Imatges de pàgina
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Truth and Peace.

In the Causes and Evils of them:

Cautions that we may not be hurt by
them, And Endeavours to heal them.

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Opinionum varietas & Opinantium unit as non funt Agusala.

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To the Reader.
u pe Hether the ficry tryall of contention, or of
Qo l persecution be greater, is hard to deter-

VVS mine ; God hath wrought to free
NAVARAN us from the one, we have brought upon

s our felves the other. Every man is an-
gry that others are not of his mindc; we have been so
divided, that it is the infinite mercy of God that
our enemies have not come in at our breaches, and
divided all among themselves, before this time.
Were our divisions onely betweene the good and bad,
they were not so grievous. Cbryfoftome sayes, It is the origine
betier to be hated for Christ, then to be beloved for him. die resor
How much better then is it to be hated for Christ, tòpice
then to be beloved for finne: The reason he gives of si dulov Tod-
that strange assertion of his, is, If thou beest loved for aộ Búation
God, it is an honour to thee, and thou art a debtour for that otan ulic policy
honour , If thox beest bated for him, God is a debtour to thee. Acueda diat
he owes honour to thee, for so he is pleased to be to his

: Déov nucis oogia poore servants. But our divisions have been and still couli rüs que are between good men, even Gods Diamonds do cut puñs,67er ökare one another ; good men cause afflictions to good men ; pausta áv="? cvery man is plotting, working, winding for himselfc. 10 suis épet Every man strives like Apelles and Protogenes who shall nélns, o tñs draw the subcilest line to attain his owne ends, but few poluñs. horgol ftrive who shall draw the straightest, who shall in the

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de most direct course work himselfe and all his wayes

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