The Tour of Africa: Containing a Concise Account of All the Countries in that Quarter of the Globe, Hitherto Visited by Europeans; with the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, Volum 1

Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1819

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Pàgina 432 - We were here at once surprised and terrified by a sight surely one of the most magnificent in the world. In that vast expanse of desert, from W. and to NW of us, we saw a number of prodigious pillars of sand at different distances, at times moving with great celerity, at others stalking on with a majestic slowness ; at intervals we thought they were coming in a very few minutes to overwhelm us ; and small...
Pàgina 391 - are little people, not so big as bees, or like the zimb, or fly of Sennaar, that come in great swarms out of the earth, aye, in multitudes that cannot be counted ; two of their chiefs are to ride upon an ass, and every hair of that ass is to be a pipe, and every pipe is to play a different kind of music, and all that hear and follow them are carried to hell."
Pàgina 424 - The poisonous simoom blew likewise as if it came from an oven. Our eyes were dim, our lips cracked, our knees tottering, our throats perfectly dry, and no relief was found from drinking an immoderate quantity of water. The people advised me to dip a sponge in 'vinegar and water, and hold it before my mouth and nose, and this greatly relieved me.
Pàgina 256 - Goat's flesh before them, this enemy, as he turned out to be to them, suddenly appeared ; he did not stoop rapidly from a height, but came flying slowly along the ground, and sat down close to the meat, within the ring the men had made round it. A great shout, or rather cry of distress, called me to the place.
Pàgina 306 - ... are hung up in the hall, a number of people of the best fashion in the villages, of both sexes, courtiers in the palace, or citizens in the town, meet together to dine between twelve and one o'clock. A long table is set in the middle of a large room, and benches beside it for a number of guests who are invited. Tables and benches the Portuguese...
Pàgina 266 - Nibelunge," such as it was written down at the end of the twelfth, or the beginning of the thirteenth century, is
Pàgina 312 - As soon as this plague appears, and their buzzing is heard, all the cattle forsake their food, and run wildly about the plain, till they die, worn out with fatigue, fright, and hunger.
Pàgina 106 - The situation of this town is as fine as can well be imagined ; and the immense extent of its ruins convinces the spectator that fame has not magnified its size ; for the diameter of Egypt not being sufficient to contain it, its monuments rest upon the two chains of mountains which are contiguous, whilst its tombs occupy the vallies towards the west, far on into the desert.
Pàgina 304 - Synaxar, or the Flos Sanctorum-, in which the miracles and lives, or lies, of their saints, are recorded at large, in four monstrous volumes in folio, stuffed full of fables of the most incredible kind. They have a saint that wrestled with the devil, in shape of a serpent nine miles long, threw him from a mountain, and killed him. Another saint...
Pàgina 400 - Her features were perfectly like those of a negro ; a ring of gold passed through her under lip, and weighed it down, till, like a flap, it covered her chin, and left her teeth bare, which were very small and fine.

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