Imatges de pÓgina
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shire. - Burke's Definition of a Free Government.

Duke of Devon

· Ilam.

The Christian Revelation.

Mungo "Esop at

Campbell. Dr. Taylor's Bull-dog.

play."- Memory.

Rochester's Poems. Prior.–

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Hypochondria. Books. Homer and Virgil.
Lord Bacon. Topham Beauclerk.

"Ode on Solitude." - Music.

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- Happiness.

Grainger's -Future State. Slave Trade.-American Independence. · Corruption of Parliament.— Planting.— “ Oddity Johnson." Decision of the Negro Cause. Mr. Saunders Welch. - Advice to Travellers.- Correspondence.

ON Monday, September 22., when at breakfast, I unguardedly said to Dr. Johnson, "I wish I saw you and Mrs. Macaulay together." He grew very angry; and, after a pause, while a cloud gathered on his brow, he burst out, "No, Sir; you would not see us quarrel, to make you sport. Don't you know that it is very uncivil to pit two people against

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