Imatges de pÓgina

the “ Philological Society" at Bucharest is eighteen, to which must be added ten corresponding members, mostly at Vienna.

Among the works announced, is a literal paraphrase of of Homer, 2 vols. 8vo. the manuscript of which was found in the library of Alexander Mauracordat, who died at Constantinople. It is written on parchment ; and appears to date in the 12th century.


Art. XXVIII. Archiv fur Asiatische Literatur, &c. Archives of the Li

terature, History, and Languages of Asia, published by J. Klaproth, by order of the Academy of St. Petersburgh. Tom. 1. 4to. pp. 224. With Plates and Woodcuts.

THIS work deserves notice on account of the difficulty both of main

taining intercouse with, and procuring intelligence from, those rernote districts of Asia, to which the major part of the articles contained in it relate. Concerning these districts M. Klaproth has here collected a number of valuable documents, the principal materials of which he obtained during a long residence on the frontiers of China ; and afterwards, during his travels to, and about Mount Caucasus, in 1807, and 1808.

In the first memoir, he institutes a parallel between the principal written characters of Asia. These he compares with German writing. The engravings annexed, represent the principal lines of the Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Nantchew, Chinese and Georgian styles of writing. The characters of each language are added, with their accents. The second memoir relates to the languages of Caucasus', which the author divides into four principal branches the dialect of the Avāres ; the Kaszi-Chumuk; the dialect of the Akusı hes ; and that spoken in the territory of Kura, in southern Daghestan; of this last, little is known, but from conjecture. In the third memoir the author investigates the origin of the Afghans; and this, by comparing the words and phrases of their language with those of the Zeud and Pahlavi, the Curds, &c. he ioclines to derive from Media ; and supposes that they inhabited the mountains which extend themselves between Persia, Hindostan, and Bactriana. The fourth memoir is intitled Babar Na'shmeli, or “ the Book of Council.” It written in the Turco-tartarian language ; and consists of a parration by Sultan Babar, who founded the Mogul Empire in Hindostan, in the beginning of the XVIth Century, of his warlike achievements. Only the description of Ferghana, is here translated. Sir George Staunton's Treatise on Vaccination, written in Chinese forms the fifth memoir. The author also presents us with some historical fragments on the conotries, and languages of Ava and Pegu, with a vocabulary of the Boroana tongue,-as also of the language of the islands Lieu-Kifüs, situated be. tween Japan and the island of Formosa. The volume concludes with * Observations on the Frontiers, between Russia and China," made during a Journey in those parts in 1806.

The second volume of this work is expected shortly. We should suppose that some of the articles would amply renay the labour of translating them.


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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

Sir Humphry Davy will publish early out of print, is again at press, and will in November, “ Elements of Agricul. be republished in the course of a month. tural Chemistry,” in a course of lectures Mr. Frey has in the press his Hebrew delivered before the Board of Agriculture, and English Grammar; and a Diction-illustrated with plates, engraved by ary in two parts; the first containing all Lowrie.

the primitives and derivatives in the HeMessrs. Longman and Co., have near- brew and Chaldaic languages, with a ly ready for publication, the Reports, Latin and English translation; and the Estimates, and Treatises, embracing the second, the principal words in Latin and several subjects of Canals, Navigable English, with a Hebrew translation. Rivers, Harbours, Piers, Bridges, Drain- At press, a Lexicon of the New Tesing, Embanking, Lighthouses, Machi- tament. This work is principally innery of various Descriptions; including tended for the use of schools, and is Fire Engines, Mills, &c. &c. with other consequently less extensive than ParkMiscellaneous Papers ; drawn up in the hurst's Lexicon, though compiled on a Course of his Employment as a Civil somewhat similar plan. The various Engineer. By the late Mr. Joha literal and metaphorical significations of Smeaton, F.R.Š. Illustrated with platas, every word used by the sacred writers, engraved by Lowrie, printed chiefly are given in English : difficult expresfrom his manuscripts, under the direction sions and phrases are concisely eluciof a Select Committee of Civil Engi- dated, and those variations of the verb. neers, in three volumes, quarto.

or noun, which could occasion any dif'The Author of the " Mental Teles. ficulty to the young student are insertcope," has made considerable progress ed and referred to their schemes. in a tale designed for youth, and to be The Rev. Robert Walpole has in the entitled “ Rose and Emily, or Sketches press, an Essay on the misrepresenta. of Youth."

tions, ignorance, and plagiarism of cerDr. Bateman has been engaged for ta in infidel writers. some time past, in preparing for public The Rev. Dr. James Brown has in the cation a short Treatise on the Diseases press, a Historical and Political Explaof the Skin, according to the lucid ar- nation of the Book of Revelation, inrangement devised by the late Dr. tended to show that it is an allegorical Willan; which is calculated to teach representation of the miserable governaccuracy in the discrimination of the ments of the world, and their final exappearances of eruptive disorders, and tinction in the reign of the Redeemer. to render the language, in this depar A Critical Account of the Life, Chament of medicine, clear and definite. racter and Discourses of Mr. Alexander From a long connection with the same Morus, the celebrated preacher and propublic institution with Dr. Willan, and fessor in Geneva and Holland, and af. from direct personal communication on terwards minister of Charentonin France, these topics, Dr. Bateman will be is preparing; in which the attack made enabled to include in his Synopsis, a upon him by Milton will be particularly view of the unfinished parts of the clas- considered. Some of the select sermons sification, as well as of those already of Morus, now first translated by a mia before the public.

nister in Scotland, will be subjoined, the The Collection of above Six Hundred whole forming a small octavo volume. Hymns, designed as a Supplement to Mr. Jackson is printing at Oxford a Dr. Watts's, and selected by the Rev. Grammar of the Æolo-Doric or Modern Elward Will'ams, and the Rev. James Greek tongue, vulgarly called the RoBoden, which has been for some time maic; in which the peculiarities of the


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Aolo-Doric will be traced to the respec- by engravings, is in the press. tive dialects of which the modern Greek The Rev. Wm. Beloe has compacted is composed.

the sixth volume of his Anecdotes of The Rev. E. Valpy, of Trinity Col- Literature, and it will shortly appear. lege, Cambridge, bus in the press a The Biograpbical Peerage of the Greek Testament, with Griesbach's United Kingdom, vol. 4, containing IreText, in two volumes ortavo. It will land, is nearly ready for publication contain copious noces from Hardy, Ra. The History and Antiquities of the piel, Kypke, Schleusner, Rosenmuller, County of Lincoln are about to be illus. &c. in familiar Latin; together with pa- trated by publishing a translation of the railel passages from the classics, and Chronicle of Ingulphus, abbot of Croywith references to Vigerus for Idioms, lavd: with biographical, historical and and Bus for Ellipses. A few copies will descriptive notes, accompanied by enbe prinici on lary«: paper.

graved views, portraits, &c. in the press, a new edition of Wood's Speedily will be published, in three Athena Oxonienses, conibining the volumes crown octavo, embellished with texts of the two former editions, with an elegant portrait, the complete Works cousiderable additions.

of Thomas Otway, with a new Life, and Speedily will be published, in a small Notes critical and explanatory. By éclaro volume, a Translation of the Thomas Thornton, Esq. A few copies Latin and Italian poems of Milton, by will be printed on large paper. J. G. Strutt, Esq.

Mr. John Malcolm has in the press a Mr. Thomas Myers, of the Royal work on the subject of Persia, which Miliary Academy, Woolwich, has will extend to three large volumes in nearly ready for publication, a com

quarto. perdio!ls System of Modern Geography, Sir James Mackintosh, during his rebistorical, physical, political, and des- sidence in Hindvostan, bas compiled a criptive, with notes and maps; adapted History of England, since the Revolu. for the higher classes of pupils under tion, intended to serve as a continuation both public and private tuition.

of Hume's History. It is expected to At press, Robertson's Cambridge La- form four quarto volumes, and report tin phrases, considerably improved, and says that he has been offered several adapted to the general purposes of thousand pounds for the copyright, scbools.

The Rev. George Crabbe's volume of A new Greek Delectus, on the plan Tales is expected to make its appearance of Dr. Valpy's Latin Delectus, is in pre- very specdily. paration.

'The Poetical Register, volume the seConsiderations on the Life and Death venth, for 1808 and 1809, will appear of Abel, Enoch, and Noah, a small post- early in August. humous work by the lale Bishop Horne, In a few days will be published, the will shortly be published.

Widower, a poem, in seven parts. A new edition of the Collection of The Memoirs of the Margravine of Tracts, published by a Society for the Barenth, the favourite sister of Frede. Reformation of Principles, under the rick the Great, will appear in a few days. title of The Scholar armed against the Their authenticity is, we are informed, Errors of the Time, is in the press. unquestionable, as they have been pub

A uew edition of Blair's Grave, and lished from the original MS. in the hando:her poenis, as collected by Dr, Ander- writing of the princess. sou, with a preface, and accompanied



M. D. F. R. S. L. & E. 4th Edition, 2 vols. 4to. with a memoir of the au. bor.

Syiva; or a Discourse of Forest Trecs, &c. By Jolin Evelyn, Esq. help. R. S. With Notes by A. Hunter,

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Further Observations on the present Horne Tooke, Esq. By W. H. Fleid. State of Agriculture in the Southern 5s. Parts of Ireland, &c. By R. 'Trim- The Life and Administration of the mer, is.

Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. By Memoirs of the Cale:'onian Horticul. Charles Vernlam Williams. 63. boards. tural Society. No. I. to be continued Memoirs of the Life and Administraquarterly, Sro. 3s.

tion of Cardinal Wolsey. By John Galt. An Essay on the Utility of Soap Ashes

4to. as a Mature, Is.

The General Biographical Dictionary,

new edition, revised and enlarged. By ANTIQUITIES,

Alex. Chalmers, F. S. A. Vois. I. & II. The Border Antiquities of England

Price 123, each boards. and Scotland delineated : comprising speciraens of the Architecture, Sculptote, and oth r Vesires of former Ages,

Nionograph of the British Jungermanfroin the earliest times to the Union of

niæ, By W.J. Hooker, F. R. S. L, L. S. tn Two Crowns: accompanied with des

No. II. 4to. 7s, 60. or folio 12s. criptive Sketches, Biographical Remarks, &c. The engravings by Mr, The Modern Hermes, o: Experiments John Greig, from original paintings by

and Observations on different methods Arnoll, A. R. A. Nasmyth, and Clen. nell. 4to. Part I. 10s. 6d. large paper

of combining quick-silver with acids,

in supplement of antient chernistry on 16%. Prout's Relics of Antiquity, or Re

mercury. By Robert Scott, Esq. 8vo.

55. mains of Ancient Sculpture in Great

Murray's (J. F.R.S. E.) Supplement Br lain, with descriptive Sketches, 410.

to the si cond edition of his System of 11. 103. imperial 4to. 41. 48. Norris's Eichings of Tenby: includ

Chemistry. 8vo. 45. sewed.

Elements of Chemistry, by Sir Hum. ing many aucient Edifices which have been destroyed. 4to. ll. lls. 6d.

phry Davy. F. R. S &c. &c. vol. 1, 185.


Classical and Biblical Recreations,
Campbell's Lives of the Admirals, by

containing a Commentary, critical and Henry Redhead Yorke, Esq. embellished with an elegantengraving of Sir Cloudes.

explanatory, on the Germany of Tacitus, ley Shovel, from the Original in the

Reinarks on, the Hippolytus and the Hampton Court Collection. Vol. II. 12s.

Prometheus, Strictures on tbe editions

of Professor Monk aud Mr. Blomtield : fine, 18s. Literary Anécdotes of the Eighteenth

an application of the Doctrine of the

Association of Ideas to the Illustration Century: comprising Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, Printer, F.S.A.

of the Classical Writers: Observations

on the Byssus and the Serica, as well as and many of his learned friends: an incidental view of the progress and ad

the Oriental Ethiopia and the fudi-co

lorati of the Aucients, &c. with a great vancement of Literature in this King

variety of other classical matter, and dom during the last Century, and bio

much Biblical Criticism. By E. H. graphical anecdotes of a considerable number of eminent writers and inge

Barker, Esq. Trinity College, Cam

bridge. Vol. 1. 8s. 60. pious artists. By John Nicho's, F. S. A.

The Classical Journal for June, No. X. in 6 vols. 8vo. with portraits, 61. os.

8vo. 6s. boards. A copious Index is printing, and will be delivered in a separate vo

COMMERCE. lume, without any farther charge, to the

A General View of the Coal Trade purchasers of the work. Select Remains of the late Rev. Ebe.

of Scotland, chiefly that of the River

Forth and Midlothian. By J. Bald, nezer White, of Chester, to which are

8vo, 6s. prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Ex

The Laws of Trade and Commerce: tracts from his Correspondence, by Jo

designed as a book of reference in mersepb Fletcher, A. M. with a preface by

cantile Liansaetions, Dedicated to Alex. the Rev. W. B. Collyer, D. D. small

avder Baring, Esq. M. P. By John Svo. 5s, 6d. Memoirs of the Public Life of John

. Williains, Esq. 8vo. 145. boards.

4 B 2

General Thoughts contained in a Let- A Brief View of the Writ ne Exeat ter on the Subject of the Renewal of the Regno; with practical Remarks upon it East India Company's Charter, 2s. 6d. as an equitable process, By Joba

Hints for an Answer to the Letter of Beames, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barris. the Cha:rman and Deputy Chairman of ter at Law, Translator of Glanville, the East India Company, to the Right &c. 5s. Hon, Robert Duuds, dated 13th Jan. A Treatise on Summary Proceedings 1809. Price 2s, 6d.

under the Law of Excise and Customs; Correspondence and Proceedings in applicable also to summary proceedings the Negociation for a Renewal of the in general before magistrates. By DaEast India Company's Charter, 8vo. niel Howard, Solicitor. 10s. Is. 6d. EDUCATION.

MATHEMATICS. Hymns for Infant Minds.

By the

An Elementary Treatise on Plane AsAuthors of Original Poems for Infant tronomy. By Robert Wood house, 4. M.

F. R. S. Minds, Rhymes for the Nursery, &c.

8vo. 15s, fine paper 11. 5th edition, price !s. 6d. neatly half

Eidometria, Local, Viatorial, and bound.

Military; for l'accessibles, also (Co. Juliette; or the Triumph of Mental

rollary) Perspective. By M. Keatinge, Endowments over Bodily Defects. la folio, 18s. together, separately 6s. Prench, 5s. Sewed.

MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY. The Child's Sunday Book, in Twelve progre sive Lessons, with the Syllables

A Description of the Arteries of the carefully divided. By a Lady. 1s. Human Body. By John Barclay, M. D.

First Rudiments of General Grammar, Lecturer on Anatomy and Surgery. applicable to all Languages. By A. St. Fellow of the Royal College of PhysiQuintin. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

cians, anil of the Royal Suciety of Edin. Jones's Latin and English Vocabulary, burgh. 12mo. 7s. on simple, yet philosophical principles,

Principles of Physiological and Phyfor the use of Schools. 12mo. 4s.

sical Science, comprehending the Eods Select Subjects from Sacred History, for which Animated Beings were erein familiar langnage, for children, witb ated. By W. Saumarez, Esq. 8vo. -96 cuts. 4s, half bound.

105. od.

Cases of Apoplexy and Lethargy, HISTORY.'

with Observations upon the Comatose The Edinburgh Annual Register, Vol. Disease. By W. Cheyne, 8vo. Ss. III. for 1810, 2 Vols. 11. 4s, boards. A Narrative of the most Interesting

MISCELLANEOUS. Events in Modern Irisb History, from original manuscripis and scarce tracts,

Oby Sedgwick; or Country CorverBy the Rev. Charles O'Couor, D. D.

satious. By Epsilop. 12mo. 3s. td,

sewed. The History of the Waldenses, connected with a Sketch of the Christian

A Key to the Art of Ringing, with Church, from the Birth of Chris: to the

cousiderable additions; being the reend of the 17th Century. By W. Jones

sult of many years study, diligent ap

plication, and constant practice. 8vo. 12s. Narrative of 'he Campaigns of the


William Jones, John Reeves, and Tho

mas Blackmore. 12mo. 7s. Loyal Lusitania. Legion, under Briga

The Royal Pedigree of His Majesty dier General Sir Robert Wilson, Aidede Camp to his Majesty, and Knigin of

George the 'Third, from Egbert, first

sole monarch of England. Compiled by the Order of Maria Theresa, and of the

R, Wewitzer. 5s. Tower and Sword : with some Account

Observations on the Choice of a of the Military Operations in Spain and Portugal, during the Years 1809, 1810,

School; submitted to the attention of and 1811. 8vo. 9s.

Parents, with a view to assist them in forming a judgment on that important subject. By the Rev. C. Lloyd, LL D.

post 8vo. 5s. Origin, Progress, and present State of Letters to a Young Dissenter on the the Bankrupt Laws, both in England and general principles of Noriconformity; Ireland. By W. Christian. 8vo. Vol. containing brief and candid Remarks on 1.128.

those rites and cercgionies in the


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