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THE Secretaries of the local Temperance Societies, who have not answered the questions contained in a Circular, dated Aug. 4, 1832, which is inserted Appendix A. of the following Report; and the Town Clerks, or any person friendly to the Temperance Reform, in those towns in which there is no Temperance Society, are requested to furnish the subscriber with the facts solicited as soon as convenient; giving the number of the members of the Societies at the end of the year 1832, and the quantity of ardent spirit sold in 1832, instead of 1831.

SAMUEL M. POND, Cor. Sey M, T. S




ARTICLE 1. This Society shall be called the MAINE TEMPERANCÈ SOCIETY.

ART. 11. This Society shall meet annually at Augusta, on the fourth Wednesday of January, (altered to 1st Wednesday of February,) and shall be composed of the officers of such County Temperance Societies in this State às vote to become auxiliary to it, and of such other persons in the State as subscribe this Constitution, together with those who may be appointed delegates from other Temperance Societies.

ART. III. This Society recognizes as a fundamental principle, total abstinence from all concern with ardent spirits, as an article of refreshment, entertainment, or traffic.

ART. IV. The sole object of this Society shall be to concentrate the efforts of the friends of Temperance throughout the State, to diffuse information, and by a moral influence, discourage the use of ardent spirits in the community.

ART, V. The officers of this Society shall be a President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and an Executive Committee of five; of which the Corresponding Secretary shall be one, ex-officio.

ART. VI. The Presidents of the County Societies, which shall become auxiliary, shall, ex-officiis, be Vice-Presidents of this Society.

ART. VII. The officers of this Society shall perform the duties usually considered as pertaining to their respective offices. It shall especially be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to collect information from the several Temperance Societies in the State, and under the direction, and with the assistance of the Executive Committee, publish from time to time, in the journals of the day, such articles as the cause of Temperance may require.

ART. VIII. The Executive Committee may, from time to time, adopt such measures as they think calculated to promote the objects of this Society; raise funds, when necessary, by voluntary contribution or subscription, and call special meetings of the Society, when expedient.

ART. IX. At each annual meeting a report shall be presented, exhibiting the operations of the Society for the past year; and the state and progress, so far as it can be ascertained, of the Temperance Reformation; which report shall be published.

ART. X. This Constitution may be altered by a majority at any annual meeting, but not so as to affect the fundamental principles contained in the third article.

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