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We shall not now detail proofs which may appear more forcible and more satisfactory in their collective form, under the different dispensations of Almighty love; but I should very imperfectly discharge the duties of a christian pastor, if, whilst endeavouring to raise your conceptions to the Author of your faith, I should forbear impressing on your hearts, its necessary and correspondent consequences. If our blessed Lord was announced to our first parents; if from time to time, through the long series of the Mosaic and prophetic days, the opening beams of this Sun of Righteousness broke through the cloud under which they were obscured, lighting up the countenances, and gladdening the hearts, of those who were called the servants of God; what ought a Christian to feel at the full manifestation of his Redeemer’s glory? Witness as he is made to all these miracles of might the Apostle exclaim, how shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation? Christ has, indeed, shone forth a light to them who sat in darkness; has been announced as a Saviour for sinners--but for penitent and believing sinners. The terms of his covenant are, Repent and

mercy, well


be forgiven. It was the language of the Evan-
gelical prophet; it was the Baptist's preparatory
injunction; it was our Lord's original lesson,
Repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand; it was
(as we have before observed) the Holy Apostle
St. Peter's opening of his ministry, Repent ye,
and be converted. This was to be the issue of
early predictions, of patriarchal promises, of
Mosaic rites, of prophetic warnings, of christ-
ian miracles. The design and end of all this
splendid apparatus was, that repentance, and
remission of sins, should be preached to all na-
tions. Let it not also be forgotten by a Christ-
ian people, that blest as they are with peculiar
privileges, they are loaded with more than com-
mon responsibility. Why were Chorazim, and
Bethsaida, and Capernaum, threatened with a
doon more dreadful than that even of Sodom
and Gomorrah? but because, though so many
mighty works had been done among them,
they repented not; because they were blind to
Him, whom we profess to see; because they dis-
regarded Him, whom we profess to adore.

Let us all, then, lay these things seriously to heart; let us all ask ourselves that most impor

tant question, each for himself, Have I repented ? do I bring forth fruits meet for repentance, the only sure evidence of my pardon being sealed? If not, while Christ, who descended from his glory as the mediator of a new covenant, still sits upon a throne of mercy, let us fall down before him, confessing our sins, and imploring forgiveness and acceptance for his sake. Let us pray for the spirit of God, to soften our hearts, to render our contrition more deep, our vows of obedience moresincere, our resolutions of amendment more efficacious. Thus invigorated, and thus consoled, the believer may go forth, and tell with joy the glad tidings of his salvation. He may speak with confidence of all the gracious promises, of his inheritance with Christ, and of the kingdom prepared for him before the foundation of the world. transactions and fulfilments, in visibles and invisibles, in prospect and in prophecy, looking to one Saviour, and to the final consummation of everlasting love, his song will be that of Moses and the Lamb, and the burden of it, Who is like unto thee, O JEHOVAH, amongst all the mighty ones? Who is like unto thee, glorious in

In past holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? Thou in thy mercy hast led forth from the world the people whom thou hast redecmed; thou hast guided them in thy strength to thy holy habitation.

He may cry out with Christian exultation, this is our God, we have waited for him, and He will save us.

This is the Lord, we have waited for Him, we will be glad, and rejoice in his saltation. Amen, Amen.



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