The dynasty of the Kajars, tr. from the MS. [of ʿAbd al-Razzâḳ b. Najaf Ḳulî] presented to sir H.J. Brydges [by sir H.J. Brydges and D. Shea]. To which is prefixed, A succinct account of the history of Persia, previous to that period


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Pàgina cxiv - Could trammel up the consequence, and catch With his surcease success; that but this blow Might be the be-all and the end-all here, But here, upon this bank and shoal of time, We'd jump the life to come. But in these cases We still have judgment here; that we but teach Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return To plague the inventor; this even-handed justice Commends the ingredients of our poison'd chalice To our own lips.
Pàgina xviii - And behold I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh wherein is the breath of life from under heaven, and every thing that is in the earth shall die, but with thee will I establish My Covenant, and thou shalt come into the ark, thou and thy sons and thy wife, and thy sons
Pàgina 314 - When these days were expired, the king made a feast unto all the people that were present in Shushan the palace, both unto great and small, seven days, in the court of the garden of the king's palace ; where were white, green, and blue hangings, fastened with cords of fine linen and purple to silver rings and pillars of marble...
Pàgina 314 - Ethiopia, over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces: ) that in those days, when the king Ahasuerus sat on the throne of his kingdom , which was in Shushan the palace, in the third year of his reign, he made a feast unto all his princes and his servants; the power of Persia and Media, the nobles and princes of the provinces, being before him: when he shewed the riches of his glorious kingdom and the honour of his excellent majesty many days, even an hundred and fourscore days.
Pàgina 95 - Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, That which thou hast prayed to me against Sennacherib king of Assyria I have heard. This is the word that the LORD hath spoken concerning him ; The virgin the daughter of Zion hath despised thee, and laughed thee to scorn ; the daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee.
Pàgina xvi - And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.
Pàgina cxlvii - But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, . . . then let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains...
Pàgina xx - Moshan had perused, and with the writers of which, or with many of them, he had contracted an intimate friendship. From them he learned that a powerful monarchy had been established for ages in Iran, before the accession of...

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