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pocrites ? aye, and a good one too. But

THE that soul once brought by the mighty | Doctrine of Eternal Punishment for Sin. hand of God, naked and bare, before the searcher of hearts, stripped of such stuff, and compelled to look this way and the Dear brother Skelton, May grace and other for some refuge, in which to hide peace be multiplied unto you, through the his guilty head, struck from every false knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, by one, till driven to that eternal rock the almighty anointings and effectual that shelters him from every wintry

workings of God the Spirit, thereby blast; that soul, in a peculiar way too,

making you fruitful and faithful in every views the hand of a covenant God in his

good word and work, and abundantly preservation; and he parts with free-will

willing to spend and be spent in the from that time : for though he sink ever

cause of Christ, for the real good of his 80 deeply in trouble, does he have re- people, and the exaltation of his all glocourse to free-will to help him out of it?

rious name! May you continue preachNo. Is he tortured with doubts and

ing the everlasting gospel, with the fears ?-His path surrounded with diffi-|

| ability God hath given to you, and may culties ? — Darkness hovering over his

many signs follow, proving thereby the head ? - Can free-will help him out of

Lord is with and in you of a truth. I this ? No. He is a living witness that

have a desire to send these lines to you, if that could have helped him, he

through the medium of the EARTHEN would not remain in such a state. Oh,

VESSEL; but on her wharf are so many had it been possible for the devil to have

parcels waiting for passages that makes furnished professors with a more suitable

the matter doubtful; yet I shall try the doctrine for his own interest, he would

case, therefore, I must not be rambling not have neglected doing so, he is too

about, nor give a long preface to this active for that; and had it been possible letter; if so, my parcel will get put up for hell to have produced gayer spangles on the old,

on the old file. with which to ornament this doctrine | Oh! to be in possession of divine life! than human merit. hell would gladly What a treasure! How the children of have brought them forth to dress up in

orth to dress up in God do pant to know if the work going the most fascinating colors, this infernal/on in their souls is of the right kind : lie. Who knows the nature of this lie? | and that it is not fleshly excitement. Not those who are rolling it as a sweet|

Absalom (the fleshly) says, “Oh, that I morsel under their tongue; or the clean were made judge in

were'made judge in the land, I would do headed opinionist who knows nothing of every man justice ! Oh, let me have my exverience. It is the soul compelled by liberty, I want to pay my vows. Oh. grace to cry with the apostle — Who the deception of the heart, its aim, if let maketh thee to differ? Ah, it is then

loose, shall be to destroy the Spirit, or the soul feels the very thing, that is a

bring it into bondage. 2 Samuel xv. 7. stench in God's nostrils, is hateful to his

But, I not only look at Absalom, as followers. But amidst all the doubts,

being a striking type of our fleshly mind, fears, unbelief, trials, persecutions, and

but also of an empty professor ; in this other shakings of the soul in the rock, professor you shall, if you trace him out, what a sweet mercy that the foundation see the very features of Absalom-a more of our God standeth sure : yes, and the artful man never existed ; malice will lay soul in the rock shall sing of the rock ;

in his heart for years, and when he shall the soul in the rock shall boast of the

have an opportunity to spit it out, it rock ; the soul in the rock shall cleave

shall be brought about by a profession of to the rock : and finally, the soul in the

the greatest kindness. 2 Samuel xüi, 27. rook, however tossed in the sea of trou

-see Judas also: but awful were the ends ble, shall find these words fulfilled in the

of these men, who once pretended to .experience of his soul to the very letter,

have so much kindness for the poor. • And it fell not, for it was founded upon

But, where am I going? My intention a rock.'


was to inform you the character that you, with the Watchman on the Walls of

Zion, at Tunstall, brother Day, and the He will give grace for a living hour; Harleston Trumpeter, sustain in the eyes, and grace for a dying hour; but we want a or estimation of a watchman and compresent Christ to live upon.-J.H. Erans. mander on board a little ship which sails

from another quarter. Surely, I shall from Coddenham to Stonham, Suffolk, not be wrong in saying, what I believe when he was assailed by the enemy in to be a libel on your character-namely, the way following: 'You know (says the that your aim is to sow discord, and to devil) that the word everlasting does not strike at the fathers who were in the mean eternal,-look at the word : the church before you were born. This is Jews broke the everlasting covenant; indeed what I have heard of you by a now, you know they did not break little man, in Suffolk.

Christ's covenant—that is eternal; the I come then to notice a rather singular sheep have eternal life; but the wicked circumstance relative to a poor cabin shall be annihilated, as this man says.' boy, that sometimes sails with the men At this kind of reasoning, the poor boy on board the Earthen Vessel.

was put to a stand ; at last he called out This cabin-boy was in company with lond, O Lord, take the devil away, for I one of the Suffolk ministers.- some few cannot combat with him.' Directly aftermonths since, when he was instrumental wards, the boy was internally asked, ‘Do in delivering him out of a dreadful you know the reason you could not comsnare. I wish to be explicit here. it bat the devil ?" He replied, 'No.' Then may be some poor dear child of God is in the answer was given, ‘Because you will this trap, for I know not what evil there not read the Word ; that is, the sword is on the earth.

of the Spirit, by which you shall be able

to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked This, then, is the wicked temptation :

one. A few days afterwards, while on the devil had been persuading this

his road to Ipswich, the temptation was minister, to believe that the word ' ever

as before, upon the word everlasting, lasting' did not mean eternal ;' and

when some one says, read Jude :' the that, therefore, the punishment of the

boy answered, 'I know what is in Jude ;' wicked would not be eternal. True, he

so he did not turn to his Bible. Somesaid, the fire shall not be quenched, but th

: out thing said again—'Do you know it was it shall consume the wicked, and burnih them into annihilation.

ana. burn the adversary prevented your looking to

The cabin-boy your Bible ?' Then, in a moment, the answered. if such is the case, then I Bible was pulled out, and the boy need not fear hell so much ; nor is

read these words, suffering the venChrist's death so precious and valuable ;

geance of eternal fire. The boy is however, (says the poor boy) Spira did not believe such a doctrine, for he said, I deliverance was of so solemn a nature,

unable to tell out what he felt; for the while he was standing, as it were, on the lit made him tremble and rejoice. He wharf of the bottomless gulf, I would the not (says Spira) refuse to endure the

and yet trembled at the doctrine of heavy weight of the wrath of that great God for twenty thousand years, so that that. Will eternity be too long to sing

eternal fire. Oh, to be delivered from I might at length attain to an end of hallelujah to the King of kings and Lord that misery which I now know will be

of lords, for his precious blood ? Ever eternal.", "Soon after this the boy left

speak well of that; stand by that, and that the house, little thinking the devil had

sħall stand by you. I would say much fastened himself, or sown this seed of

more upon this precious blood, and glohell in his mind, nor did he know the minister was delivered from the tempta- earth : but, my paper is full-must con

rious person, the God of heaven and tion until the boy met with him again; laude' kind

again; clude, kind regard to Mrs. S. and to your and then the boy told this minister ‘he da

ne dear son, whom I trust is snatched as a

brand from the everlasting burning. I asked, “Why? was it because of what I am still in the wilderness, without any said to you at my house ? if so, let me

work for my hands to do, or prospect, tell you, I was perfectly delivered from

| but that of trouble, for the words are that snare, by the words of Spira ;' and

with me: 'I will allure her, and bring then some rather edifying conversation

her into the wilderness ; then will I ensued. Lastly, -Let me tell you how this

speak comfortably unto her.' awful temptation troubled the boy; and... remain, yours, in nop

and I remain, yours, in hope of eternal how he was delivered out of it. He was | life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. walking along a certain road, leading

C. C.


The Backslider Reclaimed. can we apply to such conduct, (in a consis

tency with truth,) save blasphemy ? “ Stand! stand ! thou rebel !” Justice cries;

2. In professing a disbelief in any reli“ For all attempts to flee are vain ; And thou thy guilt cannot disguise,

gious dogma which you cannot comprehend, For guilt hath reach'd the clouds again." are you not deceived ? You believe that " For vengeance, now, thy sins do call,

Jehovah, the great adorable God of heaven And vengeance now I've come to pay:

and earth, could have prevented the entrance Beneath my sword thou now must fall,

of original evil into this world. And as And what canst thou now dare to say ?

your preachers often enlarge with eloquence “0, guilty! guilty ! yet, do spare !

and pleasure, on the beautiful words — God For I of sinners am the chief ; O listen, listen, to my prayer,

is love,' how do you reconcile this glorious Remember the poo: dying thief,"

truth, with all the ‘ills flesh is heir to,' the Stern justice then with wrath enflam'd,

miseries, woes, pains, sorrows, anguish and His glitt'ring two-edged sword did shew ; torments, man has been subject to, nearly And in his rage he thus exclaimed,

six thousand years? Is not this a truth “ Deceitful wretch, receive the blow."

which you believe but cannot comprehend ? " Hold, justice !" cried a voice so sweet,

3. Is not the doctrine of a Trinity of “ And tell me what is thy demand ? Ilis debts I'll pay, his bills I'll meet;

Persons in the Godhead, as clearly, as fully, And in his woeful place I'll stand ;

and as indisputably stated in Holy Writ, as « Take off his yoke, set him at large;

the unity of the Godhead? Why, then, In sorrow he shall not repine;

not believe both? Why do you reject half Come, mercy, write out his discharge,

the Bible ? For I will own him still as mine.

4. On the hypothesis that Christ is a mere " My blood shall justice satisfy,

man, how is he the ‘Lord from heaven,' My blood will cleanse the foulest stains : For sinners of a crimson dye,

• God's fellow,' the brightness of the Father's Shall prove the virtue of my pains,

glory, and the express image of his person ?' “ For I remember Calvary still,

5. Are not believers in the great, and 'Twas there his crimson crimes I saw;

ever-blessed Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, And there, for him, my blood did spill,

pronounced blessed ? And by the same To satisfy thy holy law.?"

eternal word, are not all who trust in man, “ And now l'm here, h is cause to plead,

pronounced cursed? Are believers, then, As Prophet, Counsellor, and King ; His guilt shall make his conscience bleed,

both blessed and cursed at one and the same But love shall make his heart to sing.

time ? “ So come, poor helpless sinner, come,

6. Do we not read - The children being And wipe away those falling tears ;

partakers of flesh and blood, he likewise, For in my heart there still is room,

himself, took part of the same ?' Does a To sympathise and heal thy fears.”

mere man take upon himself flesh and blood ? Ah, Lord ! thy love, my heart has broke;

Who is this he and himself ? 'Tis shame, 'tis shame belongs to me; Yet who could stand against that look ?

7. Does not the awful hypothesis, that That look has conquered even me.

Christ is a mere man, involve the shocking And of thy love, to all l’u tell,

absurdity that every man is the only beI'll talk, and sing of thy free grace ;

gotten of the Father ? If, then, the term For thou hast saved a wretch from hell,

only begotten,' cannot be applied to any The vilest of the human race,

mere man, does it not therefore belong to 0, grant, dear Lord, that I may lie,

him, solely and alone as the eternal Son of Like Mary, weeping at thy feet; And when thou callest me to die,

the eternal Father, in truth and love ? I then thy praises will repeat.


J. H I then will hallelujahs raise

(To be Continued.) To him that sits upon the throne : His mercy I will ever praise,

“Christ is the preserver of grace; all the And ever he shall wear the crown,

grace that is in us, is in Christ Jesus; he Limehouse, London. THOMAS HALL.

keeps all our graces for us. As the beams

of the sun is said to be in the sun, because Thirty-nine Questions to Unitarians.

they are preserved by their union with the

sun, our life is hid with Christ in God;' 1. Do we not read in the Word of God, of hid as the life of a tree is hid in 'the root, the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven ?' | as the being of a stream is hid in the foun. Is not the inscrutible manner of Jehovah's tain. And herein is the comfort of believers, existence, one ? Nay! is it not the highest, that their condition is more stable and imthe most adorable mystery of all ? Is it not mutable, and safe, than ever Adam's was in a divine revelation, receivable solely, and innocency, for he had all perfections of a alone, by a faith divine ? Is not to ration- creature, but they were in his own keeping; alize it-to attempt to remove the mystery but now all the grace that is in a believer of it-to endeavour to make it plain to is in Christ Jesus, by whom and in whom reason - (one and all,) the same as to grace is safely preserved, so as it shall never destroy it ? Consequently, what other word


The Living and Dying Experience of the late Elizabeth Howling.

DEAR BROTHER BANKS: - According to ing all such manifested dislike and oppo. my implied wish, and agreeable with your sition, they have been brought, through the expressed desire, I proceed to furnish the invincible power of God, to know and to feel readers of the EARTHEN VESSEL, with anac- themselves lost sinners, and to find by happy count of the dealings of the Lord, with, and and heart-felt experience, that Christ hath in the behalf of, the late Miss Elizabeth. died for their sins and hath risen again for Howling, whose immortal soul departed their justification; the realization of which from its mortal tenement, on the night of blessed truths having been wrought in Jan. 2, 1847, at Aldborough, in the county their souls, through the work, the almighty of Suffolk, to be for ever in the possession, operation of God the Holy Ghost; they have, and enjoyment of everlasting bliss, in an (through grace,) on being taken away from upper and brighter world, there to realise the evil to come, left behind them a blessed, the presence of Jesus without a cloud be- a soul comforting, a Christ glorifying, and tween.

grace exalting testimony, that they have Surely the Lord is yet pleased to make his passed under the rod, and were brought into hidden ones manifest even in these dark and the bond of the everlasting covenant, while gloomy days in which we live, and that in we have beheld them as the prisoners of his own appointed time; and for which pur- hope sent forth out of the pit wherein is no pose he is pleased to work by such means as water, through the blood of the everlasting proclaim and declare his own sovereign will. covenant. T'he truth of this latter posiAs we behold his dear children in his own time tion has been exemplified in the case, conborn, (that is of the Spirit,) not of blood, version, and death-bed experience of Miss nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will Elizabeth Howling, of whom, and concerning of man, but of God; and thereby he bring- which, the few remarks here penned were eth to light the hidden things of darkness, witnessed by an eye and ear witness to the which lay concealed and locked up in his great mercy manifested, and sovereign love infinite and eternal mind, according to his displayed in the conversion and death of this eternal purpose ; and as things standing in object of eternal love, who writes as follows : his irrevocable and immutable decree ; and Elizabeth Howling was born into this thus to every thing there is a season, and a world of sin and sorrow on the 26th day of time to every purpose under heaven ; and March, 1807, and at an early age came to rethese times and seasons, wherein he bringeth side with her grandfather and grandmother, his purposes to pass, proclaim aloud his di- who brought her up with as much affection vine sovereignty, whether they declare the as though she had been their own child. counsels of his will, in the pouring out of Like all the rest of Adam's race, she was a his judgments, or the manifestations of his lover of worldly pleasure, and neither felt mercy; so that we exclaim with profound the sinfulness of sin, nor the necessity of acquiesence and holy reverence, 'He giveth being born again. Her dear grandmother no account of his matters ;' while we behold was the subject of the new-birth, and thereby some of Adam's race, who from the first was made to feel herself a lost sinner, and dawnings of reason in them, have been ac- also to feel her soul washed and cleansed customed to sit under the sound of gospel from sin, in the fountain opened for sin and truth, and have shewn a sort of natural in- uncleanness, the precious, sin-atoning, allterest in, and attachment to truth, which, cleansing blood of Christ ; she knew what it from connection and habit they have been was to feel her feet on the Rock Christ Jesus wont to attend to, yet have accomplished the the Rock of eternal ages, and to realise the number of their days without the least good joys of salvation, through the work and ground to hope they ever experienced a power of the divine comforter, the Holy passing from spiritual death unto spiritual Ghost; lived a life of faith on the Son of life, through the life giving power of the God, whom she was made to know had loved Holy Ghost in the matter of the new-birth, her and gave himself for her: enjoyed much without which it is impossible an entrance of his spiritual presence, and for a long can be given into the kingdom of heaven ; time before she departed hence, earnestly, and some others who have, in their connec- and familiarly used to pray with sweet neartions been encompassed about with God. ness to the feet of Jesus, and say, "When, fearing relations and friends, in the midst of Idear Jesus, will you take your weary, longing precept, example, and affectionate invita- Ipilgrim home, to dwell with you ?' I cannot tions, as concerning the mere attendance on {describe, (says, her daughter,) her fearlessoutward means of grace ; yet have mani- lness of death, her holy longing to be with fested the natural opposition, and native (Christ, her firm faith, nor half the blesseden mity of the human heart against God, and lness wrought in her soul by God the Holy against the ways of God; yet notwithstand- Ghost. She went home to glory on Tuesday

• M

a quarter past five in the afternoon, December quently returned, and her illness gradually 30, 1845, without a struggle or a groan; her increased, until it was considered needful to Saviour kissed her soul away, and took it to have medical advice; and about the 14th. himself. This dear parent of mine, (says of November she went to her bed, was blisElizabeth's aunt,) frequently used to say to tered, and every means used from that time me, 'Betsy, I believe Elizabeth is a child of to the day of death, but disease gained God;' I answered, at present I can see no ground, and although I have been accusproof of that: no evidence whatever being tomed to witness the taking down of many given. Well, my dear mother has again of my fellow mortals by disease, yet never said, ' From what I have felt in communion did I behold sufferings so acute and disand wrestling with God, on her behalf Itressing as her’s. At the commencement of believe it will be made evident that she is her illness I spoke to her of the state of her before she dies.'

soul, (which I had been in the habit of doFrom her having been accustomed to reading for years,) to which things she would say, the Word of God daily, and hymn and other Well aunt, I do not think I shall die; but books to her grandmother, it is presumed she you well know I cannot convert myself.' I was not ignorant of the way of salvation by answered I am aware of that, but the Word Jesus Christ, and that without any works of says, “Seek, and you shall find; knock, and the sinner by way of merit; that she knew it shall be opened to you ;' yet the felt sense the demerit of sin, and the utter helpless-of need to seek and to knock with the will ness of the creature; but though she knew and power to do, comes from God, through these things, she felt them not. Oh! ye multi- the work and power of his Spirit put forth in tudes of cradle-trained, mere Sunday-school the sinner. At every opportunity, I took professors of the name of Jesus, so abundant occasion to speak to her on soul-matters ; in this day : having a form of godliness, and sometimes have said, You will, I fear, and being destitute of the power thereof, dislike my waiting on you, because I am so nothing short of almighty power, as disa frequently talking to you about these things. played in the new birth, can constitute But she answered, “No, aunt ; I like to hear a vital religion, without which, dead creeds you.' I felt it my duty to read the word to, received by traditions from your fathers, and and call upon God with her and for her, and mere theoretical knowledge of Scriptural one morning after I arose from prayer she truth, and a mere profession of the same, burst into tears, and said, ' Oh, aunt, I canwill leave you without a refuge, and without not pray so.' I answered, My dear Elizaa hope in the swellings of Jordan, and des-beth, prayer is not merely the words which titute of a leg whereon to stand before the flow from the mouth, many are uttered where bar of God, in God's tremenduous day of there is no prayer at all; it is the cry of the judgment.

| heart that is prayer in the sight of God. Elizabeth's health had been but very in- Well, aunt,' said she, my heart is condifferent for three or four years, but after stantly going up to God to be taught by his the death of her grandmother, she came to Spirit, washed in his blood, and clothed in his live with me, (says her aunt,) and appeared rightecusness.' I ought to have said, conto gain health and strength, but manifestedtinues her aunt, in her diary, we had invited no love to the ways of God, to the preached a minister of Jesus Christ to read and pray gospel, or to family worship, which seemed with her by her own desire, who had done so a burden to her; her thoughts were occu- / previous to this time, and twice or three pied with earthly things expecting shortly times afterwards, at the same time giving to become a wife; but God's thoughts are her this caution that it was not the prayers not as our thoughts, which is our mercy, for of others could be any dependence for our he intended far different things for her, things souls. I know that aunt,' she replied, but which she knew not, and far more blessed the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous than she had thoughts of. She went out man availeth much.' One morning after a in the September of 1846, to visit some night of keen bodily sufferings, she said to friends at Woodbridge, and at Ipswich, and me, · Aunt, I shall go to glory.' I said Eliwhile staying at the latter place was seized zabeth, what is the foundation of that hope ? Ly the English Cholera in å fearful manner, if it is in the mere mercy of God, you are so bad that her friends did not expect her deceived, for heis also a just God, and will by

covery, but it pleased the Lord to restore no means clear the guilty, only through the :r, at least sufficient for her return home blood and righteousness of Christ, and we fe Aldborough, but very weak and greatly must be brought to a godly sorrow for, and

:red; and shortly after had a slight re- an hatred to sin, and to flee unto, and feel a i se, wbich, by the blessing of God attend- love for Jesus before we have any firm hope to .the means used, subsided. But alas ! rest upon relative to our being in glory. Well ! Hects were deep rooted, the seeds of di- aunt, she said, I do, and have felt a sorrow for ci 2 had laid hold as with an iron grasp, on sin, as done against God by me, and I look ponownical principle ; pains in the bowels fre- entirely to Christ for salvation; and last night

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