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Sunday-Schools, Schools, Academies, etc.

A Most Popular School Text-Book. The Catechism of Perseverance. An Historical, Doctrinal, Moral, and Liturgical Exposition of the Catholic Religion. Translated from the French of Abbe Gaume, by Rev. F. B. Jamison. Fifteenth Edition, revised and enlarged. 18mo. 413 pages, leather backs, cloth sides. 75 cents:

A New and Cheap Edition of Reeve's Bible History. History of the Old and New Testament. With Instructive Reflections from the Holy Fathers. By the Rev. Joseph Reeve. 18mo. Leather back,

cloth sides. 75 cents.

Familiar Instructions in the Faith and MorALITY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. By Rev. Joseph Curr. An excellent Sunday-school Book for Advanced Classes. With Appropriate Questions at the bottom of each page. Edited by Rev. James Fitton. 24mo. Cloth. 30 cents.

Little Catholic Catechism for Beginners. With Short Prayers at Mass added. Principally translated from the German of Rev. Joseph Deharbe, S. J. By the Very Rev. Theodore Noethen, Pastor of the Church of the Holy Cross, Albany, N. Y. Published with the permission of the Rt. Rev. Bishop of Boston. 32mo. Paper, 5 cents; by the hundred, $3.00.

This Catechism is universally used in the German Sunday-schools both in Europe and the United States. It is far superior to anything in the English language now in use, and is destined, at no distant day, to become the standard for this country. The language of the answers is of the simplest construction, yet, withal, complete; and for general excellence it cannot be surpassed.

The Complete Sunday-School Manual. Containing the Little Catholic Catechism for Beginners, Prayers at Mass, Cantica Sacra Hymn-Book, Vespers, Psalms, and Hymns for Benediction. 24mo. Cloth, 30 cents; by the hundred, net, $20.00.

The Only Authorized Edition of the CatECHISM OF THE DIOCESE OF BOSTON. With the Short Prayers at Mass added. Extra large type. 32mo. Paper, 5 cents; by the hundred, $2.75. Cloth, 10 cents; by the hundred, $6.00.


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1874, Sept.10. Gift of Rev. 18m. Cushing, Cushing, of (H. 24. 1838 ) Cambridge.




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BOSTON, April 4, 1843.

Jun 1873, 18

WHEREAS a number of editions of our smaller Catechism have of late years been published without authority, and are now in circulation among the children of this Diocese, which are filled with faults and wrong quotations of holy Scripture, this is to certify, that the only edition which I approve of, and the circulation of which I uthorize, is that to which have affixed my signature and the seal of the Diocese of Boston.


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February 6, 1872.








Holydays on which there

is a strict obligation to hear Mass, and refrain from servile works.

ALL Sundays in the Year.

The Feast of the Circumcision of our Lord, January 1.

The Epiphany, January 6.

The Annunciation, March 25.
Ascension of Our Lord.
Corpus Christi.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15.

Feast of All Saints, November 1. Immaculate Conception, December 8. Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, December 25.

If Christmas Day fall upon a Friday, neither fast nor abstinence is observed.


All days in Lent, except Sundays.
The Eve of Whitsuntide.

The Quarter-Tenses, or Ember Days, that occur in the four seasons of the year.

The Vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and of all Saints.

Every Friday in Advent, and Christmas Eve.


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