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But now the denouement was drawing Dr. Hager. The King only desired him sear, which both annihilated the authority not to print a circumstantial account, toof this Codo, and disgraced Vella. Dr. gether with the documents of Vella's Hager having, during a short residence at judicial examination ; fince Government Palermo, detected the fraud, as we have (which, obviously, was greatly concerned already stated, was recalled thither in the in the whole of this buline's, especially in same year. To him alone is due the the Norman Code) proposed to publish it marit of examining the Norman Code. in due time; which indeed has not been He pointed out the inaccuracies which he done as yet, and is in all probability not faw in the engraved fac-similies, and in- to be expected. dicated the grammatical errors occurring The Ex. Abbate Vella was dismissed throughout the pretended original: whence from all his offices, and committed priit resulted, that the former could not have Toner to the Castle, in which he is to rebeen copied from a genuine prototype; main for the space of fifteen years. Thus and that the latter must have for its author his career, terminated like that of the Exnot an Arab, but a Maltese. He demon. Count Cagliostro. How much he refrated, that not the Arabic text, but the sembles the latter, appears also from the Italian, was the original; since the Arabic papers found in his possession. Among sometimes rendered the sense incorrectly, them are some receipts: 1. To produce and even wanted some longer and smaller the finest gold from iron-Navings, borax, passages ; in fine, that all those faults were arsenic, and silver; and, after a different observable in it, which frequently hap- method, from iron fhavings, silver and pened to either an ignorant or a hafty copper.

2. To make a fine white coftranflater. This learned German had na. metic for the face. 3. To obtain the turally to remove a variety of obstacles finest rouge of the same quality as the thrown in his way, both by Vella and holy spouse of the propriet Ali used to persons of respectability who patronized prepare. 4. For a species of oil against him. Among other objections it was rheumatic complaints. 5. To make the orged, that a foreigner could not be con- hair of the head grow. 6. To prepare a fided in exclusively. In consequence, with. fecret ink. 7. To be able to write with out consulting or admitting Dr. Hager, a gold, and without it, &c. committee of five very respectable men was appointed, before whom Vella under. went an examination, which, however,

To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine, was attended with the suspicious circum

SIR, stance

, that not one among them under- S some of your correspondents have food a word of Arabic. Yet truth triumphed at last. Vella was now become corn-mill, I beg to give you that of one a confpicuous object of suspicion; and he in my poiresfion. Toe body of ii is cirplainly saw himself, that the transaction cular, made of two pieces of oak iwelve had affumed a serious air. He therefore inches long, one and a half thick, and eight castelfed all his faláfications, and named in diameter, strongly taitened together; bis accomplices, some of whom were reli. being previously inade hoilow, and dent in Malta and other's in Sicily. He a number of bars of iron with a sharp edge continued indeed to the very last, what he fixed in it, tian!vertely to similar bars had been from the heginning, a confum- which are fixed on an axi or handle, going mate liar, contradi&ting almost in every through the mill from each end ; the whole examination his preceding confeffions, and of this is fomewhat like a common coffeerelating different facts, or rather fictions, mill in its conttruction, and there is a scale as to the weaving of his contrivances : yet affixed to it, to denote the quality of the he did not pretend to deny, that the whole meal, and to niake it finer or cuári'r as was a fraud; which in part, he said, had reyuired; the corn is gradually lu'plied been played off on himself. Thus an by means of a grooved piece of wood, affair which had lasted but too long, was wiich moves with a spring attached to the cleared


to the satisfaction of Sicily and hopper or part filled with com, and is put the rest of Europe, with the exception of in motion by a toothed wireel receiving a Mr. Von Murrat Nuremberg, wholat year cog afixed to the hopper, which is turned censured Dr. Hager for pretending to

with the axis or handle; this prevents 100 teater penetration than pertons of the many grains falling into the mill at a tine,, firit rank in Sicily poffefied; though these otherwise it would hurt the knives if they as well as the Government of the island were too much chuaked by the corn. had acknowledged themselves obliged to It is tiresome to work the mill, and I

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have made but little use of it for that rea. cipal actions of his life are represented in fon, and because the quantity of meal fome fine pictures in the cathedral church ground in a given time, I think, does not of Mechlin. I am, &c. recompence the labour required to produce London, Feb. 7, 1800. J. WATKINS, it; and I do not believe that any laving is made from using machines for this purpose

For the Montbly Magazine. on so smalla construction. I remain, very respectfully, Sir,

OUR correspondent H. C. R. desires Your moit obedient servant,

some account of the old romance Exeler, Feb. 8, 1800.

M. B. whence the fable of Wieland's Oberon is in

great part derived ; happening to possess it, To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine.

I haften to comply with the requelt. Allow

me in my turn to express a wish that who. SIR, HE reinvention of the Telegraph is

ever has accels to any one of the old ro

mances of chivalry, would furnith some fuch claimed in your magazine for December, by Don Salvador Ximenes Coro analysis of it as Percy has given of Li beay nado, who tried experiments on this tub. discomu, in the third volume of the Reliques, ject in 1786. In a former number the p.: 28. This might direct the attention of revival of the telegraph is attributed to

rising poets to the traditional achievements

of our own heroic ages, and prepare perhaps Citizen Chappe. Whoever will take the trouble of looking into the Memoirs of the the platform of some truly national epopea.

The title of the romance in quettion is, Royal Irish Academy for the year 1796, Hillcire de Huon de Bordeaux, Pair de will find that Mr: Elgeworth revived the France, Duc de Guienne : it is printed at invention of telegrapinic correspondence in Troyes, but undated. From the permisBerkshire, lo long ago as the year 1767. fion appended; some copies were probably In the same paper it is recorded that in. issued in 1723, and some others in 1726; telligence was conveyed by Mr. Edge- it is therefore a recent republication of the worth's telegraph across the sea from Ire: old romance, which was no doubt printed land to England and back again in July in Gothic or black letters, before the year 1796. With telegraphs of the common construction this could not be effected. 1550, as the annotators of Shakespeare

The portable telegraph that folds up like mention an English translation of it exean umbrelia, is described in the same pa- reign of Henry VIII. Not only the type,

cuted by Lord or Lady Berners, in the per. This is a simple invention, which at fome the spelling also has been modernized.

The introduction places the event to time or other will force itself into coinmon

be narrated in the year of the crucifixion ule. Your constant reader,

756, and under " the very glorious and Dec. 4, 1799.


victorious Prince Charles ihe Great fur

nommé Charlemagne," and after the death To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine.

of his nephews Roland and Olivier. The SIR,

first chapter describes Charles as defirous N answer to your Correspondent Alla- of refigning his crown, not to Louis

“ who is too young" but to Charlot who quires for an account of St. Rombald, I had killed Baldwin the son of Oger le Dasend you the following.

nois. II. Amaury, the friend of Charlot St. Ron uld, commonly St. Rombauld recommends to the emperor to seize the or Romuldus, patron of the church of estate of the late Sevin, Duke of Bor. Mechlin, was a zealous Anglo-Saxon, deaux, to the prejudice of his minor lons, who, in the eighth century quitted his cell Huon and Gerard, and to endow Clarlot to preach the Goipel in the unconverted with it.. III. The Duke of Naimes parts of Europe. He laboured with St. having diffuaded this confiscation, obtains Willibrord and many other pious million. leave to fend for the two sons of Sevin to aries in this good work, and was confe. ferve Charles, IV. The duchels procrated an itinerant bishop, that is, one miles to itnd her two sons the ensuing who has not a fixed diocele. He converted Easter. V. Amaury and Charlot plot great numbers of heathens in the vicinity the assassination of the le fons. Vi. The of Mechlin and Antwerp; and died a mar- fons of Sevin, in compariy with the Abbé tyr to his zeal, June 24th, 775. His of Clugny travel toward Paris. VII. body was thrown into the river, but was Amaury and Charlot waylay the young rescued from thence, and honourably in. men : Amaury wounds Gerard ; and terred by the Count of Adon, The prin- Charlot is killed by Huon. VIII. Huon

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arrives at court. IX. Huon accuses Char. Cæsar by the lady of the hidden inle, fruce lot. X. Amaury arrives with the dead called Chifalonia, who was formerly be. body of Charlot. xl. Amaury accules loved by Florimon of Albany: A fairy

, Huon. XII. Appeal to the judgment of who had not been invited to the birth of God. XIII. The duellifts appear in the Oberon, bestowed on him “ the gift that lists. XIV. Both swear the truth of their after three years of age be Mould grow no charges. XV. Huon conquers, and is taller :” another fairy, Tranfelina, the endeavouring to obtain a recantation, when gift to read the thoughts of others : a third Amaury aims a treacherous blow which the gift to pais instantly from placeto place. provokes Hnon to kill him on the spot. Oberon adds, that he is king of Mommur, XVI. Charles banishes Huon. XVII, and is one day to die and be buried at Paris. Charles is induced by his peers to modify. Oberonthen builds a palace instantaneously, the sentence, and to permit the return of and offers a grand repast to the travellers, Huon, in cafe he brings “ a handful of during which he produces “a cup which the beard and four double teeth" of the fills itself with wine in the hands of every Emir Gaulisle, whose daughter he is to one who has not committed a mortal sin." kiss in prefence of her father, “ and to XXV. Oberon gives Huon the horn and bring with bim to France,” with a dower the cup, and dismisses him with ominous of a thousand hawks, a thousand bears, but affectionate tears. XXVI. Huon 2 thousand vultures, a thousand boys, and arrives at Tourmont, and lodges at the a thousand girls. XVIII. Huon undere mayor's, who is a secret Christian, to takes the exploit. XIX. Huon arrives at whom he intrusts his horn and his cup. Rome, confesses himself to the pope, and XXVII. Huon gives a supper to all the met's with his uncle Garin, who agrets poor of the place, whom he serves with to go with him. XX. Huon and Garin wine out of his cup. XXVIII. The arrive at Jerusalem, and pay their devo. Duke of Tourmont is uncle to Huon, but tions at the tomb of Godfrey of Bullion : an apoftate. Tlie cup remains dry in his they set off for Babylon, and in a forest hand; and he plans treachery against meet with Gerolne, an old squire of Huon. The prisoners whom he arms go Hoon's father, who tells them of a wood over to Huon. XXIX. Huon is engaged Dear, in which “ king Oberon, who is in combat with friends of the Duke, and three feet high, humpy, but of angelic in jeopardy. XXX. The mayor brings countenances dwells. “ The words of the horn: Huon sounds it; the Duke's the dwarf are so pleasant to hear that none people begin to sing and dance. can get quit of him, and if he fers you Oberon, who was then in the city of Momavoid (peaking, he will cause it to hailand mur, cried aloud, saying, I heard the ibuner, in order to compel you to go horn of my friend Huon, and know by its with him." Huon resolve's to cross the found that he wants my help ; I therefore enchanted wood. XXI. Huon and his with myself in the place where the horn attendants halt in the wood. Oberon ap- was founded, accompanied by a hundred proaches "clad in a rich robe sparkling thousand men.” This army foon decides with jewels, a bow and arrow in his hand, the victory, and all the people of Toura rich bugle. horn on his neck,” which mont submit to be baptized. XXXI. Obe" the faries of the ile Chifalonia" had ron advises hvon to avoid the tower of the brade ; “ Gloriana had endowed, it with giant Angulaffer, “ two brazen men with the power of curing disease, Transelina figils stand over threbring at his gate." with's hat of affuaging burger and thirst, Huon chooses to go there, and finds the and Marafala with that of exciting to fing damtel Sebille, there in confined, to be his and to dance." The dwarf accosts Huon own cousin. XXXII. Huon wakes the and his fourteen attendants. XXII. giant and defies him. XXXIII. Huon Oberon, angry at Huon’s filence, raiies a kiils the giant and takes his ring. form. XXII. Oberon founds his horn, XXXIV. Huon arrives at the Nore of the which compels Huon and his comrades to Red Sea : Malebion, a fairy of Oberon's Hop and fing. Oberon twangs thrice his train, approaches, and in the form of a bow-ftring, when four hundred men ap- triton carries Huon across. XXXV. Huon pear and surround the travellers. Oberon lands in a river which flows troin Paradise, pretends to order their execution as a pu- close to Babylon. XXXVI. By means of nishment for their filence; but Glorian, Angulaffer's ring Huon enters the palace. one of the fairy.soldiers, pleads for them, XXXVII. Huon strikes off the head of and invites Oberon to addrels them once the fultan's right hand neighbour, k fres more. Huon now converses with Oberon. the beautiful Esclarmonde, is attacked, XXIV. Oberon says he is a son of Julius overpowered, and led to prison. XXXVIII.


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Esclarmonde visits him in prison. XXXIX. returns to his wife, who is brought to bed She repeats her attention. XL. Gerofme of a girl called Clairette. This Emperor and his companions arrive at Babylon, Thierry leads an army against Bordeaux : XLI. They plot with Esclarmonde in be. Huon, defirous of affiítance, swims out to half of Huon. XLII. The giant Agrap- sea in search of it. He arrives at an island part comes to ask tribute at Babylon. of loadstone, where he kills a serpent, XLIII. Huon offers to fight the giant. Meanwhile the emperor takes Bordeaux, XLIV. Huon takes the giant prisoner. kills old Gerosme, and carries into captiXLV. The giant submits to baptism. vity Esclarmonde. This news Huon XLVI. Huon founds his hors, and by learns from the bishop of Lisbon, who Obyron's affiftarce massacres ali the Baby. Tants with some pirates on the island. Zonians who will rnt turn Christians, cuts Huon is carried away through the air by off the fulian's head, then his beard, and a griffin, which he kills : he then meets at last draws his teeth. Oberon conceals in a garden an angel who gathers three the hair and teeth, in poor Gevolme's fide. apples restorative of youth. He enters a Oberon forbicis Huon to have cernal com. random boat which floats him to Tauris, merce with Eiclarmonde before they arrive in Perfia, where his Gascon cousin Berat Rome and are regularly married: pre- nard, who had been in search of him, sents him with a yacht, and leaves hinn meets him very luckily. Bernard produces with' ominons tears. Huon marries his five jewels. One is an antidote againft fair cousin Se bille to an emir. He sets fail, poiion, burning, and drowning ; a second ard is tempted to infringe the charte in- againft hunger, thirst, and age ; a third junction of Oberon. XLVII. A tempest againf wounds, it also blinds an enemy, wrecks them on a desert island. Pirates and restores eyesight to a blind relation; a carry off Huon is left fourth annihilates fetters and prison-bolts ; bound to a tree. XLVIII. Admiral Ga- a fitch confers invisibility. Huon takes Baffie, of Antlerme, takes the ship of these stones; and having given one of the pirates. XLIX. One of the pirates them and an aprile of youth to the emir, preva Is on King Yvoirin to order Ga- he is handsomely received, and supplied laffle to give up his prize. L. At the re. with an army to make war on the Emperor quest of Glorian, Oberon sends Malebron Thierry. On the road they take the town to deliver Hluon : in the form of a triton Angora and arrive at Colandres, which this spirit I wims with him across the sea. Oger le Danois afterwards destroyed. Have LI. A minfirel informs Huon of the for- ing taken this town, they visit the holy tunes of Esclarmonde. LII. Huon offers fepulchie at Jerusalem, and the emir with his services to King Yvoirin. LIII. Huon many promises of aid, quits Huon who wins a game at chess of King Yvoirin's returns safely to France, and lands at Mardaughter, but declines, from fidulity to- teilles. Mianwhile the Abbé of Clugny ward Esclarminde, to avail imeli of the had been waging unequal war with the conditions of vi&tory. LIV. Huon joins emperor for the captive las'y Esclarmonde, the expedition against Anfalerme. LV. which to irritates Thierry that he determines Huon kills Subrin the nephew of Galaffre. to burn Eiclarmonde alive. The day on LVI. Huon receives great honours from which Eiclarnionde was to burned, "King Yvoirin. LVII. Gerome arrives at An- Oberon was holding court in his palace of farei me and enters the service of Galaffre. Mommur; his mother, the lady of the LVIII. Huon and Gesome fight, and df hidden ille, was there: and queen Morcover each other on the field of battle. gana, the fairy, and Traníelina her neice, LIX. Esclarmonde is recovered by Huon. and many other fairies.” The two fairy IX. Huon and his company arrive at knights, Glorian and Malebron, obtain Rome, and he is married by the pope. perm fion to go to the relief of Esclar

The second part proceeds to narrate monde : they appear together to the emhow the younger brother of Huon, Girard, peror, and command him in Oberon's name endeavoured, after his return, to outt him to releale the beanriful prisoner : the em. of his heritage, to fillage his property, peror promises, and they vanish. The and to prejudice Charlemagne against him. emperor repents and impritons EsclarBy the interference of Oberon, the en:pe- monde again. Huon finds up the Abbé ror is reconciler ; but Raul of Austria de Clugny and his daughter Clairette ; and falls in love with Esclarmonde: Huon gives the old man an apple of youth. Huon pursues him to Mayence, and kills him, is next appears at Mayence, makes peace with waylaid at Cologne, fights a battle with the emperor, and carries back Esclarmonde. the Emperor of Almaigne, and at length Huon and Esclarmonde then set off to visit



Oberon, who, with the consent of the barons by a German, gets among thieves, arof Fairy-land, resigns his crown to Huon and rives at Rome, and is at length employed Esclarmonde ; immediately after which by the Emperor Otho, whole daughter King Arthur, who hoped for the same ap- Olivia falls in love with the supposed pointment, arrives “ with his fifter Mor- youth. Ida renders great services in the gana, the fairy, and his neice Transelina.” field ; takes the King of Spain prisoner, Arthur brings with him the infant. Mer- and is married to the emperor's daughter. vin, a fon of Morgana by Oger le Danois, On the discovery of her sex, she is ordered who had married her. Arthur is at first to be burnt alive. A deputation from angry, but is appeased by Oberon and by Florent to ask the emperor's daughter in Morgana, and agrees to do homage to marriage, suggests a convenient foluHuon as king of Fairy-land. Oberon, tion. conscious that his last hour draws nigh, Croissant, the son of Olivia, is now bow calls around him Huon, Arthur, Glo. brought on the stage. He ruins himself rian, and Malebron, makes over to Huon by prodigality, and sets out, with a his power over the elves (luitons), says his single servant, in quest of adventures. prayers, crosses himself, orders an abbey He is dubbed a knight by Count. Raito be built at his burial-place, and dies. mond, at Nice, distinguishes himself Àngels carry away his soul: a sweet odour against the Saracens, and is envied by the hovers about his corpse, the fign of salva. son of Raimond, whom he kills in a quara tion. When Huon, Esclarmonde, Ar. rel. This disappoints his licpe of marthur, Transelina, King Caraben, Glorian, rying Raimond's daughter, and he flies Malebron, and all the knights and ladies very unhappy. He gets among thieves; faw that Oberon was dead, they shed tears. goes a pilgrimage to Rome, and The funeral is ordered, and the monumen: there with a King Guimar, whose daughtalabbey. “Now,” says the author, “ we ter Catherine he marries. They become hall Ipeak no more of Huon and Esclar. emperor and empreis, and, with their comonde, who will remain in the kingdom ronation closes the romance. of Fairy-land until the day of judgment." Your correspondent also solicits a tranf

A third part narrates the history of lation of Weiland's preface; it has been Clairette, the daughter of Huon. She almost wholly woven into the account of is afked in marriage by the King of Eng

Oberon contained in the Monthly Review, land, the King of Hungary, and Florent, vol. XXIII. p. 577, and is, therefore, fon to the King of Arragon. She is trea- in fact already before the public. cheroudly carried off by Brohars, who

T.J. drowns Bernard. The King of Grenada delivers Clairette, who becomes acquainted

For the Monthly Magazine. with Florént, and loves him. The father THE ENQUIRER, No. XX. of Florent refufes his consent, unless the

ON PREJUDICE. prince firft fubdues the King of Navarre. T is to speculative people, fond of ro.

vel ferte is withheld: and both the lovers are ing themselves to make the most fundaseparately imprisoned. They escape to. mental truths the subject of discussion, have gecher, are taken by the Saracens. The divested their minds of that reverence which valour of Florent delivers them. At their is generally felt for opinions and practices return the King of Navarre is again at of long standing, that the world isever to war with the King of Arragon, and the look for its improvement or reformation. latter is in imminent danger. Huon sends But it is also thele speculatiftswho introduce the two knights, Glorian and Malebron, into it absurdities and errors more grofs What is it a reconciliation.

Florent and than any which have been establisheit by Clairette are married.

that common content of numerous indivi. The untired historian next undertakes duals, which opinions long acted upon the adventures of Ida, a daughter of Flo. must have required for their balis. For Fent and Clairette, who dies in child-bed. systems of the latter class must at least porAfrer fifteen years Florent falls in love féfs one property, that of being pristiwith this daughter, and proposes before cable ; and there is likewile a pret saption his barons this incestuous match. Sor- that they are, or at lealt originally wein, urte bare, an old grandee, opposes it. The ful, whereas the opinions of the ip.csluit govermess of the princess provides her with may turn out to be utterly incongruous and boy's clothes, and the flies from the cdious excentric. The specula il m'y iivent Marriage. As groom, she is employed machines which it is inpuiliule tu pu: in


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