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author, 1772 - 253 pàgines

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Pàgina 8 - There be three things which are too wonderful for me, Yea, four which I know not : The way of an eagle in the air ; the way of a serpent upon a rock; The way of a ship in the midst of the sea ; And the way of a man with a maid.
Pàgina 33 - The amendment of their lives and conversations are equally unregarded by all churches, how much soever they differ in doctrine and discipline. And though all the reformation our Saviour preached to the world was only repentance and amendment of life, without taking any notice at all of men's opinions and judgments ; yet all the Christian churches take the contrary course, and believe religion more concerned in our erroneous opinions than in all the most inhuman and impious actions in the world.
Pàgina 219 - THE UNIVERSAL PRAYER. FATHER of all ! in every age, In every clime adored, By saint, by savage, and by sage, Jehovah, Jove, or Lord ! Thou great First Cause, least understood, Who all my sense confined To know but this, that Thou art good, And that myself am blind ; Yet gave me, in this dark estate, To see the good from ill ; And binding nature fast in fate, Left free...
Pàgina 34 - ... slightest occasion given, then Love [upon] the greatest obligations imaginable : whether the Returnes are more chargeable to be performd, or the Revenge more Pleasant to those who believe themselves injurd I cannot tell. Charity is the chiefest of all Christian virtues, without which all the Rest signify nothing, For Faith and Hope can only bring us on our way to the Confines of this world : But Charity is not only our Convoy to heaven, but ingag'd to stay with us there for ever. And yet there...
Pàgina 58 - The former only makes gold, this makes man. The former only prolongs life, this creates it. That there is only one way into the world, but many out of it, was an old faying, in the days of ignorance, it feems — philofophy knows better things, now. But this is not all. We can bring the dead to life again. Read the following paragraph, taken, from the poftfcript of the St. James's Chronicle, or Britilh E ven ing Pott.
Pàgina 55 - Nature — that the aihes of toads will produce the very fame efFeft as the powder of crabs' eyes ; which I think no lefs than probable, as far as I pretend to be a judge of philofophy. Nay, even fo late as the year fifty, a French chymift...
Pàgina 53 - I fuppofe, in the ordinary, unfcientifick manner; which in truth they fhould do, for me. They have more idle time on their hands. And why fhould one be at the trouble of making a parcel of little animals, that can do it themfelves, to the full as well at leaft ? The Sieur Pogorios, and Monfieur de Chambulan, both agree with Signior Borello in the fame procefs, affirming their own experience as vouchers of the fact. But they all of them, indeed, join in giving you this philofophic caution, in the...
Pàgina 65 - ... milk, without being pregnant, or having had a child. 188. I am in pofleffion of a faculty, at any time I pleafe, of communicating a fenfible pleafure to myfelf, without action, idea, or reflection : by fimple volition, merely The fenfation is in a degree between feeling and titillation, and refembles the thrilling which permeates the joints of the body, upon ftretching and yawning.
Pàgina 235 - O death, where is thy fting ? O grave, where is thy victory ? The fting of death is fin ; and the ftrength of fin is the law.
Pàgina 59 - The taile of this liquor refembles that of commanders balm." Here's a treacherous renegade for you. We are undone if e-ver we mould go to war with the...

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