Imatges de pÓgina

his observations would have proved of landia, and the town of Paramaribo, the the most essential service. Capt. Ekins, capital of this fecitement, were taken porof the Amphitrise, and Licut. Senhouse, feffion of by the British troops in bis Macommanding the Requin, were generally jesty's name. It became impossible, from employed as parties ot observation, and the distance of the river Marawina and have great merit for the zeal and activity. Saramaca, to take immediate poffeflion which they evinced in the execution of of the several posts thereon fituated; but the fatiguing and arduous duty entrusted the troops who formerly occupied them to them. The squadron stood in towards having lince entered into his Majesty's Surinam, on the 16th inft. and came to service, now hold them for the British anchor off the mouth of the river that Government. I ain very happy to be enafternoon, when it was agreed between abled to add, that the troops found in Lord Hugh Seymour and myself to fum- this colony, as well as the inhabitants, mon the colony to surrender, which was evince the utmost satisfaction, and appear accordingly done in the evening. But, as perfectly contented and happy in the the Governor requested 48 hours to con- change that has taken place. I have also lider the proposals, his aniwer was not great pleasure in acquainting you that received till ihe 18th, which was deli- our troops landed in perfect health, which .vered by a Deputation from the Colony, is, in a great measure, to be attributed to composed of some Military Officers and the attention they received from the navy Gentlemen, inhabitants of the fertlement, whilft on board hip. My knowledge of who were empowered to treat with us the Officers and men employed on this generally on the terms proposed, but not expedition warrants me in saying, that, authorized to conclude the capitulation had there been occasion for greater exerfinally, the ratification of the several ar• tions than were found necessary, his Maricles being reserved for the Governor. jesty would have had every reason to be It being impoffible, from the Mallowness satisfied with their services; as it is, of the water, to proceed up the river many must be content to have their mewith the line of battle thips, a dispisition rits unknown till some more trying occawas made on the morning of the 19th to fion shall prefent ittelf; for on this we remove the troops from the Prince of must acknowledge, that the acquisition Wales and Invincible to the small craft, of this valuable colony is to be atiributed which was immediately effected; when to the sense entertained by the people of they, with four frigates, (the Admiral the advantage of having the exercise of and myself being in one of them) got their religion, the execution of their laws, under weigh, and in the afternoon an. and the enjoyment of their property fe. chored two miles above the entrance of cured by the British Government, added the river. A detachment of the both re. to the abhorrence in which they have giment was then landed, and took pos- long held French principles and French feflion of the redoubts and battery at oppreffion, rather than to the effect of Bram's Point, called Peic Keyn, which our exertions, or the dread of our force. had been previously abandoned. In the From these causes I am persuaded his fituation now described, the squadron Majesty will find the inhabitants loyal continued till the night of the 20th inft. subjects, and the military, who enter into when the capitulation was returned finally his fervice, faithful servants. I am par. racified and confirmed by the Governor, ticularly indebted to Vice-Admiral Lord which enabled us to proceed on the fol- Hugh Seymour, for his cordial co-operalowing day with the ships and smalleraft tion during the whole of this undertaklying witbin the river, to Fort New Am- ing, and have great pleasure in acknowsterdam, wbich was then taken poffeffiou ledging iny obligations to the Navy in of by 400 men of the 4th battalion of general. In the various arrangements the both, under the command of Major since my arrival in the Weft Indies, on Dorsner, the Aaing Adjutant-Gineral, this and every other occasion, I have de. Major Thomas having allo landed with rived very effential affiftance from the this detachment. The garriton of Fort knowledge and experience of Major New Amsterdam, confifted of abou: 750 Thomas, the Acting Adjutant-General

, men, soo of whom were the Walloon acquired by his having ferved the greater Guards, and 250 Dutch troops who were part of the laft and present wars in this allowed to march out with the honour's country. Inclosed I have the honour of war.

On the 22 i inft. the redoubt to tranimit to you a return of the ordLeyden, and battery Friderici, the re- nance found in the several forts and doubt and battery Purmerent, Fort Zee. batteries. I have charged my side-de


Camp, Capt. Browne, with this dispatch, artillery carbines with bayone's.-38 Of. who will have the honour of giving you ficers' fuzees.-31 rifes.- 37 short mufsuch further information as may be re. kets.—2 mušketoons.-7 elpontoons.-51 quired relative to the surrender of this piftols.—70 artillery fabres.-548 infanColony.

try labres.-50 Jager fabres.-5 basketI have the honour to be, &c.

hilted swords.- 100 boarding pikes.T. Trigge, Lieut. Gen.

26 pouches and belts for artillery.-133

Nings for muskete.-323 cartouche boxes Return of Ordnance, Ammunition, and bards.-1134 handspikes.-500 muskets

with belts.-518 Moulder belts with scabStores in the different Forts' and Bat. in poffeffion of Duich troops.— With a teries in the Colony of Surinam.

very large proportion of ordnance and

engineer ftores. Brass ordnance, on travelling carriages, 14 heavy eighteen prunders, 6 heavy

Thomas Brady, Brigadier General twelve-pounders, 6 heavy fix pounders,

Commanding Royal Artillery. 4 medium three-pounders, 4 eight-inch Head Quarters, Paramaribo, Aug. 23. howitzers. On wood beds: 4 eight-inch mortars, 4 five and two cen-inch mor- SIR, tars.- Iron ordnance, on travelling car- Inclosed we have the honour to transriages, 47 twenty-four pounders, 11 eigh. mit to you a Copy of the Articles of Cateen-pounders, 21 twelve pounders, 4 pitulation on which this Colony furrena eight-pounders, 19 fix-pounders,47 threedered to his Majesty, together with the pounders : on skids, II (wenty-four poun. Papers relating to the particulars thereol. ders, 26 eighteen-pounders, 7 eight- We have the honour to be, &c. pounders, 29 fix-pounders, 36 four poun

Tho. Trigge, Lieut. Gen. ders, 17 three-pounders, 20 swivels.

Hugh Seymour, Vice Adm. Hazle-hooped powder, 147 whole barrels, 428 half barrels, 117 quarter barrels.

Right Hon. Henry Dundas, &c. Cartridges filled for eighteen and twelve- By Lieut Gen. Thomas Trigge and Vice'

Admiral the Right Hon. Lord Hugh pounders, 48 barrels.-12,950 musket ball cartridges.-8 pounds paper car.

Seymour, Commander in Chief of his tridges filled, 1039 (wenty-four pound

Britannic Majesty's land and sea forces ers, 6 ditco, 343 eighteen-pounders, 4

employed at the Windward and Lee

ward Ifands : ditto, 961 twelve-pounders, 2 ditto, 118 eight-pounders, 2 ditto, 640 fix. A squadron of his Britannic Majefty's pounders, i ditto, 1325 three pounders, ships being arrived upon the coast of Su. 3 ditto, 28 eight-inch howitzer.-Round rinam with a very confiderable military hot 6043 twenty-four pounders, 6582 force, we seize the firft moment to offer eighteen.prunders, 8141 twelve pound. terms so evidently for the advantage of ers, 360 eight-pounders, 4034 tix-pound- the colony placed under your conimand, ers, 4537 ihree pounders.--Grape quilte that we trust they will immediately be ed shot, 169 twenty-four pounders, 47 subscribed to; and particularly as the fie eighteen.pounders, or twelve-pounders, milar mark of our Sovereign's gracious 40 eight-pounders, 148 fix-pounders, 168 disposition has been productive of every three-pounders, 100 two pounders.- poslible happiness and advantage to your Cafe Phot, 69 twenty-four pounders, 48 late filter Colony of Demerara.-W. cighteen.pounders, 159 twelve-pounders, have fent Capr. William Cayley, fenior 3 eight.pounders, 158 fix-pounders, 447 Captain of the squadron, and Licut. three-pounders, 100 half-pounders, Colonel the Baron De Routenberg, comBalls of iron, 20 barrels. Empty shells, manding a battalion on this expeditio!', 490 ten-inch, 770 eight-inch, 455 five with these terms for your consideration, and two tenth-inch. Fixed fhells, 98 and Thall wait twenty-four hours for your eighi-inch, 80 five and iwo tenth-inch. decifion on this lubject. Should the offic Light balls, 16 eight-inch, 12 five and made on our part in ihe name of his Britwo tenth-inch.-Musket balls in boxes, tannic Majesty not be accepted, you must 5431 pounds.--Pifol balls in boxes, 1806 yourself be answerable for the effufion of pounds.-5486 bird hot for the Indians. blood and the loss of property which -259 carbines.—129 fuzees with bayo. may be the consequence of terms not Dets.-891 muskets with bayonets.-69 being attended to in time, which are American muskets without bayonets. formed for the general welfare of the 19 blunder-bulles.--33 ship muskels.--70 Colony over which you are placed, as


16, 1799:

well as the comfort and happiness of its The French corvette l'Huffar, a very individuals, (Signed)

fine vessel, only seven months old, mounts Tbo. Trigge, Lieut. Gen. 20 nine-pounders, now serving as the

H. Seymour, Vice Admiral. Surinam Knop, aod Lieutenant Cole, of Dated on board his Majesty's lip Prince mand her. The Camphaan brig, of 16

the Prince of Wales, appointed to com. of Wales, off Brain's Point, Auguft.

guns, late belonging to the Government

of Holland, now serving under the same [Then follow the Articles of Capitula“ name, and Lieutenant Thwaites, of the tion.]

Prince of Wales, appointed to command

her. Admiralty Office, 08. 12. Lieut. Senhouse, of his Majefty's brig

Copy of a Letter from Vice- Admiral Lord Requin, arrived this afternoon, with dis.

Hugh Seymour to Mr Nepean. parches from Vice-Admiral Lord Hugh

Prince of Wales, off Bram's Point, Seymour, Commander in Chief of his

Aug. 31.
Majesty's ships and vessels employed at SIR,
Barbadoes and the Leeward Isands, to
Evan Nepean, Elg. Secretary of the Ad-

I have the satisfaction to inclose, for miralty, of which the following are Co the information of the Lords Commis. pies.

fioners of the Admiralty, a letter which

I have just received from Capt. Westera
Prince of Wales, of Bram's Point, of his Majesty's ship Tamer.
Aug. 31, 1799

I am Sir, &e.

H. Seymour. I have the honour to forward, for the information of my Lords Commislioners Tamor, off Surinam, Aug. 29. of the Admiralty, a copy of the Articles My LORD, of Capitulation, figned on the 20th inft: for placing the very valuable Golony of

I have the honour to inform your Surinam under his Majesty': protection ; Lordship, that on Monday morning, the which I moft sincerely con.

26th indt. a little atter day-light. being gratulate their Lordships. Having been then about four leagues to Westward of taken very ill on Tuelday last, I have Orange, I discovered a strange fail bearnot fince been in a ftate to attend on bufio ing W. N. W. and having the evening ness, which I hope will be admitted by before had a running fight with a large their Lordships as a sufficient apology for French corvette, who escaped by getting my not giving them a detailed account into Moal water, and the darkness of the of this fortunate event. I have, however, night, and concciving the fail in fight to fent a copy of my letter to the Secretary be the same, I immediately gave chace : of State, for their LordMips'information. about half paft five P. M. I got alonglide I have sent Lieut. Senhouse in the Re- of her, when after about ten minutes. quin armed brig with my disparches, close action le struck, and proves to be whose intelligence, zeal, and activiry the national corvette Republicaine, (comhave recommended him most strongly manded by Citoyen Le Bozee, Capitaine to my notice, and will, I hope, to their de Frigate) of 32 guns, 24 long nines, Lordships' favour and protection. I am and 8 Thirty-two pound carronades, and not able ar present to forward an account 220 men, from Cayenne, on a cruize, of the vessels captured at Surinam, two and had taken iwo Aincricans. I had of which I have been obliged to take in- two seamen wounded in this buliress, 10 his Majesty's service until their Lord. and my fails and rigging a good deal Ships' pleafure can be known; but I shall damaged, the enemy is almost a wreck, take the firit opportunity of fending that and I have towed her up here with me; account for their Lordhips' informa. her lots I understand to be nine killed and tion.

twelve wounded.
I am, &c.

I have the honour to be, &c.
H. Seymour.

Thesa Western. On account of the Long and very Interesting Intelligence from the Gazettes, (great part of which we have not been able to get into this Number, we have referred the Article of Affairs in Scotland, &c. till our next.


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