Imatges de pÓgina

Live righteously: Do to others, as you SERM. would others fhould do unto you. Attend VII. much to relative duties. Behave as you ought to fuperiors, equals, inferiors, agreeably to your rank and station. It is eafie to perceive from the epiftles of Chrift's Apoftles in the New Teftament, that much of religion lyes herein: And that they are very imperfect Chriftians, who are defective in relative duties.

4.) Be perfuaded to accuftom yourselves to private prayer. This may be understood to be included in a preceding direction. Nevertheless I have chofen to mention it here particularly and exprefsly. Pray, as you are able. Ufe the compendious prayer, which our Lord taught his disciples: or some other prayer, fuited to your age and condition. What you want, aik God for. Look up to him, and humbly entreat his gracious and watchful care and protection. Say: "O

Lord, I am thine. Thou haft made me, " and I have promised to serve thee. Thou "knoweft my weaknesse, and all the fnares "and dangers that furround me. Do thou keep me from evil, and vouchsafe unto me "all thofe good things, which are needful " and convenient for me. I would acknowM "ledge

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ledge thee in all my ways: Do thou di "rect my steps. Grant, that I may seriously attend to, and carefully emprove all "the means and helps, which thou affordest "me for obtaining true holineffe, and for perfevering therein, notwithstanding the temptations I may meet with. May I chearfully perform all the duties and fervices, owing from me to thofe, to whom "I ftand related, and with whom I converse, "or have any dealings. And may I fo "ferve and honor thee on earth, as that I may be received in thy due time to the joys of thy heavenly and eternal king"dom."

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5.) Once more, ever remember the importance of right conduct. This is not a matter of indifference, or of but little moment. But all depends upon it. Good and evil, life and death, are fet before you. Therefore choofe the one, and refuse the other. Sin is a root of bitterneffe. It yields bitter fruit, torment and vexation of mind. If. xxxii. But the fruit of righteousnesse, or virtue, is


quietneffe and affurance forever.

Moreover, it should be confidred, that you have been brought to Chrift, and inftructed in the


principles of religion. If after you have had SERM. fome knowledge of the way of righteoufneffe, you should turn from it, your cafe would be extremely fad and deploreable. But I truft, you shall not fall away, but perfevere to the end, and at laft be placed at the right hand of the judge of the whole earth, and, together with others, hear that gracious fentence and invitation: Come, ye bleffed of my Father, inherit the kingdom, prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

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Mat. xiv.


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The Happineffe of having religious Parents, and other pious Relatives.

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When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith, that is in thee: which dwelt firft in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice: and I am perfuaded, that in thee alfo.

HE enfuing difcourfe is chiefly intended for the benefit of my younger hearers. And upon occation of this text I would propound these several observations.


I. It is an advantage to be defcended of VIII. pious parents, and other religious an


II. It is commendable in children to at-
tend to the inftructions, and imitate
the virtues of their parents, and other
religious ancestors.

III. They are to be blamed, who degene-
rate from the virtues of their familie.
IV. Children have a right to excell their
parents in such things as are good and

V. It is a great and fingular happineffe,
where there is a general agreement and
harmonie, as to things of religion,
among friends and relatives, and the fe-
veral branches of a familie.

I. It is an advantage, to be defcended of pious parents, and other religious ancestors.

This is evident at firft fight. If piety, or any virtue, be preferable to irreligion, and to vitious difpofitions and practises, it must be an advantage to be related to fuch as are religious and virtuous. It cannot but

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