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ISAIAH lxii. 1, 7.

« For Zion's Sake will I not hold my
Peace, and for Jerusalem's Sake I will not reft, until the
Righteousness thereof go forth as Brightness, and the Salva-
tion thereof as a Lamp that burneth; till the Lord esta-
blish, and make Jerusalem a Praise in the Earth."


Printed for J. Johnson, No. 72, St. Paul's Church-Yard.


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Nov. 22, 16. MAT


C A L L,



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S fellow creatures, and many of you

as fellow Britons, the benevolent defign of this address to you is to persuade you to become fellow christians. In


hum-' ble opinion, I cannot evince more, to your and my own satisfaction, my love and friendship for you, than by endeavouring to convince you, from the testimony of your own prophecies, delivered by God to your forefathers, that the suffering Jesus of the Christians was your Meffiah, of the feed of David, and that your dispersion throughout all lands, as strangers and fojourners, will continue, so as that you will not be able to obtain a settlement, or the rights of citizenship, in any part of the earth, till you believe in,




and acknowledge the first past advent of your Meffiah. On the contrary, when, in the language of the great apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, who was a Jew, and a persecutor of the Christians, before his signal conversion, “the veil which is now on your hearts, when you read Moses and the prophets, shall be taken away,” so as that you shall clearly discern, discerning acknowledge, and acknowledging obey, this Jesus as your promised Messiah ; not only those of you, who may choose to dwell in the various Christian countries where they now sojourn, will be admitted to the enjoyment of the rights of citizenship in these countries, but as many of you as shall prefer a return to your own land, will receive the divine blessing on your undertaking, till, at length, after a series of years, God will bring you all back, with joy and triumph, from all the countries whither he has driven you; and the several nations of the earth will be so far from obstructing your return, that they will aid and assist you in it, as I hope to fully prove from your divine prophecies, in the sequel of this address. At present I beseech you, by the mercies of God, which Pagans,


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Mohammedans, Jews, and Christians, undeservedly experience from Jehovah, the God of Israel, and the God of all the inhabitants of the earth, to seriously reflect that the hand of God has been, is, and will still be, against you, and, in the emphatic language of your own Scriptures, “his face turned

away from you,” so long as you remain in


unbelief. Out of numerous instances which might be cited, from the page of history, to evince the truth of this assertion, I shall produce two.

The first, which occurred in this country during my state of childhood, is very remarkable, and was as follows.—When a liberal minded minister in the last reign, Mr. Pelham, attempted to introduce a bill for the naturalization of your people, the clamours of the nation were fo vehement against it, that he was compelled to drop it, to the best of my recollection, after it had made its way through the two Houses of Parliament, even in its last stage, when it waited only for the royal assent to pass it into an act, which you know, agreeably to the political constitution of this country, is necessary before it can obtain the force of a law.

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