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the absurd inventions of men, sacrile. At the request of a respectable Corres- giously attached to the religion of pondent, we publish the following 16- Jesus of Nazareth, proudly boasting

, count of a Society, lately established of victory over Christianity herselt. in the western parts of the State of Having deliberated on the radical New York. However we may dif. causes of the prevailing evil, and canfer in opinion from the members of didly discussed the subject among this, Society, concerning the pure ourselves, we are apprehensive that a Guspel Doctrine,and what they shameful ignorance on the one hand, denominate " fanaticism and enthu- and a disposition for licentiousness on siasm,” we are ready to make a the other, combine to give it birth, common cause with them, in oppos- and that its remedy only lies in the ing the spread ofidemoralizing in. diffusion of useful knowledge, and in fidelity," by promoting the know- a more exemplary deportment among ledge of the Sacred Scriptures." the professed friends of the Christian “As a meeting on September 20th,

Aware, however, of the diffi1806, of the Society for promoting culty of comprising in a single view the Knowledge of the Sacred Scrip. the various causes, direct and re. tures and the Practice of the Gospel mote, which contribute to the sad Doctrine : Resolved to make the fole phenonienon ; at the same time sen. lowing publication :

sible, that the true causes must be The members of the Society for apparent before our exertions to re. promoting the Knowledge of the Sac.

move them can be directed in such a red Scriptures and the Practice of the manner as to furnish a well grounded Gospel Doctrine, informed by ex.

hope of success, the Society propose tracts, lately published from the min.

to their enlightened Christian breth. utes of the general synod of the Re.

ren, the following questions, upon formed Dutch Churches in this state,

which the answers are expected be. of the laudable endeavours of that

fore the 1st day of December, 1808, high reverend body, to promote the

in a fair, legible hand, copied by interest of the Redeemer's kingdom, another, with a Symbolum, as usual, think it becoming their character and

the author's name written in a sepa. Christian profession, to cooperate

rate sealed paper, superscribed with with these endeavours, according to

the Symbolum of his dissertation, their ability, and in view of the situa.

and forwarded with the dissertation, tion allotted them by divine Provi.

free of postage, to the Rev. John dence. The limited circumstances of Sherman, Secretary of the Society. the people of these western parts do not enable them at present, to afford

Question ist. What degree of pecuniary aid to their more wealthy knowledge in Oriental and Greek lit. brethren in the mercantile cities,

erature, Jewish antiquities, and ec. for the particular purpose specified clesiastical history is requisite to in the printed extracts of the general qualify a minister of the gospel to synod ; on the contrary, from the

silence the cavils, and successfully to known generosity and affluence of our

refute the objections of ancient and brethren, we might hope for pecu.

modern infidels against the Jewish niary assistance from them, were

and Christian revelations? they duly apprised of the various and increasing enemies of our Lord, by

Question 2d. What qualifications whom we are surrounded. Notwith.

are requisite for a successful Chris. standing the eminent blessings of a

tian missionary among the Indians spiritual nature enjoyed at the hand

of North America ! What obstacles of a merciful Providence, our situa.

must he expect to meet! And how tion is rendered truly disagreeable shall he best overcome them? by a growing fanaticism and enthusi. The crowned dissertation upon asm, which degrade the pure and ex. these questions shall be published, cellent faith of our divine Master, and and the author shall receive a pre. by a demoralizing infidelity, which, mium of fifty dollars. The second while it successfully triumphs against shall be noticed with an Accesset.




declined the undertaking. A few

weeks ago we had a meeting to EAST INDIES.

choose one to accompany brother Chater, in the place of brother Mor. don. We then agreed that every one

should make it a matter of prayer for The Baptist Missionaries in Bengal are making some progress in

fifteen days, that the heart of him their conversion of the natives. Ac might be stii red up to offer himself, counts have been received from them,

whom God would employ in this

work. dated March and April, which state,

At the expiration of this that the number of proselytes since time my eldest son (Felix) offered the commencement of the year had himself: his knowledge of Bengalee, increased from 34 to 70 per month ;

Hindoosthonee, and Sanschrit, added and that three of the Hindoos were

to an acquaintance with medicine and preaching the gospel. The Mission- surgery, to which he has diligently aries are about to publish translations applied himself

, with the advantage of the Bible and New Testament in

of attending the practice at the gene. all the languages of the East. They ral hospital, will make his loss sehave alrcady been printed in four or verely felt here. Brother Ward and five dialects.

myself thought that he ought not to go. But the evident answer to pray. er, the affection which subsists be.

tween him and brother Chater, and Extract of a Letter from Rer. William between their wives, silenced our op. Carey, dated Calcutta, July 30, 1807. position. They have sent some nec. “ The number of baptisms among to'Rongoon, and will go as soon as

essaries in a ship now on its passage us have been fewer this year than it possible. May the Lord grant pros. was the last, yet several have come perity.” forward. Brother Fernandez at , and Brother Chamberlain at Cutwa, have had additions to the churches in those places. A new church has been formed in the district of Jessone, and one more of our native brethren, The grand religious ceremony and Rom Mohim, formerly a Brahmin, procession of Sievri took place at has been called to the work of the Tranquebar, in March last. The ministry. We expect to baptise two royal chariot, on which the idol was persons next Lord's day, one at Ser carried, cost 6000 pagodas; it was ampore, and one at Calcutta. This 25 feet high. Upwards of 100,000 is the first baptism in Calcutta ; may devotees are supposed to have assistit be followed by many.

ed on this occasion. Government has given us leave to erect a chapel in Calcutta, and the timbers are most of them put on. I expect it will be opened by the end of the year.

Brothers Mordon and Chater went The Christians at Pekin have to Rongoon, a port in the Burman lately been exposed to violent perseempire, to 'try whether the gospel cution, in consequence of some irregcould be introduced there : The en- ularity in the conduct of a few percouragement they met with far ex- sons of that religion, and one of the ceeded our expectation. They re- Mandarins, suspected of being friend. turned to take their families some ly to them, bas been put to the bow. months ago, when brother Mordon string.











Literary and Philosophical Intelligence.



TAL Rev. Dr. Dwight, President ries in the United States. They will of Yale College, is preparing for the gratefully accept any contributions to press, “ Observations on a series of aid their purpose. journies through the States of New England and New York, intended to

ANOTHER THEOLOGICAL LIBRARX. illustrate the topography, agriculture, commerce, government, literature,

We are happy to learn that another manners, morals and religion, of those larger scale, is now collecting in Phil.

THEOLOGICAL LIBRARY, on a still countries." This work, we under. stand, is considerably advanced. As lips Academy, at Andover, for the its plan is new, its subjects various, Theological Seminary, lately estab

accommodation and benefit of the useful and interesting, and its author lished and attached to that respectawell known in the literary world, as

ble literary instituion. Orders have competent to his undertaking, the

been sent to Europe for the purchase, public may justly expect much enter

to a considerable amount, of a selectainment and instruction from this

tion of the best classical and other work.

works, for such an institution. We have confidence that a Christian pub. lic will cheerfully give their liberal

patronage to an institution, which has An institution with this name has

for its object the education of young lately been established in Boston, men for the sacred and most imporwhich we are happy to learn has re. tant work of the gospel ministry. ceived respectable patronage. One Contributions to this Library will be of its principal objects is “ to collect gratefully received by the preceptor, critical, controversial, and scarce pub. or any of the Trustees of Phillips lications in divinity, many of which Academy, or by Caleb Bingham and are difficult to be found, and too ex. Lincoln and Edmands at their bookpensive for an individual to possess." stores, Nos. 44 and 53, Cornhill, By the subscriptions of proprietors, Boston. and several liberal donations, a considerable and very valuable collection of books is already made. Among GRIESBACH'S GREEK TESTAMENT. their benefactors, the Hon. JONATHAX Mason is entitled to particu. We are extremely glad to find lar acknowledgments, for a present that proposals are issued for printing of more than one hundred volumes.

at the university press, (Cambridge, About 250 volumes have been depos- Mass.) Griesbach's edition of the ited in the care and for the use of the

Greek Testament, with a selection of company, by the corporation of the most important various readings. King's Chapel." Among these, The eddion from which the Ameri. a respectable number of the

can is to be exactly copied, was pub. Christian Fathers, and other ancient lished at Leipsick in the year 1805, divines. There is also a fine copy of under the inspection, we understand, Walton's Poliglott Bible, and Cas. of Dr. Griesbach himself, and by its tell's Lexicon. The Society ask the size is intended for common use. We public attention and patronage to this consider the publishers of this sinall institution. An increase of subscri. edition as rendering a great service bers is desired to aid in the accom. to the studious and pious portion of plishment of the wishes of the Trus.

the community, by placing within the tres, which are, that their room in reach of every student and especially Devonshire street, may contain one of of ministers, a pure text and select the most completc Theological Libra. reading of the Greck Testament,



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Dr. Griesbach's accuracy, fidelity, by the alterations, which just critiand industry are well known to the cism demands in the present received learned in every part of Europe. He text ; and by very few of the various is a Lutheran by profession, and or- readings is the sense of passages at thodox it is said in his religious opin- alt afiected. It is the glory of this ions ; but he has no where discovered branch of theological study, that it in his few alterations of the received has engaged learned menof the most text the slightest bias, or want of im. , opposite persuasions in laborious conpartiality. Marsh, the learned com. tributions to its success. Among the mentator on Michaelis, and now Mar. collectors of various readings and the garet professor of divinity at Cam- editors of the New Testament, we bridge, loses no opportunity of prais. . find the names of the Romish divines ing his unwearied labours of more of Complutum, the catholic Erasmus, than thirty years in this kind of criti. Beza the disciple of Calvin, Walton, cism, his scrupulous exactness, and Mill, and Bentley of the Church of above all the fairness with which he England, the mystical Bengel, Wet. has quoted authorities, and the im- stein suspected of heresy, Matthai of biassed judgment he has discovered the Greek church, and the Lutheran in his decisions on the relative value Griesbach. With such examples, of readings. But Dr. Griesbaeh's every Christian who feels a proper reedition derives a value superior to spect for the scriptures must wish to every other, from the more accurate have the words of everlasting life, as collation, which has been made in late nearly as they came from the lips of years of some of the most important our Saviour, and the pens of the apos. manuscripts, from the discovery and tles, as it is now possible to obtain examination of many others unknown them. to Mill and Wetsteill, from the aids This Dr. Griesbach has effected in which biblical criticism has received the opinion of competent judges, far from the various labours of the learn- beyond any other editor of the Greek ed in the last half century.

Testament. His edition has been It is also proposed, if this commo- long received as a standard in all the dious edition should meet with the universities of Germany, and it is apexpected encouragement, to publish pealed to with confidence by theolo. p supplementary volume, which shall gians in England and every part of contain an English translation of Europe. The present edition is ad. Griesbach's Prolegomena to his large mirably adapted to common use. We critical edition, and the authorities, have no doubt, from what we have extracted from this, for every de- learnt, that this American impresparture which he has made from the sion will be superintended with the received text, and for every reading, utmost care, and we hope, as it is to which, though he has not ventured to be printed page for page with the Le. insert it in the text, he considers of ipsick edition (in the text of which no equal authority to the received. erratim, bas, we believe, yet been Perhaps also some other treatise or found) that it will rival it in typoextracts may be added, calculated to graphical accuracy. The subscribe awaken a curiosity, diffuse a taste, ers' price (which is two dollars in or promote a knowledge in biblical boaris) for a book of 600 pages, is criticism.

we think extremely moderate. There can be no doubt, that every That the nature of this edition man who feels a due respect for the may be completely understood, we sacred oracles, and especially every have translated the following passage clergyman who must take them for from the short preface which Gries. the ground of his public instructions, bach has prefixed. will be solicitous to have thein in the “ Wherever I have altered the purest form, in which they can be ob. common text, as it was edited by El. tained by the aid of sober and accu. sevic in the year 1624, I have given rate criticism. Nothing is more yen- the common reading in the margin, erally acknowledged, ihan that the that every one may have an opportuessential facts and doctrines of Chris. nity of using his own judgment and wanity are in no degree endangered choice; for I an not so presumptig. .'


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ous as to wish to obtrude my deci- paper, and to have it executed with sion upon the reader. Those varia. great care and accuracy. tions of my text from the received, The whole will be comprised in two which relate only to the order of large quarto volumes ; and to those words without affecting the sense, or

who subscribe before the printing of which are only differences of spelling, it commences, it will be delivered at I have thought it unnecessary to note ten dollars for each copy in boards, in the margin ; but every other varia. to be paid when the first volume is tion, however trifling, I have pointed finished. The second volume will out with the most religious scrupu. be put to press when the first is finlosity. I have also collected in the mar. ished, and will be completed as soon gin the most select and valuable, vari. as the nature of the work, and careful ous readings, which differ both from attention to accuracy, will admit. my own and the common text. In se. The printing of the work will be lecting them, I have endeavoured to begun as soon as five hundred copies, consult the advantage of students in or nearly that number, are subscribed theology; who will find here almost any for; but few additional copies will be reading, which may happen to be printed ; and should these be submentioned in the usual lectures of scribed for during the printing of the professors upon the books of the New first volume, the price of such copies Testament. But this edition will not will be twelve dollars for each set in be a useless manual to other readers ; boards, payable when the first volume for it will enable them to discover is completed ; at which time the subwhether the immense collections of seription will be closed. readings which have been made by Any person subscribing, and pay. the unwearied labours of the learned, ing for nine copies, shall be entitled contain any thing of sufficient import to receive a tenth copy gratis. ance to the criticism or interpretation of particular passages, to invite to a more careful examination, or consul. tation of copious critical commentaries. Nay, more, I have not left un. noticed the conjectures of learned men, and the different punctuations of

Huntingdon, ( Penn.) Nou. 12, 1807. passages, that I may thus open a Thursday last was the most re. wider field to students for the exer- markable dark day that has ever been cise of their judgments on subjects of witnessed by the citizens of this place. criticism. For the authorities upon the darkness occasioned by the which I have determined any reading eclipse of the sun in June, 1806, was to be genuine, more or less probable, nothing in comparison to that of or utterly inadmissible, I must refer Thursday. The court, which was to my large critical edition printed then sitting, tavern keepers, and maat Halle."

[Anthology. ny private families were obliged to

light candles at 11 o'clock in the

forenoon, and keep them burning for THOMSON'S

nearly two hours ; the fowls went to OF

roost, and every thing had the ap.

pearance of night: Indeed it was the Proposals are issued by Thomas opinion of some, that the court ought Dobson, of Philadelphia, for publish- to have suspended “the business of ing by subscription, A new Transla- the country,” as there was every ap. tion of the Sacred Scriptures. The pearance of a sudden termination of Old Testament, from the Greek of the earthly affairs, and that they, as well Septuagint; and the New Testament,

as others, would soon have to appear from the most correct Greek Text; before a higher tribunal. The mornwith occasional Notes. By Charles ing had been foggy and the atmosThomson, Esq. late Secretary to the phere extremely cloudy, but whether Congress of the United States.

that could have occasioned the dark It is proposed to print the work ele. ness at noon, we cannot pretend to say. gantly, with a good type, on superfing



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