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For granting a Liberty to carry Sugars, of the Growth and - Prodace of his Majesty's Sugar Colonies in America, from thence directly to Foreign Parts. For the more effectual preventing of excessive and deceit

For the better preventing Frauds and Abuses in Gold and Sires Vares.

For prohibiting the Importation of Books reprinted abroad, and Erit composed or written and printed in Great Britain.

To rectify a Miltake in an Ac made in the 6 King George I. for preventing Frauds and Abuses in the public Revenues, &c. And to obviate a Doubt in an Act for preventing his Majesty's Subjects from trading to the Eaft- Indies, under Foreign Commissions.

For explaining and amending an AE 8 King Richard II. That no Man of Law fall be Justice of Allize in his own Country, &c.

For continuing an A&t 8 Queen Anne, to regulate the Price and Afrize of Bread. And for continuing and amending an Act 2 King George II. for the better Regulation of Attornies and Solicitors.

For allowing further time for Inrollment of Deeds, and Wills made by Papifts, &c.

For the more easy assessing and levying County Rates.

To im power the High Court of Chancery to lay out, upon proper Securities, Monies belonging to the Suitors of that Coort for their Ease, &c.

To obviate fome' Doubts in an Act , King William and Queen Mary, concerning Tanned Leather, &c.

For providing a Reward to Joanna Stephens, upon a proper Discovery to be made by her, for the Use of the Public, of the Medicines prepared by her for the Cure of the Stone.

To enlarge the Powers of the Commissioners for building Weftminster-Bridge, and to enable them by a Lottery to raise Money, &c.

For establishing an Hospital at Bath.

For improving and preferving the Navigation of the River Lee in Hertfordthire, &c.

And to several other public and private Bills. For the King's Speech, See Vol. VI. Page 86.


MINUTES, &c. of the FIRST S È S

SION of the Eighth PARLIAMENT of
Great Britain ; by way of Introduction to,
and Illustration of, the DEBAT ES, &c.
which follow, to the End of the said Session.

February, the 6th:
T was Resolved, That in the Petition of any Elector drOrder relating
Electors, for

any County, City or Place, sending Mem-to Elections bers to Parliament, complaining of an undue Election and Return, and alledging that some other Person was duly elected, and ought to have been returned, the fitting Member, so complained of, might demand and examine into the Qualifications of such Person, so alledged to be duly elected, in the lame manner as if such Person had himself petitioned : Which Resolution was declared to be a ftanding Order of the House.

The 13th. A Motion for certain Accounts (See Page 48) pitpute abolit having been made, canvass’d and divided upon, Henry Pel-Order, ham, Esq; moved to adjourn, which brought on a short Debate about Order, because it was said, that when a Question had been moved, and for some Time debated, the House was so much in Poffeffion of it, that it could not be put off by Adjournment, without an unanimous Consent. But Mr. Speaker declared, that, according to the general Opinion, the Rale menioned was to be observed at all Times before tour o'Clock in be Afternoon ; but after that Hour, tho' a Question had been yr fome Time debated, it was thought it might be put off by djournment, witrout any unanimous Consent: Whereupon de Queition was put for adjourning, which was carried in the firmative without a Divilion. The 14th. Retoived that a Sam not exceeding * 794,5291 votes on the 7d. be granted to his Majesty, tor detraying the Charge ofsupply.

25.744 By comparing this Sum with the Sum voted for the Year 1, we shall find an Increase 147,0991. 136. 4d and the

granted for the Serviee of the Army in the Year 17340 ng exceeded what had been granted in the preceding Year, Sum of 35,1161. gs. 3d. our odditional Expence for the


25,744. Men, for Guards and Garrisons, and other hi? Majesty's Land-Forces in Great Britain, Guernsey, and Jersey, for the Year 1735. See the Debate, Page 51.

On the 21st of February the House went again into a Committee of the whole House, to consider further of the Supply granted to his Majesty, when they came to several Resolutions, which were on the 24th agreed to by the House, and were as follows, viz.

Thar a Sum not exceeding + 215,7101. 6s. 5d. be granted to his Majesty, for maintaining his Majesty's Forces and Gar. sisons in the Plantations, Minorca and Gibraltar, and for the Provisions for the Garrisons at Anapolis Royal, Canio, Placentia and Gibraltar, for the Year 1735.

That a Sum, not exceeding 10,2731. Is. 7d. be granted to his Majelly, for defraying leveral extraordinary Expences and Services incurred Anno Dom. 1734, and not provided for by Parliament.

That a Sum not exceeding 18,8591. 9. 2d. be granted to his Majesty, upon Account, for Out-penfioners of Chelsea

Hospital, for the Year 1735. See Page 73. Malt-Aet On the 28th of February, his Majetty came to the House pafled.

of Peers, and the House of Commons being sent for, bis Majcity was pleased to give the Royal Affent to the Bill, entitled, An Act for continuing the Duties upon Mali, &c. in that Part of Great Britain called England; and for granting to his Majesty certain Duties upon Malt

, &c. in that

Part of Great Britain called Scotland, for the Service of the Year

1735; and to one Naturalization-Bill. See Page 89. Other Votes On the 7th of March the House resolved itself into a on the Supply Committee of the whole Houie, to consider further of Ways

and Means for raising the Supply granted to his Majelty, and came to several Resolutions, which were next Day reported to the House, and are as follow:

That towards raising the Supply granted to his Majesty, there be issued and applied the Sum of one Million, out o


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Year 1735, en Account of the late War, in this Article of sw Army only, amourts to 182,2151. 7d. to vihich we muf add an additional Expence in 1735, in the Article relating the Forces in the Plantations, Gibraltar, &c. of 11,7131 95. 2d, being in the whole 194,0291. 75. 9.

+ By comparing the Sum granted by the firft of these Refola. tions, with the Sum granted for the fame Purposes in the preceding Session, our Readers will see, that our additional Ex: pence upon this Article for the current Year, amounts to 11,711

9s. 22.

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as have arisen, or shall or may arise from the Surplustes, 2014 Excelles

, or Overplus- Moneys, commonly called the Sinking-Fund.

That towards raising the Supply granted to his Majesty, the several Duties on Salt, and also on Red and White Her

rings, delivered out for Home-Consumption, which, by an E Act of the 7th Year of his present Majelly's Reign, were

continu'd and granted to his Majesty, his Heirs and Succeffors, until the 25th Day of March, 1742, be further continu'd from the 24th Day of March, 1741, to the 25th Day of

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March 1746.

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And Bills were brought in soon after, pursuant to these Resolutions.

On the 12th of the fame Month, a Petition of George Petition of Herriot, Provost of the Royal Burgh of Haddington in Scot- George Herri. land, Robert Forrest, Brewer there, John Hay, Sadler there, ot, &c. George Hunter, Wheelwright there, and George Walker, Skinner there, was presented to the House, alledging, That, u pon Application made the 24th of O&tober then laft, by James Ereskine, John Claddel, Andrew Wilson, and others, assuming to themselves the Name of Magistrates in the said Burgh, and complaining that the Petitioners had disturbed them in the pretended Exercise of their Offices; the Hon. Andrew Fletcher of Miltoun, one of the Judges of the Court f Justiciary, and also of the Court of Selfon in Scotland, hough there was evidently no Foundation for such Comlaint, without any Jurisdiction to judge of the Merits of the lection of Magiftrates of the said Burgh, without any Noce given to the Petitioners, or any of the other Persons, ncerned ; and so, without hearing them, or calling them fore him, gave forth a summary Warrant, directed to all ficers whom it concerned, Civil or Military, to search for, e and apprehend the Persons of the Petitioners and many ers, to the Number of forty Burgeffes and Inhabitants, reof seventeen were acting Magiftrates or Counsellors of aid Burgh, where-ever they should be found in Scotland, to imprison them within the nearest sure Prison ; that Warrant was lodged in the Hands of Humphry Colun, one of the Macers or Messengers of the Court of iary, without the Privity of any other of the Judges of Court ; and, as the petitioners have Reason to believe, id Andrew Fletcher order'd the said Macer to takeions from Patrick Lindlay, Provost of Edinburgh, as. Manner of execaring that Warrant; and such Direc-ere accordingly given, as the Petitioners have Reabelieve, in Writing; that this Warrant was accompaan Order from Brigadier-General Moyle, then ad

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