Edinburgh Magazine: Or Literary Miscellany, Volum 14

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Pàgina 304 - But as he is convinced that the fashion of moralizing in verse has been carried too far, and as he looks upon invention and imagination to be the chief faculties of a poet, so he will be happy if the following Odes may be looked upon as an attempt to bring back poetry into its right channel.
Pàgina 256 - ... (as a matter of infinite importance, in my judgment) by associating with each other, and forming friendships in juvenile years, be enabled to free themselves in a proper degree from those local...
Pàgina 431 - Giles to mark her way. Close to his eyes his hat he instant bends, And forms a friendly telescope, that lends Just aid enough to dull the glaring light, And place the...
Pàgina 255 - Negroes thus bound are (by their masters or mistresses) to be taught to read and write, and to be brought up to some useful occupation, agreeably to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia providing for the support of orphan and other poor children.
Pàgina 319 - He survives in our hearts, in the growing knowledge of our children, in the affection of the good throughout the world: and when our monuments shall be done away; when nations now existing shall be no more; when even our young and...
Pàgina 350 - For the LORD is a great God, and a Great King above all gods. In His hand are all the corners of the earth, and the strength of the hills is His also. The sea is His, and He made it; and His hands prepared the dry land. O come, let us worship...
Pàgina 66 - superficial reasoning men who judge of the great operations of the mineral kingdom from having kindled a fire and looked into the bottom of a little crucible.
Pàgina 316 - Peake and me, to the tide water of the said creek ; thence by that water to Potomac River; thence with the river to the mouth of Dogue Creek ; and thence with the said Dogue Creek to the place of beginning at the aforesaid ford ; containing upwards of four thousand acres, be the same more or less, together with...
Pàgina 255 - ... proprietor, it not being in my power, under the tenure by which the dower negroes are held, to manumit them.
Pàgina 315 - Vernon, then less extensive in domain than at present, should become his property,) I give and bequeath all that part thereof, which is comprehended within the following limits, viz. Beginning at the ford of Dogue Run, near my Mill, and extending along the road, and bounded thereby, as it now goes, and ever has gone, since my recollection of it, to the ford of...

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