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stockholders, or proprietors, by the laws of the Corporation, and subject to all the rules and regulations therein made and provided. The Board of Directors may admit annual subscribers to the privileges of the Library, on such terms and conditions as they may from time to time prescribe.

ART. 9. Each stockholder or proprietor shall be furnished with a certificate of each share by him owned, signed by the President and attested by the Secretary, in the following form, viz :


This certifies that

is proprietor of share No. —, in the Athenæum, and entitled to all the rights and privileges of a proprietor, and subject to all the lations of the Corporation.

by-laws, rules and regu

A. B.,


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C. D., Secretary.

ART. 10. Each stockholder or proprietor shall be entitled to one vote, by himself, his attorney or proxy, on every share by him held, at all meetings of the Corporation, subject however to the restrictions specified by the by-laws; and shall be liable for all assessments voted by the Corporation, provided the same do not exceed five dollars per annum on each share.

ART. 11. This Constitution may be altered or amended, at any meeting of the Corporation, provided it be inserted in the notice for that meeting, that an amendment of the Constitution will be then proposed: And provided also, That two-thirds of the members present at such meeting approve the same.


At the first Annual Meeting of the Corporation of The Athenæum, held on the fourth Monday of February, (the 27th,) 1837,

It was voted, That the words, "on the fourth Monday of February," in the sixth article of the Constitution, be erased, and the words, 66 on the fourth Monday of September," be substituted in their place.



ARTICLE 1. Stockholders and their immediate families shall have a right to the privileges of the Athenæum. A stockholder may transfer the use of his share to another person, for any time not less than three months, and said transfer shall be made in writing and recorded. A stockholder by his written order may authorize another person to take out books on his share.

ART. 2. Each stockholder may introduce strangers from abroad, who shall be entitled to the free use of the Athenæum, (except the right to take out books) for the term of one month thereafter, upon recording their names in a book to be kept for that purpose, together with the name of the person by whom introduced, who shall be responsible for their observance of the by-laws and regulations of the institution.

ART. 3. No stockholder, nor persons claiming under him, shall be allowed any of the rights or privileges of the institution, so long as he is subjected to any penalty incurred, or neglects or refuses to pay the fines standing against him, after being notified thereof.

ART. 4. If any assessment, made agreeably to the constitution, remain unpaid for thirty days after the delinquent stockholder, or his legal representative, shall have been duly notified by the Treasurer of the existence of the same against him, the Board may direct such delinquent's share to be disposed of by public sale; and if the proceeds of the sale exceed the amount due to the institution, the surplus shall be paid over to said delinquent, and a new certificate, signed by the President and Secretary, shall be issued, conveying to the purchaser as full and perfect a title to the share sold, as was originally possessed by the former owner thereof.


ART. 5. No transfer of a share shall be valid, unless the stockholder transferring, satisfy the Secretary that there is no penalty in force against him, and present written evidence from the Treasurer and Librarian that there exist no claims against said stockholder, and unless a record of such transfer be made by the Secretary, in a book to be kept for that purpose.


ART. 1. The Library shall be kept open on such days, and at such hours, as the Board may direct.

ART. 2. All books, pamphlets, &c., shall be legibly marked with the words "Providence Athenæum," and if donations to the institution, shall, unless otherwise requested, be inscribed with the names of the donors in such manner as the Board may direct.

ATT. 3. Every person entitled to the privileges of the Athenæum shall be allowed to take out two volumes at a time, and may retain the same two weeks, and every person shall be subjected to a fine of two cents per day for every volume retained beyond the above specified period.

ART. 4. Every book shall be returned in good order, regard being had to the reasonable wear thereof. If any book shall be lost or injured, the person to whom it stands charged shall replace it by a new volume, or set, if it belong to a set, or pay the value thereof, as determined by the Library Committee, and thereupon the remainder of the set, if it belong to one, shall be delivered to the person paying therefor.

ART. 5. No book shall be delivered to any one excepting a stockholder, or one of the immediate family of a stockholder, or upon the written order of a stockholder, except in such cases as are designated in article tenth.

ART. 6. No book shall be taken from the Library without the written receipt of the person taking the same.

ART. 7. The Librarian shall have power to prohibit the removal of books from the shelves whenever he may deem such removal improper.

ART. 8. No book shall be lent by any person taking the same, under a penalty of one dollar.

ART. 9. The Board shall from time to time specify what works, on account of their variety or value, shall not be taken from the Athenæum, except by their permission. No periodical or pamphlet shall be taken from the Athenæum until the same shall be bound in a volume.

ART. 10. The Board may, on special occasions, at their discre tion, and also for purposes connected with objects of public utility, or, in order to facilitate any public inquiry or investigation, authorize individuals, not connected with the institution, to make use of the Athenæum, under such restrictions and regulations as they may deem it advisable to impose.

ART. 11. Any person taking a book or periodical from the Athenæum, contrary to the regulations, shall be liable to forfeit his right to the privileges of the Athenæum for one year, and if any individual shall wilfully mutilate or deface any book, or other property of the Athenæum, he shall be subject to such forfeiture of his rights or privileges in the institution, as the Board shall direct.

ART. 12. All books shall be returned at such times as the Board may order, when the Board shall see that a careful examination of the Library is made; and any person neglecting to conform to such crder, shall be liable to such penalty, not exceeding one dollar, as the Board may direct.

ART. 13. The Librarian, with his Assistants, shall be appointed by the Board, with such compensation as the Board may determine. It shall be his duty to maintain the strictest order and decorum in the Athenæum Rooms, and to enforce an exact observance of the regulations pertaining thereto; to deliver books to those entitled to them, to examine each book on its return to the Library, before it is permitted to be taken out again, or is replaced on the shelves, for the purpose of ascertaining whether any injury has been done to the same, and if any, who did it, or is responsible therefor, and to turn up all leaves that have been turned down, and to place in their proper position all maps or plates that may have been wrongly folded, to preserve in proper order all books, pamphlets, charts, &c., before permitting them to be used; and, under the direction of the Board, make a full and accurate catalogue of the same, alphabetically classified in the several departments of literature and science to which

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