Imatges de pÓgina

1622. *Oxford Verses on the Death of Sir H. Savile of Eton. Sm. 4to.


Testis Veritatis, the Doctrine of King James, our late Soueraigne

of famous memory: of the Church of England: of the Catholicke Church : plainly shewed to bee one in the points of predestination, free-will, certaintie of saluation. With a discouerie of the grounds both naturall and politicke of Arminianisme. By F. Rouse (Provost of Eton, 1644–59]. Pp. 107. Sq. cr. 8vo. Printed at London by W. I.



*Hugonis Grotü Baptizatorum Puerorum institutio, alternis

interrogationibus responsibus : cui accesseruat Graeca ejusdem Metaphrasis à Chr. Wase Regalis Coll. Cantab. et Anglicana Versio à Fr: Goldsmith, Armigero : una cum luculentis è SS. Testimoniis A. N. G. Scholae Etonensis Infirmatore in Usum Etonensium. 12mo.


* Reliquiae Wottonianae : or a Collection of Lives, Letters,

Poems; with Characters of Sundry Personages; and other Incomparable Pieces of Language and Art. Also Additional Letters to Several Persons not before printed. By the curious pencil of the ever-memorable Sir Henry Wotton, Kt., Late Provost of Eton College. 1651.

Second Edition. 1654.

* Reliquiae Wottonianae. Third Edition. Pp. 584. 12mo. T. Roycroft, London, 1672.

Fourth Edition, with Additions of Several Letters to the Lord Zouch, never publish'd till now. Pp. 713.

Sm. 8vo.

B. Tooke, at the Ship in St. Paul's Churchyard, London. 1685.

1654. *Reliquiae Wottonianae. Second Edition. (See 1651.)

1657. *A Christian Calendar for Children or Youth, or an Essay of

laying down and in the Principles of Sound Doctrines, by way of Catechism in fifty-two weeks, calculated for the Scholars of Eton College (with their neighbours) by

the present Catechist there. London. * Liturgica sacra; curru Thesbitico, i.e., Zeli inculpabilis vehiculo

deportata et viâ devotionis Regiâ deducta a Rand-Gilpin, sacerd. vel opsonia spiritualia omnibus verè Christianis, etiam pueris degustanda. The Book of Common Prayer in various metres, privately and secretly printed during the Commonwealth by Randolph Gilpin, and dedicated to Eton School.

A.D. 1657.

1659. England's Warning-piece; or Seasonable Advice to the People

of God in these dangerous and backsliding times, held forth in xxii. Sermons, by Nicholas Lockyer, Provost of Eaton Colledg. Pp. vi., 264. 16mo. Exchange, London.

Golden Remains of the Ever Memorable Mr. John Hales of

Eton College, etc. Pp. 326. Sq. cr. 8vo. T. Garthwait,

1672. * Reliquiae Wottonianae. Third Edition. (See 1651, 1654.)


A Sermon preached at the Anniversary Meeting of the Eton

Scholars at St. Mary-le-Bow, on 18th Nov., 1679. By
Thos. Horn. Pp. 33. Sq. cr. 8vo. Samuel Carr, St.
Paul's Churchyard. 1680.


*Sermon on Acts, xxii., 3, preached at Eton Anniversary, 1681,

by William Perse, pub. at Eton.


*Sermon on Romans, xii., 1, preached at the Anniversary

Meeting of the Eaton Scholars at St. Mary-le-Bow, 22nd
Nov., 1683, by Joseph Layton.


Forty Sermons, whereof twenty-one are now first published,

the greatest part preached before the King and on solemn occasions. By Richard Allestree, D.D., King's Professor in the Chair of Divinity in the University of Oxford, Provost of Eton, and Chaplain to His Majesty. 2 vols.

2 . Vol. I., pp. 254; II., 307. Sm. roy. 4to. R. Bentley, London.

1685. Reliquiae Wottonianae. Fourth Edition, with Additions of

Several Letters to the Lord Zouch, never publish'd till now. (See 1651, 1654, 1672.)

c. 1688. *A Sermon at Eton. By Rev. S. Upman [Fellow of Eton). c. 1688.

1689. Poems and Translations written upon Several Occasions, and

to Several Persons. By “A late Scholar of Eaton ” [Charles Goodall]. Pp. 182. 12mo. Henry Bonwicke, London.

1701. A Sermon preached at St. Paul's Cathedral, before the

Gentlemen educated at Eton and King's College, on 6th December, 1700. By Knightley Chetwood, D.D., Archdeacon of York and late Fellow of King's College. Pp. 42.

Sq. post 8vo. B. Tooke, London. 1701. A Sermon preached before the Gentlemen educated at Eton

College, at St. Austin's Church, London, on 6th December, 1701. By William Fleetwood, Fellow of Eton College, and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. Pp. 22. Sq. cr. 8vo. Charles Harper, London. 1701.

1702. An Essay upon Miracles. In two Discourses. By William Fleetwood, Fellow of Eton College.

Second Edition. Pp. 144. Sm. post 8vo. Charles Harper, London.

A Sermon preached at St. Paul's Cathedral, the 8th of Dec.,

1702, before the Gentlemen educated at Eton College.
By J. Adams, Rector of St. Alban, Wood Street, and
Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Pp. 23. Sm. 8vo.
Thos. Bennett, London.


*Wisdom the Best Possession : a Sermon at Christ-Church at

the Anniversary Meeting of the Gentlemen educated at

Eton and King's College. By J. Rawson. 4to. *Form of Invitation to the Eton College Sermon and Dinner

(cf. Cat. Bodl.), Dec. 6th, 1704.


* Alumnorum E. Collegio Regali de Etona in Collegium Regale

apud Cantabrigiensis cooptatorum ab anno 1580 ad annum 1708 A.C. Nomina. Londini. Imprimis Thomas Bartlet, Bibliophilae Etonensis (cf. Brit. Mus. Add. MSS., 24,319, f. 55).

1716. Several Tracts by the ever-memorable Mr. John Hales of Eaton

College, etc., to which is added his Letter to Abp. Laud.
Pp. 228.

1717. *A Letter to the Scholars of Eaton; occasioned by their Master,

Dr. Snape's, Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. D.H. Pp. 40. 12mo. J. Roberts, London.

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