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SIR, Kangaroo, at Sea, 25 Feb. ditto; William Milliard, Marine.- None

It has been the good fortune of his killed. Majesty's floop under my command to Copy of another Letter from Admiral capture and recapture the vessels named

Kingsmill to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated in the margin.*' The Telegraphe is a at Cork, the 12th inft. fine French brig privateer, quite new, Sia, and fails remarkably faft; mounting 14 I beg you will acquaint their Lord. carriage guns of different calibre, and tips, that another very fine French ship having on board 78 men. I am pleased privateer, called Le Coureur, arrived with having captured her in such wea. this day, having been caprused by the ther, with no other accident than the Revolutionnaire, as mentioned in the inFirtt Lieutenant Mr Thomas Toulerton, closed copy of a letter from Capt. Twyf(a good Officer) having received a vio- den. This privateer will make a most lent contufion'in the face, from the capital Doop of war, being perfectly new, chace gun being thrown off (by the mo- and in every respect fit for his Majesty's tion of the Noop) whilft he was pointing service. her. I now beg leave to refer you to I have the honour to be, &c. my journal; you will perceive that I

R. Kingsmill. carried away the main boom on the 23d ult. in chace of a Mip privateer; and that

Revolutionnaire, at Sea, sth March. I parted company with Le Telegraphe, Lieut. Thompson, in chace of a brig to

At eleven o'clock laft night, the Relecward. In addition to that I have to

volutionnaire captured the French Tip acquaint you, that at cight A. M. on

privateer' Le Coureur, 20 days out from the 25th inft. in lat. 5o deg. N. long. 12 Nantes, pierced for 18 guns, mounting deg. W. I brought to action a French 10 fix.pounders, and four carronades, brig privateer of 18 guns, which, after a

and 158 men. On the 28th of last warm conteft of an hour, fifty minutes month, she captured his Majelly's ship of it fought in good ftyle, close to each Princess Royal, for Tortola ; but I ara o:her, she began to make off

, having happy to add, the Captain, with the damaged the rigging and fails to as to greateft part of the crew, are retaken prevent my clofing with her again,

in the privateer. Le Coureur is quite though every exertion was made on the new, this being her firft cruize, copper. part of the Officers and men, being at

bottomed, and fails delightfully. that time short of 44 Officers and men

· I am, &c. away in prizes, fix men unable to attend

T. Twyfden. their quarters, fix wounded, and four

CAPTURES. centinels over 78 prisoners in the hold, By the Camilla, Capt. Robert Leckar, that confidered, Tiruft it will appear to the Le Vigoureux French lugger priyou that there is much merit due to the

vateer, 3 guns and 26 men. Officers and men on board. I have to By the Mercury, Capt. Rogers, the Aimacknowledge myseľf indebted to Captain well, of Whitby, from Quebec, to Hearnes of the 43d regiment, and to London, with a valuable cargo, (reLieur. Bournes of the ift West India captured :) and the L'Egyptienne regiment, for their affiftance; and I beg French brig privateer, of is brass you will be pleased to recommend to my guns and 66 men ;--new vessel. Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, By the Marshal de Cobourg hired armed Lieut. Toulerton, and Mr Edward Ver. 'brig, Lieut. O'Neile, the Flushinger ling, the Master.


Dutch privateer of 2 guns and 28-men.

E. Brace. By the La Loire, Capt. Newman ;(afList of Men wounded in the action. fifted by the Doop Railleur, Capt. Tur. Mr William Allen, Boattwain ; Thom- quand ; and by the ship Danae, and as Marks, Seaman; William Johnson, Fairy and Harpy. Noops,) the French ditto; Henry Pitts, ditto; George Moore, National Frigate La Pallas, citizen

Ju que * Minerva, an American fhip, laden with tobacco, retaken on the 22d inft. in lat. 49 deg. 44 min. N. and long. 12 deg. 37 min. W. Le Telegraphe, 20 days out from St Maloes; had on the sith inft. taken the Elizabeth brig, from Lisbon, laden with fruit; Chance, West Indiaman, from Martinique, recaptured on the 24th jo lat: 49 deg. 48 min. N. and long. 13 deg. W. and in company on the 25th ult.

I am,


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Jacque Elpion, of 42 guns, and 350 who was fully exposed to the Affaffin,

by the attitude in which he food.His By the Ship Caroline, Capt. Wm. Bow- Majesty had advanced about four steps en, the Le Vulture, a French priva- from the door of the box. On the re. teer ship, mounting 4 twelve pound. port of the piftol, bis Majelty stopped, ers, two thirty-six pound carronades, and stood firmly. The house was immebrass; 16 fix-pounders, iron, (two of diately in an uproar, and she cry of which she threw overboard.) She had " Seize him,” burft from every part of on board 137 men. On first seeing the Theatre, The King, not the least her, she was in the act of bearing down disconcerted, came nearly to the front of on the brig Flora of London, and a the box. The man who committed the ship (the name of which Capt. New- crime was seized and conveyed from the man did not learn,) both of which in Pitt. The audience vehemently called less than an hour muft inevitably have out; "Shew him!” in consequence of fallen ; but, thus delivered, proceeded which loyal clamour, Kelly, who, with on their voyage.

a multitude of persons belonging to the By the Amethytt, Capt. Cooke, the Le Theatre, had rushed upon the flage, Vaillaut French cutter privateer, one came forward and assured them that the long 18 pounder, two long 12-pound, culprit was in safe cuftody. The indigers, and twelve 6-pounders ; manned nation of the audience was soothed by with 131 men.

this intelligence, and their feelings gave By the Triton, the French National brig way to loyal rapture, at the happy e

La Vidette of 14 guns and 84 men. scape of their revered Monarch. " God By the Amphion, Capt. Bennet, (in fave the King” waş'universally demandcompany with the Alarm,) the L'Al. ed. It was sung by all the Vocal Perturiana Spanish Lettre of Marque, of formers, and encored. The curtain 18 eight-pounders, 2 twelve-pounders, drew up for the commencement of the and 4 howitzers of 32 pounders, (all Play; but Bannister, jun. was not sufferbrass,) manned with 100 men, with a ed to proceed till something more could very valuable cargo; she is quite new be learned respecting the wretch who and coppered.

had made this diabolical attempt. BanBy the Nymphe, Capt. Frazer, the La nifter and Mrs Jordan both again affured Modeste French Letter of Marque, the audience that the culprit was pero pierced for 16 guns, having 70 men fectly secured, and the play was then on board, and laden with cotton, cof- . fuffered to go on withoue further interfee, tea, sugar, indigo, &c.

ruption. By the Phoebe, Capt. Barlow, the French The Duke of York, Lord Salisbury, thip privateer, Heureux, of 22 brass and several other Noblemen, with the twelve-pounders, and 220 men, she is affiftance of Mr Sheridan and some Ma. coppered, copper - fastened, and of giftrates, entered into an exmination of large dimensions.

the offender in one of the rooms of the By dirto, ditto, the French fhip priva. Theatre.

teer Bellegarde, 14 guns and 114 men. He said his name was James Hadfield ; By the Penelope, Capt. Blackwood, the that having been discharged from the Carmen, a Spanish xebec corvette, of army on account of his wounds, he had 16 four-pounders and 4 swivels, man. returned to London, and now lived by ned with 130 men.

working at his own trade. He made a [Here end the Gazettes..]

good deal of money; he worked for Mr

Solomon Hongham. Being weary of * ENGLAND.

life, he last week bought a pair of piftols ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE THE KING. from one William Wakelin, a hair-dref. Extraël of a Letter from London, May 16. fer and broker, in St. John-ftreet, (Mr

Sheridan and Mr Wigftcad immediately 1800.

sent persons to bring Wakelin and his “ It is with a mingled feeling of horror Master to the Theatre.) He told him and congratulation that I have to state' they were for his young mafter, who what happened last night at Drury-Lane would give him a blunderbuis in exTheatre. At the moment when his Ma- change. That he had borrowed a crown jesty entered his box, a man stationed in' from his inafter that morning, with The' Pit, near the Orchestra, fuddenly which he had bought some powder, and ftood up, look a deliberate aim, and dif- had gone to the house of Mrs Msfon, in charged his piftol at the Royal Person, Red Lion-freet, to have some boer ;, that



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be went backwards to the yard, and M. Holroyd, &r. the persons who were there he tried his piftols. He found one instrumental in fecuring him, and whole of them good for nothing, and left it be evidence is the most material as to his bind him. la his own trade he used directing the piftol towards his Majesty's lead, and he cast himself two flugs, with Box, if not towards his facred Person, which he loaded his pistol, and came to also attended. the Theatre.

After this the Duke of Clarence, Duke At this part of his narrative Sir Wil- of Cumberland, Mr Sheridan, and sa liam Addington, the Magistrate, arrived, number of Officers, went back to the and took the Chair. Sir William faid, Theatre, and after Their Majesties had it was most material to ascertain that withdrawn, the most strict search was fact, whether the pistol was levelled at made for the Qugs.--A mark was dilthe sacred Person of his Majesty, or fired covered in the top of the canopy over the at random, as the one case would be fligh Royal Box, and in the orcheftra below, a Treason, the other not. He asked Had. Rattened and irregular piece of lead w33 field what had induced him to attempt found, supposed to have recoiled froin the life of the best of Sovereigns? He the place where it ftruck. It was most answered, that he had not attemptec! providential, that at this Theatre the 10 kill the King. He had fired his piftol Royal Box is elevated more than 15 feet over the Royal box. He was as good a above the Pit; fo that from the place fot as any in England; but he was him- where Hadfield levelled his piftol, he was Self weary of life--he wished for death, between 30 and 40 feet distant from his but not to die by his own hands. He Majesty's person. was defirous to raise an alarm, and wish- Hadfield at first, when examined by ed that the fpectators might fall upon Mr Sheridan, said, the pistol was only him. He hoped his life was forfeited." loaded with powder, and professed he He was asked if he belonged to the Cor. had no intention of killing the King ; he responding Society? He laid “ No; he meant to kill himself. Mr Sheridan belonged to no Political Society; he be asked him how he could kill himself if longed to a Club of Odd Fellows, and the piftol was only loaded with powder ? he was a Member of a Benefit Society.” upon which he quickly replied, “Oh, Being asked if he had any accomplices, but there were two Nugs in ir.” This he Coleranly declared that he had none, answer, which Mr Sheridan 'with great and with great energy took God to wit. skill drew from him, was very important, nels, and laid his hand on his heart. as hitherto he had infifted the pistol was

William Wakelin, the person from only loaded with powder, and no harm whom he had bought the piftols, being having been done, it was generally bebrought to the house, was examined. lieved no ball was in it. This was the He said it was true that he had bought a more believed, as the prisoner inlisted he pair of pistols of him, and that he had only withed to make a noise, and do said they were for his young master, who enough to lof: mis own life without hurte would give him a blunder buss for them; ing any other person. The slugs would but he had not yet got the blunderbuís. not have been searched for had not this He knew very little of Hadfield, but answer been drawn from him, and it knew where he worked, and had heard might never have been known that he a good character of him, but that the fired any thing but powder. leaft drink affected his head. Several The affallin ferved his time with a persons from the house of Mrs Mason, very worthy man, Mr Wallis, a silver. his acquaintance, confirmed this fact; smith, in Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell; and they ascribed this to the very fevere who represents him as a very depraved wounds' he had received in the head. character from his youth; he ran away The leaft drink quite deranged him. twice during his apprenticeship; and

Upon this evidence he was committed afterwards married a common proftitute. to Cold Bath Fields for re-examination ; His master says he was always a supthe Duke of Clarence, Duke of Cumber- porter of the Rights of Man, and an adland, and Mr Sheridan, conducted him mirer of che foolith new doctrines of thither. His Majesty's Privy Council, French Liberty. however, defiring to examine him forth. He is fully committed for trial on a with, to discover if he had any accom- charge of Treason, and was sent to Newplices, he was taken to the Duke of Porto gate.” land's Office, where he underwent ano- It must have given great pleasure to aber examination. Mr Major Wright, his Majesty to find all his family lo an. xious about his fafety. The Prince of This trial lasted 12 hours. On WedWales came and aflífted at the Privy nesday the 23d the Jury returned their Council, informing the King, from time verdict, finding, by a plurality of voicca, to time, of what transpired. His Royal the pannel guilty, and he was sentenced Highness again affifted at the Privy Coun- to be hanged on the 28th May.--Robert cil yesterday. His Royal Highnels, thro'. Robertson, accused of the murder or culout the whole, has displayed the most pable homicide of James Brown, a boy, ardent affection for his father, and the was found guilty on his own confeffion, most earneft folicitude to lift the business. though he said without any intention to The Dukes of York, Clarence, and Cum- murder, and sentenced to banishment berland, have been equally alive to their from Scotland for life.--James Morison, duty. In the House of Lords yesterday, accused of breaking into the warehouse the Duke of Clarence burst into tears of Lindsay, Smith & Co. was found guilty when reporting the addre's, which both on his own confeffion, and sentenced to houles agreed to, congratulating his Ma- ten years banishment to Botany Bay. jefty on his escape.

Mary Stark, accused of theft, was, on SCOTLAND.

her petition, banished Scotland for seven The heritors and tenants of the parish years.-- James Lockhart, farmer near of Preston, Eaft-Lothian, have displayed Lanark, and Elizabeth Forbes, his fera marked attention to the condition of van', accused of murder, by adminifter. the lower ranks at this period, which is ing laudanum to Jean Gardner, the wife to be continued till the end of Auguft.- of Lockhart. This trial was long, and Meal is sold to 120 families at prices excited considerable interest. The libel greatly reduced, and in quantities consi- was found not proven, and the prisoners dered to be required for their support. were dismissed from the bar.-Andrew The sum of 300l. has been affefied upon Auld, accused of the murder or culpable the parish, befides Isl. received by the homicide of Alex. Martin, a soldier, in private fubfcription of persons not inclu- February. Owing to the absence of a ded in the legal affefiment. Coals were material witness, the diet was deserted, likewise furnished to a number of families pro loco et tempore, and he was recomduring the winter months.

mitted to.prison. April 9. A fire broke out in a large John Smith, accused of breaking into house upon the road fide, about a mile . various bleachfields in Kilbarchan and eastward from Haddington, commonly Lochwinnoch, and taking therefrom a called the Blue House, which totally con- quantity of muslin and thread, was fumed the premises and all the furniture, found guilty on his own confeffion, and except one cheft of clothes. Above 30 sentenced to fourteen years transportabolls of oats, which a neighbouring tion. The diet was deserted, pro loca et farmer had laid in the loft of the house, ; tempore, againt William Millar, John to be afterwards used for fced, were Cochran, John Cellars alias Sellars, and greatly injured.

James Mitchell, for an assault. The April 22. The best oat meal was fold Advocate Depute informed them that in the Edinburgh Market at 35. 7d. per their recitation before the Court dependpeck.

ed much on their future behaviour. An advertisement has been published John Fletcher and G. Bell, for robbing in the Leeds Intelligencer, signed by 110 and rioting, were found guilty, but owof the most respectable inhabitants of ing to an objection being stated respectthat borough, declaring, that in conse. ing a misnomer to the verdict, they were quence of the very high price of mutton, recommitted to jail, till they found bail, they will not fuffcr Lamb to be eaten at and the objection to be certified to che their tables, or consumed in their families, High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh.. during the space of three months, from -Archibald Black, also accused of riotthe ruth of April.

ing, pasied from the objection, and was In the late Southern Spring Circuit, sentenced on account of his age) to there has not been a fingle criminal trial, fourteen days confinement in the house a very fingular circumstance indeed ! of correction.--Archibald Campbell and

April 22. The Circuit Court of Justin George Rankine, accused of different ciary 'was opened at Glaigow by the acts of theft, committed in Anderston Right Hon. the Lords Jufiice Clerk and and Grahamefton, were found guilty on Methven, with the trial of Peter Grey their own confeffion. Rankine to be for haimlucken, or assaulting Major Cols transported for ten years, and Campbell quhoun in his own house of Rois Lodge for life.


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April 25,-The Circuit Court of Jur- ming, formerly of the Bengal eftablishticiary was opened at Aberdeen by the Righe Hon. Lord Dunlinnan. Ann Mit

April 15. At-Dunse, Mr John Donald. chell, alias Waft, late fervant to James fon, of the Windsor Forretters, to Miss Downie, white-fisher in Pirullie, indicted Eliza Hope Carnagie. for breaking into her mafter's house, and

17. The Rev. Thomas S. Hardie, to stealing money and other articles, and Miss Jane Colvil, daughter of the Rev. afterwards fecriog fire to the houle, fail- Mr Colvil, Minister of the gospel at Oring to appear, was outlawed. Ann mifton. Chisholm and Adam Chisholm, from 21. Mr Andrew Thomson, merchant Stonebaven, indicted for stealing goods, in Glasgow, to Miss Jean Craig, daughfrom a merchane's ftail, in Laurence-kirk ter of the deceased Mr Robert Craig, fair, were, on theirfown petition, banished , merchant. from Scotland for life. Isobel Monro,

22. At Newbigging, near Stonehaven, from Huntly, accused of breaking into Mr Walter Thom, manufacturer in BerHuntly Lodge, and stealing fundry arti vie, to Miss Margaret Turner, youngest cles of household furniture, the property daughter of John Turner, Esq. of Turof the Duke of Gordon, was also, on nerball. her own petition, banished from Scot

23. At Annat, Capt. John Cameron, tand for lite. -Alexander Milne, farmer Glenevis, to Miss Louisa Campbell, at Mill of Crichie, in the parish of Fy daughter of Collector Campbell, Fortvie, was indicted for stealing 81. 165. in William. bank-notes, from a shop in Banff. The 28. At Dublin, Major General Ed. Jury ui animously found him Guiity; ward Morison, to Lady Caroline King, but, in respect of his former good cha- daughter of the late Earl of Kingston. racter, and as this was his first offence,

29. At Murray's Hall, near Stirling, recommended him to the mercy of the Michael Linning, Esq. of Cumberhead, Court; whereupon he was sentenced to to Miss Wiifone, daughter of Henry Pabe imprisoned in the tolbooth of Aber- trick Wilsone, Eiq. late in the service of deen for two months; and thereafter ba the Hon. the Eaft India Company. 'nished from the counties of · Aberdeen, John Gladstone, Esq. of Liverpool,

Banff, and Kincardine. Elizabeth Greig to Miss Ann Robertson, daughter of the and William Anderson, accused of robe late Andrew Robertson, Esq. of Dinge bery, were, upon their own petition ba wall, North Britain. nished Scotland for life.

30. At Aberdeen, Andrew Biffct, Esq. BIRTHS.

Comptroller of his Majesty's Customs at

Montrose, to Miss Anna Ragg, from 1799. April 5. At Conftantinople, the Maryland, Norih America. Countess of Elgin, a son and heir.

At Dublin, Capt. Tobin, Aflifant 1800, April 13. At G Hill, Mrs Mac- Quarter. Mafter-General to the forces in leod of Dalvey, a daughter.

Ireland, to Miss Maria Gorman, daugh15. At Torbreck, near Inverness, the ter to Tho. German of London, Esq. Lady of Dr John Macdonald, a son. Ac Dublin, Capt. George King, of

16. At Warwick, the Ilon. Mrs Ross, the Dumfries Light Dragoons, to Mifs a daughter.

Harriet G fard, eldeft daughter of John 26. At Gogar House, Mrs Ramsay a Giffare?, Esq. daughter.

At Dublin, William Baillie, Eq. of 27. At Newhall, E ft Lothian, the the county of Carlow, to Miss BoomHon. Mrs. Hay, a ton.

herd, fister of the Countess of Belvedere. May s.

At her house, Mill Hill, Muro At Cork, the Rev. Wm. Thompson, felburgh, Mrs Ross, a fon.

to Miss Perguffon, eldest daughter of 6. A: Netherdale, Mrs Rose Iones, a the late Charles Fergusson, Esq. fon.

Mr Mark &Patron, of Belfast, to Mifs 19. Ar Parkhouse, nezr Stranraer, the Macredy, of Rockmount. Lady of Colonel Rois, a lon,

At Plymouth, John Thickness, Esq. 22. At Dreghora, Mis Trotter of Commander of his Majesty's fhip Peli. Dreghorn, a son.

can, to Mifs Sarah Augufta Frazer, only

daughter of Lieutenant Angus Frazer, MARRIAGES.

of the Royal Invalids. Jan. 22. Ar the Cape of Good llope, Charles Wightman, Efq. of Tobago, General Durdas, to Mils E iza Cum- to Miss Elizabeth Cooper, daughter, of ming, daughter of the late Sir John Cum- Arthur Cooper, E'q. of St. Croix.

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