Hansard's Parliamentary Debates

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Pàgina 399 - Then said he to another, And how much owest thou? And he said, An hundred measures of wheat. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and write fourscore.
Pàgina 205 - And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.
Pàgina 205 - And Haman said unto king Ahasuerus, "There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of thy kingdom; and their laws are diverse from all people; neither keep they the king's laws: therefore it is not for the king's profit to suffer them. If it please the king, let it be written that they may be destroyed: and I will pay ten thousand talents of silver to the hands of those that have the charge of the business, to bring it into the king's treasuries."...
Pàgina 103 - That an humble Address be presented to his Majesty, praying that he will be graciously pleased to issue a Commission for inquiring into the defects, occasioned by time and otherwise, in the Laws of this realm, and into the measures necessary for removing the same.
Pàgina 183 - Our grandees have at last found their way back into the Church. I only wonder they have been so long about it. But be assured that nothing but a new religious revolution, to sweep away the fragments that Henry the Eighth left after banqueting his courtiers, will drive them out again.
Pàgina 113 - The House may well express their surprise ; but I beseech their attention to the description of persons required by this advertisement — " from seven to twenty years of age" — so that the Silk manufacturers were content to receive children of the tender age of only seven years — " to be employed in the throwing and manufacturing of silk.
Pàgina 181 - ... the single end we ought to propose by them is, " the preservation and communication of religious knowledge." Every other idea, and every other end that have been mixed with this, as the making. of the church an engine or even an ally of the state, converting it into the means of strengthening, or...
Pàgina 751 - ... discharged. That those who were ' discharged were most wicked and desperate ' persons, who never could come to any ' good, because they would not work, and ' none would take them into service.
Pàgina 541 - I deceive myself indeed most grossly, if I had not much rather pass the remainder of my life hidden in the recesses of the deepest obscurity, feeding my mind even with the visions and imaginations of such things, than to be placed on the most splendid throne of the universe, tantalized with a denial of the practice of all which can make the greatest situation any other than the greatest curse.
Pàgina 799 - GB, of any interest, in possession or reversion, in any freehold, customary, copyhold, or leasehold lands, tenements, houses, or hereditaments, and any share or shares in the capital or joint stock of any corporation or chartered company, and of any annuities or sums of money charged thereon, and of any ships and vessels, and of any reversionary interest in the public funds...

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