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Anno 8, Geo. 11. ing a Poft-Office within this Kingdom, by A& of Parlia

ment. II. That all Letters, not exceeding two Ounces, signed by the proper Hand of, or directed to any Member of this. House, during the fitting of every Session of Parliament, and forty Days before and forty Days after every Summons or Prorogation, ought to be carried and delivered freely and safely from all Parts of Great Britain and Ireland without any Charge of Postage. III. That it is an high In. fringement of the Privilege of the Knights, Citizens and Burgefles, chosen to represent the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament, for any Polt-master, his Deputies or Agents, in Great Britain or Ireland, to detain or delay, open or look into, by any Means whatsoever, any Letter directed to; or figned by the proper Hand of any Member, without an express Warrant in writing, under the Hand of one of the Principal Secretaries of State, for every such Detaining, Delaying, Opening, or Looking into. IV. That all Letters directed to any Member of this House at any place within the Bills of Mortality, be carried by the proper Officers of the Poft-Office to the House or Lodgings of such Member, or to the Lobby of the House of Commons. V. That it is a notorious Breach of the Privilege of the House of Commons, for any Person to counterfeit the Hand, or put the Name of any Member of the House of Commons upon any Letter, in order to prevent its being charged with the Duty of Poftage. VI. That such Persons as shall presume to do the same, ought to be proceeded against with the utmost Severity.

The first two of these Resolutions were agreed to, and on the 25th the third Resolution was amended thus : viz. That it is an high Infringement of the Privilege of the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses, chosen to represent the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament, for any Poft-Mafter, his Deputies or Agents, in Great Britain or Ireland, to open or look into, by any Means whatsoever, any Letter directed to, or signed by the proper Hand of any Member, without an express Warrant in Writing, under the Hand of one of the principal Secretaries of State, for every such Opening or Looking into ; or to detain or delay any Letter, directed to, or signed with the Name of any Member, unless there shall be just Reason to suspect some Counterfeit of it, without an express Warrant of a principal Secretary of State as aforesaid, for every such Detaining or Delaying.

Then the three other Resolutions were severally read a second Time, and agreed to, without any Amendment.

April 22. The Bill for limiting the Number of Officers 70 the to fit in the House of Commons being read a second Time ; ule of and a Motion being made for committing the same, there


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great Debate,


The chief Speakers for committing Anno 8. Geo. 11. were Mr John Pitt, Mr Boone, Mr Lyttleton, Lord h, Mr Hume Campbell, Sir Joseph Jekyll, Sir Wil- Mr John Pitt. indham, and Sir John Hynde Cotton. The Speak- Mi Buone. nft committing it were Mr Stephen Fox, Hon. Lord Polwarth. phen Cornwallis, Mr Lewis, (of Hampshire) Mr Sir Jol. Jekyll. | Williams, Hon. Mr Robert Byng, Mr Lind- Sir J.H. Cotton. - Oglethorp, Mr Danvers, Mr Thomas Corbet, r Henry Pelham, General Wade, Sir Robert Wal- Hon. s. Cornwallis. d Mr Rider the Solicitor General.


Mr Stephen Fox.

Mr Lewis.
Mr Han. Williams.
Hon. Rob. Byng.
Mr Lindsay.

Mr Danvers.
Mr Tho. Corbet.
Mr Hen. Pelham.
Gen. Wade.

le Question being at last put for committing the Mr Oglethorp. was carried in the Negative by 216, against 192. 15. The King came to the House of Peers, and Sir R: Walpole. mons being sent for and attending, his Majesty gave 1 Aflent to several Bills : After which he put an le Seffion with the following Speech to both Houses. Lords and Gentlemen,

glad the Business of this Session of Parliament is The King's Speech ought to such a Conclusion, that I have now an to the firit Sellion. tunity of giving you fome Recess, after the great You have taken in the Service of your Country. On ccafion I must in Justice return you My Thanks for ny Instances you have given Me of your Duty and on to My Person and Government, and for the ry Provisions you have made for the Publick Secus far as the immediate Circumstances of Affairs require. ve considered with great Care and Attention the

Situation of Europe, and duly weighed the Con-
es, that may arise from the Progress of the War,
by means of its becoming more general, or conti-
only to be carried on between the Powers already
Accommodation of these unhappy Troubles ap-
to be the best Means to prevent the Dangers, that
be apprehended on either Side. In this View, a

Pacification was concerted between Me and the General with great Impartiality, and not without ble Grounds to hope for Success, altho' it hath not

defired Effect. all future Resolutions, to be taken in this impor1 critical Conjuncture, must be principally deterby future Events : This makes it impossible for Me, nt, to take the previous Advice and Concurrence Parliament in such Measures, as may become ab

“ folutely


Anno 8. Geo. II. “ folutely necessary to be entered into. But you may be

“ assured, that My constant Concern for the Publick Wel“ fare, the Liberties of Europe, and, in particular, for the “ Felicity and Security of these Kingdoms, will never suf“ fer Me to take any Steps, but such as the Honour and “ Interest of My Crown and People Shall call for and jau “ stify; and in the Pursuit of these great and desireable “ Ends, I do, with the best grounded Confidence, promise “ Myself your zealous and affectionate Support."

Gentlemen of the House of Commons, “ I return you My hearty Thanks for the Supplies you “ have, with so much Chearfulness and Dispatch, granted “ for the Service of the current Year, which have been so “ effectually raised, and accompanied with fo feasonable an “ Augmentation of Our Forces by Sea and Land, that I “ Tall be in a Condition to make use of them, in the most “ advantageous Manner, for the Publick Service, as any Oc“ casion, that may happen to arise, Mall require."

My Lords and Gentlemen, “ The Conduct and Prudence of this Parliament, in a “ Time of so great Difficulty, cannot be enough commend“ ed. The Põlture of Affairs before us required all possible “ Resolution, joined with Caution, neither to be unwarily “ involved in the present. Disturbances, nor to remain un“ provided against those Dangers, which are too obvious to “ stand in Need of any Explanation, and may either directly “ or remotely affect Us.

“ As I think it necessary this Summer to visit My Do“ minions in Germany, it is My Intention to appoint the “ Queen Regent here during My Absence ; of whose juft “ and prudent Administration you have on the like Occafion “ had Experience. Let Me earnestly recommend it to you, “ to render the Burden of this weighty Trult as easy to Her " as possible, by making it your conftant Study and Endea“ vour, as I am sure it is your Inclination, to preserve the “ Peace of the Kingdom, and to discountenance and sup“ press all Attempts to raise groundless Discontents in the “ Minds of My People, whose Happiness hath always “ been, and shall continue My daily and uninterrupted “ Care."

The Parliament prorogued,

Then the Lord Chancellor, by his Majesty's Command, prorogued the Parliament to che i 2th of June : They were afterwards farther prorogued to the i5th of January

SPEECHES NUT ES, &c. of the SECOND SESSION by way of Introiction to, and Illuftration of, the DE 2 A TE $, which folloiu, the End of the said Sefior. N Tharfday the 22d of January, the House having, upon the Re

port of the Committee of Supply, resolved. Nemine Contradicente, that pply should be granted to his Majeily, they ordered, among others, llowing Eitimates, State, and Accounts to be laid before the House, viz.

Ain Eitimate of the Ordinary of the Navy for the Year 1736, the Half-Pay of the Officers of the Navy and Marines,

An Eitimate of the Charge for Guards, Garrilons and Land Forces he Year 1736. An Eftimate of the Charge of Ordnance for the Land Service for ear 1736. A State of the Debe of his Majesty's Navy, as it stood at Chrismas, laft.

An Account thewing how the Money given for the Service of the 1735, had been disposed of, distinguished under the severa! Heads.

An Account of the Services incurred and not provided for by Parent. which the first and fourth were laid before the House next Day; the d, third, and fixth, on Monday thereafters and the fifth on Tuesday d of March, and follow in their Order as called tor. bftral of the Ordinary E SILMAT E nf the Navy for the Year 1736. the Right Hon. the Lords Commiffioners for executing the Ofice of

Lord High Admiral of Great Britain. he Commiflioners of the Navy, with the Secretaries,

1. d. ficers, Clerks, Inftruments and Contingencies relat- 28,062 .14 I ; thereto

i. perannuated Sea-Oficers

5109 12 73 ensions and Allowan

8,667 ņ 7

3557. 15 hatham

3507 7 2! eptford

3082 11 'oolwich

2521 8 8 þrtsmouth

>17,505 118

4162 14 6 seerness


4.6 ymouth

2506 5 6 Muster-Masters and other Officers of the Our Ports 3.623 56 Wages to Ships and Vessels in Ordinary

30,712 60 Victuals to the Officers and Men serving therein 13,450 50 Charge of the Harbour Moorings

24,084 Ordinary Repairs of his Majelly's Ships in Harbour, 7 d of the Docks, Wharfs, Bulidings, &c.

60,005 Ordinary Charge of sick and hure Seamer


15 Half-Pay to Sea Oficers

30,000 1 of the Ordinary Eximate of the Navy for the 3217,269 4 10 as 1736,



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Brought over 217,269 4 10
To which may be added
For defraying the Expence in maintaining, in the Royal

Hospital of Greenwich, an additional Number of
Disabled Seamen, taken and to be taken into it, who
are worn out and become decrepid in the Service of
their Country, there being now goo poor Seamen
maintained in the said Hospital; as also for a sufficient

Number of Nurses, being the Widows of Officers and
poor Seamen, and for carrying on the Buildings and
other Incidents of the said Hospital for the Year 1736,
10,000 1.

Total 227,269 4 10 And then the total of the Ordinary Estimate of the Navy for the Year 1936, amounts to Two hundred twenty seven Thousand two hundred sixty nine Pounds four Shillings and ten Pence.

Richard Haddock, James Ackworth, Thomas Pearse, George Purvis.

J. Fawler. An Eftimale of the Charge of the Guards, Garrisons, and other his Majefty's Land Forces in Great Britain, for the rear 1736.

Pay for 365

Days. Total. Horfe Number. 1.

I. s. . ift. Troop of Guards

181 16,592 00 ad ditto


181 16,592 0 4th ditto

16,592 00 ift Troop of Grenadier Guards


10,772 12 O ad ditto

177 10,900 14 0 Royal Regiment of Guards

335 26,949 16 0 Lord Pembroke's Regiment

319 26,126 60 Lieutenant General Evan's 214

17,744 18 o Lieutenant General Wade's

214 17,744 180

176,607 Oo Dragoons. Royal Regiment

369 17,461 50 Brigadier Campbell's


17,461 5 Lieut. General Honeywood's 369 17,461 5 Lord Cadogan's


17,461 5 · Major General Kerr's

369 17,461

5 Sir Robert Rich's


17,46150 Major General Churchill's

369 17,461 50 Lord Mark Kerr's


17,461 50 2952

139,690 00


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3d ditto


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