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THE General Association of Massachusetts assembled at Northampton, in the meeting-house, of the Rev. Solomon Williams, on Tuesday, June 26, 1832, at five o'clock, P. M.-and was called to order, agreeably to the rules of the association, by Rev. Mr. Williams.

The Rev. Joseph Chickering was chosen Moderator, and Rev. Parsons Cooke, Scribe, and Rev. John S. C. Abbott, Assistant Scribe.

It appeared by certificates that of those who had been duly appointed as delegates to this body at this meeting, the following persons were present, from

Berkshire Association,

Mountain Association,

Franklin Association, Hampshire Central Association,

Hampden Association,

Brookfield Association,

Harmony Association,

Rev. Samuel Shepard, D. D.
Rev. John W. Yeomans.
S Rev. Saul Clark,
Rev. Henry B. Holmes.
Rev. Aretas Loomis.

Rev. Payson Williston,
Rev. Tertius S. Clark.
Rev. Dorus Clark,
Rev. Hervy Smith.
S Rev. John Wilder,
Rev. Martyn Tupper.
Rev. Miner G. Pratt.

Worcester Central Asso- (Rev. John S. C. Abbott,

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L. Clark.

Rev. John Todd.

`Middlesex Union Associa- S Rev. John W. Chickering,

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Rev. Thomas Snell, D. D. Secretary of the body, and Rev. Solomon Williams, pastor of the church in Northampton, exofficio, members. Rev. Messrs. Vaill and Boardman, ex-officio, honorary members.

The Rules of the Association having been read, the Moderator led the meeting in prayer.

The Rev. Drs. Shepard and Snell, and Rev. Mr. Nelson, were appointed a Committee of Arrangements.

Rev. Dr. Snell, Rev. Messrs. Moore and Wilder, a Committee of Nominations.

Voted, To hold prayer-meetings Wednesday and Thursday morning, at five o'clock, at the Town Hall.

Rev. Messrs. Nelson, Bennet and Loomis were appointed a Committee to nominate delegates to foreign bodies.

Rev. Messrs. Gay and S. Clark were appointed a Committee to audit the Treasurer's account.

Rev. Messrs. Todd, Hopkins, Coleman, Seabury, and Vaill were appointed a Committee to take minutes, and prepare a narrative of the state of religion.

Voted, That information be obtained by the publishing committee, as far as practicable, respecting the time and place of the meeting of foreign bodies, and appended to the published minutes of this body.

Rev. Messrs. Freeman, Barret and Dexter were appointed a Committee to prepare a pastoral address for the next year.

Messrs. Crocker & Brewster were appointed Agents in Boston for this body.

Rev. Messrs. Gilbert, Adams, Moore and Abbot were appointed a Publishing Committee.

The person appointed to preach before the Massachusetts Missionary Society having failed, and his substitute having failed, Rev. Mr. Todd was appointed to perform that duty.

Voted, To adjourn to meet in this place to-morrow morning at eight o'clock.

The meeting was closed with prayer by the Moderator.

Wednesday morning, eight o'clock. The Association met according to adjournment. The roll having been called, the Moderator led in prayer.

The Committee of Arrangements made a report in part, which was accepted.

Voted, That the names of the honorary members who may now and hereafter, be present at the meetings of this body, have their names inserted in the minutes.

Rev. Messrs. Fowler and Southmayd were appointed a Committee to make arrangements for supplying this body with the minutes of the General Assembly.

The subject of the correspondence with ecclesiastical bodies in England and Scotland was taken up. Messrs. Vaill, Wilder and Fowler were appointed a Committee to report respecting

correspondence with the Congregational Union of Ministers in England and Wales.

Rev. Mr. Leavitt, Agent of the Seamen's Friend Society, was heard in respect to the claims of that institution.

The Committee appointed for that purpose nominated the following persons as delegates to the foreign bodies:

To the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, (at Philadelphia, 3d Thursday in May,) Rev. George Allen, Rev. Leonard Withington, primaries; Rev. E. Pratt, Rev. Parsons Cooke, substitutes.

To the General Association of Connecticut, (at Brooklyn, 3d Tuesday in June, 1833,) Rev. William Eaton, Rev. Dudley Phelps, primaries; Rev. Samuel Sewall, Rev. Joshua Barrett, substitutes.

To the General Association of New Hampshire, (at Amherst, 1st Tuesday in September, 1832,) Rev. Mr. Perkins, Rev. Mr. Wright, primaries; Rev. Wales Tileston, Rev. J. P. Cleaveland, substitutes.

To the General Convention of Vermont, (at Middlebury, 2d Tuesday in September, 1832,) Rev. John Todd, Rev. Sylvester Holmes, primaries; Rev. John S. C. Abbott, Rev. D. S. Southmayd, substitutes.

To the Evangelical Consociation of Rhode Island, (at Bristol, 2d Tuesday in June, 1833,) Rev. Moses Hallock, Rev. Samuel C. Johnson, primaries; Rev. L. Coleman, Rev. John Maltby, substitutes.

To the General Conference of Maine, Rev. G. W. Blagden, Rev. Erastus Maltby, primaries; Rev. Ebenezer Burgess, Rev. Samuel Gile, substitutes.

Voted, That the stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church be requested to forward two hundred and fifty copies of the minutes of that body to Messrs. Crocker & Brewster, of Boston, to be distributed by them in the same manner as our own minutes.

Rev. Dr. Edwards, Agent of the American Temperance Society, was heard in behalf of the objects of that society.

The following preamble and resolutions were adopted: As the use of ardent spirits is not only needless, but hurtful, as it tends to form intemperate appetites and habits—and while it is continued, the evils of intemperance can never be done away as it causes a great proportion of the pauperism, crimes and wretchedness of the community-increases the number, frequency and violence of diseases-deprives many of reason,

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