Imatges de pÓgina


“ Those roofs with trophied banners Low in a deep fequefter’d vale,

There martial hymns refound; [stream, Whence Alpine heights ascend,

And, shepherd, ofc from crofier'd hands A beauteous nymph, in pilgrim gasb,

This breast has felt a wound.” Is feca her steps to bend.

I" Ah! gentle Pilgrim, glad would I Her olise garland drops with gore;

Those tones for ever hear! Her scatter'd treffes torn,

With thee to share my scanty lot, Her bleeding breaft, her bruised feet

That lot to me were dear. Belpeak a maid forlorn.

" But lo, along the vine-clad steep, ** From bower, and hall, and palace driven The gleam of armour fhines; To these lone wilds I filee,

His scatter'd flock, his straw-rootd hut My name is Peace, I love the cot;

The helpless (wain resigns. hepherd, shelter me !"

“* And now the smouldering fames « O beauteous pilgrim, why dost thou

Their lurid light I see ; (aspire ; From bower and palace fee?

I hear the human wolves approach : So soft thy voice, so sweet thy look,

I cannot shelter thee." Sare all would shelter chee." “Like Noah's dove no rest I find;

INSCRIPTION DESIGNED FOR A VILLAGE The din of battle roars Where once my steps I lov'd to print Along the myrtle shores.

CALM is the tenor of my way, fe ever in my frighted ears

Not hurried on with furious haite,

Nor rais'd aloft in proud display: The savage war-whoop sounds;

Pure too the tribute of my urn, And, like a panting hare, I fiy

With constant flow, not idle waste, Before the op'ning hounds."

Offering to him who sends the rain « Pilgrim, those spiry groves among By serving Man the best return. The mansions thou may't see,

A course like mine, thy trial o'er, Where cloistered faints chaunt holy hymns, Those living waters will attain, Sure such would thelter thee!”

Which he who drinks shall thirit no more:



Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domeffit and foreign.
Authentic Communications for this Article will always be thankfully received.

lication on Agriculture is now it was thought proper to suppress during in a kate of considerable forwardness; and the General's life-time. that from the mode of arrangement which Mr. WaKEFIELD has at length deterhas been pursued, and the care that has mined to favour the world with a Greek been taken in collecting and digesting the and English Lexicon. It will be a thick different materials, it may be expected volume in quarto, and be published at a that the various contradictory facts and Subscription of Two Guincas, one half to reasonings in that important branch of be paid at the time of subscribing, and the knowledge will be reduced to greater other half on the delivery of the book. order, and placed in a more perfpicuous. Subscriptions received by Mr. Rutt, and prominent point of view. Much ate No. 139, Thames-street. We are in poltention is Gaid to have been given to the session of the prospectus of this very capital introduction of practical economy into the work; but as it came to hand after this instrumental, and other departments of the part of our Magazine had been made up, work. The book will be published in we are under the necessity of delaying its quarto, and illustrated by a great variety insertion till our next. of well executed engravings.

The First Volume of Mr. Dyer's Shortly will be published the promised Poems will be ready for delivery to Sub "Addenda," to " General Wasbington's fcribers by the ift of May. The Second Ofuxial Letters to Congress,” containing Volume, together with a Profe work on those numerous passages (marked by al Poetry, will be ready by the time, to be terisks, in the two volumes already in the mentioned either in the Preface, or the hands of the public), as well as entire Poftfeript, of the first Volume.


A Work under the title of the « Far. Mr. W. HALL is about to publish a mer's Magazine," has been commenced Treatise upon Hedges, in which he will at Edinburgh; executed in a manner explain an entirely new way of planting which entitles the conductors to expect them. success.

Dr. MILLER, of Doncaster, has been Three different Courses of Philsophical some time past engaged in the preparation and Experimental Lectures by Professor of a respectable Collection of Plalm Tunes, GARNETT, will commence at the Royal (many of them originals), adapted to all INSTITUTION the beginning of March, Dr. Watt's Pfalms and Hymns, with the and continue during that and the three Supplement of Dr. Williams and Mr. following months, viz. I. A Course of Boden. Experimental Philosophy which will begin Mr. WILLIAM PONTEY, of Hudderson Tuesday the 4th of March next ensuing, field, will publish early in March, a very at two o'clock, P. M. and be continued useful Treatise on the Cultivation of Larch every Tuesday till the end of June. In and Scotch Fir Timber. this Course will be explained the general Mr. RAND, of Lewes in Sussex, the Properties of Matter, and Laws of Nature; Patentee of the Military and Naval Teletogether with the Fundamental Principles scope, is adapting a similar small Teleof the Science of Mechanics, Hydrostatics, scope to a Theodolite, with new AdjuftPneumatics, Electricity, Magnetism, As ments, for the Use of Engineers and tronomy, and Optics ; and the whole will Surveyors; which will, in some degree, be illustrated by appropriate Experiments. fuperlede the use and necessity of a chain 2. A Course of Philosophical Chemistry, in surveying, levelling, &c. which will comprehend all the modern dif. Besides a Newspaper printed in the coveries in that Science, with their appli: English Language at Hamburgh, a Litecation to the improvement of Arts and rary Journal under the title of “ The ExManufactures. This Course will com- ropean Repertory has been undertaken by mence on Thursday the 6th of March, at an English resident at that place. The two o'clock, P. M. and will be continued first Number (published in London by every fucceeding Thursday at the same SYMONDS) is a very favourable specimen hour, until the end of the Seffion. 3. A of the talents and industry of the compiler, Scientific and Technical Course of Natural with whose name we are at present unacPhilofophy, Mechanics, and Philosophical quainted. Chemistry, in which the application of The Royal Society of London will not Science to the common purposes of life admit a quarter of the circle of the meri. will be more fully explained and illustrated. dian for the basis of an universal metrical In this Course ihe nature and properties system; they have determined for the pen. of the different Mechanic Powers will be dulum. The memoirs on this subject have investigated, and the construétion and ope- been received by the commission of weights ration of Machinery illustrated by Working and measures at Paris. It will be truly Models. This Course will commence on important to observe the discussion beWednesday, the sth of March, at eight tween the Royal Society and the National o'clock in the evening, and will be con- Institute, the labours of the latter having tinued at the same hour every succeeding received the fanction of the learned of all Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, till the the nations in alliance with France. conclofion of the Session. The Managers A German trandation of Dr. BED. of this excellent Institution find it necef- Does's Essay on-the Causes, &c. of Pul. fary, on account of the smallness of the monary Consumptions, for the ule of temporary Lecture-room, to limit the ad- Parents and Preceptors, is announced in mission to the Lectures for this Session to a German Journal. the Proprietors and other Subscribers ; FRANÇOIS de NEUFCHATEAU, but but they flatter themselves that before the the other day a Director, and the Minister next season the new Lecture-room will be of the Interior, acts at this moment in finished, which will afford accommodation the capacity of Secretary to the Institute to a much more numerous audience. for the class of moral and political Sciences:

The university of Cambridge will speedi- thus rendering a distinguished homage to ly publish the elaborate Posthumous Work that literature which first procured him of Hoogeveen, being a collection of up- distinction. wards of 75,000 Greek words, arranged C. LANGELO, following in the steps of analogically. The profits of the publica- Bailly, asserts, that he has found undoubttion the University generously bestows on ed proofs in the monuments and literature the Son of the learned Author,

of the East, of a Chronology, long ante.

cior to that of Mofes. 1 he converse of Father ANGELO CORTENOVIS, Secrethis proposition has, however, been main- tary of the Academy of Udine, has lately tained by D'Luc, a learned native of Ge. published two Dissertations; the first upon seva.

a basso-relievo of Conftantius and Julianus, The Republic of Letters has just loft found near Aquileja ; the second, upen C. Turpin, who died at Paris, at the the Mausoleum of Porsenna. time he was on the eve of attaining his SERACHI, a Roman patriot, who has goth year. He was the author of two taken refuge in France, and one of the first works of some estimation, entitled, “ Les sculptors of Europe, has executed a bust of Revolutions do Angleterre," and "Une ana- the author of Philinte, which bas been pre-, byje des Republiques de la Grèce."

sented by his family to the French theatre. Mr. Edichi is about to publish an The Emperor of Germany has ordered, Arabic Grammar in the German, French, that no new circulating Libraries Thali English, and Dutch Languages. Mr. Edi. henceforward be establihed in his Heredi. chi is a native of Morocco, and is en- tary Dominions. They are described as couraged by several Professors of the Ger- useless, and as in danger of becoming ex. man Universities. A Prospectus has been tremely hurtful. lent to all the cities in Europe, and the The Emperor Paul has recently ane work is to appear in May or june.

nulled his Order, that all the Printing The work entitled, “ Voyage pittoresque Presses in Russia, except those at Peter-, de la Syrie, de la Phenicie, de la Palestine, sburg, Moscow, Riga, and Revel, should be and de la balle Egypte," which has been stopped; and that all the country Schools for some time publishing at Paris under the founded by the Empress Catharine thould authority of the Government, will be the be shut up. The orders relative to the moft splendid production of the kind that wearing of Cocked Hats, the public Obeihas ever been projected. The plates will fance to the Sovereign, &c. &c. continue be upwards of three hundred in number, however in full force. and the text will be supplied by Volney, Prohibited Books have lately been seized Langles, Dutheil, &c. "The whole will at Riga, which were attempted to be in make three large volumes in folio. troduced into Russia, interleaved with and

A valuable convoy of works of Art bound up with those that had been perbas lately arrived at Paris from Italy. mitted. It is a whimsical circumstance, Among them are the Pope's Collection of not commonly known, that the Lifts of Medals, the vales that decorated the Li. Prohibited Books are no less' rigorously brary of the Vatican, several cases of in- forbidden to'be circulated in Russia and valuable MSS. and the oriental types of Austria, than the prohibited Books theme the Propaganda.

selves. VOLNEY has just published his Lectures The following facts appear in a late en History ; in which, although he ioti- Number of Le Nord Litteraire. Lately a toates to his pupils that they ought to lady at Petersburg, far advanced in pregdoubt every thing, he, at the same timę, nancy, who could not alight from her car. advises them to consider Pyrrhonism as a riage hastily enough to make her expected (pecies of madness!

obeisance to his Royal Highness the Prince The Comedy of the Precepteurs, a post. Royal (who was paffing) made a false Itep, kumous work of the late Fabre d'EGLAN, which being followed by a miscarriage, the TINE, after being performed for many lost her life. Another unfortunate acciweeks amidit reiterated bursts of applause, dent has recently bappened on a similar has been published at the expence of the occasion ;-a gentleman through the delay French Government, for the benefit of the of his servant was obliged to leap from, widow and fon of that celebrated and la. his carriage, by which he broke his leg. hented writer.

The Emperor has lately very humanely The learned Father Pavlin, already ordered, chat Ladies in full dress need not known by his works on Indian literature, get out of their carriage into the middle bas lately publified at Padua three Dif- of the dirty streets to make their obeisance; ertations.

and has intimated that he shall be satisfied, 1. De antiquitate et affinitate lingue Zendice, if they simply make believe to get out. Seefadamicæ et Germanicæ.

Vernet has been employed to paint all 2. An Italian Dissertation upon the Japa- Bonaparte's Battles in Italy; the original bese Idol Amida-Bulb, existing in the Museum designs were drawn on the spot by Core Nani, at Venice.

bigny, who was employed under that me3. Mumiograpbia Musei Obicini.

morable leader whole exploits he çele

brates. MONTHLY MAG. No. 56.


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Among the celebrated Italians, who dered it to be perfected by the aid of ċerhave taken 'refuge in France, is C. DAN- tain literary characters. bolo, a Venetian, distinguished for his One of the French Generals in Egypt knowledge of chemistry; and who, on pre. having given orders relating to the removal fenting one of his works to the Institute, of some mummies, a native, who sufpected received the most fiattering testimony of that there must certainly be treasure conhis merit, both from Berthollet and Four- cealed about the bodies, else an European


would not give himself so mucli trouble, The Monument erected to the memory determined to try his fortune also. He of the Poet GODFRED-AUGUSTUS BUR- accordingly set himse to work; and alGER, by voluntary subscription, has been though he did not discover any gold, yet inaugurated at Göttingen. It is a figure he found a roll of hieroglyphics, under an of a Germany in tears, of the height of arm of one of them. This has been sent $ feet, placed upon a pedestal of 2;. She to the National Museum. is represented as in the act of crowning The atrocious allaflination of the French tive funeral urn of the Poet, whose death Ambasadors at Raltadt, occupies at this the deplores. It is the joint workmanship moment the attention of GIROder and of the brothers Heyd, artists of Caffel. VERNET, two of the first, painters in

The monument is placed in a public France, who have been ordered by the "Garden, near the gate of Albania, which Consuls to make that outrage on Human is known to have been the favorite canton Nature, the lubject of two separate designs of Bürger. For some account of his life which are to be engraven. and writings, the reader is referred to the In the sitting of the National Institute, fritt volume of our Magazine, page 117. held on the sth of Brumaire, Bonaparte A good account of his life and writings, communicated many interesting details rewill be found allo in “ The Annual Ne- lative to Egypt. The canal, of which crology” for 1798.

traces are discoverable, is ioo feet in breadth The French Government has given or- and 24 feet in depth ; in some places it is ders to procure the Otaheite cane, which narrower. Monge is of opinion that these we have long since introduced with great are the remains of two canals. It would fùccess into the island of Jamaica, for their appear that it was purpofely filled up. remaining settlements in the West-In- Near Suez there is an embankment to hindies.

der the water of the sea from flowing into A French philological critichas made loud the defert. The communications have complaint againft the new Dictionary of the fince been published under the title of French Academy, in 2 vols. 4to. which he Memoirs relative to Egypt, an Englih calls a Pofthumous Royal Work ; the cal- translation of which will be published in a culations and dates are all male after the few days by Mr. Phillips. ancient regime, and the months of the new The French have discovered in Egypt a calendar being not so much as mentioned. very large roll inscribed with hieroglyphic On the contrary the definition of Janvier characters. What renders 'this dilcovery is as follows : Yanvier est le premier mois more valuable is, that a Greek, Syrian, de l'année, suivant l' usagé actuel. The and hieroglyphic inscription were found tonew weights and measures are also omitted, gether. The meaning of the two firft is and all the terms which the new chemistry exa the same; they tell us, that the has given birth to. The orders of the canals had been cleaned out; and it is there. King are retained, as the ordre de St. Mi- fore probable that the hieroglyphics lig. chel, de St. Louis, du St. Ejprit, but no- nify the same thing. It is hoped that there thing like l'ordre du jour. At the word rolls will furnish a key for decyphering Institut, the inititution of Bologna is hieroglyphics. ipoken of; but nothing is said of the In The learned mineralogist DOLOMIEU, ftitut National, which has encircled or returning from Egypt in a crazy vefsel, drawn within itself all the academies of which let in water every where, 'was France. The word Revolution the Dic- obliged to put in at . Tarentom, where he tionary applies it to certain memorable and was immediately arrested. He found violent changes which have agitated cer means, however, to write a letter to C. tain countries, and cites those of Rome, Lacépède, in which he expresles his fears Sweden, and England, but not a word of for his life; in consequence of which the the French Revolution. The critic founds learned men of the National Institute have his right to complain in this manner of the written to their correlpondents in Italy Di&tionary, as the National Convention or. and in London, “and principally (lays the


French writer) to that worthy friend and will be put to press as soon as one hunornament of the sciences, Sir Joseph Banks.” dred subscribers have been obtained. It The French government have taken all the will contain about 10,000 characters with means confiftent with its dignity to rescue their several variations, a number quite Dolomieu from the terrible and unjust Tufficient to read the common Chinese fate which menaces him. All the true works, and to converse upon any subject. friends of the sciences must be highly is. The characters themselves will not be artacted in his deliverance.

ranged as they are in the Chinese Dictio. The ex-minister, FRANÇOIS DE NEUF- naries Ching-fu-tung, or Su-guei, yiz. aca CHATEAU, is going to give to the public cording to the Keys; and as the Dictionary, fragments hitherto unedited, of the most which Menzelius began in 9 Vol. folio, latt ditinguished French characters, under the century. They will be arranged in the title of “ Conservateur Litteraire.". The prelent work according to their fronunfiift volume is in the press, and in it will ciation and their sounds, which are to be be leen letters and posthumous writings of expresied with European ligns and cha. Buffon, Vauban, Voltaire, J. J. Rouf. rašters. By this means the size of the feau, Dupaty, &c. &c. This work will work will be considerably reduced, and the contain choice pieces in prole and verse, whole will be comprehended in one volume. which have never before been printed, or At the beginning of it a thort and clear at-kalt they will have additions and notes grammar, with the necessary directions for entirely new.

the perusal of the Dictionary, will be given, CUVIER has proved that the Medusa is without that confused and intolerable veran animal. Reaumur gave, in the year biage of Fourmont's Meditationes Sinica, 1710, a good figure of it. This animal whose pompous style is more apt to perholds the middle rank between the polypus plex the reader than to allist him. The and stella marina. If it be injected with accents will be faithfully expressed, as in warm milk, on adding vinegar to coagu- Diaz's MS. Dictionary at Berlin, and in late the milk and separate the wheyey the MS. Dictionaries of Canton, which part, a great number of small orifices, are in the Royal Society's Library at serving the purposes of mouths, are dif. London *; and also, according to the two covered, by which it approaches the plants. elegant copies brought lately from China,

NOU ET has written from Egypt, that by Mr. Titlingh, the Dutch Ambassador Come of the literati there intended to un. at Pe-King. By joining the accents those dertake an expedition into Upper Egypt, mistakes will be prevented, which from a as far as the tropic of Cancer; at the time neglect of this method, are apt to arise in be dispatched his letter, he was on the Bayer's Mufaum Sinicum; and the work point of setting out on his journey thither. will likewise be of use to thote who with

The Castle of Anet, ftuated in the de- to speak the language. An Index will be partment of Eure, was built by Philibert affixed, by which the Dictionary will be de Lorme, one of the most able architects adapted to the double purpose of translaFrance ever produced. Every body knows tions from and into the Chinese language. that Henry II. ordered this Palace to be -As there is often no small difficulty in built for Diana de Poitiers, and that he finding the characters, partly from the (pared no expence to render it worthy of change of form which several keys underhis mistress. The celebrated Gougeon go when connected with others, partly Executed the sculptures, and Jean Coulin from the number of lines, or other circumthe paintings on glass. All the ornaments, stances; that difficulty will be removed as the statues, and the bass reliefs, remind much as poflible for the beginners, either the beholder of the ardent love of Henry by joining the different forin of the keys, for his beautiful mistress. It is a melan- in the table of the keys themselves, or by choly fad, that this chateau having been giving several rules for that purpose. To fold sometime since as national property, After the publication of the molt useful the purchasers are about to demolith it. and necessary characters, all the others

Excellent Coffee has recently been made contained in the Hai-pien, or Su bai, as at Petersborg from Acorns, by roasting well as the Shuen-Shu, or chara&ters usual them till the thell falls off, and adding fresh in Inscriptions and Seals, or other forms of butter to them till mixed. Coffee bas Chinese and Japanese characters, may be also been made at Berlin from the Beta given for the curious in an Appendix. cicla, after the sweet juice has been prefied out.

One of these was sent to the late Dr. The Di&tionary of the Chinese language Morton from China, and the other by Sir proposed to be published by Dr. HACER, William Junes from India.


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