seems also to have worked his over- glorious Christ of God. Now, as all ministhrow in the ministry. That necessary ballast, ters of the “true sanctuary" have their peHUMILITY, to keep steady a light, feeble, culiar positions, and excel just in that point, fragile bark, on the mighty waters was want- so I would affirm I have heard none excel ing. High-mindedness, self-importance, vain Mr. TRIGGS upon this doctrine ; yea, it seems popularity, and the like, will not do for the the all-absorbing theme of his ministrations; church of Christ whose daily confessions are and, to use his oft repeated phrase —“We Nothing, Lord, without thee.” Mr. Tite have only just reached the threshhold of the I heard say—“Anything more than nothing subject." I have heard much against Mr. T. is too big for Christ.” We are reminded in the from ministers respecting his assertions of case of Mr. HASLEM of his words respecting “ sin being a nonentity;" we would advise the salt losing its savour, and thereby its unfit- such to hear what Mr. T. has to say for himness either for the church or the world. This self on this point, before condemning. The has been his position for some years. Our last time I heard him, he said, " Let me say, prayer for him is that the Holy Spirit would I never found temptations pleasurable or lead him to see his delusions, and restore pleasureful, but where these are, there him a genuine penitent, to take a place is a cry to the Lord, 'hold thou me among beggars and sinners. A minister up. Sometimes all but gone, and yet once said to me, “I inwardly mourn when I helped with a little help. It is natural then, meet him in the streets.”

for you and me to side on the wrong side, as After Mr. H's downfall. the chapel it is for God to confine us in the right. But came into the hands of those who shifted says one, you don't know how I am opfrom Mr. H.'s first position of error—"the pressed ! Well, if you are, you must have equality of the church unto God,” and as- been on high to be pressed down. God's sumed his last, that of “ Arminianism,” people are the worst people in the world to when the doleful noises of “creature per-| live with friends, nothing can please them ; fection, and other hideous monsters, prowled Christ only suits them. If you were to offer within it in the dark for a time; but these, a child of God mountains of gold, he would after a while retired into their hiding places, not accept of it; nay, heaven won't do for and the doors were closed against them. them without Christ. But you say to me, Afterwards the sun of truth again appeared, do you feel comfortable in darkness? Why throwing forth its golden rays in the minis- ask' such questions? Did our glorious Christ try of ARTHUR TRIGGS; which now, after remain stationary in his darkness ? No: nor six year's occupation of this very convenient will his members : head and members go edifice, we are sorry to be informed, the together here. But I say there is no power Wesleyans have purchased ; so that the old in the darkness (you and I are the subjects foxes, and other unclean beasts will again of,) to separate us from Christ. It hath no creep in.

more power over me than over our glorious We are not so unwise as to imagine we shall Christ; now are we light in the Lord ;' in find a concentration of excellencies in one the Lord is where it is. Whatever passes or man. In vain we look for this any where repasses in our experience touches not what than where it is ; even in him whose righte- we are in the Lord.' The Lord shall be ousness God the Father brings near; which unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God when beheld, all besides is deformity and thy glory.' "The blood of Jesus Christ, his filthy rags ; but we desire to adore the grace son, cleanseth us from all sin.' This expeof God in the distribution of his gifts, and rience will kill you to the world and its for that variety, which in the church, he has pleasures, and to everything else but Christ; bestowed ; (Eph. iv. 8-13); and could wish and these are they whom God puts his the church more alive to this than they are, mark' upon, that sigh and that cry. I never and not be so hood winked by the feelings of can look after my neighbours' faults. I don't JEALOUSY and the like, as they are. (See want to go out of my house to find all evil. Ezekiel viii. 3.) I shall, therefore, try to no- This is old fashioned experience, and I hope tice what is acceptable, what is in accord - you know something about it.” Sentiments ance in Mr. Triggs' ministry and conduct, of this kind do not look like sin being a nonwith truth, and what appears not. Mr. T. entity in the believer's experience; nor does then, in a bold and uncompromising spirit, Mr. T. mean it, in asserting what truth says, maintains, with unflinching adherence, that that " he hath made him sin," &c.And the first, that sweet, that rich, ever-full, and ever-Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.” flowing doctrine, the indissoluble urion “And when sought for shall not be found," between Christ and his church; head and&c. If therefore Mr. T. pleads, and earmembers ; root and branches įforming one nestly contends for the doctrines of substibody. His life, her life ; Zion's sins his tution, and that in the words of truth, this

charge must fall powerless. Making light, no prophet compared with the other. Yet of sin, and the experiences of believers, must his words stood, and Amaziah fell, and died not be deduced from this doctrine, which he in a polluted land. So would we rather abide is charged with doing. If this be done, it is by the revealed word for discipline, than unfrom the weakness of the man in setting forth authorised authority. “Whoever shall exthe truth, and not in the truth itself.

I alt himself shall be abased, and he that hunIn our last we observed Mr. ABRAHAMS' | bleth himself shall be exalted.” drift of ministry, as towards the law, inain- III. –His METHOD OF PREACHING. It taining a law-work. Mr. T. is quite opposite; not unfrequently occurs that persons to avoid his centres in the person of the Law-fulfiller, one extreme, run into another. This, we aiming to exhibit his glories. The doctrine think Mr. T. does. Some who studiously of soul-humiliation before God, every servant seem to avoid all kind of order, as studiously of Christ has his own peculiar way of setting observe none; are quite inmethodical, and forth, so has Mr. Triggs.

set it aside. We have nothing to say here. But this will bring us to look at our other Let each one do the best he can for the glory position concerning Mr. Triggs, and why he of God, and the vindication of truth. Angelic is looked upon with some indifference. Not talent may be employed in this service, as that we wish to speak of externals in our well as earthen vessels. But we object to remarks upon the ministry, as whether a man Mr. Triggs making up nearly half his seris rich or poor, whether he rides in a carriage mon from the hymn last sung, which is his or walks on foot; whether he has £500 a. method. We say let “the truth," let a text year, or five hundred pence; or whether he be the foundation, be pre-eminent, for the speaks classically or not. It is the MINISTRY basis of a discourse, and not the bymn, though inore especially, and not the man, we want to it be a KENT. Mr. T. we have, all along, view in the man.

viewed as a man taught of the Spirit, and I.-His PUBLIC CONDUCT. I feel as per- therefore recommend a good example, in suaded of this one truth as of any other, preference to a bad one, and a good practice " that if ye walk contrary unto me, then I to be set before the family, for children will will walk contrary unto you." And God's imbibe and follow their teacher's ways. We walking contrary to his people is not in love precious truths set forth, though we do wrath ; but it is a walk which will sit very not like all method. But we would still add uneasy upon a tender conscience. The ap- something more here : Mr, T.'s ministry is proval of a good conscience, and honest ap- not characterized by the spirit of backbiting, probation is much best. Mr. T. has not railing, and condemnation, which is as opgiven satisfaction to the church in his leaving | posed to the gospel, as satan to Christ, and the chapel at Plymouth.

error to truth. Mr. T. is pre-eminent in But though much has been said on this avoiding this ; · and though many oppose subject we forbear.

him, his subject is “ a glorious Christ," and "God works in a mysterious way,

here we must speak well of it. His wonders to perform."

We have one question to ask-Why does

Mr. T., being a Baptist, live in the neglect II.--THE GOVERNMENT OF HIS CHURCH, I of that ordinance ? And why not act accordOR CONGREGATION. We advise Mr. T. toing to the New Testament? Mr. T. seeing read a pamphlet published by the church in much that is wrong in other churches, affords Mulberry Gardens Chapel, Pell-street, over no justification of his conduct. We heard which was Mr. STODHART, for satisfaction | Mr. T. say, “I am a dying man; the Lord on this point, which has told a sad tale of hath numbered my days; I want to leave the sorrow in allowing nianagers to bear rule in church with clean hands;" referring to his the church. The church of Christ is a select having preached Christ. Well, we most body, the servant of which is the minister, sincerely wish Mr. T. the best of blessings, the other officers are deacons, chosen by the and that on sound and consistent gospel princhurch, to whom must be administered the ciples, in public life, in church government, Lord's ordinances of baptism and the Lord's in opening the word, in access to the divine Supper, and not to seat-holders as such. Now throne, and walking before the church he Mr. T.'s mode of government is not Scriptu- may stand as a bold and useful servant of the ral, nor is it after the order of the church of Lord Jesus Christ. In conclusion, I reChrist, generally; and will sooner or later mark, I can clearly behold a ministerial involve him in trouble ; and which has cloud of darkness is hovering over us: the brought on him much obloquy. These things sun is going down over the prophets. It is should rather be mourned over, than spoken true, light shines; probably, in many inof. We may be told, as Amos was by Amaziah stances, never clearer. But, is it THE SPI-"Go flee thee away into the land of Judah ” RIT'S LIGHT? Is it the light of life from we want not your instructions or prophesy- | following Christ? Pained am I to hear, and ing “at Bethel; for it is the King's chapel." | personally to witness, in those whom I would Amaziah was a great man, and stood high in hope and speak well of, what I do; but for Israel ; Amos was a very poor herdinan, and the present must pass them over, H. W.

The Interior of our spiritual Zion. 'prevalent in Zion, is this — thousands of

Zion's children are pursuing and hugging, "All her people sigh, they seek bread : they have and secretly delighting in their “pleasant given their pleasant things for meat to relieve the

bereant things for meat to relieve the things they have not given them up : soul, or to make the soul to come again, see, oh, but when like our brother Paul. “the Lord, and consider, for I am become vile." Lam. i. 11.

excellency of the knowledge of Christ I was sitting at the prayer meeting; and a

Jesus, our Lord,” shall become the one

great object both of the soul's desire and debrother rose and gave out a hymn, com

light: then all other things shall be counted mencing

| but loss and dung : yea, these pleasant things “ Shew me some token, Lord, for good.” shall then be given up, that the soul may The hymn drew out my soul in secret " come again," (see margin,) to fellowship prayer to the Lord, to give me something and peace. from his own word, which should be sealed Lastly : poor Zion, deeply convinced of upon the heart, as a token, a pledge, a certain her polluted and helpless condition, throws witness that all was right between himself herself upon the mercy of the Lord, and and our souls for time and for eternity. Isays — "See, O Lord, and consider, for I took up the Bible, and opened upon the am vile.”

C. W. B. above words, from which I spoke for a short time, with some degree of liberty. First, of spiritual Zion it is said _“All

The Cross of Christ. her people sigh.” Whether it be a ba' e in grace; a bold young man in the faith ; or a How wondrous was that tragic scene which father in Israel, all souls really quickened Calvary's cross presented !" God forbid," into spiritual life, have seasons of deep, in- says Paul, that I should glory, save in the ward sighing, and sorrow before God. There cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.” What was is some sore besetting sin; some thorn in the cross, to cause Paul so much to glory in the flesh ; some trial in the family; or difficulty it ? There were three extreme points in the by the way, which from time to time, gives rise cross. to inward grief, sinkings of heart, and bitter- First there was a point downward : the ness of soul. This one word “sigbing," bottom of the cross was not in hell, nor in seems remarkably descriptive of that inward the pit of sin, nor in the grave of death; but sense of weakness, unworthiness, and sad- it pointed down to them : and the dear Reness, which every living soul is more or less deemer's feet covered that extreme point. the subject of. These were the very people The cross, I say, pointed to the ruins of the that the man with his ink horn was distinctly fall; and the Saviour's feet on it, seemed to to mark on the foreheads, as the preserved say—“ I have travelled there! Down where of God: and it is “for the sighing of the my church and people lay; all covered over needy,” (Ps. xii. 5,) that the Lord especi- with sin; down in that horrid pit 1. stood; ally declares "he will arise, and set them in but am come up again!" This lower point of safety.”

the cross pointed down to hell; and Christ Furthermore, of Zion's children it is said, says “I have conquered it: its gates against "THEY SEEK. BREAD." The pulpits and the my church shall ne'er prevail.” It pointed churches are, for the most part, now filled down to the grave; and Christ says —"O with chaff; with light and frothy talk; with death, I will be thy destruction : out of thy fiery, fulsome, hot-headed contentions for horrid jaws shall all my dear elect arise.” certain isolated parts of theology; or with Secondly; there was a point in the cross old wives' fables. But these things are not that looked backward : and his right hand bread; hypocrites and false professors may covered it. · He pointed to the law, he said, I be pleased and propped up with such rubbish; have magnified it: he pointed to the covebut sincere living souls, seek for bread. nant of grace, and said, I have fulfilled it: CHRIST, fully, experimentally, preached; a he pointed back to the types and shadows, preached Christ; a manifested Christ; a and said, I am the substance of them all. realised Christ. A living Christ in the mi. Thirdly : there was a point that looked fornistry, and a living Christ in the heart, be- ward to the ends of the earth, where his elect comes bread; and except a man eat this in darkness lay; and as his precious hand bread by precious faith, he has no life in him. pointed to these distant lands, he seemed to A living soul can only feed upon, and be exclaim-“I will say to the north give up truly blessed with a living Christ. . and to the south keep not back; bring my

Thirdly, it is said, “they have given their sons from afar, and my daughters from the pleasant things to relieve the soul.” Zion's ends of the earth : they that are far off shall children have their pleasant things, their come, and build in the Temple of the Lord.” idols, their vain delights as well as others; Precious cross! Blessed is the man that but these are a burden to a living soul. One by it is crucified to sin, and ransomed from cause of the barrenness and bondage now so the curse.

C. W. B.

James Mason's Call to the Ministry. scripture to prove the truth of the doctrines

preached at Grove, and amongst the rest,

this scripture-Rom, ix. 11–8. And con(Continued from our last.)

cluded by saying, “So then it is not of him MR. K. hearing that I was ill, kindly came to that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of see me. I shall never forget the day: it was God that sheweth mercy ;' and I do firmly June 7, 1833. The Lord had blessed me believe, Mr. K., that if it had rested on that morning with the spirit of prayer. I my willing and running, I should have been had been enabled to tell out, as it were, my dead in sin, and an infidel to this day." He heart to the Lord ; and to ask him for wis- assented to what I said, and said he believed dom and direction; and got up from my all the great doctrines of grace, but they knees relieved in mind, and sat down to try did not set aside human means, creature to do a little work; and as I sat at work, exertions, nor creature duties; and, to tell the mind was up to God for direction in the you the truth, I assented to what he said thus thing I was so exercised about : when, all at far, for I had not discernment sufficient to once, a still sinall voice spoke these words see through the craft of these parsons, who into my heart—" It shall be told thee what nullify the great truths of the gospel, by thou shalt do." Not long after this, I heard their creature duties. Mr. K. then made a voice down stairs, for I was at work in an this observation, “ You may depend upon it upper room. My wife came up and said the Grove people are a bad set.” At this Mr. K. has called, and wishes to see yon," time I could not see through this man, but I replied, “ ask him up stairs." She did so ; looked up to him as an angel of light ; but and Mr. K. came up ; he took a seat, and soon after this, the Lord brought me to see we entered into conversation. In the course what he was, and to see through all the craft of of conversation, he drew from me an ac- these things he endeavoured to insinuate into count of the subject that so deeply exercised my mind. When he could not overeome me my mind. I shall never forget the words on scripture grounds, he then attacked their with which I closed my account, nor the characters-“They were a bad set.” Again confilence with which I spoke them-“I the Lord gave me boldness, and I defended verily believe God hath called me to preach them. I mentioned several of them by his Gospel.” Mr. K, then began to speak name, and pointed to their walk and conof the importance of the work of the minis- duct, and he was compelled to acknowledge try, and in the course of conversation, again they were good men, saying, he had “no spoke against the preachers, that at times doubt there were good men amongst them, came to Grove to preach.

but the gnerality of them held the truth in You will remeniber that it was here I first litentiousness. One observation he made heard Mr. TIPTAFT ; and whenever he came respecting the scriptures I quoted, wasto Grove I went to hear him; it was here I “these are hard texts, but we must leave first heard Mr. Smart, of whom I have them." But I have found from experience, something to say another time; it was here if Mr. K. must leave them, these hard texts I first heard JOHN WARBURTON, one week won't leave me, but, through grace, have evening, and was favoured to hear him with been my comfort and support in many a with so much soul-satisfaction and comfort, | trying hour. This conversation was then that the following evening I walked over dropped, and we sat silent for some minutes, to Abingdon to hear him, and shall never when Mr. K. observed a thought struck his forget the season; his text was, “ Fear not, mind; as I thought I was called to preach, worm Jacob.” And he was enabled to trace he thought much good might result from me, a poor worm, in all the ins and outs of my doing so, when he considered what a the movements of my poor soul, and it was character I had been in Wantage, and the a time of refreshing from the presence of wonderful change that had taken place in the Lord. And after I left off going to me when it became known that I was going church in the afternoon, I used to go to this to preach he had no doubt many would come said despised Grove ; sometimes there was to hear me out of curiosity, and good might preaching, and when there was none, there | result from it ; he therefore proposed that I was a prayer-meeting; and there used to be should preach in his pulpit on Sunday one, a poor old man that engaged in prayer, | afternoons for a time, till we saw how things and he used to tell out to the Lord in such turned out. I consented ; and he told me simple language what a poor sinner he was, he would give it out on the Sunday that he spoke the very feelings of my soul ; morning, and he lioped the Lord would be and I had been blest more under that poor with me, and make me useful, shook hands man's prayers, than under all the preaching with me, and left me ; and left I was to my I then heard. Therefore when Mr. K. began own thoughts. I began to ruminate over to speak against the Grove people, my soul what I had been saying, and the boldness took fire ; and I could not help speaking on with which I had been talking; and who their behalf, though I had no manner of knows, thought I, but that Mr. K. is right connection with them. I brought forth respecting the people and preachers at Grove,

and right in his views of scripture, and Iran like wild fire through the town ; and I wrong, and know nothing aright yet, and yet believe, there was at chapel, that afternoon, notwithstanding all my ignorance, to have people who had not been at a place of worthe impudence and presumption to oppose ship for years before ; together with prothat good man; and what presumption to fessors of every description. The service think I can preach, and that I am called 10 commenced as usual, with the singing of an preach, and know nothing aright to preach hymn, and Mr. K. got up into the pulpit about. I was brought into such a state as and read 1 Tim. i. and my soul felt the power no expression can better describe than that of the word of the living Goul, and was of Job's; (x. 15..) I am full of confusion, humbled within me. I cannot forbear makoh what an ignorant, stupid wretch I did ing one remark respecting Paul's two epistles appear! Oh, how I did wish I had never to Timothy, and the one to Titus. Whereas opened my mouth about preaching. Sunday many have taken in hand to tell ministers morning came, I went to chapel, could pay what books they should study, together with attention to nothing, but the thoughts of many other things, but all the books I have what a fool I should make of myself in the read of advice to ministers, and all I have afternoon.

heard from the the pulpit on the same subI thought I would go to Mr. K. the mo-ject, all fall infinitely short of the invaluable ment chapel was over, and tell him I would advice that the Holy Ghost has given to give up all thoughts of preaching altogether, ministers, by Paul in those three epistles ; and that I had been altogether deceived, and I believe the man that is enabled by and could not do any such thing ; but 10- grace, to follow the advice given by the wards the close of the sermon Mr. K. made apostle in those epistles, aud have the sacred allusion to me, and told some of the conver-contents thereof opened up by the ministry sation he had had with me, and the exercises of God the Holy Ghost in the experience of of my mind respecting being called to his own soul, is sure to be owned of God. preach, that he had thought it over much in But to return :his mind, and that I should speak there in Mr. K. read 1 Tim i. and when he came the afternoon, and that he hoped the Lord to the 13th verse — “Who was before a would bless what I might have to say to the blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious, people that might come to hear. Still this but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignodid not alter my mind, but I felt determined rantly and in unbelief,” the word dropped to tell Mr. K. that I could do no such thing. into my heart with power, and my soul was At the close of the service I went down out humbled under a sense of the distinguishing of the gallery with a beating heart, and grace and mercy of God, manifested to me waited to see Mr. K. ; and as I stood in the a poor guilty blasphemer. Mr. K. spoke in chapel, these words dropped, with power, prayer, and then left the pulpit. I went up into my heart—" He that putteth his hand with trembling steps, my knees smiting toto the plough, and looketh back, is not fit gether, for the first time into a pulpit; for the kingdom of heaven.” Down went whilst the people were singing the second my resolution to speak to Mr. K.; and I hymn my soul was drawn up to God that he skulked out of the chapel, and made my would be pleased to stand by me. I opened way home as fast as I could ; my mind was the Bible and found the words, I had dreamed in such a state as I could eat no dinner ; Iof preaching from—“We have found the sought my bed room, and shut myself up Messias.” (John i. 41.) I began speaking ; and was enabled to pour out my soul before my lips quivered, my voice faltered, and I God. Oh ! how I begged of him that day told the people with what solemn feelings I that I might not be deceived, if he had really stood before them; I then traced a little, called me to the work of the ministry, that as God enabled me, of the way in which he he would make it evident, and take such'a had brought me to know and feel what an poor ignorant worm entirely under his own awful, guilty, blaspheming wretch I had guidance, and teach me, linself, what to been ; what a sinner I was ; and that I found preach, and how to preach. A little before no happiness, no peace, no comfort, no conit was time to go to the chapel, my wife came solation till God brought me to find hope up and begged of me to take a little refresh- in Jesus Christ, the Messias, and brought ment, saying I should make myself ill. Poor my soul to believe that Jesus Christ was thing ! she knew nothing of the conflicts of able to save to the uttermost all that come iny mind, being in nature's darkness, but unto God by him; and that I found from was a kind and affectionate creature: with the Scripture history before me, that when her persuasion, I took a little refreshment, Andrew had been pointed to the Lamb of and went to the chapel a little more refreshed God by the ministry of John, and found in mind, from being enabled to pour out my him indeed, the true Messias, he could not heart before the Lord. Before the service keep the secret, but found the desire in his commenced, the Chapel was literally crammed heart to tell others _“We have found the full, for the news that I was going to preach, Messias ;" that I had the same desire in my

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