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EORGE the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, Bith France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all to whom thefe Prefents fhall come, Greeting: WHEREAS our Trufty and Well beloved Edward Wick feed, of our City of London, Bookfeller, hath humbly reprefented to us, That he is now Printing a New Edition (with Improvements) of a Work, Entitled,

The NEW Week's Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the LORD'S SUPPER, as recommended and appointed by the Church of England, &c.

In two Parts.

AND whereas the faid Edward Wickfleed has informed us, that the faid Work has been perfected with great Labour, Study, aud Expence. He has therefore humbly prayed Us to grant to him the faid Edward Wicksteed, Our Royal Privilege, Licence, and AUTHORITY, for the SOLE Printing, Publishing, and Vending the laid Work, in as ample Manner and Form as has ever been done in Cafes of the like Nature.

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WE being graciously inclined to give all due Encouragement to Works that may be

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Of Public Ufe and Benefit,


and especially to those of this Kind, which fo greatly tend to the Alvancement of Religion, and the genera! Good and Benefit of Mankind, ARE pleased to condefcend to his Requeft, and DO by thefe Prefents (as far as may be agreeable to the Statute in that Cafe made and provided) give and grant to the faid Edward Wicksteed, his Executors, Administrators, and Affigns, full Power, Licence, Privilege, and fole AUTHORITY, for the SOLE Printing, Publishing, and Vending the faid Work, together with all and all manner of Amendments, Corrections, Alterations, and Additions of or to the fame; and Our exprefs Will and Pleasure is, and We do hereby ftrictly charge, command, and prohibit all and every Perfon and Perfons whatfoever, within Our Dominions, that they, nor any or either of them, prefume in any manner of wife to reprint, abridge, or extract the fame, or any Part or Parts thereof, either in the like, or in any other Form or Forms, Volume or Volumes whatsoever; OR to import, buy, vend, utter, or diftribute, any Copies thereof, or of any Part or Parts thereof, that are or fhall be printed or reprinted beyond the Seas, with out the AUTHORITY, Confent, or Approbation of the faid Edward Wicksteed, his Executors, Adminiftrators, or Affigns, by Writing under his or their Hands and Seals. firft had and obtained, as they and every of them offending herein will incur Our Royal Indignation and Difpleafure, and fuch other Pains and Penalties as by the Laws and Statutes of Our Realms may be inflicted. WHEREOF the Commiffioners and other Officers of our Customs, the Mafter, Wardens, and Company of Stationers of London, and all other Officers, Minifters, and others, whom it may concern, are to take Notice, that a ftrict Obedience be given to Our Pleafure herein fignified.


Given at Our Court at St. James's, &c."

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His Majesty's Command.









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1 of our duty towards God.
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towards one's felf.

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A profeffion of godly forrow for
Monday evening.





REASONS for publishing this BOOK. TH "HO' I may possibly incur the difpleasure of those whofe fecular views may be fruftrated or disappointed by the publication of this NEW Week's Preparation; yet. I have the confolation of being fully affured, that this prefent undertaking will want no apology to those who have religion truely at heart, if they will, with a little attention, compare this performance with the Old Week's Preparation, formerly printed for SAMUEL KEBLE. Nor am I under any apprehenfion of being condemned for adding one more to the number of devotional books, already extant upon the fubject of the holy facrament of the Lord's Supper; because the tempers and talents of men are fa different, that what does not affect one may poffibly touch another; and, provided that fubftantial piety and devotion are improving, too many inftruments cannot le employed for that purpofe. I am also perfuaded that the prefent Proprietors of KEBLE's Old Week's Preparation, cannot, as chriftians, be fo deftitute of principle and good-will to the public caufe of the chriftian religion, as to endeavour, or even defire the continuance of a book which has already been found fo injurious to chriftianity, and has brought fo great and many fcandals upon the reasonable fervice of almighty God, as it will ap pear that book has already done: and therefore it is certainly moft unfit to be put into the hands of devout and well-meaning, but otherwife undifcerning chriftians. To demonftrate that thefe complaints are just and fairly grounded, I have tranfcribed a few paffages from the editions of KEBLE's Week's Preparation; the one printed 1738, the other in the year 1742; and defire the impartial reader, after he has confidered the tendency of those rapturous and wanton expreffions, to judge whether that book deferves to be blamed and fet afide, or not.

[The pages before the lines refer to the finall edition printed 1742, and the pages after the lines to the pompous Edition printed 1738.]

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129 Art thou afraid of being too much enamoured with this 137 Jefus. O my Love, my Joy, my Jesus, my Lord, be thou prefent with me in the Sacrament, prefent more than by Infpiration, and make me prefent with thee, and that more than by Meditation- -in a spiritual, real 67 and eternal Communion. O my Love, be thou nigh in my Mind, nigh in my Heart, and nigh to aid me, for I 117 languifh thro' Love. O what shall I do, to have my Soul wholly poffeft with, and inebriated by thee, fo to enjoy 142 the perpetual Embraces of thee! When fhall I enjoy 95 thee? O my Life take my Soul; my Joy draw my Heart 142 unto thee. When fhall I fully pleafe thee? I will not let thee go till thou haft bleed me, my Life, my Love, 67 my Defire, my Delight, O that I may faint in myself, 67, 114 and depend on thee. Satisfy me with thy Blood. He bowed down his Head to kiss me. He ftretched forth 74, 80 his Arm to embrace me. From his interior Love burft 81 forth fuch exterior Signs and Demonftrations as were fufficient to mollify a Heart more frozen than Ice itself, 166 and more hard than any Marble. Such are thy Gifts, O 96 fweet Saviour, fuch are the Works and Delights of thy 143 Love. O that I was fo faftened unto thee that I might 142 never depart. Thou wert within me. Thou only pleafeft me, and thee only I defire, &c. &c. &c.


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Thefe without difpute, are the wanton exercises of a warm imagination, and of a luscious fancy; where warmth of conftitution, not reafon, much less religion, has the chief and fovereign influence.

Undoubtedly writers of this caft, have fhamefully fuffered the fofter Paffions to mix too strongly with their Zeal for religion.t


+ The following is the APOLOGY of no lefs an Author than Dr. Ifaac Watts bimself:

"Let it be obferved, that it was much the Fashion, even among fome Divines of Eminence in former Years, to exprefs the Fervors of devout Love to our Saviour in the Style of the Song of Solomon: And I must confefs, that feveral of my Compofures in Verfe, written in younger Life, were led by thofe Examples un"warily into this Track. But, if I may be permitted to speak the Senfe of ma "turer Age, I can hardly think this the happiest Language in which Chriftians fhould discover their warm Sentiments of Religion, fince the clearer and more fpiitual Revelations of the New Teftament." To this Apology we may add, that in thefe our Meditations and Prayers are no vifionary Scenes of wild Extravagance; Affectations of that Style, which spreads a glaring Confufion over the ÜnderLanding. Here are none of those incomprehenfible Phrases which may amufe the Ear with founding Vanity, and bold Reafon in fovereign Contempt. In fhort, bere are fecret Pantings after a mortal Love, in the Language of Devotion and Piety.




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