Imatges de pàgina
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HAGGAI i. 5.

Now therefore thus saith the Lord of Hosts, consider

your ways.

THE faculty of reviewing our past lives and the present state of our hearts, in order to approve what is right, or condemn what is wrong in either, carries with it an evident obligation upon all men, to exercise it constantly and uprightly. It is a principle, that implies in its very nature an authority over the whole of our conduct: and we every one feel ourselves most intimately bound to obey its dictates. Even when we doubt in particular how we are to act, we must know in general, that we are to act as truth and conscience direct. And not to examine, what they direct, or whether we are following it, is transgressing the first fundamental law of moral agents. So that indeed God our Maker saith to each of us continually, by the inward voice of our own breasts, Consider your ways. A precept universally acknowledged, and highly honoured even by heathens: but peculiarly enforced on Christians, as it is not only often and solemnly enjoined in Scripture, but, to secure all possible regard to it, self-examination is incorporated into the most sacred rite of our holy religion (participation of the blessed sacrament), as its vast importance well deserved.



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