Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Volum 6

Pedigrees and arms of various families of Lancashire and Cheshire are included in many of the volumes.

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Pāgina 79 - XXXI. The Stanley Papers, Part II. The Derby Household Books, comprising an account of the Household Regulations and Expenses of Edward and Henry, third and fourth Earls of Derby ; together with a Diary, containing the names of the guests...
Pāgina 17 - Hear, O ye kings; give ear, O ye princes; I, even I, will sing unto the Lord; I will sing praise to the Lord God of Israel.
Pāgina 74 - Nevertheless," says Bede, " he made it after the manner of the Scots, not of stone, but of hewn oak." Surely this exception, " after the manner of the Scots," would prove rather that the manner of the English was different.
Pāgina 83 - It was established through the joint exertions of the late Mr. Robert Philips, father of the first member for the borough, and of the late Mr. William Bateman, a gentleman resident in Manchester, and engaged in a branch of the cotton manufacture there, two of whose children were deaf and dumb. Mr. Philips had been led to take an interest in the welfare of this afflicted class, in consequence of there being a deaf and dumb girl in his own neighbourhood, for whom he had wished to obtain admission into...
Pāgina 65 - ... man rejoiced to bear such fruit in his old age : He heard the pealing notes of praise, which morn and evening rung Forth from their vaulted chapel, by their clear voices sung ; His eye beheld them two by two their comely order keep Along the Minster's sacred aisles, and up the beechcrowned steep ; And, when he went to his reward, they shed the pious tear, And sang the hallowed requiem over his saintly bier. Then came the dark and evil time, when English blood was shed All over fertile England,...
Pāgina 74 - Egfrid's reign. After the interval of a year, Benedict crossed the sea into Gaul, and no sooner asked than he obtained and carried back with him some masons to build him a church in the Roman style, which he had always admired. So much zeal did he show from his love to Saint Peter, in whose honour he was building it, that within a year from the time of laying the foundation, you might have seen the roof on and the solemnity of the mass celebrated therein.
Pāgina 107 - July 25, their anniversary meeting is held ' by the command of the grand," — (a phrase borrowed from the Freemasons) — dinner on the table at two o'clock. On August 3, they command a play at the theatre ; and on the 8th February 1760, the Society is recorded as 'having generously subscribed Ŗ70 towards clothing our brave troops abroad, and the relief of the widows and orphans of those who fell nobly in their country's and liberty's cause. This is the second laudable subscription made by them,...
Pāgina 35 - ... humility, continence, and study ; to travel about, not on horseback, but after the manner of the apostles, on foot, to preach the Gospel in towns, the open country, cottages, villages, and castles...
Pāgina 70 - Michael, is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Chester, and returned in the clergy list of 1841 at the annual value of Ŗ88.
Pāgina 79 - Pulman, 1853. The True Use of Arms, by William Wyrley; reprinted from the original edition of of 1592. 1853. Pedigree of the Family of Scott of Stokoe. reprinted from the original edition of 1783. Edited by William Robson Scott, Ph.D. 1852. The Heraldic Visitation of Westmoreland, made in 1615, by Sir Richard St. George, Knight.

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