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means pretended: no, there will be found amongst them feveral collected from other books; but then thefe being fuch only as have been allowed to be excellent in their kind, it may reafonably be expected that the whole will be the more acceptable on that account.

Upon a review, fince the first publication of this Preparation, I have experienced that many communicants diftract themfelves with a multiplicity of private devotions, when in duty they fhould attend to the publick fervice of the church; and further prompted thereto by the advice of those whose peculiar charge is to infpect and promote the welfare of the chriftian worship, and for whofe judgment the world upon many occafions have expressed the greateft efteem; I have interwove in this prefent edition so much of the communion as is fufficient to prevent that growing evil; in which I have followed the example of the bishop of Man, Mr. King, and feveral others; but with this difference, that I have not burthened the communicant with much of the Officeno more than that part of it in which communicants only are concerned; and which is really neceflary for their affiflance during the folemnity; whereas the bishop of Man, and fome others, have taken in the whole of that office from one end to the other; which I can't approve of upon feveral accounts too tedious to be retated in fo fhort a preface, and which I rather chufe to conclude with the following quotation of the late pioys, learned and orthodox Dr. Waterland, against the folly and danger of laying a fashionable stress upon an habitual preparation, and in favour of fuch WEEKLY Treatifes of preparation before receiving the Lord's Supper.

The usefulness of actual preparation before receiving the LORD'S SUPPER.

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"Our esteem or difefteem (of this holy facrament) will beft be "feen by our preparing or not preparing for it as we ought."There is fomething of a preparation of heart, mind and ways, "required for all religious offices, much more for this, which is "the flower and perfection of all.

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"As to the length of time to be taking in preparing, there «is no one certain rule to be given, which can fuit all cafes or "circumftances: only, when a man has competently adjufled his accounts with God, (be it fooner or later) then he is fit to come, and not till then.

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"There is an habitual, and there is an actual preparation "The habitual preparation is a good life; and the farther we "are advanced in it, the lefs need there is of any actual prepa"ration befides: but, because men are too apt to flatter and de❝ceive their own hearts, and to fpeak peace to themselves without fufficient ground for fo doing; therefore fome actual preparation, felf-examination, &c. is generally neceffary, even to thofe who may be habitually good, if it be only to give them a "well-grounded affurance, that they really are fo..



"It were to be wifhed there were not many amongst us whọ "have a deal to confider of before-hand; many offences to cor"rect, many disorders to fet right, much to do, and much to undo, before they prefume to come to God's altar.

"Fault has been fometimes found with thefe little treatifes of Weekly Preparation: I think without reafon. They are "exceeding useful in their kind.-It may be happy for them "who need none of these helps but they that leaft need them, "are not the men, generally, who moft defpife them. None of

us, perhaps, are fo perfect as not to want, at fome feafons, 26 fome fuch hints for recollection or helps to devotion. It is weil

for common chriftians, that they are provided with ufeful "manuals of that kind. They that are well difpofed, will make "ufe of them as often as they need them, and will at all times give "God thanks and praises for them.

* See the Directions on Page 134.

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Early beloved, on Sunday next I purpose, thro God's affiftance, to adminifter to all fuch as fhall be religiously and devoutly difpofed, the most comfortable facrament of the body and blood of Chrift, to be by them received in remembrance of his meritorious cross and paffion, whereby alone we obtain remiffion of our fins, and are made partakers of the kingdom of heaven. Wherefore it is our duty to render most humble and hearty thanks to almighty God our heavenly father, for that he hath given his fon our Saviour Jefus Chrift, not only to die for us, but also to be our spiritual food and sustenance in that holy facrament. Which being fo divine and comfortable a thing to them who receive it worthily, and fo dangerous to them that will prefume to receive it unworthily; my duty is to exhort you in the mean feafon to confider the dignity of that holy myftery, and the great peril of the unworthy receiving thereof, and so to search and examine your own confciences (and that not lightly, and after the manner of diffemblers with God; but fo) that ye may come holy and clean to fuch a heavenly feast, in the marriage-garment required by God in holy scripture; and be received as worthy partakers of that holy table, &c.



The New Week's Preparation.

The Lord Jefus, the fame night in which he was betrayed, took bread: and when he had given thanks, he brake it, and faid, Take, eat; this is my body, which is broken for you : this do in remembrance of me. After the fame manner also he took the cup, when he had fupped, faying, This cup is the new teftament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me: For as often as you eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do fhew the Lord's death till he come. 1 Cor. xi. 23, 24, 25, 26.


In the Morning, when you firft awake, Jay: Rife, thou that fleepeft; arife, my dull and drowsy foul, and Christ will give thee light.

To thee, O Lord, do I lift up my eyes, my hands, my heart, from this bed, where my body hath taken its nightly repofe, towards thy Heaven, where my foul expects her eternal reft.

My voice fhalt thou hear betimes in the morning; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

When you rife.


'N the name of Jefus Chrift, who was crucified for our fins, and rose again for our justification, I arise from this place of bodily


From Bishop CoSIN.

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reft, to fulfil thy will, O my God: fave me, therefore, by his crófs and paffion, bless, govern, and keep me this day, and for ever. Ame:1.

I laid me down and flept, and rofe up a-l gain, for the Lord hath sustained me. Amen. When you are ready, look on your foul as ftill undreffed, till you have Jaid your prayers.

Bleffed Lord! who haft invited and commanded us to pray unto thee, let thy fpirit help mine infirmities; and do thou fo difpofe my mind, and influence my heart in my preparation for a worthy receiving of thy moft holy facrament, that my prayers and praises may be acceptable in thy fight, thro' the mediation, and for the fake of Jefus Chrift our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Almighty Lord God, mortify and kill all vices in me; and fo me with thy grace, that by the innocency of my life, and the conftancy of my faith, I may always glorify thy great and holy name. Grant me the true circumcifion of the fpirit; that, my heart and all my members being mortified from all worldly and carnal lufts, I may in all things obey thy bleffed will. Enable me to love my enemies, and to do good to those that


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