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Arranged geograpbically, or in the Order of the Counties.
Authentic Communications for this Department are alwayı very thankfully received.)


NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Haltwesel, Mrs. Jane Lowes, widow

So tremendous have been the late gales, of the late Rev. Martin Nixon, and mother of that one vessel from Newcastle, was driven to John Bell, efq. of Gallowhill. the latitude of Greenland, and another was At North Shields, Mr. Ainsley, keeper of obliged to circumnavigate the kingdom, and the high light-houfc. put into Falmouth.

At Sunderland, Mrs. Jewsey, wife of Me. A Dutch frigate, called the Yager of thirty- Jewley, of the George Inn. fix brass guns, and zuo men, lately came into At Croxdale Hall, aged 77, William Sal. Shields harbour under jury matts. She failed vin, esq. from North Bergen in January, with two At Yeavering, Mr. Wm. Atkinson, a other frigates, whore destiny is yet unknown. warm friend to agricultural improvements.

The receipts at Mr. Kemble's late benefit At Sunderland, Mr. Wm. Simpson, forat Newcastle theatre amounted to 1371. merly of Moor-end, in Ennerdale, aged 59.

On Tuesday the 28th of January, ult. at He has left cleven brothers and fitters, whofs Leadgate, in the parish of Ryton, large quan- ages (including his own) amounted to 640. tities of oats were cut; the crop is better than At Workington, Mr. Jos. Wildridge, aged might have been expected from the severe Mrs. Harrison, aged 86. Mr. Joseph and advanced state of the season. At Hedley, Thompson, attorney at law, aged 54. Mrs. and other southern parts of Northumberland, Ann Askew, aged 75. Mrs. Mary Oakley. oats are still standing in tolerable abundance. At Thirleston, near Whittingham, in as

Married.) Stephen Fenwick, efq. captain advanced age, Mr. Ralph Boloar, an eminent in the North York Militia, to Miss F. A. Far- farmer. quharson, of Houghton. Mr. Wm. Buffey, Ai Newcastle, Mr. Robt. Jackson, cheesepornfactor, to Miss Hainback, both of Yarm. monger. Mr. John Shipley. Mr. James

At North Shields, Mr. Tho. Matthews, Robinson, fen, aged 75. Mrs. Tickle. Mr. þurcher, to Mifs Johnron.

Wm. Ingham, jun. aged 18, a youth of great At Haddington, Colin Maclaurin, efq. ad- genius and accomplithments. Mr. Robert vocate, to Miss Jane Wilkie, of Rathobyreș. Hauks, late master of the ship Three Brothers.

At Berwick, Lieut. Wm. Renwick, of the of this port. Mrs. Cross, wife of Mr. John navy, to Miss Jane Davidton.

Cross. Mr. Jof. Atkinson, an officer in the At Aycliffe, John Boazman, to Miss Cumberland Militia. Mrs. Wallace, wife of Hodgson. Mr. Wm. Laidler, of Low Lights, Mr. Wallace, grocer. Mip-owner, to Miss Radcliff, of North At Pates Hill, near Carlisle, in the flower Shields.

of lier age, Mirs Miles. Ar South Church, near Bishop's Auckland, At Morpeth, Mr. Rob. Clarke, currier. Mr. Henderson, of Eldon, to Miss Smith, of Morden.

CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. At Morpeth, Mr. R. Dixon, to Miss Ande Morried.] At Cockermouth, Mr. Jof. Singleton.

Sim, currier, to Miss Sarah Walker, of Dean. Diid.] At Durham, Mr. James Cawdell, At Abbeyholm, Mr. john Bullman, of Fellmany years manager of the cheatres at that lide, to Mrs. Tordiff, of Long Newton. Mr.. place, Shields, Sunderland, Scarborough, &c. Mark, tanner, at Maryport, to Mifs WilkinHis abilities were generally admired, and as fon, of Blitterlees. Mr. Rubt. Huddart, of an intelligent, friendly, social and facetious Skinburness, to Miss Sim, of Silloth. Mr. companion, he was almost unrivalled. John Wood, of Baggray, to Miss Johnson, of

At Monkwearmou:b, aged 91, Mr. Robert Pelutho. Mr. Joseph Jopling, marble-cutter, Walker.

in Gateshead, io Mile Watkin, of Newcastle.' At South Shields, aged 64, Mr. William At Wallon, Mr. John Birkley, eldeft son Waison, common brewer.

of Richard Birkley, of Blackburn, eíq. to At Fatfield, Mr. Peter Butson, who had Miss Margaret Backhouse, of Eveston. lived 25 years in the employment of Robert At Temple Sowerby, Mr. Tho. Nutt, of Wade, esg.

Manchetter, to Miss Hodgson, fifter of Rd. At Stockton, Mrs. Busby, wife of Mr. H. Hodgson Edmonton, esq. of Acronbank. Busby. Mrs. Grey, relict of the late Mr. At Whitehaven, Mr. James M'Kinney, Joseph Grey, collector of the customs there. butcher, to Mrs. M'Coombe, widow. Mr. Mrs. Simpson, widow of the late Mr. Simp- Jolin Fothergill, mariner, to Miss Susan Petfon, of Ormsby, in Cleveland, York. tigrew.

At Prestwick, Miss Coulter, Gites of Mr. Died.] At Kelso, the Rev. Corn. Lundier Slaítoe Coulter, of Carlisle.

upwards of 50 years minister of that towo.


At Redhoufe,near Carlife',Mr. John Wilson. At Rigg, in the parish of Gratney, 'Mrs.

A: Lorton, near Cockermouth, the Rev. Jannet Rome, a maiden tady, far advanced Tho Fisher, aged 85 years, 6o of which he in age. had held the perpetual curacies of Lorton and At Stanwix, near Carlisle, aged 80, Mrs. Imbleton.

Eliz. Graham, widow of the Rev. Mr. GraAt Mill Greve, near Whitehaven, Mrs. ham. Burrel, wife of W. P. Burrell, efq.

At Birdby, aged 53, Mrs. Hebron, wife of At Carlisle, Mr. John James. On the 330 J. Hebfon, of Carlisle. aaniversary of her marriage, Mrs. M.Méllon, At Whitehaven, aged 62, Mrs. Hannay, we of Capt. M'Mellon. Miss Jane Fergu- wife of Mr. Wm. Hannay. Mrs. Rothéry, fon. In an advanced age, Mr. John Halitead. relict of the late Capt. Rothery, of the Wellsa Mrs. Isabella Shelly.

Aged 73, Mrs. Partis, relict of the late Tho, At Cockermouth, Mr. Thornton, officer of Partis. Suddenly in an advanced age, Mrs. Excist. Aged 71, Mr. Jofeph Fletcher, fu- Pearson, wife of Mr. Pearson, smith. Mrs. pervilor of Excise. Mr. James Wilson, tay- Welsh, widow, of Sandhill-lane. Dr. Waite, lor. Mr. Jopron, aged 83. Mrs. Elizabeth à native of Newtown, near Carline, and for Watkin. Mrs. Sarah Priestman.

many years an eminent phyficians in Dublin. Ac Crofton, near Carline, Mrs. Bewley, In an advanced age, Mr. Pane, Shipwright: wife of Mr. George Bewley, aged 29. Mrs. Grindall. Mrs. Grainger. In an ade

At Netherhall, quite unexpectedly, Wm. vanced age, Mr. Patrick, couper. Wood Senboure, eiq. son of W. Senhouse, At Howgate, in Frizington, Mrs. Ether eq. of the Grove, Barbadoes, and a comman- Southward, aged 35. She expired in a mo. der of distingunhed merit in the Royal Navy. ment, whilft Ipinning. At Crotby, near Carlisle, Mr. Philip.

At Maryport, Mrs. Mary Bell, wife of At Seaton, Mr. Jof. Parker, aged 84. Mr. R. Bell.

At Workington, Mrs. Gaff, mother of the Lately at Carnbridge, in the parish of Cum: late Jof. Gatt, efq. of Whitfield, aged 87. whitton, near Carlisle, between seventy and Ai Hexham, Mr. John Donkin, brewes eighty years of age, Thomas Milbourn, a

At Kendall, in an advanced age, Mr. Wm. `man whose fingular disposition and manner of Wangh.

life deserves fome notice. During the former At Halfoot, Kirklington, Mrs. Ruth Bell. part of his life he was a farmer's servant, in In Pandon Bank, aged 85, Mr. Jos. Gray, which honest and laborious vocation he consac of the people called Quakers.

trived to fave 2col. with this fum he purAt Caitle Sowerby, of a malignant fever, chased a small farm at Carnbridge (borrow. Tho. Poole, son of a very respectable farmer: ing such a fum, as added to his own, made on the Tuesday following, John Poole, his up the purchase money), and thenceforward brother; and on the succeeding Thursday, resided upon his little estate. He never marThomas Poole, the father, of the same dif- ried, nor hired a servant into his house; but order.

lived alone, and principally cultivated his At Longburgh, near Carlisle, Mrs. Maryland with his own hands. Thomas's great Blaylock, aged 88.

object was to save money, and, to that end, At West Newton, Mrs. Ifabella Turner. he denied himself not only the conveniences, At Caldbeck, Mr. Christ. Fleming, innhol. but what, by most people, are confidered the

necellaries of life: His food was of the most At Lamplugh, aged 82, Mrs. Hannah homely kind, and used sparingly; the scanty Coulter, widow.

contents of his wardrobe were hardly fuffici&c St. Beés, Mr. Tho. Cowman, aged 85. ent to cover his shivering limbs, or to hide his

At Whitehaven, Mr. David Dickenfon, a nakedness, and, being covered with dirt and séry eminent house-carpenter. Mr. J. Ha- vermin, were consigned to the flames imme. miltos, an Irish gentleman. He was in high diately after his death; a razor had not been {pirits a few minutes before, and fupped wich applied to his face for many years, nor a brush his audi appetite ; also fuddenly, Mr. Wm. nor broom to his house. His bed, half filled Briggs, shoemaker. Aged 85, Mrs. Ann Bow- with chaff and straw, had a poor covering, man Mrs. Eliz. Dixon, aged 79. Mrs. and a fleece of wool supplied the place of a Margaret M'Cloud, aged 72. Mrs. Thomp- pillow. This, with the few remaining mi. fon, widow. In an advanced age, Mr. John ferable articles of household furniture, when Wilfon

drawn from the wilderness of streaming cob. At Kendal, Mr. John Soudon, manufac- webs which had been accumulating for the turer.

last twenty years, were fola, at public sale, At Haycaftlé, naar Diffagton, Mr. L. Car. for less than ten shillings. By a continued ter, miller.

observance of the most rigid parfimony, Old At Wigton, in the prime of life, Miss S. Thomas soon cleared himself of his pecuniDand, daugbéer of Mr. John Dand, formerly ary incumbrances, and, in the end, had of Church Hill, whose wife died on the 26th scraped cogether property in land, money, of December

and cattle, to the amount of rear 1000l. At Cross House, Millom, M. Wm. Hun. His love of money did not desert him even on tet, ages 78.

his death-bed; where, lying in a very languid въ2



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state, while his friends, by his defire, were Mr. Wm. Henlock, to Mifs Bowles, both fearching for some concealed treasure, and drew of Knaresborough. forth a large bunch of promisory notes, he ex At Wakefield, Mr. Wm. Linfitt, wool. erted his remaining strength in a loud excla- stapler, to Miss Denby, of Glenwortb, in mation of .“ There, you see now !" But, al- Lincolnshire. Mr. Gill, bookseller, to Miss though Thomas was the great banker of the Parker, of Huddersfield. neighbouring villages, he had no idea of At Leeds, Mr. Paul to Miss Grainger. usury, and few of his neighbours, who de- Mr. Sigston, to Miss E. Teale. Mr. Ebenezer served any credit, asked his afiiftance in pe- Martin, of Woodside, to Miss Teale, daughcuniary matters in vain ; sometimes even his ter of Mr. Teale, brazier. too great confidence in the honesty of others At Hull, Mr. Rd. Wallis, gunsmith, to was imposed on by the artrul knaves.

Miss Ann Horsman, of Thurstorpe.

Tho. Helleden, esq. of Ferrisby, to Miss Baker.'

At Birstall, Mr. Wm. Frith, of Robert. There were twenty-two ships belonging to town, methodist preacher, to Miss Hannah the port of Hull employed in the Greenland Dawson. fishery laft season ; they caught 199 whales Died.] At York, Mrs. Shipton, aged 85. and 4992 feals, producing 5295 butts of blub, Mr. Tho. Gray, officer of the customs at York. ber, and 202 1 tons of oil. Four ships from Miss Susan Bagge, a maiden lady. Thomas the same port returned with 815 butts of Lee, efq. formerly a merchant at Leeds. Mr. blubber, and 292 tons of oil, the produce of Martin Croft, aged 69. Mrs. Ware, aged 22 whales. There were 62 fhips employed in 71. Mrs. Cautley, wife of the Rev. Mr. this trade last year from England, and 10 Cantley, of Moulíoe, Bucks, aged 30. Aged from Scotland.

48, Mr. Forbither, bookseller, and one of the Thompson and Smith, two journeymen common councilmen of that city. ftoemakers, who were tried at York, last af At Sheffield, Mrs. Linden, wife of Mr. Sizes, for combining, with others, to raise Linden, malíter. Mrs. Langton, wife of Mr. their wages, ars to be imprisoned in Newgate, Langton. Mr. Joseph Hawkesby, merchant. for 9 months.

Mr. Autt, merchant. Mr. Rd. Hoystrop, Tate Wilkinson's late benefit at Hull thea. wine-merchant. tre, amounted to 1221. Many other of the At Longley, near Sheffield, Mr. Kenyon players have had lucrative benefits.

Parker, attorney at law. Miss Drabble, Three samples of bread were produced at daughter of Mr. Drabble, of Sheffield. the late York sessions, two of which were of At Darlington, aged 82, Rubt. Westall, esq. a mixture of ground and whole rice, with At Wetherby, suddenly, Mr. Smith, postwheat flour; and the third of barley and master. wheat. They were all approved of as good Ac Pennington-hall, the seat of James bread, though the preference was given to Hilton, esq. where he had been a faithful ferflour and whole rice, one pound of which is vant, as husbandman, 47 years, Rich. Rutter, found by experiment to supply, in point of aged 82; his savings, at fix pounds a year, nutriment, Slbs. of flour.

anjounted to several hundred pounds. It is in contemplation to improve the na At Pocklington, Mrs. Clubeley. vigation of the Humber, hy erecting a proper At Ripon, in the joift year of his age, light house at Stallinghorough.

much reipected, Mr. Wm. Fenteman, fore The late floods have formed a new channel nierly an eminent farmer. for the river Trent, at a place called Burton At Bridlington, aged 107, Mrs. Jane LoFerry, and instead of its former circuitous vell, widow. Aged 70, Mr. Tho. Scott, of course, it now runs in nearly a direct line, Carthorpe. making all the towns about Gainsborough on At Calverly, Mrs. Travis, relict of the its banks, nearer by five miles than before. late Rev. David Travis, formerly of Snape,

Married.] At Statford, near Doncaster, Mr. in Sufiolk. Townsend, to Miss Robinson, of Lincoln. At Leeds, Mr. Joshua Jefferson, formerly Mr. Michael Duke, of York, to Miss Skep- a cloth-drefier, at Leeds. Rev. Rob. Field, per, of Eafingwold. Mr. Alex. Mackenzie, A.M.curate of Chapel Allerton, near Leeds. of Sheffield, to Miss Bell, of Grimsthorpe. Aged 88, Mrs., Wintring ham, of Adwicklo

At Whitby, Dan Smallpage, efq. to Mrs. street, near Doncaster. Mr. Tho. Fletcher, Holt, widow of the late Tho. Holt, esq. butcher. Mr. John Stables, farmer, at Mr. Knox, in the East India Company's fer- Micklefield. vice, to Miss Ellerby, both of that place. At Knaresborough, Mrs. Dent, wife of Wm. Danver, eiq. of Doncaster, captain in the Mr. Dent, surgeon. Mrs. Clarke, wife of 40th regt. of foot, to Miss Mary Georgiana Mr. John Clarke, of Dudley Hill, near Kinder, daughter of J. Kinder, erg. of Great Bradford. James-street, Bedford-row, London. Mr. At Smylett Hall, near Pocklington, Mr. Rich. Fawcett, jun. of Bradford, woolftapler, Rd. Fotherby, aged 88. to Miss Smith, daughter of J. l. Smith, of At Hull, Mr. Faulding, surgeon, aged 40. Wilden.

Dr. Hunter, an eminent physician, whose death was occafioned by a putrid fever, caught


aged 62.


in bis dilligent attendance on the daties of his. At Preston, Mr. John Wheeler, printer, profetion.

of Manchester, to Miss Serjeant, of Preston. Mr. John Dalıry, cooper and spirit mer At Dean, the Rev. Tho. Hayes, curate of chant. Mr. John Ashworth, of Elland, Weit Houghton and New Church, and chap-i cora-dealer. Mrs. Faulding, wife of Mr. lain to the Bishop of Chefter, to Miss Hannah Faulding, surgeon. Mrs. Staniland, wife of Whittle, of Orikirk. Capt. John Staniland, of Selby. Suddenly, Mr. Platt, of Liverpool, merchant, to at her mother's house, Mrs. G. Caddy, Miss E. Neale, of Ulverston.

At Manchester, Mr. Luke Howarth, to A: Huddersfield, Mr. Edw. Mirfield, aged Miss Ann Andrew. Mr. Sam. Lingard, of 67. Mr. Newby, of Skercoat-green, near Manchester, to Miss Slater, of Liverpool. Halifax, merchant.

At Lindale, in Cartmel, Mr. James NewAt Harrington, Mrs. Maire, wife of Henry by, of Waldhook, to Miss Taylor, of bare Moire, ela.

ber-green. At Northallerton, aged 85, Mrs. Wilkin, At Liverpool, Mr. J. Bell, teacher, da relict of the late Mr. John Wilkin. Mrs. Miss Graham, of Manchester. Mr. OrmanElítone, relict of the late Mr. Elstone, of dy, bookseller, to Miss Daulby, of Weit York,

Kirby. Mr. Irving, merchant, to Miss Ac Whitby, Mr. Wm. Teasdale, an emi. Mary Blackburn. Dens surgeon.

Died.] At Little Harwood, aged 83, Mr.

Giles Haworth, who had been 66 years garThe following goods were imported into dener to J. Clayton, esq. of that place. Liverpool from the Wert Ladies, in the course At Manchester, Jos. Atkinson, merchant et latt year, viz. Sugar 51,380 hogtheais, and manufacturer, a quaker. 7,524 tierces, 4,207 barrels, Rum 5,171 At Failsworth, Eliz. Etchess, aged 88 years, laztieads. Cotton 45,234 bales. Cocoa she was grandmother and great-grandmother 1,992 сaiks, and 5,607 bags. Cofiee 20,432 of 150 children. caks, 13,187 bags.

At Leigh, James Taylor, efq. deputy clerk A coilon-mill at Rainow, near Maccles of the peace for Lancashire. feld, was totally destroyed by fire a few days At Edgely, aged 83, Mrs. Townsend, moago

ther of Mr. Townsend, of Manchester, merIt is computed that fince the commence chant. bent of the war, this county has supplied At Halliwell, near Belton, Widow Simbetween 60 and 70 thousand men to the army kin, she enjoyed good health during her whole and cary.

life, and retained all her faculties to the last At Macclesfield, on Monday the 3d instant, leveral hundreds of poor labouring men en At Prescott, Captain James. tered the market, and forcibly took poffeffion At Lancaster, Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Hourof large quantities of grain and potatoes, Mr. James Bland, brazier. Joseph which they distributed in small quantities, at Wellis, tea-dealer. Mr. Wm. Rullell,azed go. very reduced prices. They were dispersed ia At Acres Barn, near Manchester, Mr. the evening by the military.

Jol:n Seddon; a man universally and very At Stockport also, and at Ashton-under- juitly respected. Lyne, mobs have assembled. At the latter At Sline, near Lancaster, Mrs. Greenhow. plise, a large body of men and women seized At Glasfon, near Lancaster, Mrs. Keen, all the flour and meal in the town, which who was left well in bed by her husband in they sold at inferior prices amongit them the morning and soon after found dead. felves. The Ahton volunteers being called At Prefton, Mrs. Bolton, wife of George est, a rencontre took place, but the impe. Bolton, esq. tuobity of the mob obliged the latter to re Aged 49, Wm. Banks, esq. of Winstanley treat with precipitation. Eighteen of the Hall, near Wigan, in whom the unlettered rioters have since been committed.

and indigent found an instructor and a benefiMs. Wright, of Liverpool, in a letter to cent comforter. the chief acting magistrate of Mancheiter, At Stockton, Mrs. Langstaff, reli&t of the which he requires should be published, ftates late Mr. Langstiff, surgeon. the arrival (at Liverpool) of one vessel from Mr. Robt. Gilchrist, a well known vender New York with 1600 barrels of wheat four; of worsted at the Scale de Cross, Newcastie. that two others of 7000 barrels were on their At Liverpool, Mrs. Colquitt, aged 8! years. Saliage, and that very considerable shipments Aged 24, Mrs. Farrer, wife of Mr. J. Farrer, of corn were to take place in various ports of merchant, she was by profeilion a quaker, America for this country. There were many virtuous and amiable in her nuanners, and fhips on their passage from the Baltic, one of poflefling a mind well stored with those better which in particular had one thousand tons of qualities which embellish human life, and wheat on board.

leave an impreilion of worth far greater than Married.] Col. Brooke, of the 20th regt. our tribute to her memory can produce. eldez son of Sir Sam. Brooke, of Beaumaris, Ms. Grew, formerly an eminent brass. to Miss Grimshaw, of Preiton.

founder in Birmingham.





In the Liverpool coach, about two miles Hanmer, fen. he was benevolent to the poor, from thence, without any previous indispofi- a fincere friend, and an honest man. tion, Mr. Garner, of Greengate, Salford, At Newton, Tho. Marfden, esq. formerly aged 70.

a banker of Chefter. Mr. Alex. Tatton, printer, aged 60. At Stockport, Mrs. Brown, widow of the At Clithero, Mr. Tho. Haldron.

late Mr. J. Brown. The following sudden Deaths bave occurred in a At Liscard, aged 105, Tho. Colton. jmall township in the parish of Cartmell, viz. Near Altrincham, aged 39, Mr. Edw.

At Lindale, of an apopletic stroke, after Kenyon, son of the late Marsden Kenyon, attending divine service, Mr. Tho. Bainbridge, efq. of Manchester. aged 88, father of Mr. T. Bainbridge, of Li- Mrs. Crump, mother of Meffrs. G. and J. verpool. Mrs. Esther Slater, wife of John Crump, attornies, at Liverpool, aged 6o. Slater, esq. of Newton, who was found dead At Dunham Mafiey, Mr. Peter Hodgkinin her bed. When dressing to attend the fu- son, aged 88. neral of the latter, Mrs. F. Carter, wife of At Aldford, near Chester, aged 88, Mr. Mr. P. Carter. Also, after a fhort illness, Tho. Palin. Mrs. Alkow, wife of Mr. Tho. Askew, officer of the customs.

Married.] At Ashbourne, Mr. Tomlin

fon, skinner and fellmonger, to Miss Richarda. The corporation of Chester, as an induce- Mr. T. White, of Winter, to Miss Langment to sarmers and others, to bring coin to staff, of Andover, Hants. market, have taken off the mayor's coll on At Longford, Mr. John Fearn, of Rodsley, Dl grain for three months. The same has to Miss Ride, of Edlaston. been done at Bath, and some other places. Died.] At Derby, Mr. Jor. Broughton,

A hen, the property of Mr Wa. Stanley, aged 54. Mr. John Worth, aged 67. publican at Stockport, having lately been ac- At Spondon, aged 19, Mr. James Ofborno. cidentally shut up in an oaken press, exifted At Whittingham, suddenly, Mr. Jolin in confinement nine weeks and 4 days without Thorpe : he was walking, in company with a food. She was reduced from 4lbs. to less than neighbour, to attend a funeral, and being 12 ounces weight, but is now in perfect feized with a fit of apoplexy, fell down, and htalth.

soon after expired. Mr. John Newham, Married.] At Wrexham, Mr. Thomas aged 72. Weaver, of Golborn Bridge, aged 53, to Miss

NOTTINGHAMSHIR L. Tunna, of Bodnock, aged 17.

Master Josep# BINNETT, aged 15, of : At Witton, near Northwich, Mr. J. Ell. the Rev ). Blanchard's academy, Nottingfon, of Northwich, to Mits Ann Stubbs, of ham, has had a pair of Adams's twelve inch Witton.

globes awarded him by the conductors of the At Chester, Lieut. Buckley, of the 8th Monthly Preceptor, for the best answer to regt. of foot, to Miss Hannah Hostage. the mathematical question.

Mr. Tho. Vaughan, of Farndon, to Miss Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. John Newell.

Tisdale, hofier, to Miss Stanford. Mr. Stanford, of Chorlton, to Miss Ellis, At Clumber Park, the feat of the Duke of Chester.

Newcastle, Col. Charles Craufurd, to her At Stockport, Mr. Jor. Mills, of Manchef- Grace the Duchess of Newcastle; Lord Newter, to Miss Jane Goddard, of Norbury. ark acted as father.

John Leigh, esq. of Woodhead, to Miss H. At Worksop, Mr. Robt. Hall, grocer, of Hill, daughter of the Rev. Rt. Hill, of Sutton, to Miss Mary Clay, of Sutton. Hough, and niece of Sir Richard Hill, bart. Died.] At Nottingham, aged 74, John

The Rev. Tho. Weaver, of Shrewsbury, Sherring, efq. to Miss Roberts, of Kidderminster.

At Thurgafton, Mrs. Green, wife of Mr. At Frodfham, Jolin Godborne, efq. to Miss Green, farmer and grazier. A. F. BoydcHt, of Trevallyn Hall.

At Blisthorpe, Mr. Flint, farmer. At Gresford, Mr. Tho. Botfield, jun. of LLICISTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND. Ditron, to Miss Lucy Skelhorn, of Summer The owners and occupiers of land in the viHell.

cinity of the Leicefter navigation, who have Dird.] At Chester, Mr. Lewis, pawn- Jately been injured by the overflow of the broker. Mr. Alien, Foregite-street Mr. water, are endeavouring to seek legal redreis Tho. Bostock, son of Mr. Bofrock, of Hals for the fame.

Mits Furber. Mrs. Smith, wife of There are now living in the family of Mrs. Alderman Smitir. Suddenly, while toasting Allicock, of Loddington, five fervants, the fome cheese for fupper, Mrs. Coprack, wite times of whose servitude united amount to of Mr. Coppack, pawnbroker. Mrs. Bennett, 170 years ; viz. the butler 48, housekeeper of Smith's-walk. Mrs. Turnbull.

43, coachman 33, housemaid 26, cook zo At Macclesfield, aged 83, Mr. Tho. Frost, and upwards. father of Mr. . Frost, of Liverpool.

Married.] Mr. Davenport, hofier, of At Horsegreen, in an advanced age, Mr. Leicefter, to Miss Waldron.


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