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thee, give me that due fenfe of all thy mercies, that my heart may be unfeignedly thankful, and that I may fhew forth thy praife, not only with my lips, but in my life, by giving up myself to thy fervice, and by walking before thee in holiness and righteoufnefs all my days, thro' Jefus. Chrift our Lord; to whom with thee and the holy ghost, be all honour and glory world without end. Amen. The EN D.



For preferring the NEW Whole Duty of Man, which treats of the FAITH as well as PRACTICE of a Chrifian, to the OLD Whole Duty of Man, which treats of the moral DUTIES only.

By the following Specimen of 150 Defects in the OLD Whole Duty of Man, and which are fupplied in the NEW Whole Duty of Man; It may be observed, That those with a [*] before them, the Church of England has declared, and maintains to be effentially neceffary to falvation; and of these Defects, there are no less than feverteen in the following specimen only.

For farther fatisfaction, fee the PREFACE to the NEWw Whole Duty of Man; and at the end of it the TESTIMONIES from Scripture, the Liturgy, Articles, Homilies, and Writings of feveral of the most learned and pi ous BISHOPS, and eminent DIVINES of the CHURCH of ENGLAND. PROVING, That the OLD Whole Duty of Man was verý improperly fo called, and dangerously received under that title; because the ARTICLES of the chriftian faith are entirely omitted in that Book; and without faith in thofe Articles, the moft diligent practice of the DUTIES there treat. : d of, is not fufficient to secure to a christian his eternal salvation.


Heads WANTING in the OLD Whole Duty of Man.
In our duty to GOD.

Of a divine revelation.

F the reasonableness, cer


neceffity of believing a divine reve lation.

2. Of the truth and excellency of christianity. How it may be pro ved from history, prophecy, miracles,

racles, and by internal and exter- 125. Of its infallibility and members, nal evidences.


Of the communion of faints.


of faith, &c.


Of the chriftian faith in one God and three perfons, the father, fon, and holy ghoft.

4. The neceffity of this belief, in
order to obtain falvation.

5. Of the creation of the world, and
God's providence.

6. Why God is called father and al-

7. Why Jefus Chrift is called our

8. Of the reasonableness of the belief in the trinity.

*Of faith in Jefus Chrift, as God


and man.

10. * Of his incarnation and birth. 11. * Of his fufferings and crucifixion.


Of his human nature.

13. Of the benefit, ufe, and neceffity of this faith.

14. * Of his death, burial, and defcent into hell.


* Of his resurrection from the dead.


*Of faith in the holy ghost. 23. Of his peculiar office, and manner of working in us. 24. Of the holy catholic, or univerfal church, and its being a ftate of falvation.


* Of fin; and when its forgive28. * Of the resurrection of our bonefs is effectual thro' Chrift. dies, proved by reason and facts in the Old and New Teftament.


Of its certainty, universality, of the reward to the good, and punishment to the wicked.

30. Of the folly of atheism; and the cafe of atheists.



32. Of the felf-condemnation of the
Of the life everlasting.
wicked; and of their eternal pu-


33. God's juftice vindicated in nishing the wicked eternally. 35. Of the truth and excellency of 34. There can be no excufe for fin. the doctrines of chriftianity. 36. The truth of the chriftian religion not affected by religious difputes.

38. Why the Lord's fupper was or-
dained by Christ.

39. Of the fatisfaction that is necef-
fary to find acceptance of our re-
pentance before God.


16. Of his afcenfion; fhewing
why it was in the fight of his dif-
ciples, and not of all the Jews.
Of his being our advocate and
18. Of his coming again, and ap-42.
pointment by the father to be the 43.
judge of both men and angels.

40. The obligation of an oath.
41. Of curfing,


Of making vows.

Of the object of our prayers and of their power and efficacy.

19. Of a particular and general 44. The common objections against judgment.

20. Of the reasonableness of a last judgment.


21. Of the degrees of rewards and punifhments.

37. Religion, originally, neither the
effect of fear, education, or state

prayer answered.


Of repentance, and when it is effectual.

11 N

46. The danger of delaying repen


47. Of purgatory.

48. Of works of fupererogation,
50. Of a facrament.
49. Of the faft of lent.'

51. The case of unbaptized perfons


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In our duty to our Neighbour. 174. The duty of a friend; and of
partaking of other men's fins.
75. Of the qualifications requifite in


76. Of the choice of company, and
its importance to youth.

77. The duty of fervants, fhewing
that fervitude is of God's ap
pointment for the public good.
78. The advantages of fervitude.
There is no fuch distinction in




The duty to civil magi

54. The duty of civil magiftrates
both to king and people.
55. In what manner the civil magi-
ftrate is to be punifhed.
56. Of the chriftian priesthood, and
the clergy's great fervice to man-79.

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98. Who is an unmerciful creditor.
99. We are not to be charitable by
unjust gain, nor to the prejudice
of our creditors.

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124. Of innocent appetites, and their
great advantage.

125. Of good and bad zeal.
126. Of chriftian zeal, how to be

practifed, and when it is abused.
127. Of the certainty and uncertain-
ty of death.

128. It is advantageous to man,
and a token of God's wisdom and

114. Of drinking fpirituous liquors.
115. How they are deftructive to our

129. What influence a meditation
on death fhould have upon us.
139. How to number our days.
131. Of repentance before death.
132. Of habitual preparation for


133. Of the best preparation for it.
134. How this preparation is hine


116. Of spending our time.
117. Of refreshments and recreati-


118. Of chearfulness and melan-

119. Of the danger and finfulness of
excess in apparel.

120. Of christian fortitude and pa-


121. It is necessary in all states and



122. Of impatience, its confequen-
ces, and means to overcome it.
123. Of felf-denial or mortification,

135. Of a juft disposal of our world-
ly affairs.

136. Of a difregard of the world; of
patience in ficknefs; and of fúb-
miffion to the will of God.
137. Of the advice and assistance of
a minifter.

138. In what the death of the righ
teous confifts.

139. Of the fhortnefs of human life.
140. In what the life of man con-

141. Of the advantage of piety.
142. Of the difadvantages of a long
143. Of a middle ftate.

144. Of the danger and folly of a
mif-fpent life.,

145. Directions for a holy life.
146. Why death is fo dreadful to hu

man nature.

147. How the fear of death may be

148. Why men defire to live long.
149. Of the height of chriftian per-

150. Its comfort to the foul of a dy
ing perfon.


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