Discourses on War

For the International union [by] Ginn, 1903 - 229 pàgines

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Pàgina xii - ... by appeals to reason and by its liberal examples to infuse into the law which governs the civilized world a spirit which may diminish the frequency or circumscribe the. calamities of war, and meliorate the social and beneficent relations of peace; a Government, in. a word, whose conduct within and without may bespeak the most noble of all ambitions — that of promoting peace on earth and good will to man.
Pàgina xxxiii - In looking at our age I am struck immediately with one commanding characteristic, and that is, the tendency in all its movements to expansion, to diffusion, to universality. To this I ask your attention. This tendency is directly opposed to the spirit of exclusiveness, restriction, narrowness, monopoly, which has prevailed in past ages.
Pàgina 199 - We chain the helpless despairing victims ; crowd them into the fetid, pestilential slave ship ; expose them to the unutterable cruelties of the middle passage, and, if they survive it, crush them with perpetual bondage. I now ask, whether as a people, we are prepared to seize on a neighboring territory for the end of extending slavery? I ask, whether, as a people, we can stand forth in the sight of God, in the sight of the nations, and adopt this atrocious policy ? Sooner perish ! Sooner be our name...
Pàgina 144 - Napoleon, we would observe, that military talent, even of the highest order, is far from holding the first place among intellectual endowments. It is one of the lower forms of genius; for it is not coversant with the highest and richest objects of thought.
Pàgina 159 - ... distinction of being the leader in a revolution without awakening one doubt or solicitude as to the spotless purity of his purpose. His was the glory of being the brightest manifestation of the spirit which reigned in his country ; and in this way he became a source of energy, a bond of union, the center of an enlightened people's confidence.
Pàgina xxxiii - Even the most abject portions of society are visited by some dreams of a better condition for which they were designed. The grand doctrine, that every human being should have the means of self-culture, of progress in knowledge and virtue, of health, comfort, and happiness, of exercising the powers and affections of a man ; this is slowly taking its place as the highest social truth.
Pàgina 211 - In one respect, our institutions have disappointed us all. They have not wrought out for us that elevation of character, which is the most precious, and, in truth, the only substantial blessing of liberty. Our progress in prosperity has indeed been the wonder of the world ; but this prosperity has done much to counteract the ennobling influence of free institutions. The peculiar circumstances of the countryN and of our times have poured in upon us a torrent of wealth ; and human nature has not been...
Pàgina xlviii - ... these shake the nerves of men, who are willing that our moral evils should be perpetuated to the end of time, provided their treasures be untouched. I have no fear of revolutions.
Pàgina 218 - We are destined (that is the word) to overspread North America ; and, intoxicated with the idea, it matters little to us how we accomplish our fate. To spread, to supplant others, to cover a boundless space, this seems our ambition, no matter what influence we spread with us. Why cannot we rise to noble conceptions of our destiny ? Why do we not feel, that our work as a nation is, to carry freedom, religion, science, and a nobler form of human nature over this continent ? and why do we not remember,...

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