House Beautiful, Volums 7-8

Hearst Corporation, 1899

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Pāgina 196 - A gallant knight, In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed long, Singing a song, In search of Eldorado. But he grew old — This knight so bold — And o'er his heart a shadow Fell, as he found No spot of ground That looked like Eldorado. And, as his strength Failed him at length He met a pilgrim shadow — "Shadow," said he, "Where can it be — This land of Eldorado?" "Over the Mountains Of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride," The shade replied, — "If you seek for Eldorado!
Pāgina 95 - There's a bower of roses by Bendemeer's stream, And the nightingale sings round it all the day long ; In the time of my childhood 'twas like a sweet dream, To sit in the roses and hear the bird's song.
Pāgina 247 - As days went on he was able to take a house in Hunter Street, Brunswick Square, No. 54 (the windows of it, fortunately for me, commanded a view of a marvellous iron post, out of which the watercarts were filled through beautiful little trap-doors, by pipes like boaconstrictors; and I was never weary of contemplating that mystery, and the delicious dripping consequent...
Pāgina 612 - I'm bereft Of all the pleasant sights they see, Which the piper also promised me : For he led us, he said, to a joyous land, Joining the town and just at hand, Where waters gushed and fruit-trees grew, And flowers put forth a fairer hue, And everything was strange and new; The sparrows were brighter than peacocks here, And their dogs outran our fallow deer; And honey-bees had lost their stings, And horses were born with eagles
Pāgina 475 - As ancient is this hostelry As any in the land may be, Built in the old Colonial day, When men lived in a grander way, With ampler hospitality...
Pāgina 78 - Capt. Bennett Came Safe to Hand and I like them very well. I Return you my hearty Thanks for the Plumb Tree and Tulip Roots you were pleased to make me a Present off, which are very Acceptable to me.
Pāgina 64 - ... miner, a gem; the sailor, coral and shells; the painter, his picture; the girl, a handkerchief of her own sewing. This is right and pleasing, for it restores society in so far to...
Pāgina 252 - SUMMER RESORTS' This is one of the most complete publications of its kind, and will assist those who are wondering where they will go to spend their vacation this summer. It contains a valuable map, in addition to much interesting information regarding resorts on or reached by the NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES A copy will be sent free, postpaid, to any address on receipt of a two-cent stamp, by George H.
Pāgina 288 - ... domestic architecture forms a faultless setting. It is absolutely frank and straightforward in construction, perfectly simple in its forms, and reserved and refined in its decorations; all the ornament is rigidly constructional, while the furnishings are of the simplest quality and only such as the nature of the life demands. There is no ornament for the sake of ornament, no woodwork or carving not demanded by the exigencies of construction, no striving for picturesque effect through fantastic...
Pāgina 94 - I came to the place of my birth, and I said, " the friends of my youth, where are they ?" — and an echo answered,

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