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Aborigines of New Zealand, feelings of, towards the settlers, 178-massacre of Wairau, 179. Eschylus, life and professional career of, 142-attractions of Eschylus to a modern English reader, 145.

Agassiz, account of his glacial hypothesis, 216. Agricultural Geology, history of, 206-advantages of, 210-maps required, shewing the superficial deposits as well as the rock formations, ib.-defective knowledge respecting the distribution of soils, 221.

Aramaic Gospel of Matthew, question of, discussed,


Arbitration, advantages of, as a means of settling international disputes, 5, 20.

Arctic Expeditions first suggested by Capt. Scores by, 237-first Expedition in 1818, ib.-land journeys, 240-tragedy of Mr. Hood and Michel the Iroquois, 241, 242-Magnetic Pole discovered, 245 -Sir John Franklin's Expedition in 1845-Searching Expeditions, 247-probable existence of a Polar Basin, 259-importance of the Arctic Expeditions, 259, 260-Expedition proposed between Nova Zembla and Spitzbergen, 261. Arminianism, distinction between Evangelical and Pelagian, 275.

Artistic vision, importance of acquiring the faculty of, 54.

Athenian Art, character of, before and after Phidias, 56.

Austin, Capt., his Expeditions to the Polar Seas, 256,



k, Capt., his Expeditions to the Polar Seas, 247. I sque Language, one of the most remarkable of what are called incorporating languages, 116. Beatson, Capt., his Searching Expedition for Sir John Franklin, 258.

Beche, Sir H. De la, his efforts to advance the study of Surface Geology, 209.

Bethune, Alexander and John, story of, 91-literary merit of their writings, 93.

Blackie, Professor, merits of his translation of Æschylus, 143.

Blindness, Milton's account of the coming on of, 168 -how far it may be considered as a qualification for writing Paradise Lost, 176.

Buckley, T. A., merits and defects of his translation
of Eschylus, 143.
Bureaucracy in France, picture of, 299, 300-fatal to
Republicanism, 311.

Burns and his school, 79-cottar education and morality in Burns' time, 80-embarrassment and bewilderment with which he was regarded by Reviewers, 81-the Night of the Gospel, 83-Burns' pontics, 84-Scottish life and Scottish song, ib.decline of Scottish song after the time of Burus accounted for, 85-importance of popular song literature, 96.

! Burritt, Mr. Elihu, first conceived the idea of a Peace Congress, 4.

Burnes, Capt., his mission to Caubul, 126-death and character of, 131.


Calotype likeness, how it differs from a portrait, 49. Caricature, wherein it consists, 50. Carlyle, Thomas, the relation he occupies to Christianity, 195-his Life of John Sterling, ib.-his reason for writing this biography, 196-comparison between his "Life" and Archdeacon Hare's, 196, 197-special criticism of the work, its style, 177-specimens of its rich literary merit, ib.-delineation of Sterling's character, 198-his view of the chief end of man, 205.

Categories, distinction between logical and grammatical, 113.

Christian Life in Germany, re-awakening of, 146Revolution of 1848 in relation to the Church, 147 -dreadful impiety of German radicalism, ib.origin of the Wittenberg Conference, 148-proceedings during "the three days," 149-formation of the Church Confederation, ib.-happy effects of it, 150-Dr. Wichern and the Inner-Mission, ib. -Conferences of Stuttgardt and Elberfeldt, 151— increasing activity of the Inner-Mission, 152— dawn of a new reformation, 153. Christianity ought to be associated with literature, 189-its all pervading influence, 191-no valid division of sacred and profane in human nature and human life, ib.

Cobden, Mr., his motion in the House of Commons, to submit international differences to arbitration, 6. Coleridge, delineation of, by Carlyle, 201. Colonization, effects of, upon our social atmosphere,


Comparative Philology, 104-motives to the comparative study of language, 105-social character of language, 108-formation of language, ib.-the vocal elements, 109-relation of sound to sense, ib. -symbolic expression, 110-the intellectual element, 111-logical and grammatical categories, 113-inflection of words, 114-synthetic power of language, 116-reaction of language on national mind, 117-causes of the loss of inflections, 118the Chinese, 119-common origin of language, 120.

Congress of Nations at Brussels, Paris, Frankfort, and London, for the promotion of Peace, 5-19. Cooper, Thomas, notice of his "Purgatory of Suicides," 88.

Copleston, Bishop, Memoir of, 261-Copleston's labours for the revival of learning at Oxford, ib.— important omissions in the Memoir, 262, 263extensive influence as a College tutor, 263-testimony of Mr. Hughes, ib -Dr. Whately's obligations to him, 264-his connexion with the passing of the Examination Statute of 1800, ib.-his opinions on University Reform, 265-Sir D. K. Sandford's opinion of his Work on Necessity and Pre

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