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soul, to point sinners to the Lamb of God, mand, though I have come to the resolution to point to his atoning blood, and cry be- never to preach again ; by and by the Lord hold the way to God: and that my hearers brought up this text, ‘But I am poor and living and dying without finding salvation needy, yet the Lord thinketh upon me.' in Jesus Christ, must perish for ever. And, They cried and their cry came up unto brother Banks, amidst all the changes i God. Another testimony I received, and I have passed through since that day, I never knew it was from the Lord by the effect that felt condemned for preaching that sermon, followed. The Lord spake home to my soul, if, indeed it might be called a sermon. God I shall never forget it: 'I will never leave enabled me, that day, to tell out what I felt, thee, nor forsake thee.' I said, it is enough what I had really passed through, and to his Lord, I do not care where I go, I can preach name be all the praise. After service Mr. K. night and day, at all times, and seasons, and invited me to tea at his house, when I was under all circumstances. I thought I could introduced to the company of a young man live upon this for ever. But alas ! alas ! how who I learned was a student in some dis-soon it was gone! Yea, if the Lord did not senting college or academy, being trained stand by me, and support me, when the up for a parson, a young man quite of enemy makes such thrusts at me, I must gentlemanly manners; and Mr. K. proposed fall. He came, that old enemy, and met me that we should go together in the evening to with this : These words are not in the Bible. the village of Charlton, about a mile from I, my friends, was staggered; I sought for a Wantage, and that one of us should preach month, but could not find them ; when I in the open air, and the other read a chapter, found it was the word of God, I was like the expound it, and engage in prayer. Which woman who had found the lost piece of silver, was to preach we were to agree between our and called her friends to rejoice with her, selves going along. I very readily agreed for she had found the piece which was lost. that he should preach ; but before I arrived so had I; here was 1, tried and tempted at the place of our destination, I found that about the work. The Lord brings home a there was a lightness and frivolity about my promise ; then another; I was then met by companion that quite disgusted me. When satan, it was not in the Bible; but he was we arrived, I commenced, after singing an proved a liar. Again, when in trouble, and hymn, by reading the 55th of Isaiah, and shut up, I was ready to say, ' Send by whom commenting on it, as I went along; and the thou wilt send, only send not by me. My college gentleman preached, and a ranker soul felt angry, like to Jonah ; he told the free-willer I never heard from that day to Lord to his face he did well to be angry. this.

Ah, say you, I am ashamed of you, you (To be Continued.)

should keep these things to yourself. So I

am ashamed of myself, and willingly would TRIALS CONNECTED WITH

I keep these things; but lest, some poor

creature be tempted in like manner, I speak TIE GOSPEL MINISTRY. of them. The slips and slides, the anger of

| Jonah, the crime of David, and the swearing By the late Thomas Lord..

of Peter, all are left on record for our com

fort. I was enabled to carry my case to the I WOULD not speak of myself, but I have Lord, I knew he would bring my case right, been so tried, when I have come to speak his and I was enabled to bless him for these very word, so much darkness, and many things I things being in the Bible. Another time never calculated upon, when I first set out the Lord withdrew himself, and I was led to on pilgrimage ; when I have been going to grope in the dark, and soon the enemy kept preach, and no text ; when I have cried to me company, and worked up such scenes in God, my heart has felt as hard as a rock; / my heart as I can never disclose. Here, when I would have spoken of the power of thoughts as black as night, and like pitch, God, I have had no feeling, and I have felt for months tormented my soul. I thought I must give it up; and the Lord is my wit-my case worse than Jonah's, thought my ness, if God had not been stronger than I, heart seemed harder than his, and if Jonah's this would have been the case. The prophet Lord had not been with me, I do not know Jeremiah said, 'I will not make mention of what I should have done ; but he stood by, him, nor speak any more in his name.' But and in his own time brought me out.” he could not forbear ; for the Lord stood by him : his word was in his heart a burning “And now if there are persons present, fire, shut up in his bones; he was weary who see no beauty, nor taste any sweetness with forbearing, and could not stay. Thus in the precious truths we have been endeawhen the Lord has blessed one, and blessed vouring to lay before you, I have one solemn the word, worked in me to will and to do, Scripture for you to ponder over-'If our how cheerfully have I gone saying, Lord, i gospel is hid, it is hid to them that are lost.' am ready for any thing to obey your com- | Amen."-WATTS WILKINSON.

The Royal State Bed

But when it's gone, to Christ he runs,

And leaves his rags behind.

The soul finds rest in Jesu's breast,
The lover's knot is tied,

l'he word reveals, the Spirit seals, YES! yes, friend PEAK, you me mistake,

The soul is Jesu's bride.
Concerning him I nam'd,
If I should say he's cast away,

The old husband dead, to Christ we're wed, Indeed I might be blam'd.

T'he union is by blood;

We are made one with Christ the Son, You are a brother-isn't he another?

And bring forth fruit to God, Rom. vii, 4, All loved with the same love; And when we die, be rais'd on high,

Moses to me no husband be, To rest with saints above.

He's buried, old and grim,

I'm dead to him and he to me,
But this you know, while bere below,

I'd no good fruit by him,
Some are not fully blest
Within the vail, Till then they fail

Jesus my head rose from the ead,
Of the true gospel rest.

My heavenly Bridegroom, dear;

To him I twine, for he is mine,
The eve and morn at creation's dawn,

From him my fruit I bear,
Was then called 'the first day ;'
Indeed 'tis true, creation new

He is my life, I am his wife,
Appears the same to me.

And we are no more twain ;

From him, my root, I bring forth fruit, The eve and morn of saints new born,

And fruit that must remain ! Make one day's journey here;

As women fair desire to bear, The second day, and third I say,

And infant offsprings see-True rest is not quite clear.

So righteous sire, my soul desire,
And then forsooth, comes day the fourth,

To bring forth fruit to thee.
The fifth no rest we see,
The sixth began-the work's not done,

The above rhymery was written to a dear The seventh brought rest to me.

friend of mine, who scolds me in a letter of The work is done, the Sabbath begun, Come saints no burdens bear ;

his, for dropping a hint of my views con'Tis peace and rest, thus we are blest; cerning a preacher that he often hears. Now Sweet Sabbath morn! How clear.

be it known, thai I am no judge of any man's The work is done by God the Son,

eternal state before God. No: I am not in And finished on the tree;

the chair of the judge, nor in the chair of This is the rest, where saints are blest, Christ is my Sabbath day.

the scorner of christian men. And that which 7'his is the rest, where saints are blest,

I said, was not spoken concerning the man's The bed of love so green;'

state of grace, or eternal state of glory be*T is covenant love, that never moved, fore God; but concerning his present minisThis is the bed I mean.

try. And that his miniştry was a bed neither 'Twas evening-tide when Jesus died,

long, wide, nor soft enough to shelter iny Then come the black, dark night; The first sweet dawn was sabhath morn,

weary, careworn soul upon ; and that I And Jesus is my light.

thought I should take cold under his covering. A soul thus blest, finds gospel rest,

For indeed I cannot keep my soul warm, Dead works are passed away ;

with all the rags and coverings that I can 'Tis finished ! tis, as God did his,

procure, unless I have that heaven-woven Upon the seventh day.

covering from the Lord "love, which covDead works are naught--the bed too short

ereth all sin.” The covering of Christ's Man's patchwork I'll not borrow; Like filthy rags' from ulcered legs,

righteousness, dyed in his own blood. For • The covering is too narrow.'

if any one attempt to cover me“ with a 'Tis true! my bed must all be new,

covering that is not of his Spirit," I am No one rag of the old ;

still cold, and great part of my nakedness is The plague is there, I do declare, I should be sick and cold.

seen. And the plague and death is in the The work-house man, whose work's not done,

old covenant bed, though many souls, withWould whip the saints to rest;

out feeling, tasting, or smelling the plague The wearied poor can work no more,

in it, go out of this world very easy upon They fall on Jesu's breast

it. But my weary soul needs a bed long and This is the bed where saints are well,

wide as eternity, and as soft as a down bedHere the warm lovers meet ;

the bosom of a covenant God in Christ. And Here the two lie that never die, Love makes the union sweet,

not one feather of the righteousness of the Lord, without you what can I do?

flesh in it; for that bed which a poor blind One is as cold as stone;

pharisee dies on at ease, would be a bed of Jesus and I how blest we be,

thorns, “thorns to the flesh," to the spouse · Can one be warm alone? Ecc. iv. 11.

of Jesus, to tempt her. “The messenger of Whom God hath stript, should not be whipt

satan to buffet” her, tempting her that grace Into the Bridegroom's breast; No: they are drawn to Christ alone,

was not sufficient to save her. And in his bosom rest,

A WATCHMAN ON TAB Walls. He may be loath who has a cloth. Mark xiv. 51 Which round his body wind;

1 Leicester, Dec. 14, 1846.

The Last Moments of a Sinner saved by Grace.

DEAR SIR :-According to my promise, I, tasting death for the whole elect. The blood now take my pen to give you an account of of Christ had for ever washed away the sins the last moments of my brother's death, who of our brother; and though the dear Lord died triumphant in the Lord, Sep. 11, 1846, suffered the enemy to attack him very sharply having been brought into a saving knowledge so that the struggle was hard indeed, of which of the truth as it is in Jesus within the space I was an eye-witness; yet in the midst of of one year from the day that the Lord was the conflict it was clear that victory was sure; pleased to cut him down under the ministry as the result of the battle proved, for so of that dear man of God, HENRY LANGHAM. earnest was our poor brother in the conflict Although the time was short, it was attended with the great adversary, that he actually with great tribulation; and at times was clenched his hands at him ; after that, he lay brought to a sweet and full assurance of his exhausted for a few minutes ; and then as very merciful deliverance from the law. though carried beyond mortality, he was He was called to travel along many a dark heard to say—“They are singing-Glory! and thorny road ; but bless the dear name of Glory!' And when I asked him whether it our adorable Redeemer, he fulfilled his pre- was to him that loved us, and washed us from cious promise in our brother. I need not go our sins? He said, Yes! I asked him through a long detail of circumstances, only whether he now believed that those things would just say, it pleased the dear Lord to that I was enabled to deliver from time to send home the arrow of conviction by words time was the truth of God ? He replied that were spoken by Mr. L. when preaching firmly, “Yes! Thus the Lord enabled him at Mendlesham, Suffolk; the words were these, to bear his dying testimony, to the truths of 'In Christ, eternally saved ; out of Christ the ever-blessed gospel : as he lived upon eternally damned.' The word came like a them, so he died upon them. To use the hammer to his soul; to use his own words. words of friend STEGGAL, they that wished If the Lord never uses brother LANGHAM to know what living was, should have seen again as an instrument, this stands a testi- him; and they that wanted to know what mony of his call to the work of the ministry. dying was should have seen him. It was one I trust the Lord will still go on to bless his of the hardest struggles that ever we saw, and labours with abundant success, for he has we have seen a great many; so sharp was the made him an able minister of the New Tes-conflict with death that he shook the room, tament, not of the letter, but of the Spirit. and his poor joints snapped and cracked in 2 Cor. iii. 6. To return to the account of the agonies of death; thus proving that the my dear brother, you may be sure after be- righteous have bands in their death ; but the ing brought into love and fellowship with the Lord at last broke the bands, and he lay the dear Lord, it did not bring a dislike to the last five minutes in perfect ease, and then family of God; so far from this, these were quietly breathed away his soul into the the only people that he loved, as he said in hands of his God, to appear as another trophy his last letter to me, what are all nature's of the Redeemer's blood. Thus proving the ties when compared to that tie which binds truth of that saying, They go from strength us together in Christ ?' Especially was his to strength, till they come to appear before love set upon Mr. L.; they were indeed God in the heavenly Zion, the church of the companions in tribulation; and my brother first-born, whose names are written in heasaid to Mr. L. three weeks before his death, ven; and we know that those whose record that his time here would be very short. He is on high, shall find the Lord God to be was soon after seized with the typhus fever, their defence in the hour and article of in which he suffered most acutely. To con- death, for precious in the sight of the Lord vey the whole affair I will here give the letter is the death of his saints. that I received from Mr. LANGHAM, which Our blessed covenant God was pleased is as follows:

to shew forth powerfully the effect of divine

grace in our brother, for when the fever was Mendlesham, Sep. 28, 1846.

at the highest point, divine grace shone the DEAR SISTER IN THE LORD :- I am about to brightest : when the fever was raging, our make an attempt to comply with your request brother's mind was carried to the Rock that is in giving you a statement of the last mo- higher than we; it was then that he proments of our departed brother, who died in claimed the foulness and blackness of himthe Lord, triumphant, shewing forth the self by nature, that none but Jesus could victory of our most glorious Christ over wash him. He called aloud to Jesus to come sin, death and hell, for his body's sake, the and wash him, and then tried to sing that church, proving by his death those precious hymn words, recorded by Hosea ; 'I will ransom “There is a fountain fill'd with blood, them from the power of the grave; I will

Drawn from Immanuel's veins." redeem them from death,' which he did by Here the power of his voice failed him. The VOL. III.


Friday before his death friend BRAME was The Law and the Gospel, up stairs with him, when he exclaimed that

IN THE EXPERIENCE OF HENRY BRIDGER. he felt that he had a soul in him, and that he felt Christ in him: he then said that he saw

Of Heathfield, Sussex. himself in Christ, and saw Christ in him ; that he felt himself in Christ and felt Christ MY DEAR FRIEND IN CHRISTIAN LOVE AND in him.

AFFECTION :- Your sermon entitled “The See, here, my sister, how the dear Lord Quickening, and Revealing Powers of the flung himself into the bitter waters of death, Holy Spirit,' providentially dropped into my to render them sweet to our departed brother; hand, and I read it, and when I came to the poor, I will not call him, because he is now close of the sermon, where you was speaking rich to all eternity, having now taken pos- of the happiness of the children of God, I session of his eternal rest, waiting for the felt in my soul that I was interested therein ; adoption, that is to say, the deliverance of and my soul blessed the Lord, for a moment the body from corruption, to put on incor- or two, for ever putting it into your heart to ruption, when mortality shall be swallowed print it: and I have also found several pieces up in immortality. And at this point is in the Earthen Vessel that have given this would wish to bear testimony to the care, poor unworthy worm a little encouragement kindness, and watchfulness of his poor wife ; | io still hold on in the way. And now may the parting stroke was one of the sharpest the dear Lord rest upon you and lighten the that ever I witnessed on both sides, for he burden of the Vessel, that it may still sail never parted with her so long as he could through the storms and opposition that it look at her, but his eyes looked as though he will meet with : and may the Lord bless you would have taken her with him.

| in the work ; may grace, peace, and truth, The portion of divine truth upon which rest upon you, through our Lord Jesus Christ. my mind rested, was one that was greatly Amen. blessed to our brother, during the time that s And, now may the dear Lord enable was speaking at Wetheringselt; after that I me to give you some little account of the had done speaking, he told me he believed Lord's dealings with my poor soul; and what that there was seed sown that day, the re- I have tasted, handled, and felt : – sult of which must be left to another day, When I first felt conviction, it was about as I have not heard anything of the effect sixteen years ago ; the Lord shewed me withyet, but being so blest to him perhaps might out I was regenerated or saved, by and make him think so. The words are in Kev. through the blood of Christ, I must be lost xx. 6.

for ever and ever. I was so distressed in my I find you are still in the dark; our Father soul that I was not able to go to my employ; does see fit at times to shut us up in the it appeared to me that I was going, and must dark, that we may know how to value the go to hell, which I justly deserved; when I light, and to let us know that the light is got upon my knees to cry for mercy, my not our procuring, though often we procure mouth was stopped. Oh! the anguish that the dark room for ourselves; he has pro- I felt! It is easier felt than described. It mised the rod as well as the blessing. appeared to me that I saw the flames of hell

May the best of blessings attend you and flashing before me ; and I was like Job—'I your's, prays your unworthy brother, in the forgot to eat my bread.' One morning as I bonds of the Gospel, H. LANGHAM. was in my distress, I got up from my breakMuch more might have been said, that my

fast table, I went up stairs to go on my brother expressed in his last hours. To a

knees to beg of the Lord for mercy; and as it dear brother he said, on entering his room

appeared to me, I felt a rap at my breast, and with his poor quivering lips, 'I am going to

it pressed me off my knees ; I could not say leave you ; I am going home ; going to be

hd a word. Oh! I thought I was going to lose with Jesus.' This he said with great cheer

my senses. I was so for three or four days; fulness, with the tear rolling down his cheeks. I could not work : as for the Bible, I did His brother asked him if he would not like not dare touch, or look into it. I looked to get well again. He said “No; I have no

into Mason's Portion ;' and there I dropped wish for that : I am going to sing Hallelu. upon these words, ‘In all their afflictions, jah! What a mercy, answered his brother ;

he was afflicted ;' it seemed to lighten my we shall soon follow you, when we shall meet

| distress ;' I was then enabled to go to my around the throne above.

employ. When I was in my shop by myself,

I was enabled to beg of the Lord to make it Dear soul, thou art singing above. But I am still mourning below,

manifest to me, whether the work was of Dear Jesus, shine into my soul with thy love; himself or not ; and, bless his dear name, he

And give me the joys of the ransom'd to know. sent these words into my soul with powerStockwell,


my heavy trouble away; and a little hope Sın blew out the light of nature.-Old Author. rose up in my soul, with “Who can tell, but the Lord may appear for a poor wretch like here in this world, and be damned at last. me ?' There I appeared to be for several Oh, how my soul sunk down in great distress, years; but about seven years ago, it was or- and so full of rebellion that I thought I must dained by the Lord, for me to hear that man go out of my mind. But when I saw those of God, Mr. RAYNSFORD, at Warbleton ; and sheep in the field, I did not want to be a I have reason to bless and praise the Lord for sheep then : oh, no ; I wanted then the sheep it. For four years ago, last March 13th, I to help me to bless and praise the Lord ; heard him from these words – My beloved and when I saw Mr. RaynSPORD, I was spake, and said unto me, Rise up my love, obliged to break out to him and, say · Bless my fair one, and come away.' (Sol. Song, the Lord, oh, my soul ;' &c. and I wanted iv. 14.) Oh, the joy, light, and love that no dinner; oh, no; for I was then feasting flowed into my poor soul; it was the re-on real dainties; oh, such feasting as that, joicing of my heart; I went home then, and my friend, is better than all the feastings of could bless and praise the dear Lord, and this world; let the world have their dainties, could say, 'I have found him whom my soul and give me some of the good old wine of loveth.' But when I got up the next morn- the kingdom; and let who likes have the ing, the Lord's presence was withdrawn. rest ; for, I can say, it was sweeter than I was enabled to go to a throne of grace, and honey or the honey-comb, and better than there as a child goes to a parent, I went to ten thousands of worlds. And I know when the Lord in this way-'Oh, may I say that the soul has the love of God shed abroad thou art my Lord and my God? May I say in the heart, the dear Lord will have all the thou art my Father? Do I dare say that praise, and all the glory; and shame he will thou art mine?' Oh, I seemed to feel love take to himself. flow down into my soul. I could then say That comfort and consolation lasted for the Lord was my God; it was unspeakable; three or four days; then the Lord withdrew and I could, and did say, that I loved the his presence from me. But, I had, now and Lord, and clasped my hand to my breast, then a little sip by the way; but sometimes the and told him that I did love him, and could devil would set in upon me in this manner, say with Mr. Hart

and say, 'where is your hope now?' 'but,' « I love the Lord with mind and heart,

says he, 'see how you are in debt; why, you His people and his ways;

a child of God ? no ;' says the enemy. Oh, Envy and pride, and lust depart,

how I have sunk down, because I could not And all his works I praise."

pay where I owed. One morning in parThat morning I could not work ; I know by ticular, I was so distressed because I could heart-felt experience, that is a thing as im- | not pay, and then satan told me that I should possible for a poor soul to work, when he is never be able to get out of debt, and that I blessed with an overflowing of that precious should go to hell after all; and in my troulove, as it is when he is in soul-trouble. Then ble at that time I was under the temptation I went several miles to get with some of the to destroy myself, but the Lord has kept me Lord's dear people ; and I ran, and cried, up to the present moment, and it is of the and laughed and sung, and wanted trees and Lord's mercy that I am not consumed ; and hedges to help me to bless and praise the sometimes I am delivered out of my trouble Lord. I could truly say that my feet were without any word applied, and that has disset upon a rock, and he had established my tressed me. But the Lord now and then goings, and put a new song in my mouth. sends a word of comfort into my soul. I I know that it takes all worldly things away : never shall forget when he sent these with for at that time, I had not got more than power, I have loved thee with an everlastabout four-penny-wortñ of bread to eat, and I ing love, and therefore with loving-kindness did not know where to get any more when have I drawn thee.' Oh, the joy that I felt that was gone ; but that was no trouble to at that time ; I was brought down then at poor unworthy me : no; I was feasting then the dear feet of Christ with humility. And upon the paschal Lamb of God. I could once I heard Mr. R. with such power, two say then with David in the 103rd Psalm- years ago, that I was so overwhelined with • Bless the Lord, oh, my soul, and all that that precious love from above, that I felt is within me, bless his holy name.' I that I could have freely gone to the stake; was obliged to go and see that dear man of and once the power of that love flowed in God, and to proclaim what the Lord had my soul, that I could say, 'Thou knowest done for my poor hell-deserving soul; and all things, oh, Lord, thou knowest that I I went through a field where were some sheep, love thee. I says what me, Lord ? what and that brought to my mind, about a month such a hell-deserving wretch as me?' Oh, before, as I was in great distress, both in the power of that love! it took all my temporal and spiritual things, where I met thoughts away, that I could truly say, my some sheep. Oh, how I did wish I was one spirit was faint within me. But now I of them, or anything but an human being. am ofttime in a cold, dead and a barren state ; Ah, says the devil, you will be always tried now and then a little hope still keeps me to

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