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hold on in the way. I must conclude as my | answer to about a twenty-years' prayer. But paper is gone, and lest it should be too te- now all appears to be shut, not one soul dious, or much more I could say. And may upon the face of the earth to communicate the dear Lord bless these few lines to your with, either in the church of God, or the soul, and any one of the Lord's poor dis- world. The whole of my time is now occutressed family that it should drop into, and pied as above, in my lonely room with an then the praise and glory will go to the Elijah's portion'' a little table, a stool, Lord, and the writer will be put into the and a candlestick,' and a sea-coat for my back ground. Excuse all blunders, for I am bed. But the presence of Elijah's God a poor ignorant worm.

which I so often do enjoy, makes my lonely Your's &c. HENRY BRIDGER. room a palace indeed. Times out of number

have I meditated upon a workhouse, but Letters addressed to Mr. W. Allen.

when I appoint a certain time in my mind of

going to knock at that (loor, the Lord is sure No. II.

to step in, in some mysterivus way-I must

meet some one or another, who must give me DEAR, AND WELL-BELOVED, IN THE BEST | a six-pence, another a shilling, another a SENSE, AND PASTOR OF THE CHURCH IN

loaf and some dripping, another a bit of THE CAVE ADULLAM :-Having been often | meat, another a cup of tea, &c., which is sure deceived in men and women for these last to come in a time much needed; and when I thirty-four years, to whom I have spoken I have been without a bit of coal or candle, or of God's wonderful dealings to me, both in a bit of food of any description in the morna way of providence and grace, that I have

ing, I have gone out, and some one has met almost come to some determination in my

me and gave me six-pence, this has served mind, never to speak to any more of the

to get two penny-worth of coals, two pennyLord's family at all, but to keep all inter- I worth of bread, a penny candle, a penny for course to myself and God, only ; but seeing | tobacco. This day of deep trial, is also a the Lord has so openly and so clearly mani- 1 day of deep invention, and for want of a fested you in my heart, soul, and conscience, I candle I get some grease, and make a lamp and has made you his mouth to preach my l in a little galley-pot, to read the Word of very identical experience in past and in pre-God by, at night. But now to the bright sent circumstances, Icannot forbear. It is of no side of the question-These are the poor use for me now to enter into a long detail of converted sailor's golden days. As the afthings to take up your time, but this morning, Aliction abounds outwardly, so consolation December 13, the whole volume of my heart's abounds inwardly; and was it not for the experience was revealed in your own heart as little debts for rent, and at the chandler's shop, you preached from ‘Commit thy way,' &c. I would rather live in this way, under the Therefore, seeing very clearly that you have deepest of trials, than live in the greatest of gone through the same channel, I shall luxury, pomp, and grandeur among the unherein be silent, only inention a few things

godly world, or even in the church, and be which I should wish to be kept secret to all without the many sweet and gracious powerbut God alone, knowing that we certainly do ful influences of divine love, that I now so now live in such an awful day of hypocrisy | often do enjoy in my very heart; for every and religious cant, that I am afraid to speak | discourse that I now hear from your mouth, to any one of God's family in particular, my heart now says, 'Go on and prosper ; particularly so when it pleases God to bring God is working by you where you do not me into very deep and trying circumstances. I know it. Your's in the gospel, But, for the glory of God, and for the en

GEORGE WOOD. couragement of others, I make known to 1 An old converted sailor. When well, reyou a few of the trials I am now made to member me. walk in.

About three weeks ago I began the trial present with about eight pence. Day after A Miracle and Monument of Grace. day I wandered here, there, and every where, seeking employment, and am as near the MY DEAR BROTHER--As the above mark, according to all appearance now, as friend could not write, she wished me when I began ; though the whole of the three weeks has been spent in begging, pray

to write the above for her, and God ing, crying, watching, and waiting ; yet, the

| is my witness, my soul feels more in Lord has so clearly shewn me by token upon

I writing to you for her than any one that token, proof upon proof, evidence upon evi- I have wrote for ; she is a mio

I have wrote for; she is a middle-aged dence, that he is now shutting up the door of married woman, with seven children, that employment wherein he has been pleased almost grown up; and seven years since to give me bread these last ten years, since she was a sworn enemy to the truth, he delivered me from a sea-faring life, in and also to me. Her husband attended

the chapel before, and she used to per- the people had not assembled but a few secute him on the account, and as for weeks, when Jesus did enter in, and a scene me she hated the sight of me; and of great consternation ensued. The people, fought as stoutly as she could against who just

ainst who just before had full possession of the the truth. Well, seven years ago, one

ne place, were scattered in every direction, the

Lord convincing some of the error of their Sabbath, she came to chapel to mock,

ways, and driving others into a far country and hate the preacher once more.

where I trust true repentance will be granted I well remember that Sabbath, be to them. In the midst of this tumult, Mr. ing solemnly impressed in my soul while PENROSE tendered his resignation. The Lord preaching to say as follows— Doubt- having purged his floor, bid his children in. less there are some in this chapel now Though they were scattered about, the voice that will go to hell;' and that was fixed of the Eternal Noah reached them; and as a barbed arrow in her heart, and she now the sweet pleasure devolves upon me to sunk down. feeling she was that cha- / tell HOW THEY WENT INTO THE ARK, and racter. She went home, and opened

what transpired WHEN THEY WERE SHUT the Bible, and the first words she saw

IN. Although the seceders had many weepwere these—'Woe unto the wicked, itin

ing hours they were not entirely bereft of shall be ill with him ;' and she shut up truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the

, 10 banners, each bearing the inscription - The the book and sunk in despair; it was truth! The display of such a motto caused as Nathan to David indeed; and three us to be deemed censorius, but knowing it or four years of great distress she was has braved many thousand years, the battle led in and safely kept, but stuck close and the breeze, we were not inclined to let to the truth; ah, this is sure to be the the flag float half-mast high, although pacase as to bearing, though it condemns. thetically besought so to do, when to the joy Arminian doctrine may be tried, but it

of the Christian fleet, the resignation of Mr. won't do. She has since had many sweet

PENROSE was unanimously received; Messrs. and true tok ans, blessed heart-melting

Beach and BRADLEY still maintaining their

unsound position : but, happy for them, they manifestations of Christ under the were not allowed long to remain so. I beword, and also at other times—first, lieve them both to be children of the Most from Job's words — Will he plead High, and that the Father of the faithful has against me with his great power? no; brought them into the way of truth. At a but he will put strength in me.' Oh! church meeting held on Tuesday, Dec. 29, that blessed No, dissolved her heart; Mr. BRADLEY totally renounced his belief and once in affliction a verse of Hart of the erroneous doctrines, explaining at was the means of great deliverance some length those portions of Scripture

which he had supposed afforded him war“ For his correction render praise,” &c.

ranty for receiving them, shewing, experiShe is often a subject of blasphemous mentally, how the Lord had opened his eyes temptations, even to curse God-but to discern their true import. With his conbless the Lord, the prey is taken from fession the church were truly satisfied, and the mighty. Enemies make best friends. I passed a resolution to the effect that they and this I do know in her case, ‘Worthy

were gratified with Mr. B.'s account of the is the Lamb Your's truly,

Lord's dealings with him, and received him J. RAYNSFORD.

with every feeling of christian regard. Mr. D. BEACH, who never fully received the doc.

trines, also declared he had for weeks been Unicorn Yard Chapel.—No. 3.

making most diligent search into the Word

of God, and could say from his heart, he be, But to proceed :-It was the opinion of lieved them Scripturally untrue. The temple some, that if the party for truth entirely re- is purified. Jehovah hath triumphed. His frained from assembling themselves in the people are free. The pulpit is now sup, temple, Jesus, perceiving the SACRED PLACE plied by those who are publishing good tidwas profaned, and that the lovers of his truth (ings to Zion. had separated themselves, and come out from Let the sons of men shout for joy, and all among thein, would, in rich mercy enter in the angels of God praise him. and overturn the tables, driving out the

WILLIAM JEFFERY. changers of the truth of God into a lie, with those followers, who setting forth the attributes of mercy to the disparagement of TO THE READERS OF THE EARTHEN VESSEL, justice, were engaged in a deceptive employ! Having promised to insert in this Magaas sellers of doves. A schoul-room for zine the substance of a sermon preached at public prayer was kindly offered, in which Jamaica Row on . The Future Punishment

of the Wicked ;' and so much time having motion, slanders, reproaches, and misrepreelapsed since that promise was made, coupled sentations, to stand still, and see the salvawith the fact, that the speeches of Mr. Jamestion of the Lord. I am, dear brother, your's Wells, and other ministers, upon the sub-l in Christ Jesus. WillOUGHBY WILLEY. ject are now in print ; with your consent, I

[Thanks be to God for such tidings as these. will refrain from engaging these pages on

Let them encourage the truly honest serthe behalf of those important doctrines,

vant of Jesus Christ to persevere, and to so ably advocated by others.

put their trust in him. Our brother William Jeffery.

WILLEY has been called to " endure hard

ness ;” but the Lord is giving him to see Good News from the North.

that his labour is not in vain. Go on, ye

heralds of salvation! Preach and practice DEAR BROTHER BANKS :- Grace, mercy,

- live and love--fear and follow after your and peace be multiplied unto you, from God

glorious Lord-for his reward is with him, the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. It

and your crown is sure.-Ed. is with great pleasure I remit you a small New Year's Gift, in accordance with the suggestion of my esteemed brother, “A

CALVARY. Watchman on the Walls ;” and I earnestly hope that considerate and necessary appeal

0, solemn, dark, and gloomy mount!

On thy accursed tree, has not been made in vain. Take encou

Hangs passively creation's Lord; ragement; its monthly visit is hailed by

And he is all to me, some of my poor people with delight, and in That wounded, feeling, bleeding heart, this dark village, where never before a peri

Is fill'd with grace and love; odical of truth was taken. I congratulate

From thence proceed affection's cords,

Which drew my soul above, you, my dear brother, on the kind support you have had through the past year ; and

All that is high, and vast in power,

Dwell in my suff"ring Lord; pray God that he may be with you in the

Sustaining, keeping ruling, all, present; and I do earnestly pray that the By his commanding word. little bark may be preserved from that party From him, the great, the smitten Roc spirit, so awfully manifested in this day, dis

Flows mercy, full and free; tracting the churches of the saints ; keeping

For he, all mercy doth possess,

For guilty worms like me. up discord among brethren; and causing the way of truth to be evil spoken of.

Without a spot, unsullied, pure,

All perfect holiness; These things ought not to be so; but they

He takes upon him all my guilt, are so, and to a fearful extent. Oh! that we He's all my righteousness, could see those professing to hold and enjoy There, in an uncreated mind, the same blessed doctrines of salvation,

The deeps of wisdom lie;

To guide my wand'ring footsteps home, unitedly contending for the faith, with one

To blissful realms on high, mind and one mouth, glorifying God in the

Delightful friendship's sweetest ties, camp of Israel, while surrounded with the

All dwell within that breast; enemies of free and distinguishing grace. And bind my weary spirit to God has doubtless a variety of workmen em

His bosom, where I resi. ployed in his building. Some are sons of The fount of all compassion, he, thunder, some of consolation; as every man

In ev'ry pain and care ; has received the gift, so he ministers ; there.

In deep distress, to him, I go,

All sympathy is there, fore let not the carpenter despise the mason,

In him all glories are combined; nor the latter shun the glazier ; each has

All worlds his hand sustain : his particular work appointed by the great Yet, he, a' Man of Sorrows' dies architect, till mercy's building is complete,

Midst agonizing pain. and the top stone is brought with shoutings Tho' all in all'--sin, death, and hell, of · Grace ! grace ! unto it.'

Against my all unite; I have reason to believe the Lord is with

I stand amazed ! He bears it all !

Earth trembles at the sight, us here ; christian love is manifested in our

But shall commingled powers prevail, little number of members: several are en

'Neath nature's darkest pall ? quiring the way to Zion, and our congrega Wonder of wonders! Tho' he falls tions continue good. The Lord hath dealt

And dies. He conquers a l. bountifully with us,' while we have been a While I this sinful body wear, wonder unto many. He has given us rest

When mortal flesh shall die ; after much conflict; many weapons have

The streaming blood of Calvary,

Shail fill my soul with joy. been formed against us, but they have not

Since all in all'-and all I want, prospered; many tongues have been indus

Hung on the accursed tree, trious, but God has silenced them, and our

In all thy conflicts, 0, my soulenemies are found liars. Oh, how blessed have

Remember Calvary.-W. WILLET, I found it in the midst of tumultuous com Billesdon, February, 12, 1947.

Christian Reviewer. | that there is in the true Church of Clirist,

(what there ever has been) much that is MR. TRYON'S TRACTS. contrary to the spirit of Christ; but when

division and strife begin to make havoc THREE tracts written by Mr. FREDERICK among the saints and servants of the liv. TRYON, Minister of the Gospel, at Deep- ing God, we are made to tremble for the ing, Lincolnshire, have been published. consequences that must ensue. Most of our readers are probably aware One valuable correspondent says.of the prominent part, which MR. TRYON L “ After reading these tracts I felt a solemn has lately taken, in publicly reproving awe pervading my spirit. At nearly midnight and condemning the conduct of several I fell on my knees before God, alone in my acknowledged ministers of the gospel. room, and cried out, “This is a wilderness, We must say, we feel it to be very solemn O Lord, and we are like wild beasts, tearing ground which he has trodden; and to us, one another. I felt much enlargement, and very painful is the work he has had in some comfort in prayer ; and being a long hand: but how far he is justified in this while on my knees with my natural eyes -what his evidences are, that God has

| closed, to the eyes of my mind was opened called him to such a line of things, we

| a pure river of water flowing through the

| room, which represented to my understanding must leave. The word which has fallen

the pure gospel water of life, proceeding from upon our souls, is this: “Grudge not the throne of God and the Lamb, winding its one against another, brethren, lest ye be meandering way through a wilderness of wild condemned: behold, the judge standeth | beasts, thorns, briars, and deadly serpents. before the door :' He will bring to light It appeared to me a pure glidening stream, the hidden things of darkness; and will amidst all my wilderness woes, vexations, make manifest the counsels of the hearts

cares, and sorrows. I drank sweetly; went of men.

to bed ; awaked in the morning, and my sleep We have heard MR. TRYON preach;

was sweet unto me. and feel a secret and certain union of

“ When we see those, who we hope are the soul to him; and received him into our with another, about toys and playthings, we

children of God, fighting and striving one consciences as a minister of the true cir- I would not wish to lay a finger on them, nor cumcision ; wherefore we earnestly pray angrily, or wilfully offend one of these little that (as he acknowledges he has heretofore ones. But we say 'Naughty Boys !-you been entangled in connections which have may all expect a severe chastisement when proved snares to his soul,) he may hence- your Father comes in to set things at rights : forth be preserved from every false spirit; and if he puts you down the dark cellar, and and be led deeply, experimentally, and you feel the wounds, like the wounds of an usefully into THE TRUTH as it is in Jesus. I enemy, we may hear much howling from the John says, 'He that loveth his brother,

dark cellar, until you confess your faults, unabideth in the light; and there is none

reservedly to your Father, and one to an

other; and from your very hearts forgive one occasion of stumbling in him. But he

another, and pray one for another, that you that hateth his brother, walketh in dark

may be healed. And then you will come out ness, and he knoweth not whither he | and embrace one another, and love as goeth. These words to us are very dis- brethren - By this shall all men know that tinct, discriminating, and wholesome, ye are my disciples, if ye have love one for That the Lord may give MR. TRYON, another.' and all his brethren in a living ministry, “A little group of men left the Church of to stand under John's first description of England to be captains and leaders among character, is the strong desire of our souls. I the ranks of dissenters : pushing old dissent

The two first tracts which MR. TRYON | ing officers out, and stepping in at the heads has issued, are letters to the Editors and

of the ranks. But, alas ! some how or other, Readers of the Gospel Standard,' com

these new officers in our ranks, from some plaining of some things recently contained

private grievance, not made plain, drew

daggers at each other, and have been fighting in that work. We shall refrain from a

from a paper war duel, to the disorder and conmaking any comment on these tracts at fusion of many in our ranks who are so frightthe present; but from letters we have re-ened, and broken in judgment, and so weak ceived, we make an extract or two, in in the knowledge of the statutes of our King, the hope that they may be instrumental that they know not what to believe, nor on in bringing into exercise a careful, and a whose side they are to fight. We would say, watchful spirit. We know-all sober-Honest soldiers of the cross ! in this case, minded and observant men of God know. I 'ground arms ;' 'stand still and see the salva

tion of the Lord.' Follow the Lord in all | God supports me at times in the prospect of what is things, not men when they cease to follow the

follow the coming sooner or later. It drives away the gloom of

the natural mind, and makes the favour of God felt Lamb. The Prince of glory will come into in the soul to be of higher and higher value: it the field-In righteousness he doth judge mingles a sweet with every bitter, and holds forth and make war.'

such delight to be enjoyed when the affliction is

passed through, that the present is cheered with the The following quotation from a grave, assurance of future victory." useful, and discerning man of God, may “ I think no poor child of God can have felt more

completely destitute of power, and more choked be taken as expressing the feelings of a

with evil than I have felt several times during the vast number of believers with reference last two years, besides the sinkings I have had in to these tracts, He asks

former years since 1836, but the Lord has appeared

for me notwithstanding all my wretched distrust, “ Have you seen Mr. TRYON's reply to the slavish fear, and gross workings of my fallen mind

· Wait on the Lord --pour out your heart before Editor's address in the Standard for Janu

him-tell him all you can of your foes and fears-ary? It is out; and I consider it a very cast your burden on him.-trust in him--and though foolish production, and a mere quibble about your burden may roll back on your feelings again words. Had the Editor stated any false

and again week after week--though your prayers

seem disregarded, and you often dare not call them doctrine, either in experience, or practice,

prayers--though they be groanings that cannot be there might have been some room to com. uttered, God will not disappoint you at last.' The plain ; but even then, it ought to have been

needy shall not always be forgotten; the expectation

of the poor shall not perish for ever.' But you will proved that Mr. Tryon had a right to take

see painful sights as you travel on, as well as have up the weapons of warfare, and write against great opposition from within. the Editor's address, because he conceived that the Editor was aiming a blow at him. I

The Faith of God's Elect Delineated; the have heard from the Editors on the subject, who inform me that their remarks were of a

substance of Two Sermons by S. COZENS." general character, and not personal to any | INSTEAD of this month continuing our reone. May the Lord abundantly bless his view

18 view of Mr. Cozens's Experience, we stop people amid the divisions and sub-divisions

briefly to notice two sermons which he has in the church below.”

been advised to publish. There are many Beside the before-mentioned tracts, a precious things contained in them : such third has reached us, entitled, “An At things as a man can only learn in that place, tempt to Warn the People, addressed to where “ deep calleth unto deep,” where the all in this land who profess to believe

terrors of the law, and the consequences of that the Bible is the Word of God. By

sin, kill the sinner to all self-righteousness ; FREDERICK TRYON.' This is a plain,

and where the glory of Christ's person, the

| virtue of his blood, and the almightyness of straightforward exposure of the numer

umer his grace, are most certainly and solemnly

his ous false coverings which wicked men known. A minister down in Suffolk told a and professors have spread over the friend of our's the other day, that such men face of the land. In this tract, MR. as Skelton, Day, Banks and Mason were only TRYON has ransacked both the world fit to slay the people; and that the Earthen and the church, and laid open some most Vessel was but a dagger in disguise. Poor grievous sins. We have no mind to dwell man! we know where “the shoe pinches ;" upon these things : therefore only catch but what will he say to Cozens's sharp knife? out a sentence or two where Mr. T. Read the following extract from these Sernot only speaks his own experience, Imous on Faith: but what is more or less the mind and “The majority of professors are only feeling of all honest, God-fearing men changed on the Lord's-day; they go to in these days. He says

chapel with all the sanctity of a pope, and

on Monday will go into the world with all “ I have some opponents who consider my religion

| the craft, subtilty, lies and deception of a a gloomy one--my manner of addressing others a desponding one--and the language of complaint to devil. Oh! I have seen it, and now the be my great pleasure-but they are mistaken. That Lord has called me to proclaim his gospel ; gloom hangs over my mind at times, is a truth; and

I am determined to give such base hypothat I often complain is also a truth; but the religion which I profess does not cause the chief of crites no place. Many of them are the devil's this; the want of power-- want of godly fear in exercise.-want of honesty and uprightness before God .-makes sad work within ; the spirit of God is grieved, and joy is exchanged for lamentation. The of promise ; but O, wretched creatures, bye pitiable condition of the Church of God, so far as and bye, 'cast him out,' will thrill through it has been seen by me, is cause for grief : the af- their guilty soul like rolling thunder in the flictions of Joseph are not trifles. The last few

| azure vaults of heaven.” years have proved that Zion is more and more defiled and that the spirit of judgment and the spirit We think if Samuel Cozens publishes of burning are needed before any probable prospect of health and cure."

many such sermons as these, he will soon be “ Through great mercy I know that the power of numbered among the slayers. See Heb. iv. 12.


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