Diary of Charles Lowell Walker, Volum 2

Utah State University Press, 1980 - 953 pàgines
Twelve journals, 1854-1899, of Charles Lowell Walker (1832-1904), a Mormon convert who emigrated from England to St. Louis and later moved to Salt Lake City. He was a son of William Gibson Walker and Mary (Godwin) Walker, a family that was converted to Mormonism in England. Charles's older sister, Ann Agatha Walker, emigrated first, and became a plural wife of Apostle Parley P. Pratt. His father and mother and a sister emigrated in 1850, and his mother died en route. Charles and a friend immigrated in 1849 to St. Louis, and he moved to Salt Lake City in 1855. His diary tells of the Utah War, and the dissident Mormons sects (including the Morrisites). In September 1861, he married Abigail Middlemass, and in 1862 they were called to the Cotton Mission in St. George, Utah. He later married Sarah Smith.

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