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vere in thy fervice to the end of my days; make them firm, vigorous, 'and constant; and never let any finful paffions any more ruffle and -difcompofe my mind.

Bleffed be thy name for that relish thou haft given me of spiritual delights, that defire of poffeffing the eternal inheritance: Let the enjoyments of fenfe appear mean and contemptible; and let not the pleasures of the world henceforward any more prevail upon me to tranfgrefs thy holy laws.

Grant, O Lord, that I may walk worthy of these thy distinguishing mercies, and live as it becomes the redeemed of the Lord. Without thee, O bleffed Jefus, I can do nothing; without thee, who art the fun of righteoufnefs, I fhall walk in darkness; without thee, who art the physician of fouls, I fhall languish and die; without thee, who art the joy of all devout minds, Ifhall confume my days away in fadnefs. Remain therefore, O Lord, and abide with me for ever; I fhall then be enabled to do thy will in this life, and thereby be qua-lified to partake of thy glories to all eternity Amen. Amen.

in the next.

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Thus having complied with the duties of the morning, you may refresh yourself with a temperate and chearful meal, and thankfully enjoy the good things of this life, which God hath bleffed thee with. As



to the afternoon of this, and all other Lord's days, you are pioufy and prudently to divide it between the publick fervice, family duties, private devotions, offices of charity, if they prefent themselves; and, I will add your own necessary refreshment: for I am not fo frill as totally to forbid you fome time upon that day, to unbend your mind, and relax your thoughts, by any company and converfation that ́is inAructive, and innocently diverting; but I abfolutely forewarn you againft all places of publick refort, all gaming, and fportful exercifes as giving offence to fome, and bad examples to others; for they are unfuitable to the ferioufness and folemnity of the day, and indeed favouring too much of levity and profaneness: and for the further improvement of thy foul, read a leffon out of the New WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 2. Section III.


N. B. After thefe good inftructions and devotions, if thou wouldft, my devout chriftian! perfevere in thy duty, and defireft to lead an boly and godly life for the future, I would advise thee, by all means (after you have ended the foregoing meditation) to make the fecond part of this New Week's Preparation to be thy companion for the week enfuing; for beginning with the devotions for this Sunday's evening, it will furnish thee, through the course of another week, with fuch devotions, meditations, and hymns, as will be acceptable to Almighty God, after thou haft been a worthy partaker of the Lord's fupper.

Thofe fervants and others, who have not the command of their own time and therefore cannot employ as much of it in thefe exercifes as they could wish and defire; they may reft affured that GOD approves and accepts their willing mind, provided they go on in a fincere refolution to avoid and forfake fin, and live in the fear of GOD; and behave themselves with confcience and honefty in thofe feveral stations of life which bis providence has appointed them.

*N. B. The fecond part of the New Week's Preparation (as well as the first part) publifhed by the KING's AUTHO RITY, is printed only for JOHN HINTON, at the King's Arms in Pater-nofter Row, near Warwick-lane, London.


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Occasional Prayers.

A Morning prayer, to be used any day in the week.

O let me hear thy loving kindness betimes in the morning, for in thee is my truft: fhew thou me the way that I should walk in, for I lift up my foul unto thee. Pfalm cxliii. 8.


Moft mighty and gracious God, to whom I am indebted for all the good things I enjoy; for in thee I live, and move, and have my being; I defire to adore and bless thy glorious name, humbly befeeching thee to accept this my morning facrifice of praise and thankf giving for the comfortable refreshment of the night paft, for thy prefervation of me [and my family and all that belongs to me] from fire, robbery, and tempeft, and from all perils and dangers, and especially for bringing me in health and fafety to the beginning of this day; in which I beseech thee, O Lord, to keep me without fin.

Give me awful thoughts of thy divine majefty, and fuch an humble, ferious, and devout frame of mind, that my adoration may not reft in a mere outward form of godlinefs, but that I may always offer unto thee a lively facrifice, holy and acceptable in thy fight.

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Be with me, O Lord, this day in all places and upon all occafions: direct and guide me, fanctify and preferve me: keep me both outwardly in my body, and inwardly in my foul: defend me from the power and malice of the devil, from the corruptions of my own finful nature, and from those fins especially, that feem moft habitual to me. Pardon, I befeech thee, all the fins I have at any time committed, grant that I may die unto fin, and rife again unto righteoufnefs; that henceforth being freed from fin, all things belonging to the spi rit may live and grow in me.1

[Direct me, O Lord, On Sunday morning inin all my affairs, blefs ftead of the oppofite paramy labours and ftu-graph, fay,

dies, and give me grace [And now I am going to to do my duty in that the place of thy publick worftate of life, whereun-fhip, I beseech thee let thy to thou hast been plea-and make me devout, feri holy fpirit accompany me fed to call me, and ous, and attentive. Raife my make me therewith mind from the thoughts of this world to the confideracontent: continue to tion of the next; that I may me the bleffings I en-join fervently in the prayers joy; fupply me with and praifes of thy church, thofe I want; and turn and liften to my duty with from me all thofe ean honeft heart, in order to practise it. And give me grace


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vils which I have moft grace to dedicate this day, as righteoufly deserved; thou haft appointed me, to thy fervice and the care of or which either the my foul. Direct me in all malice of the devil, or my ways, and guide my feet the wickedness, or miffin thy paths, that I may, at fortunes of the world oufnefs, be tranflated to a the laft, from a life of rightemay bring upon me.] life of eternal glory.]

I refign, O God, and give myself to thy providence; I fubmit myfelf to all the events which it fhall pleafe thee to bring upon me; and grant me always those things, whether profperous or adverfe, that may beft conduce, and be most profitable to my eternal falvation. So, my God, do with me what thou seest good, and let thy holy will be done in me, and by me, for the fake of Jefus Chrift our Lord. And for this end,

Teach me to direct my converfation as becometh the gospel; and grant that I may this day, and for ever, endeavour to mortify my corrupt inclinations, to cleanfe myself from all filthiness of flesh and spirit, and to bring every inordinate defire to the obedience of thy will.

Fill my heart with fuch honeft and upright affections for truth and justice, that no worldly intereft or advantage, how promising or G 3


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