Imatges de pÓgina

York, Commander in Chief of the Com- posals which have been made. Sinces bined English and Rufian Army, however, the sufferings of humanity

GENERAL-Major Gen. Knox, who come under the confirleration of the was in structed to corfer wird me on your Duke of York, Gen. Brune is ready to

meet this honourable feeling, and, in dopart, upon the subject of a Note which he has delivered, ligned by your Secre- ing so, declares that the following ftiputary, will communicate my answer con. pulations on which he offers to content tained in an explanatory Note.

to a Sufpenfion of Hoftilities are so ob

viously juft, that he cannot depart from (Signed) Citizen Brune.


Art. 1. The Bitavian feet, which General in Chief of the Combined

was furrenderen ! Admiral Mitcheli by French and Batavian Army. Admiral Sorry, shall be rettored to the

Batavian Ripub ic with its stores and Head Quarters at Alkmaar, the 15th of


In case the Duke of York shall 08. 1799, tbe 8th Year of the French

not be invested with fufficient powers to Republic.

comply with this Article, his Royal The Duke of York, Commander in Highness Mall engage to obtain from his Chief of the English army, proposes Court an equivalent compensation. that a Ceffation of Hoftilities shall take 3. Fifteen thousand prisoners of war, place, in consequence of the approach French and Batavians, detained in Engof the inclemeni season. He promises land, Mall be conditionally released and to withdraw from the Batavian territory, fent home. The mode of selection, and between the present period and the end the proportion for each country, to be of November next, the whole army un- settled between the Governments of the der his command ; and consents that no two Republics. The Batavian Admiral damage shall be committed, no sluices De Winter shall be considered as ex• opened, or dykes broken up, on condi- changed. This Article Mall in no degree tion of his retreat not being molested by prejudice or interfere with the cartel of the French and Batavian army. These exchange at present established. motives would not have been brought' 3. The batteries and fort of the Helder forward by the Duke of York, if he shall, be restored in the condition in had considered himself poffeffed of means which they were found at the period of sufficient for advancing into the country; the invasion of the English and Ruffian for in that case, he would have had the army. An officer of Artillery shall be facility of extending his quarters, of pro- fent to the Helder by Gen. 'Brune, to curing fubfiftence, and, in short, of pla- see that this Article is complied with, cing himself beyond the reach of the in- 4. The army under the command of conveniencies arising from the unfavour the Duke of York Mall, within 48 hours, able season. We ought consequently to evacuare the position of the Zuyp ; its look to advantages in an arrangement, advanced posts shall be withdrawn to proportionate to the insufficiency of the the height of Callants. Oog. The French forces upder his command. The terms and Batavian army Mall preserve the proposed by the Duke of York contain pofitions it occupies at present, taking nothing but what would be the necessary up however its advanced posts at Petten, result of a Cassation of Hoftilities. It can Crabendam, Schagen Brug, and Colscarcely be fuppofed that the Duke of horn. It shall have merely a vidette at York will cause the dykes to be destroy the height of Callants-Oog. ed, the country to be inundated, and the 5. The troops compofing the English villages to be burni, for the mere purpose and Russian army Mall be embarked of committing such ads of violence; a8 fucceffively, and as speedily as possible, such conduct would be contrary to the All the British Mipping Mall quit the laws of War, and must draw upon him Texel, and all the English and Russian the reprobation of all Europe and of his troops be withdrawn from the seas, own Nation. It appears therefore evi, coasts, and islands of the Batavian Rea dent, that the Duke of York would public, before the 20th of November confine himself to such measures as next, and Thall not damage the great might be useful to his own army, or de fources of navigation, or occasion any trimental to ours ; but we look upon inundation in the country. such accidents as inseparable from a fiate 6. All thips of war or other vessels, of War. No object of advantage to us having on board reinforcements for the appears therefore to result from the pro- combined English and Ruffian army

Vevry, Sec.

Dal pu' ro fea as foon as possible, with one hand, and to the claims of bumaniout landing the same.

ty on the other ; persuaded, like wife, 7. To guarantee the execution of that General Brune is equally guided by thele Arricles, hostages shall be given by these sentiments, his Royal Highness bas the Duke of Y-rk, to be selected a. taken his proposals into confideration, moleft the Officers of rank in his and confents to abide by the agreement army.

as it stands in the answers annexed to the By order of G-. Brunc, Commander different articles. in Chicf of the combined French Major-General Knox, who is charged and Batavian army.

therewih, is authorised to sign and con(Sigoed)

clude this agreement, as well as to arrange any points of detail which may a

rise out of it. It being the duty of eve: Head Quarters, Schagen Brug, Oit. 17.

ry officer commanding his Britannic MaGENERAL I send back Major Geri. jestys troops to make an exact report of K::ox with my answers to the explana- whatever relates to his command, his tory Note which he has delivered to me Royal Highness the Duke of York will, in your name. He is fully authoriled of course, lay before the British Governto conclude on my part, upon' every

ment every communication which has point which relates to the subject of his taken place between his Royal Highness miffion.

and Gen. Brune. (Signed)

Articles proposed in the Explanatory Note Frederick, Duke of York.

from Gen. Brune. Commander in Chiet of the Com.

Answer to Art. 1. His Royal Highbiord English ard Ruffian Army. nefs will on no account treat upon this To Gen. Brune. Commander in Chief, &c. article, the exeqption of which, ir muk Head-quarters, Schagen Brug, 0& 19. be esident to both parties, is impoffible.


Answer to Art. 2.-This demand apo His Royal Highness the Duke of pears to reft upon a fupposed tols the Yok Commander in Chief of the Com. Combined Army must sustain should its bine. Euglish and Ruflian Army, pro. embarkation be resolved upon. It is by posed to General Brune, Commander in no means admitted that such would be Chiet of the French and Batavian Army, the result ; but as in the event of the aran arrangement, equally to the advantage my's carrying on the campaign during of both parties, originating in his defire to the winter, the loss of a certain number prevent the further effufion of blood, and of men muft naturally be expected ; his to preserve this country from the ter Royal Highness, infuenced by this conrible effects of an inundation, as also from fideration, agrees to promise in the name the destruction of the beft of its ports, of the British Government, that 5000 involving the total ruin of the principal French and Batavian prisoners, the prochannel of its interior navigation and portion of each to be regulated according commerce.--In answer to which General io the terms of the article, shall be unBrune observes, that he cannot imagine conditionally released and sent home. his Royal Highness will recur to mea- Nothing further in this article can be fures not less revolting to humanity than agreed to. repugnant to the character of the British Answer to Art. 3. The fort and bat. Nalion, and to the general feelings of teries of the Helder will be left, generalall Europe. Devaitation or destruction ly considered, in an improved ftate. is certainly incompatible with the cha- None of the Dutch artillery thall be care sacter and with the uniform conduct of ried away. the English Nation; and as little do Answer to Art. 4.-On no account either accord with the disposition of his will it be consented that the Army shall Royal Highness the Commander in be withdrawn from the position of Zuypa Chief; but there are duties peremptori. until every preparation requisite to renly prescribed by the nature of particular der its embarkation easy and complete Situations, the odium of which muft fall, can be arranged at the Helder. It must pot on those who execute, but on such be evident, that it cannot be defirable as render the measures necessary, by re- that any delay thould take place in this jecting the conditions of a juft and ho- respect. No addition shall be made to nourable agreement. Deeply impressed the works at the Zuyp, and persons with what is due to his country on the properly authorised thall be admitted


from time to time to afcertain and report mand to his Court. In respect to the
upon this point, for the satisfaction of other very effential article of the prison-
General Brune ; but no armed detach- ers, after much conversation, I brought
ment will be permitted to approach, the General to lower his demands to
or to take pofl, nearer than they already 8000 men, beyond which he cannot re-
are to our position. It must be further cede. Every other point can be ami-
understood, that on his part, General cably settled. I beg his Royal High-
B.une will not allow any approaches or ness's orders on these points; and I
offensive preparations to be carried on, hope to receive them by noon to-
and that the French and Batavian Army morrow.
thall remain in the line of advanced posts I have the honour to be, &c.
which it occupies at present, which fhall


7. Knox. also be the line of separation between the To the Hon. Col. Hope, Adj. Gen. & c. two armies respectively.

Anfwer to Art. 5. -The embarkation Head quarters, Schagen Brug, O&. 18. of the English and Ruffian troops will Sir, take place with all possible expedition ;

His Royal Highness the Commander and at this feafon of the year aay unne. in Chief, in his instructions to you of cessary delay will naturally be avoided yesterday's date, having declared that as much as poffible ; but to prevent any every paper or proposal from. General difficulty or future difcuffion upon this Brune, and consequently that relative point, it is proposed, that the fufpen- to the whole Durch Fleet, will of course sion of hoftilitis shall be limited to the be regularly transmitted to England, end of the month of November Dext, can give no other answer than what in order to secure fufficient time for the you are already empowered to make. complete evacuation of the country, viz. “ His Royal Highness will, on no which, however, fall be effected sooner account, treat upon this article, the exeif practicable.

cution of which, it must be evident to Answer to Art. 6.-The Mips of war, both parties, is imposible.” If General or other vefsels inmediately expected Brune expects any thing forther to pass with reinforcements for the Combined on that fubject, the sooner the nego English and Rufiian Army, or which ciation is put an end to the better. In may hereafter be sent, hall not land regard to the number of prisoners, if their troops, but fall put to sea again as every other point is clearly and immesoon as possible.

mediately decided upon, his Royal High-
Answer to Art. 7.-Hoftages shall ness may be induced to relax; if not, it
be reciprocally given, to be selected is unnecessary to enter further into the
among the Officers of rank of the two fubjet ; and he directs you to finish the
Armies, to guarantee the execution of negociation.
this agreement:

I have the honour to be, &c.
By order of his Royal Highness the

(Signed) Alex. Hope. Duke of York, Commander in Chief

Dep. Adj. Geng of the Combined English and Rullian The Hon. Major Gen. Knox, &c. Army. (Signed)

H. Taylor, Ser. Sir, Alkmaar, O2. 13, 3 P. M.

I have received your letter, and have SIR,

Alkmaar, 08. 17: the pleasure to inform you that every I have seen Gen. Brune, and have thing is settled to his Royal Highness's talked over with him fully all the ar. fatisi action; in consequence of which ticles on which I have received his Gen. Brune has given immediate orders Royal Highness's instructions. I have to all bis pofts that hoftilities shall cease, found the greateft difpofition on the part and that no further work of any kind. of General Brune to enter fairly on the fall be carried on; he requests that his subject. In relpect to the essential ar- Royal Highness will be pleased to give ticle of the Flect, General Brune has al. fimilar orders without lots of time, as a ready received a letter from the Dutch report has just been made that some Directory, to make the delivery of it a houses have been set on fire on the road fine qua non ; and I much doubt whe leading to Herenhuysen. ther there is any chance of his being I have the honour to be, &c. brought to give way on this point, at


7. Knox. least without some assurance that his. Royal Highness would forward the de. To the Hon. Col. Hope, Adj. Gen. &c.


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P. S. Gen. Brune has sent off to

MARRIAGES. Amfterdam to direct that nothing hoftile shall be attempted on the part of the

Dec. 12, 1799 Alexarser Cockburn, Esq. flotilla there fitted out; and he begs his Britannic Majesty's Conful at Hamthat fimilar notice may be sent to Aů burgh, to Mademoiselle De Vegnier. miral Mitchell.

Feh. 10, 1800. Mr George Haliburton
[Here end the Gazettes.]

King, merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Ann

Gordon, daughter of James Gordon, Esq. 1800 Feb. 7. Mrs Hay Newton of New. Royal Navy, to Miss Wright, of South

12. William Bett Douglas, Esq. of the ton, a son,

Leith 8. In George's Square, the Hon. Mrs Charteris, a daughter.

14. Rev. George Gordon, minister of ġ Mrs M.Kenzie, of Devonshire Street, late Rev. George Lawrie, minister of Lou

Sorn to Miss Anne Lawrie, daughter of the
London, a daughter.
At London, the Lady of Briga-fier-Ge-

doun. neral Campbell, of the Sixth Reg. a son.

15 Lieut.-Col. Sharpe, of the 28th Light 11. At Lisbourn, the Lady of Lieut.-Col

. Dragoons, to Mifs Hosea of Portland Spence, of the 23d dragoons, a son

place. At Exniouth, the Right Hon. Lady Char- merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Mary Hop

17. At Gretna Manse, Mr Richard Bell, lotte Carr, a son and heir. 23. The Lady of Alexander Jardine, Esq. Hopkins, Warwickshire.

kins, daughter of the late Rev. Richard younger of Applegarth, a son. 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hathorn of

At Liverpool, Mr George Irving, mer: Castlewigg, a son.

chant, to Miss Mary Blackburn, daughter 25. At Aberford, the Countess of Errol, of Mr Hugh Blackburn. a daughter.

20. Mr John Currie, shipmaster in Roth: - At Dormont, the Lady of William fay, to Miss Ann Jamieson, youngest daughCarruthers, Esq. a daughter.

ter of Mr John Jamieson, in Ambusmore. Lately at Curk, the Lady of Sir Charles tice, Efq. of Justice-hall, to Miss Elizabeth

22. At Tynemouth Church, James Jure Rors Bart. a daughter. March 1. At Ayr, Mrs Cathcart of Ge. Campbell of Whitby.

22. At Gainford, in the county of Durnoch, a ton. Lately at Barrogill Castle, the Countess the county of Durham, to Mrs Tod, widow

ham, Mr Luke Seymour of Newsham, in of Caithness, a son. 5. At London, the Lady of Lieutenant

of the deceased James Tod, Esq. of Bom. Colonel Drinkwater, a daughter.

bay. 6. At Balbardy, Mrs Marjoribanks of Diadem of 64 guns, to Miso Sidley, daugh

At Limerick, Lieut. M'Kenzie, of the Marjoribanks, a son.

ter to Mr Sidley of Kilrush.
11. Portman-square London, the Lady
of William Blane, Esq. a son.

At London, the Earl of Morton, to Lady
At Benholm, Mrs Robertson Scott, a

Mary Howe, daughter of the late gallant

Admiral. daughter. 13 Mrs Curiningham, wife of the Rev.

24. At York, Charles Constable Stanley, Mr Cunningham, minister of Dunse, a son.

Esq. of Acklam, to Mis: M‘Donaid of that 14. At Burtley Lodge, Hants, the Lady

city. of Charles Lyell, Esq. of Kinnordy, a daugh- Glasgow, to Miss Elizabeth Scost, daughter

Mr John Wright, manufacturer in 15. At Sir John Whiteford's house, Ca

of Mr William Scott, manufacturer. nongate, Mrs Kennedy of Kirkmichael, a

At Landguard Fort, James Brodie, Esg.

Captain in the 4th or King's own regiment daughter. At Cluny, Mrs Colonel Macpherson,

of Foot, to Miss Ann Munro, eldest daughs

ter of Lieut. Munro of the British Inva. a daughter.

lids. 17. The lady of Sir John Scott, Bart. of Ancrum, a daughter.

25. At Aberdeen, Dugald Gilchrist, Esq. Mrs Cruikshank of Langley Park, a

of Orpisdale, to Miss Role, only daughter of

Alex. Rose, Esq. late of the Hon. East Infon. 18. At Mairlandfield, Mrs Colonel Mait,

dia Company's service. land, a fon,

26. Mr Alex. Dunlop, merchant in Glas19. At his house in St. Andrew's Square, gow, to Miss Elizabeth Scott, eldest daughthe Lady of Sir William Ramsay. Bart a fon.

ter of Mr James Scott, senior, merchant. At Aldborough, the Lady of James chant in Leith, to Miss Magdalene Walker,

March 3. Richard Scougall, Esq. mer.. Macrae, Esq. a daughter. 21. Mrs Haig of Bemersyde, a son..

eldest daughter of the Rev. Mr Robert

Waiker, Canongate. 23. The Lady of the Hon. Col. Forbes, a daughter.

mon. Mr Isaac Watt, merchant, Dundee,


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