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Arguments against that Claule,


Farther Arguments in Favour of the Clause, 216

The Clause offer'd for excepting Punch out of the Bill

relating to Spirituous Liquors is rejected,

The Bill relating to Spirituous Liquors pass’d, and

sent up to the Lords,


Farther Debate on the Quakers Bill,


Further Proceedings on the Yorkshire EleElion,


Motion for an Address to the King, on the Marriage

of the Prince of Vales,


The Quakers Bill ordered to be engrossed,

Farther Debate on the Quakers Bill,


The Quakers Bill pass’d,


Debate on a Bill to prevent Smuggling,


Objections to the Bill,

The Bill against Smuggling committed,

The Porkshire Petition dropt,


Debate on a Bill for explaining the Bribery-Act, ib.

The said Bill pajed,

The Bill agains Smuggling read a third Time, and

sent up io the Lords,


Debate on an Amendment made by the Lords,

Which is agreed to and the Bill passed,
The King's Speech at putting an End to the Second


The Parliament prorogued,


The Third Seffion of the Second Parliament

of King GEORGE II.


HE Parliament meet,


The Lord Chancellor's Speech, in the Name of

the Lords Commissioners appointed by the King, ata

opening the Sellion, Feb. 1,1736-7,


The Commons Address of Thanks,


The King's Ansiver thereto,


Petition relating to an undue Election for the County

of Norfolk,


Resolution of the House upon Lifts of Controverted

Voters, with the Debate thereon,


Debate on a Petition complaining of an undue Elec-

tion for the Borough of Flint,



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The Speech of the Lords Commisioners taken into


Debate on the Number of Land-Forces for the Year

Mr Pulteney's Motion for an Address to the King to
settle 100,000 l. per Annum upon the Prince of
Wales, with the Debate thereon,


Resolutions of the Committee of Supply,


Debate on a Motion for granting 10,000 I. for

Greenwich Hospital,


Sir Robert Walpole's Motion for granting to his Majesty

1,000,000 l. for redeeming the like Sum of the

encreas'd Capital of the South-Sea Company, com-

monly calld Old South-Sea Annuities, with the

Debate thereon,


Sir John Barnard's Motion for enabling the King to

raife Money by Sale of Annuities for Years, or
Lives, or by borrowing at 3 l. per Cent. Interest,

towards redeeming Old and New South-Sea An-

nuities, with the Debate thereon,


Sir John Barnard's Motion for taking of such Taxes

as are most burthen some to the Poor, and to the

Manufacturers, as soon as the National Debt shall

be reduced to 3 l. per Cent. Interest, with the

Debate thereon,


- Robert Walpole's Motion for laying a Duty upon

Sweets made for Sale, with the Debate thereon, 480

ate on a Bill

, intitled, An Act to disable Alex-

der Wilson, Efq; from taking, holding, or en-

cing any Office or Place of Magistracy in the City

Edinburgh, or elsewhere in Great Britain, and

imprifoning the faid Alexander TVilfan, and for

phing the Guard kept up in the faid City, com.

By called the Town Guard, and for taking away

'ates of the Nether-Bow Port of the said City,

Peping open the fame,

Bill with Amendments paljes into a Law, 545

's-Speech at putting an End to the Third


ament prorogued,

MINUTES, &c. of the Fifth SESSION ;

by way of Introduction to, and Illustration
of, the DEBAT ES, &c. which follow, to
the End of the said Sefion.

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February 1. 1731. !

TIS Majesty came to the House of Peets, and opened the
which See page 339. as likewise the Address and the Debaté
it occafioned, page 341. &c.

The 5th The House resolved that a Supply be granted his
Majesty, Nemine Contradicente.

The 6th. Ordered divers Estimates of Accounts to be laid
before them.

Resoived, that His Majesty be addressed for several Me- 'Address for inorials, Petitions, &c. fince the Treaty of Seville, relating to Memorials,Pea

titions, any Lolies sustained by his Majesty's Subjects by Depreda- since the Treafons committed by the Spaniards, &c. to be laid before them, ty of Seville. which have not already been laid before this House.

A Motion was made, and the Question put, that his Majesty A Motion for be addresfed to lay Admiral Haddock's Inftructions before Admiral Hada them, it passed in the Negative, on a Division, Ayes 113, dock's InstrucNoes 183, See the Debate page 359. &c. After which it

tions over-ru.

led. moved that several Papers relating to Spanish Captures be laid before them, which passed in the Negative : Ayes 120, Noes 200. See the Debate, page 369. &c.

The izth. The House agreed to the Report of Yesterday's
Resolation on the Supply, viz. Resolved, that 12,000 Sea-
then be employed for the Service of the Year 1739.

Refolved, that a Sum not exceeding 41. per Man per
Month be allowed for defraying the Expences of the same.

The 14th. In a Committee on the Supply came to the
following Resolutions:

Re olved. That 17704 Men be granted for Land Forces for the Service of the Year 1939. On a Division : Ayes 253, Noes 183*. See the Debate, page 403. &c.

That 647,5491. 11 s. 3d, be granted for maintaining them.




The Minority proposed 12000 Men only.

That 228,0621, be granted for the Garrisons of Minorca, Gibraltar, Georgia, &c.

That 27,172 I. be granted for Out-Pensioners of ChelseaHospital.

That 5041 1. be granted, for defraying several extraordi. nary Expences incurred in 1738, and not provided for by Parliament.

The 20th. Read a third time, and passed the Malt-Bill.

The 23d. Read a second time, the Bill for punishing Rogues, Vagabonds, &c. and for the Relief of Lunatics, and Foundling Children.

Received a Petition from the Weft-India Merchants, trading to America, and another Petition from the Merchants of Bristol : See Page 417.

After Debate, Ordered that the Petitioners be heard by themselves, (not by Counsel) on two Divisions ; Ayes 237, 242, Noes 208, 297.

The 26th. Received Petitions relating to Westminster. Abbey, St. Margaret's Church, the African Company, and

the Colony of Georgia. Glassmakers

The 28th. Received a Petition from several Glassmakers, &c. Petition. Brewers, Sugarboilers, Smiths, Dyers, &c. Consumers of

Coals, complaining of the Abuses and Frauds in enhancing the Price, and praying Relief.

Referred to the Consideration of a Committee of the whole House.

March 5. Received a Petition from the Merchants of Edinburgh, expressing their Dissatisfaction to the Convention.

Referred to the Committee on the Convention.
Read a third time, and passed the Mutiny. Bill.
The whole House was called over, according to Order.

The 6th. In a grand Committee, took the Convention into Consideration, and several Merchants were called in, and examined, relating to their Loffes sustained by the Spaniards ; Captain Vaughan, and Captain * Copithorne were also examined relating to their Losses and cruel Usage.

The * The Case of Richard Copithorne, fole Owner and Mafte:

of the Ship Betty Galley, Burthen 150 Tons; relating to his being taken by the Spaniards, and the Losses sustained by himlelf and the Freighters thereby; humbled addressed to the Honourable the House of Commons,

This Ship having been taken in Europe near twelve Years ago, and the Sufferers gone they all the Formalities of making · good their Claim for the Loss thereof, both here, pursuant to

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