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not the occafion to take the allowance make fimilar motions every succeeding alluded to by the Hon. Gentleman into year.-Ordered. confideration.

Mr Bragge brought up a Bill for senMr Dundas moved for leave to bring dering perpetual lo much of an Act in a Bill to Exempt all persons ern- which imposes, for a limited time, a ployed in Volunteer Corps, of every Duty upon Glass.-Read a firft time, description, from the Hair Powder Tax, and ordered to be read a second time on and to indemnity such of them as had Monday. neglected to take out a licence for wear. Mr Bragge likewise brought up a Bill ing hair powder. He also said, that it for indemnifying those serving in the was his intention, that all horses em- Volunteer Corps who had neglected to played in Volunteer Corps should be ex- take out the Hair Powder Licence, and empled from tax; but when the owner to explain and amend so much of an Act had others, that the tax upon the reft paffed in the 35th year of his present fhould be proportioned to the whole num.. Majefty, as regards the said persons pay. ber.

ing the Hair Powder Duty.-Read a first ; 21. The Bill for prohibiting the impor- time, and ordered to be read a fecord tation of Lawns and Cambrics, went time on Monday. through a Commitee, and was ordered The Corn Bounty Bill was reported. to be reported on Monday.

Lord Hasukesbury moved that a clause The Order of the Day for the House be added, enacting that the average price to resolve itself into a Committee of Sup. by which the Bounty shall be regulated ply and of Ways and Means, was defer. Mall be determined by the price flated red dill Monday.

in the London Gazette two weeks after Mr Hobhouse moved, that there be laid the

importation. -Agreed 10. before the House an Account of the Ex- The Bill was ordered to be read a pences of the Public Offices during the third time on Monday next, and to be year 1798, and an Account of the In- reprinted as amended. crease or Diminution in the salaries, e- On the motion of Mr Bragge, a Come moluments, and expences of the Public mittee was appointed to estimate the exOffices during the year 1799. He was pence of paying and clothing the Militia induced, he said, to make these motions for the year 1800. from a clause in the Report

the Com- The Bill for the Renewal of the Char. mittee of Finance, which stated that it ter of the Bank of England was read a would be highly expedient to ascertain third time, and ordered to the Lords. these circumftances, and he meant to Adjourned.



FOR MAY 1800.

Interesting Intelligence from the London Gazettes. Downing-Street, Jan. 31. 1800. satisfaction that I announce to your A

DISPATCH, of which the follow. Lordship the surrender of Coni. The

ing is a copy, has been received batteries opened on the ad in the mornfrom the Right Honourable Lord Wil. ing, and early on the 3d the Commanliam Bentinck, by the Right Honourable dant desired to capitulate. The garrison, Lord Grenville, his Majefty's Principal 800 wounded, whom the French had

confifting of 2,844 men, exclufive of Sucretary of State for the Foreign De.

not time to remove before the inveft. partment.

ment of the place, marched out this Head. Quarters, Borgo St. Dalmazzo, morning prisoners of war.

The loss of

the Auftrians does not exceed fifty men My LORD --It is with the greateft in killed and wounded. The very short T. Pafley.


Dec. 4.

defence that has been made of this very Admiralty Office, Feb. 4. ftrong and moft important fortress, in to be attributed to the want both of provi- copy of a Letter from Vice- Admiral Sim fions and of ammunition. This event

Thomas Pasley, Bart, Commander in may be considered the more fortunate,

Chief of his Majesty's Sbips and Velsels from information having been received

at Plymouth, to Evan Nepean, Esq. that Gen. Championet has been assem

dated the it instant. bling the whole French arıny in La Ri- SIR-Enclosed is a Letter which I reviere de Genes, near Ormea, which was ceived from Captain Bartholomew of the to have been affifted in its march by a Havick, together with a Paper containreinforcement of 15,000 men that is ing a particular Account of the Vessels marching from Sivoy, and is probably a mentioned in the faid Letter. detachment from the army of Switzer

I am, &c. land. So much snow has falien, tbat the roads in the mountains are no longer

Havick, at Sea, Jan. 30. practicable; and it will not be poffible SIR-I have the pleasure to inform for the corps coming from Savoy to form you, yefterday morning Capt. Wittman, a junction with Championet. The seven of the Suffisante, made the fignal to rity of the weather has obliged the eneo chase Northward; and soon after dis. my to abandon the Col de Scade, where covered a Ship, Lugger, and Cutter, they lett four pieces of cannon, which steering to the S. E. At two P. M. I they could not drag through the snow. recaptured the American fhip Strafford, I have the honour to be, &c.

from Baltimore bound to London, mount. (Signed) W. Bentinck. ing Sixteen Guns. She was taken by The Right Hon. Lord Grenville, &e. the Lugger and Cutter above mentioned;

[Here follow the Articles of Capitu- her Cargo worth from Thirty to Forty lation.]

Thousand Pounds. Ac half past two ! Dosoning Street, Jan. 30. had the plealure of seeing the Lugger A Dispatch, of which the following firike to the Suffisante ; and I have every is a copy has been received from Wil reason to believe, from the Suffisante's diam Wickham, E'q. by the Right Hon. excellent failing, that the Carter is now Lord Grenville, his Majefty's Principal in Capt. Wittman's poffeffion. Secretary of S:ate for the Foreign De- I have the honour to be, &c. partment.

P. Bartholomew. Aug lourg, Dec. 13. My LORD-- I am forry to have to

Recaptured. - Strafford, from Balti

more bound to London, laden with toinform your Lordship of the death of the Advoyer Steiguer, which happened on

bacco, &c. Worthington and Troap, the ze inft. atier a lingering illness. He

Owners. was interred on the 7th inft. with all from St. Maloes, the 26th Jan.,

The two Privateers failed together poflible honours, in the Protefiant burying-ground of shis city. The Swiss regi

Taken.-Le Courageux Lugger, of 4 ment of Roverea, and (by direction of

four-pound guns, and i eighteen-pound Field Marlnal Italisky) 'three Ruffian carronade, and 41 men. regiments, tovether with the British and

Le Grand Quinola Cutter, of eight. Russian Ministers to the Swiss Caorons, pound brass carronades, 4 iwo pound

brass several Russian, Austrian, and Pruffian

guns, 2 two-pound iron guns, fwi. S:aff Officers, and a D.putation from

vels, and 40 men. this city,' attended the corpse to the

Admiralty Office, Feb. 8. grave. I pased an hour with him at his own defire, three days before his death, Extraa of Letter from Admiral Sir when he was perfectly fenible; and I

Hyde Parker, Knt. Commander in Chief had the fa:isfaction of hearing him, af:er

of his Majesty's Ships and Vessels at recommending his country, under God,

Jamaica, to Evan Nepean Ejq. Seto his M jelly's sp.cial proiection, pray

cretary of the Admiralty, dated in Pert most earnestly and devourly for the bler.

Royal Harbour, Dec. I, 1799. Sngs God, on his Majelly and on his Sir, fubjects. He is an irreparable lols to You will be pleased to communicate Switzerland.

to my Lords Commissioners of the Ad. I have the honour to be, &c. miralty, that his Majesty's Thip Calypso

(Signed) W. Wickham. arrived here the 21st of last month, with Right Hon. Lord Grenville, Sc. a part of the Englifh and Cork convoys, which had been dispersed by a Spanish Captain Don Diego Villagomez; Galgo, fquadron off the Mona passage. On the of 16 guns, and sou men, Capt. Don 23d ult. his Majesty's ship Crescent ar- Jose de Arias, rived with the remainder of the convoy,

I have the honour to be, &c. the General Goddard ftoreship only ex

W. G. Lobb. cepted. Capt. Lobb’s conduct on this Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. Admiral occafion (as their Lordhips will perceive

of ibe Blue, &c. &c. &c. by the copy of his letter enclosed), was that of a judicious Officer.

Admiralty Office, Feb. 22. Crescent, Port Royal, Nov. 22, 1799. Copy of a Letter from Lieutenant Francis ŞIR.-I am exceeding sorry to acquaint

Godolphin Bond, commanding his Mayou, that on the dawn of the isth infi.

jesty's Gun Vesel Netley, to Evan Nethe S. W. end of Porto Rico bearing

pean, Esq. dated at Lisbon, Jan. 28. N. E. 19 or 12 leagues, we unfortunate. Sir, ly fell in with a (quadron belonging to By the inclosed copy of a Letter to the enemy, confifting of a line of battle Lord Keith, which I have the honour to Thip, frigate, and corvette. As the two transmit to you for the information of former were directly in our course on my Lords Commissioners of the Admithe larboard tack, I made the convoy's raíty, it will be seen that his Majesty's fignal to haul to the wind on the ftar- schooner under my command has been, board tack, made fail to reconnoitre during her laft cruize, rather successful'; them, and on joining the Calypso, which but a long continuation of tempeftuous had previously chafed, perfectly coincide weather subjected the veffels which I ed with Capt. Baker that they were ene had the good fortune to intercept, to the mies, and made fignals to the convoys fame hazard experienced by all the trade for that purpose. The line of battle thip on this coaft. and frigate keeping clofe together, I was I have the honour to be, &c. in great hopes of drawing them from

F. G. Bond. the convoy, by keeping within random shot to windward, and bore up for that

Netley, Lisbon, Jan. 28. purpose, making the Calypso's fignal to My LORD-On the 4th of last month chace N. W. the direction the body of I had the honour of transmitting to you, the convoy was then in; at nine the ene- from the Tagus, copies of two orders, my tacked, and I was under the neceffity the one from Rear Admiral Duckworth, of making the signal to disperfe. The and the other from Captain Blackwood, Calypso bore

up for that part of the con- with an account of the captures made voy that were running to leeward. The by his Majesty's schooner under my corvette, which had been seen some time command, during her last cruize.' Hard before, was standing for the thips that gales of wind prevented our failing hence had kept their wind; I immediately till the aith, and on the 2nd, off Viana, made fail to relieve them, and had the we captured L’Esperance French lugger good fortune to capture her. The ene- privateer, pierced for twelve, but having my were previously chaling the ships to only five guns, with 36 men, formerly a leeward, and I as happy to obierve privateer belonging to Guernsey: Havthem haul their wind, I suppose, on per- ing the next day spoke the St: Fiorenzo, ceiving the situation of the corvette ; in the neighbourhood of Oporto, I was but this, as well as their other mançeuvres informed by Sir Harry Neale of the difduring the course of the day, appeared persion of three convoys on the coaft, so very undetermined, that they did not and the obstacles that had opposed their take the necessary steps to prevent our entry into the Douro for more than 20 taking poffeffion of her ; 'nor had they days, from confiderable freshes, frequent brought to any of the convoy at dárk, calms, and adverse'winds. As the weathnotwithstanding they had been near them er was now favourable for the arrival of for 12 hours; and their fituation was vessels from the S. W. and I conceived such us to give me fanguine hopes not no time Mould be loft in endeavouring any have been captured. The squadron to intercept the enemy's captures bound proved to be Spanish, from St. Domin- to Vigo, I accordiogly stood for the en

1 go, bound to the Havannah, confifting trance of that bay, and on the morning of the Asia, of 64 guns, and 550 men, of the 24th, retook the Hamburgh brig Commodore Don Francisco Montes; Catharina, from Oporto, bound to LiAmphitrite, of 44 guns, and 360 men, merick, laden with wine and fruit. At Ed. Mag. May, 1800.


3 D


night, after a smart chace, we came up Ships and Veffels a: Portsmouth, to twith a small Spanish lugger privateer, van Nepean, Ejg. dated the 22d inf. called Felieidad, of two guns, eight swi

SIR, vels, and 22 men; and, before the prisoners were all shifted, at midnight, another Enclosed I beg leave to transmit to privateer and her prize hove in light. you, for the Information of my Lords We were enabled, at one A. M. (the Commisfions of the Admiralty,'a letter 25th) to come up with the latter, the I have this day received from Capiain Duchess of Gordon, a bark, from New. Riou, of the Amazon, acquain ing the foundland to Oporto, with 7,600 quin- with his having captured the Bougaintals of falt finh. By ten o'clock that ville French privateer on the 14th inft. morning, after a Mort chace, we brought on his return from Cork to this anchorto the St. Antonio y Animas, alias La age, and of the loss of her on the followAurora, Spanish schooner privateer, of ing evening. fix guns, and 46 men, and her prize,

I am, Sir, &c. the Venus, from London, with shot,

M. Milbanke. lead, tin, ftaves, &c. for Oporto. On the 27th, I made three more recaptures,

His Majesty's Ship Amazon, viz. an English brig, called the Com

Spithead, Feb. 21. merce, laden with salt fish; a Swedish SIR-I am to acquaint you, that his brig from Stockholm to Viana, with iron Majesty's ship under my command failed and deals, taken by a French lugger; from Cork harbour on the 12th instant, and a Portuguese schooner with salt. and on the 14th captured the BougainOn the evening of the 28th, the weather ville, a French_privateer of St. Malo, began to threaten, with strong winds to commanded by Pierre Dupont, mounting the Southward. Our recapture remain. 18 six-pounders, and carrying 82 men: ed with me till the 8th of Jan. when but I am sorry to add, that on the folour vicinity to the shore, and a heavy lowing evening, as the Amazon was {ca, obliged me to carry fail and abandon brought to to found, the Bougainville to herself the Commerce, that was defti- ran on board us at the rate of nine knots, tute even of one fail to shift, and those and rebounded off with the immediate bent were in the worft condition. Have loss of her fore and main-mafts, and ing the following day spoke the Trojan with so much injury to her hull, that West Indiaman, with the loss of her there was an instantaneous alarm of sinkmaintop-maft, cross-jack yard, and moft ing. It was not without fome risk, as of her fails, now bound to Lisbon to re- the night was dark, the sea rough, and fit, but separated with many others in the wind high, that the boats were hoift. the recent gales from the outward-bound ed out of the Amazon, and all the men convoy, I continued to attend her till saved excepting one.. The Bougainville, the zitt, in almost a continual form, I am cold, was at this time going down and on the 27th had the pleasure to see by the stern, the water within-board beher safe into this port. Ii is, however, ing above the afterpart of the gun.deck. with much forrow I have to acquaint The injury done to the Amazon was noyour Lordship with the loss of most of thing more than the carrying away the our prizes and several of our crew. Of spritfail, yard, and bumkin. the Duchess of Gordon, which was I have the honour to be, Sir, &c. wrecked near Lisbon, only one person

E. Riou. was faved, the Pilot of the Netley being copy of a Letter from Captain Peter Halof the number who perished. The tate of the others is anticipated, though it is

kett, Commander of his Maj+N;'s Ship known that two brigs are arrived safe;

Apollo, to Evan Nepian, Fjg. dated nd two others took refuge in Vigo.

Madeira, bearing N.W. 12. Leagues, The French lugger was stranded in at

25th Jan. tempting the Bar of Viana, but I am SIR-On the urth inn. in latitude 43 happy to hear her crew were saved. deg. 29 min. N. longitude 12 deg. W. I have the honour to be, &c. a fhip of very suspicious appearance was

F. G. Bond. discovered at a great distance from the The Right. Hon. Lord Keith, K. B. convoy. The weather at the time being Admiralty-Office, Feb. 25.

extremely hazy, after a chace of four

hours, we got within shot of her, when Copy of a Letter from Admiral Milbanke, she brought to and urrendered; we Commander in Chief of his Mujesty's found her to be the Aquilla Spanilh Mip


of war, pierced for 12 guns on the main La Vengeance, 18 guns, 12-pounders, deck, but having only four mounted, and 174 men. commanded by Don Mariano Merino, La Favorite, 16 guns, 8-pounders, from Buenos Ayres, bound to Corunna and 120 men. with a cargo. At day-break on the 15th La Huron, 16 guns, 6 pounders, and ipft. when proceeding on our voyage, a 87 men. fail was seen a-head, on our approach

La Tetrailleuse (schooner) 14 guns, iug her, she altered her course, and en-' 6-pounders, and 87 men. deavoured to avoid us; after a very short I have to lament that, from the pufilchace we came up with and re-captured lanimity of the enemy, I had it not in her ; me is the Lady Harewood, a ship my power to deftroy the whole, or of that parted from the convoy on the itt trying the zeal of my officers and young infi. at the commencement of an exceffive ship's company, but have every thing to hard gale of wind: Me was taken two fay in their favour for the activity and days before in latitude 38 deg. N. long. cheerfulness they shewed on the occasion, 16'deg. W. by the Vautour French ship and hope fome future day we shall be privateer of 20 guns.

more fortunate. On the following day I have the honour, to be, &c. we recaptured the American sip Perfe

P. Halkett. verance, of Baltimore, with a cargo va

lued at 30,cool. Admiralty-Ofice, March 11, 1800. The Vengeance is two years old, and Extract of an Enclosure from Vice-Ad. has been repeatedly chaled by our fri

miral Sir Thomas Paisley, Bart. Com. gates, but from her superior failing efmander in Chief at Plymouth, to Evan caped, nor hould we have caught her Nepean, Esa

had the not carried away her jib-boom.

I have the honour to be, &c.
Nereide, Plymouth Sound, March 7.

Frederick Watkins. MY LORD,

Copy of a Letter from Admiral King /I beg leave to inform you, that on the mill, Commander in Chief of his Ma28th ult. when cruising with his Ma. jesty's ships and vessels on the coast of jesty's ships Repulse and Agamemnon, Ireland, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated off the Penmarks, being confiderably to at Cork the oth inf. the leeward of the above ships, I loft Sir, right of them in the night, and at three In my letter of the 2d instant, I acA. M. I saw a light to windward, which quainted my Lords Commissioners of the I kept company with, supposing it the Admiralty, of the arrival of the French Commodore's, but it proved a Danish brig privateer Telegraphe, sent in by his brig; on my standing back to the ren. Majesty's Noop Kangaroo. I now have dezvous on the following night, we dif- the pleasure to enclose, for their inforcovered five fail, four ships evidently of mation, a copy of Capt. Brace's letter to force, and a schooner. The moment I me, giving an account of the particulars. had made the necessary preparations for The very gallant and beneficial services batile, I hauled my wind for them; of that excellent officer, in capturing the on the dawn of day I plainly discovered enemy's privateer at an early period of they were of force, and then laying to; her cruize, and retaking two valuable when nearly within gun-shot of the merchant ships, deserve every recomlargeft ship they dispersed different mendation ; but it will, I trust, be needways; I continued to chace., Night less for me to attempt pointing out to coming on, I loft fight, but was fortu. their Lordships conduct, which has on nate enough the following morning to this, as well as on former occasions, see one of them, which, after chafing Mewn itself to be so highly meritorious. 12 hours, and running 123 miles, we The French prisoners who were on board captured, which proved to be the Vena the Kangaroo affert, that the French geance privateer of Bourdeaux, pierced brig“ which made her escape was the for 8 guns, 12 pounders, but only 16 Grand Decide, of 18 brass twelve-poundmounted, and 174 men; by her we ers, and 150 men. I conclude the two found that he failed on the 26th from ficers of the army, Captain Hearnes the above place, in company with the and Lieut. Bournes, fo handsomely men. following hips, which were those we tioned by Capt. Brace, were recaptured fell in with, viz.

in the ihip Chance. Bellona, 24 guns, 12-pounders, 36- I have the honour to be, &c. pouad carronades, and 420 men.

R. Kingfmille 3 D 2


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