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The other instance is very recent indeed. I allude to a late transaction of the amiable and benevolent Emperor of Germany; who, notwithstanding he has, from his goodness of heart and liberality of mind, granted you the liberty of educating your children in German universities, (which, by the divine blessing, may prove a means of facilitating your conversion) will not permit you to purchase a foot of land, nor admit you to the privileges of citizenship, in any one instance, throughout his extenfive dominions.

Be assured then, you will still be outcasts from every civil community on the face of the earth, till you believe that the crucified Jesus was your predicted Messiah, foretold to your ancestors by the prophets of God, that King, who shall reign in righteousness, and execute judgment and justice,” not only in Ifrael, but throughout the Earth; that King whose kingdom shall break in pieces all other kingdoms ;" that King whom God promised to David from his loins to raise up to fit on his throne for ever;" that is, till, at the grand consummation of all things, " he thall deliver up his kingdom to God, who gave it, that God may be all in all,” and thenceforth reign without a delegate. “Is God a nian, that he should lie, or the son of man that he should repent ?' He will never falfify his own predictions.


But I do not, my dear friends, expect to behold your conversion, either in whole or in part, till some intelligent, benevolent Christian undertake to remove the obstacles, which Christians themselves have thrown in your way, by their misconceptions of the essence of Christ Jesus :-Misconceptions fo grofs in some particulars, as, by overturning every rational idea of natural religion, and the unity of the Supreme Being, must disgust every thinking Pagan, Mohammedan, and Jew, who suppose such mifconceptions are founded on the tenets of genuine Christianity; whereas, in fact, they originate in a manifest perversion of the doctrine of the Gospel, and in human invention and misinterpretation. I could wish fome Christian, more able than myself, would endeavour to remove these obstacles to your conversion, by rectifying such misconceptions ; but, as none appears,

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I am happy in offering myself as an instrumental agent, however unworthy, in the hands of God, to effect a purpose so worthy of God, and so beneficial to you. This I propose to undertake in this serious, affectionate address, which, I trust, you will not disdain to honor with an attentive, candid perusal.

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That God, your and my Jehovah, may keep you, my countrymen, the British Jews, and the whole house of Israel, under his holy protection, and that I may prove, both in word and deed, instrumental, to the extent of my ability, in accomplishing your conversion to a faith in the suffering Jesus, as your promised Messiah, the future King of Israel, are the subjects of a fervent, cordial prayer, which I frequently address to that infinitely wise, great and good Being. If this Address, in its commencement, continuation, and conclusion, should in any degree, prove the happy instrumental cause, under God, of bringing not only your dispersed people, but also Pagans, and Mohammedans, to the acknowledgement of your Messiah, of rectifying the various mysterious errors of Christians, and


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of more or less enlightening the minds of all, I cannot be too thankful to God for his goodness, in influencing my mind, by a train of his natural events, to dedicate my thoughts and time to your essential service. The Lord our God, who is one Lord or Jehovah, and not a fanciful tripartite Divinity, abundantly repays my little labor of love to you, in the inexpressible joy of heart, refulting from a cousciousness that your happiness is my grand object in view. Profeffing a zealous attachment to your true welfare, I pray to God to prosper my benevolent endeavours for your good, if such be his holy will; and intend, if they should be productive of the desired effect, the conversion of a number of you to the acknowledgment of your Messiah, and my God should be pleased to grant me life and health, to hold myself in readiness to accompany you, and, if called on by you, to lead you back, under God's protection, to your own land; for your first emigration thither, will, I apprehend, be necessarily pårtial, or proportionate to the num. bers of


who shall from time to time embrace Christianity. Now as your Jehovah punished your forefathers by the sword,

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by a signal destruction of their city and temple, by captivity, and by a general difpersion of them throughout all lands, agreeably to the predictions of Moses and the prophets, which dispersion is a standing miraculous evidence of this truth, that Jesus was the Messiah ; and as you, their posterity, are involved in these sufferings, which are the consequences of their guilt in rejecting him, and putting him to death ; so you, on your conversion to Christianity, will receive double for all your sufferings. Inconceivably great are the blessings God has in store for you, and through you, for all the nations of the earth, when this most desirable event shall, in his due appointed time, take place. God has promised not to forsake but to be a God andfather to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their feed for



I fall now, as was proposed, attempt to remove the obstacles to your conversion, thrown in your way by Christians themselves. As your ancestors made void the word of God, contained in the law of Moses, by their numberless traditions, and your modern Rabbis have rendered it still


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