Journey of Faith

Demco Media, 2003 - 213 pàgines
Nessa can't remember a home other than the orphanage, and now she has no choice but to leave. Her plan is to escape on the next stagecoach west-one headed toward Prairie River, Kansas, a town in the middle of nowhere.When Nessas arrives in the small settlement, she has no money and nowhere to go. Worst of all, she is alone. The townspeople are suspicious of her. They see her as a newcomer with no family and no past. Nessa is about to learn life on the prairie is hard-it's a trial of her strength and spirit.All Nessa has is her courage, her charishma, and her faith as a Christian-but for her, that will prove to be more than enough.

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Review: Prairie River: A Journey of Faith (Prairie River #1)

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