The Dark Side: Verse Humour About Troglodytes And Other Strange Folk

Janus Publishing Company Lim, 2004 - 99 pàgines
Exploiting the natural rhythms of traditional English poetry along with the power of rhyme, G. F. McHugh brings a modern perspective to comic verse, whether the subject be primitive cave dwellers evocative of the Neanderthals, the aged inhabitants of an English village, or a miscellany of weird characters. The unlikely relationship of these varied folk to modern awareness is evoked in brief, hard-hitting poems that must produce, in readers young and mature, an irreverant chuckle.

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One Day an Ancient Troglodyte
Old Mrs Mutter
Other Folk

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Sobre l'autor (2004)

Despite his early loveof physics, which led to Master's and doctoral degrees from English universitys, and his subsequent career as a mostly desk-bound oceanographer for the United States Navey, Irish-born G. F. McHugh considers himself equally at home as an experimental novelist (medieval period), illustrator, short-story writer and satirical poet.

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