Noctes Ambrosianae

Isbister and Company, 1904 - 484 pàgines

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Pàgina 347 - Fill'd with the face of heaven, which, from afar Comes down upon the waters, all its hues, From the rich sunset to the rising star, Their magical variety diffuse ; And now they change ; a paler shadow strews Its mantle o'er the mountains; parting day Dies like the dolphin, whom each pang imbues With a new colour as it gasps away, The last still loveliest, till — 'tis gone — and all is gray.
Pàgina 31 - At supper this night he talked of good eating with uncommon satisfaction. "Some people (said he,) have a foolish way of not minding, or pretending not to mind, what they eat. For my part, I mind my belly very studiously, and very carefully; for I look upon it, that he who does not mind his belly will hardly mind anything else.
Pàgina 269 - early to bed and early to rise, is the way to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Pàgina xv - But not for a thousand such would I part with my old friend.' To this description I may be just permitted to add, that in the more serious concerns of life Mr Sym's character and career were exemplary. To the highest sense of...
Pàgina xiv - Tickler is completely an original, as any man may see who has attended to his remarks ; for there is no sophistry there, — they are every one his own. Nay, I don't believe that North has, would, or durst, put a single sentence into his mouth that had not proceeded out of...
Pàgina 79 - North. Not with such a show of clouds Shepherd. No ! not with such a show of clouds. A congregation of a million might worship in that Cathedral ! What a dome ! And is not that flight of steps magnificent ? My imagination sees a crowd of white-robed spirits ascending to the inner shrine of the temple.
Pàgina xvi - Loch — a lake in the same district — in 1835. His early years were spent in the humblest pastoral avocations, and he scarcely received even the rudiments of the most ordinary education. For long ' chill penury repressed his noble rage ' ; but the poetical instinct was strong within him, and the flame ultimately broke forth under the promptings of his own ambition, and the kind encouragement of Sir Walter Scott. After a few hits and many misses in various departments of literature, he succeeded...
Pàgina xv - Scottish tunes increased — our energies of execution redoubled, till ultimately it became not only a complete and well-contested race, but a trial of strength, to determine which should drown the other. The only feelings short of ecstasy which came across us in these enraptured moments were caused by hearing the laugh and the joke going on with our friends, as if no such thrilling strains had been flowing. But if Sym's eye chanced at all to fall on them, it instantly retreated upwards again in...
Pàgina 283 - ... crowing of cocks before, at, and after sunrise. They are like clocks all set by the sun. Some hoarsely scrauching, James — some with a long, clear, silver chime — and now and then a bit bantam crowing twice for the statelier chanticleer's once — and, by fancy's eye, seen strutting and sliding up, in his impudence, to hens of the largest size, not unaverse to the flirtation of the feathery-legged coxcomb. Shepherd. Few folk hae seen oftener than me Natur gettin up i

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