Book Design

Laurence King Publishing, 2006 - 256 pàgines
A comprehensive and practical guide for students and experienced designers alike, this carefully structured text is illustrated throughout with photographs and diagrams. It takes the reader through every aspect of the subject, from the components that make up a book, to understanding how books are commissioned and created, to the intricacies of grid construction and choosing a typeface. The role of the designer is discussed, with advice on how to interpret a design brief, and guidance on type use, images and information graphics. The production process is also explained, with detailed information on reproduction, printing and binding.

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Past present and future
Creating a book 13
Approaching the design 23
The book designers palette
Format 30
Grids 42
Typographic palette 71
Type and image
Preproduction 172
Paper 191
Paper engineering 200
Printing 210
Binding 219
Additional material
Styling the text 240

Editorial structure 101
Communicating through image 110
Layout 140
Covers and jackets 160

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