The Medico-chirurgical Review, Volum 10

S. Highley, 1827

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Pàgina 369 - Stronger irritation is followed at first by the same results, but soon small globules of fluid appear below the epidermis, and these coalesce so as to form a large accumulation...
Pàgina 66 - Thou must be patient; we came crying hither. Thou know'st, the first time that we smell the air, We wawl, and cry: — I will preach to thee; mark me. Glo. Alack, alack the day ! Lear. When we are born, we cry, that we are come To this great stage of fools; This...
Pàgina 62 - Between the brain and the muscles there is a circle of nerves; one nerve conveys the influence from the brain to the muscle; another gives the sense of the condition of the muscle to the brain.
Pàgina 4 - Ask those who are to eat it, if they like it thick or thin ; if the latter, mix well together by degrees, in a pint basin, one table-spoonful of oatmeal, with three of cold water ; if the former, use two spoonfuls.
Pàgina 259 - Years 1822, 1823, 1824, and 1825, from Observations made by the Surgeons of the Army at the Military Posts of the United States.
Pàgina 15 - The dyspeptic should carefully attend to the first feeling of satiety. There is a moment when the relish given by the appetite ceases : a single mouthful taken after this, oppresses a weak stomach. If he eats slowly, and carefully attends to this feeling, he will never overload the stomach.
Pàgina 12 - This, however, is not always the fact ; the gastric j uice does not appear to be secreted in any quantity during sleep, while the muscular energies of the stomach, although invigorated by repose, are not immediately called into action : it is therefore advisable to allow an interval to pass before we commence the meal of breakfast.

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